MCN Executive Officers

>  Controller:  Kathryn Guthrie
>  Veteran’s Affairs – Ken Davis
>  Tax Commissioner – Jerry McPeak
>  Attorney General – Kevin Dellinger
>  Secretary of the Nation – James Byrd
>  Secretary of Interior Affairs – Christopher         Azbell
>  Secretary of Community & Human Services – Neenah Tiger
>  Secretary of Education, Employment & Training – Courtney Josie
>  Secretary of Housing – LaDonna Northcross
>  Lighthorse Police Chief – Robert Hawkins, Jr.
>  Tribal Administrator – Judy Haumpy
>  Secretary of Health – Lawrence Vark

158 thoughts on “MCN Executive Officers”

  1. So glad that Chief Floyd made another pick for Secretary of Education. I don’t know this Greg Anderson but I hope his first action is to fire Courtney Josie. I can’t imagine Chief Floyd wanting to keep her in a leadership position knowing what an awful manager she is. Her resume should include: creates hostile work environments, engages in sex with clients, and employs friends and family first.

  2. Melissa Culley tells everyone’s business! If you think your telling her something in confidence, you are not. I have been in meetings with her and she always starts a sentence with this can’t go out of this room” or you didn’t hear me say this”
    And what’s with housing? Why is Brad Fox still working there. Every other secretary was fired, they kept him?

  3. Well, there truly are some well qualified Creeks working there. Some are paid well; others are not, and it has nothing to do with the position or education. Some departments pay well; others do not, and it has little to do with the job. Out human resources is pitiful. Our job grades and step up (WTH? that only works for the popular people at MCN) are not on par with similar jobs in the federal sector and private sector. At least not in my department.

    I’ve been there quite a while and the benefits are good, but when you work someplace for over 10 years you probably should have gotten at least some raises and step ups. I’ve been through a few new administrations; two with Ellis; one with Tiger and now Floyd. It appears Floyd is a micro-manager. I tried to make a long distance business call today and found out I could no longer do that. You’d think they would let us know if they cut off the long distance before they cut it. Some of us are professionals and we get on conference calls. We need to be able to conduct business. They have blocked a lot of internet pages. I reference youtube all the time when I need to learn something with excel or MS word or statistics. They are now watching us. I am a professional; not a damned kid in junior high. I’m going to roll with the micro-managing, but there will be a brain drain at MCN.

    Luckily for me, I have an education, I have intelligence, and I have the will and heart to work. I WANT to get good things going for my tribe, but I will not stay at a place that does not value my worth; both intellectually and financially. I do not have to do this. It may take time, but I will make my escape from MCN.

    1. Anyone know actual concrete plans on the hospital in Okmulgee?
      What are plans on new ER they were building?
      Why did construction stop on it?
      Why are all the new offices across from ER sitting empty while they continue to pay rent downtown for Contract Health, Behavioral Health, and Lackey Hall?

  4. Why,why,why!!! Why do we as natives are always putting and tearing down other natives, we should be building each other up, we’ve all made mistakes, no one is perfect, including myself, far from it, it hurts me to see what my kids will go through as natives, we already had the white people mistreat our ancestors why do it to each other!! Maybe these people that was appointed , why not give them a chance, don’t know all of them and their qualifications, you people are already tearing down our nation, our newly elected chief also our second chief!! That’s the way it normally goes other natives putting other natives down!! It’s bad enough that our kids who are bi-racial have to go through this, they didn’t ask to be bi-racial, they don’t deserve to be mistreated either or looked down on!! We should lead by example for the next generation to come!!

  5. Heard ther was only 4 or 5 getting confirmation on those secretary jobs is this true
    Jerry mcpeak
    Robert hawkins
    Neenah tiger
    Ken Davis

    1. At the council meeting this past Saturday there were just a few of the Executive Officers confirmed. Some confirmations were not voted on. Were others confirmed earlier, were they denied and not confirmed, or what is the status of these other positions? If they were not confirmed, then what happens with those positions?

          1. I will see if I can find it. Last term the sessions would go on and on without confirmations, so the National Council made a law ending the madness after 90 days.

          2. I have no way to send a screenshot to let you interpret what I read, but you can call your local council member to ask them and they will verify that if confirmations are not made within allotted time period, they don’t hold the position.

        1. Where does it say 90 days? You either made that up or one of the council told you wrong as they usually do. Law says that they are commissioned until the next council meeting. It is unclear how many times a commission can be approved but it definitely does not say 90 or 60 days like I was told by council. They need to just do their job and stop dragging feet.

          1. I found under Title 37 as 2-703. Nomination and confirmation of the Controller states…

            A. Nominations for the Office of the Controller shall be made by the Principal Chief and confirmed by the National Council under the terms of this Subchapter.

            B. The Controller shall have no previous felony convictions.

            SS 2-704. Vacancies

            All vacancies for the Office of the Controller shall be filled by commissions granted by the Principal Chief which shall expire at the end of the next meeting of the National Council and if NOT confirmed, the person shall NOT be recommissioned. An Acting Controller MAY be appointed for not more than sixty days.

            1. FALSE.
              If you read the MCN Constitution: Article V, Section 2 C: The Principal Chief shall have the power to fill vacancies by granting commissions which shall expire at the beginning of the next National Council Meeting.
              This means that after the Council meeting on January 30, for those that were not confirmed, Chief Floyd would have to grant another commission for them. They cannot just stay there until there’s a confirmation. If he didn’t, then I guess the next step is to take him to District Court. Any takers?

              1. I think they should put an update on the website to let everyone know what’s going on with these confirmations and commissions. Both the employees and members need to know instead of having to wait till the next council meeting to see what’s happened.

      1. How do we find out what nominated secretaries were finally confirmed? It has been past the 90 period, did council confirm all?

  6. Since Monday January 4th we have been reminded about clocking in and being on time or else you will be docked per policy and written up. Received another email this week regarding the same topic but this time from the manager of secretary of human services…..I have been clocking in for the last four years nothing new. But how in hell can we be told to be on time and lunch is an hour when the person sending the email still takes 2-3 hour lunch and leave before 5! The last 4 years the tribe has been lucky to get a good 4 hours out of this person. Employees are being docked for 1 minute and being called into office. Chief Floyd and Hicks we are being told this is coming from new administration. Please enlighten us with the truth. The bulling continues.

    1. Nena wants everyone to show up on time but allows her managers/directors to come in after eight and take two-three hour lunch hours. She needs to inform her managers what one hour lunches are!! Some things will never change & this will be one of them!! No different from Cherrah. She doesn’t and cannot control her managers. Different administration same rules.

      1. Sometimes I feel that Nena doesn’t know what’s going on with different departments. She is over the program I work for, but staff has never met or talked to her. Only the acting director. The director revolves her and her secretarys schedule around Creek Fit. They have guidelines to follow for their program and the director goes against them, just cause she gets a call. Cry to her and you can get your way. Nobody ever sees Nena. Don’t even know what she looks like. How could she control management of she’s not involved with the different programs.

        1. Yep, I think that’s happening a lot, people complaining to the new acting directors to get their way. Its a time of transition, the new acting for directors don’t know what’s happened in the departments, they’re trying to keep their new jobs and may be more worried about that than really getting to know the programs under them so they listen to a few people that are taking advantage of the situation to get their way. Council seems to be doing this too. There is a lot of manipulating going on. Eyes wide shut. Leadership needs to look at the work quality people do and have done and not get caught up in all the talk. I see a lot of people planning their day around creek fit. I’m glad we have the program but work needs to be done first and if there is time then we can enjoy creek fit. I wish they did it at the end of the day instead of early in the morning before work.

        2. Please explain Creek Fit and the relationship to th he new manager/director there.
          Are employees planning their work hours around the hours Creek Fit is in operation?

      2. I believe Nenah doesn’t know what’s going on with the departments she’s over. I work under one of her programs and the staff has never talked to her or knows what she looks like. We barely saw Cherah but she did make an effort to come by every now and then.
        Our acting director usually follows our policies but not always. She works her and some of her staff’s schedule around Creek Fit.
        If Janet checked in on some of the departments every once in awhile she would see the obvious. Until she gets more involved with her departments, she’s not going to know what’s going on.

  7. I see where Ladonna Northcross edited her Facebook to Secretary of Housing, every Council Rep I’ve talked to, and I’ve talked to the majority of them, assures me she won’t be confirmed. Here’s hoping they keep their word when it matters. I’m still trying to figure out that move, of all people to put up there, do they do medical background checks, I think she’s bipolar. Seriously! One day she says something next day she changes her mind, then she’s looking for people to validate her decisions. If she’s a viable leader then the majority of employees need to submit their resumes, she needs to stick with stamping in paperwork at Finance, that’s IF they’d take her back.

    1. I know when me and my wife went to her for the Maps program she was very rude and condescending to us, talked to us like idiots. I have a bachelors degree, but even if I had no education, she as a employee of the Nation should treat everyone with curtesy and respect. She was so rude we went to the executive branch to voice our complaint.

      1. If this is a sign of what’s to come, hiring Ladonna, we’re all in trouble! I don’t know a soul who can say anything good about this woman. She’s prancing around housing saying how’s she’s turned this place around since she was appointed. Let’s see, you’ve rearranged your office, got business cards that read you’re the “Secretary of Housing”, and have back peddled on every decision you’ve made when confronted by the employee or citizen in question. So she’s getting paid for everybody to tell her what to do or running to the Chief for every little call ! I’m sure her arm is tired from patting herself on the back. Great job, keep up the good work.

        1. She can’t make any big changes until she’s confirmed. .because of all the politics..once she’s confirmed…hold on to your mf’n hats. Cause you slackers that are over paid and sit outside smoking on them cigs, wearing ya Jammies to work…. maury and price is right will be the highlight of your day soon.’s a thought maybe George will start his own tribe! Yeaaaaa his very own tribe. His face will be the seal. Business hours m.w.f. 10-2

        1. She probably spreading her legs too..
          Seems like that’s how everyone climbs the ladder …except for Edwin nobody wanted his old ass I guess .lmao..

        2. For those of you trying to understand the cabinet appointments be sure to attend the council meeting on Saturday on the confirmations and watch which council members make motions to confirm who. Maybe this will provide clarification. If you think politics isn’t at work just watch.

      2. Actually. .. look more towards your council reps. Some of them have kids who work at the tribe. In turn…they tell daddy who is who. Daddy tells chief and boom you have a secretary of housing. A secretary of tribal affairs.. and on down the list. ..once they are there..then tier 2 of the buddy systems begins… s.s.d.d.

        1. Reply to Just Me

          You may be right about the connections with counci members and who gets what jobs. I’ll be attending the meeting this Saturday to see what happens. Does anyone know all of the council members have kids that work for the Tribe and who their kids are and what office they work for?

          1. Lucian Tigers daughter, Taylor Adney works for the college and she walks around like her s*** don’t stink. Her nose is stuck so high up I’m surprised she can see to walk.

  8. Courtney for Secretary of EDUCATION? Does she even have an education? Did she go to the school of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse too? Spoke to Courtney Josie about her program, she doesn’t know shit about it. How is she supposed to run a whole department?

    1. Courtney has a great knowledge of many of the program under Education & Training. I think the main concern is if she’s able to be present. Courtney has a lot of outside factors that prevent her from being able to be present. She’s actually well versed about her program.

      1. For all the Courtney bashers, including those on other social media, why didn’t you bring her behavior to the attention of the former chief? Mr. Johnson allowed it and you never said anything then. It didn’t just start, it’s been going on for years. She’s always had a buffer, now it’s Louis Hicks. They’re not going to withdraw that appointment, she and her family has known Louis for years.

        1. I didn’t bash her. I said she was well versed about the programs. How is that bashing? I’m not going to pretend like the comments people have said about her missing work were completely false. She has issues. We all do. I didn’t wish to hurt her with my comment. That wasn’t my intent. As far as why I didn’t tell Dr. Johnson she was missing work… I was her employee. It wasn’t my business. That was between her and her boss.

      1. If she loves her job why was she always trying to get a new one? Even more, why the hell doesn’t she come to work like everyone else?

  9. Dr. Charles “Bo” Colbert? Is he really worth $300,000.00 a year plus benefits?
    Selina Dornan? Is she the best pick for MCN’s public relations?
    She is a make-up artist isn’t she?
    Is new Chief Floyd keeping folks because they are from his hometown area?

    1. Not sure where you get your information but Colbert is out. Hopefully Dornan will be right behind him soon. And no, definitely not the best pick. She is hard to work with I hear.

      1. Hope you are right about Bo Colbert.
        The MCN website still says he is “Chief of Staff.”
        Not much updating on the Tribes Website.

    2. Let’s try this another way. We may want certain people out and we hope Chief Floyd is looking at this, so lets make some suggestions for Chief Floyd and National Council. Who would you suggest as some one that would be good in these Secretary positions?

      1. I can’t speak on qualifications for other positions, but I believe Education & Training needs Nancy Mason
        She’s ethical. She shows up for the job. She pushes back at council and executive offices when they ask her to “do them a favor.” She’s also very good at her job and she will go above and beyond to stop the B.S. I can say this with a sincere heart because her and I haven’t always seen eye to eye. If you want someone worthy, that’s your girl.

  10. The SENIORS of the Nation invited Ms Josie to our monthly meeting and she was a no`show!! I am tired of every council member and chief say they are concerned about the Elders when they are not!! Why does the Old elder apartment no longer under Creek Nation? I know a past Chief ex-wife lives here . Is that why we are no longer under Creek Nation? Mr. Bear can you answer that?

  11. All the complaining and bad talk means nothing.
    If the National Council approves these cabinet members at this months meeting, there is nothing that can be done.
    They will be in those positions until Chief Floyd leaves office or he terminates their position himself.

    Who is giving him this advice? Is it new boy 2nd Chief Hicks? Depending on a 2nd grader to guide a college graduate is probably not the right thing to do!!!

  12. MCN Code Title 16 Chapter 6. Department Of NAHASDA And Tribal Service Program Planning

    6-103 B. Minimum qualification. The Administrator of the Department (Ladonna Northcross) shall have at least a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited four-year college or university and shall also have some work experience or education in any of the following areas: urban planning, rural development, Tribal planning or economic development, housing authority administration, business administration or business management.

    D. Procedures for selection and hiring of Administrator.
    1. The Office of Personnel Services SHALL advertise the position of the Administrator in one or more newspapers of general circulation within the jurisdiction of the MCN, setting forth a brief description of the duties of the position and a statement of INDIAN PREFERENCE, and SHALL otherwise give notice of the position in accordance with the procedures of said Office. The Office of Personnel Services SHALL initiate the advertising and the giving of notice in accordance with this paragraph as soon as practicable after any vacancy in said position exists or occurs.
    2. The Office of Personnel Services SHALL screen all applicants in accordance with the Nation’s personnel policies and SHALL identify in writing and recommend to the Principal Chief all candidates for the position of Administrator who meet the minimum qualifications set forth in subsection B of this section. The list of the names of such qualified candidates, their application forms and any evidence of their qualifications SHALL be furnished to the Principal Chief for his review.
    3. The Principal Chief SHALL select from the list of qualified candidates furnished by the Office of Personnel Services not less than three (3) candidates which he determines to be the most qualified for the position and SHALL forward their names and copies of their applications and evidence of qualifications to the Speaker of the National Council, who SHALL distribute copies of said materials to Chairperson of the Committee of jurisdiction, who in turn SHALL place the matter on the agenda of the Committee’s next meeting. No candidate SHALL be referred to the Council or otherwise considered for the position of Administrator unless he or she meets the minimum qualifications set forth in subsection B of this section. If Personnel Services identifies and recommends less than three (3) qualified candidates, then the Principal Chief MAY forward the list of less than three (3) candidates, applications and qualifications to the Speaker or he MAY, instead, request the Office of Personnel Services to readvertise the position in accordance with paragraph 1 of this subsection in order to increase the number of qualified candidates.
    4. At the next monthly or special meeting of the Committee next following the submittal of qualified candidates and supporting materials, the Committee of jurisdiction SHALL review the applications and evidence of qualifications of all candidates fowarded to it. The Committee MAY request any or all such candidates to appear before it at such meeting and respond to questions in order to verify that all candidates referred to the Committee meet the minimum qualifications set forth in subsection B of this section. The Committee MAY recommend any one candidate to the Principal Chief for employment but SHALL not be required to do so.
    5. After the Committee of jurisdiction has had an opportunity to review the qualifications of submitted candidates in accordance with the foregoing paragraphs, the Principal Chief SHALL select from the names submitted to the Committee the candidate who, in the Principal Chief’s judgment, is the most qualified for the position, giving due regard and weight to the Committee’s recommendation, if any; provided, however, that Indian preference SHALL be given and provided further that if any two or more of the most qualified candidates are Indian and are equally qualified, and one is a citizen, then preference in hiring SHALL be given to the citizen.

  13. We as Creek citizens voted for change. This Nation needed it and we got what we voted for. However we never thought when we voted for change we would get a blast from the past and the status quo. We expected a new qualified cabinet to bring this Nation forward, not the same ole people and not unqualified employee’s put in cabinet positions. I hope and pray that Chief Floyd & Second Chief realize before its to late that some of these cabinet appointments are totally wrong for the Nation!

  14. Not impressed with the sarcastic tone from catch a clue and the propaganda for the promotion of Vark as the new Secretary of Health. Seems like you are trying too hard to cover up something. What is it?

  15. Sounds like estehvkte is writing this and trying to act like it is a race thing. Don’t think it is a estehvkte thing, more like a fairness thing.

    1. No I am not estehvkte. I said I was full blood and I am not trying to make it a racial thing. I just asked the question.

      Please explain what you mean by it being a fair thing. You have said this and I have also been told to research it myself when I have asked someone else to give examples. Can anyone give real, true facts that Dr. Vark is a bad or incapable physician or give examples of anything else that has been negatively said about him?Everything that I have said I have witnessed. Not a rumor, not gossip, I have actually seen that Dr. Vark is a caring, competent, compassionate, intelligent physician. He is not a social climber, he doesn’t have any hidden agendas, he genuinely cares for Creek Nation. He could get a job elsewhere and he doesn’t stay here because he can’t. He stays because he loves the Muscogee Creek Nation.

      All these other native or even Creek doctors don’t step up to the plate to lend their knowledge and I know for a fact that a Creek doctor has been asked in the past and refused to because of the long, intense hours that is involved. Dr. Vark would love for them to step up and be the CMO. Please give good examples and actual truths of what you’re saying or just get off of Dr. Vark’s back.

      1. Not buying it. This is an anonymous site. What you ask will identify people. Not fooled by you. Vark is sending his minions to promote him.

      2. Refer back to June 2015 under Pandering for GT. Vark has been in trouble with the Oklahoma and Missouri Licensing Board for inappropriate prescribing of controlled drugs. This does not make a good doctor. Creek Nation needs the Head Doctor to have a clean record. We need to set higher standards for our Heads of Department. This is the truth not fiction.

          1. Chief and Council Members, I request that you investigate this licensure violations that the Secretary of Health has. We need a Secretary of Health that we can have respect for. We do not want someone who has broken prescribing laws and could bring disgrace to or our Tribe. We have already had enough scandals as it is. He should not meet the requirements for confirmation and should not have been Seneca’s replacement. Vark is part of the old administration and part of the reason the Heath Department is in trouble. We want change!

        1. I think that the Chief and National Council should do a background check on Vark and investigate this history of inappropriate prescribing habits. The Chief ran his platform stating that he would do background checks on hires. What happened here? Doesn’t sound like he was thoroughly vetted. Maybe he should be doing urine drug screens on these Head Positions? Does the government order urine screens when you apply for a position? I think they do.

          1. Looks to me like Vark long term as Secretary is not going to work. The Tribe wants our leaders to have licenses without problems or violations. This demonstrates a flaw in his character and judgement. Chief Floyd keep looking or Citizens will wonder about your judgement. We need your independent thinking and ideas that we voted for. Do not fall for bad advice or bad recommendations. We want you to succeed. If you need to slow down the appointment process then do that and research for the best person.

        2. Really! Is this true? Chief we need some better Doctors in our clinics! A couple are good and some are terrible and do not care. What’s up with the new Secretary in the Health Department being in trouble with license. Can’t you do better than that?

  16. I feel disappointed in some of the Cabinet Members the Chief have selected. I feel not only should they have done a better background check they should have contacted citizens whom have have had dealings with these peoples when they were in different departments. I myself have had dealings with Ms. Northcross and I was treated badly. I can only imagine how she has treated other citizens especially our elders. I know Chief Floyd hasn’t been around the Nation in a while so it makes me believe he was influenced by other people in his selection. I pray he will listen to the citizen’s concerns of his selection and do the right thing. Please don’t be prideful, and understand that it take a big person to admit when he is wrong and place someone else in the Housing position. I can only say housing because I have only had dealings with Ms. Northcross. It also sounds there may need some looking into a few other appointed positions.

  17. Don’t worry about Chief Floyd he will be fine his moral compass works just fine, so all you former Tiger employees move along and go collect your unemployment. Don’t go away mad just go away.

  18. Not sure if she is related to Geoge but word is all ready out that George plans to run for Do Do Barnetts council seat. What a kick in her big fat ass she supports him and now he’s going to take Do Do’s seat……and will win because MCN voters like her less than curious George. Ain’t life a bitch.

    1. Hi Bear Clan!! Maybe someone else will run against those two and we can get rid of them!!Are you in their district? I want Mr Josie that worked for housing to tell me why we gave the operations of the Elder apartments to Tulsa????Help me!! I live next door to a vet who is hung up on his drugs and on the other side is a menatlly challanged person who should be in a nursing home but she likes to drink and smoke and she won,t go to a nursing home.. She has run around the apartments nude,,I don,t deserve these kinds of neighbors. I have complained to the new chief but he will not do anything!! I complained to Mr. Fox but he did nothing..This
      apartmentns are for Okmulgee Dumping grounds!!If you are a misfit you can get an apartment here!!Sure not all creeks here !!Cockroach heaven!

  19. The same Courtney Josie who uses opportunities to travel and represent our tribe as her personal vacation time, skips meetings for sight seeing and bar hoping? I get what some of you are saying about negativity, but voices should be heard when one of the appointed waste tribal funding so bad. I’m not blaming the Chief. He probably has no idea because she makes an impressive resume filled with bs with all her “experience” on committees that she is either late for or sends someone in her place because she’s too lazy to get out of bed.

    1. She’s a damn site better than psychopath She is replacing Dwanna Robertson who yes had a PH.D. Mail in order degree and has a felony rap sheet. She was some old burnt out old tweeker that George found somewhere still not sure what mental institution he found her.

      1. Two in one and half a dozen in the other. We need qualified, ethical, honest leaders. We Also need council representatives to practice what they preach and follow the constitution. They tend to forget they are under oath to follow the law. They are just as much or more accountable than Chief and Second Chief. Who screwed who for a job? They don’t deserve!!!!!!!
        We need more than a warm body in a chair to act like they are working. Courtney don’t talk enough because she don’t know a damn thing and Dwanna talk to much because she know every damn thing. We don’t care to hear about Dwanna she isn’t getting that $90,K salary. She is gone , no need to speak on her. Everybody is over Dwanna. It’s not taking the focus off Courtney. We are over Dwanna!!!!!!!So leave the Crackhead (as you say) still. Courtney went from $50-$66-$90. Don’t forget Mr. Hicks hired her as his Admin. Because she was his student at Ryal. No other capacity she served for him because she isn’t new to screwing married men and her way to the top. Just like Deanna screwed her way in. They are just alike, maybe some kin……………..

    2. I call that office for Courtney Josie Taylor Tecumseh about a job every week. “Bring your Resume” and she refuse to talk to me. “She’s not here, she’s in a meeting, she’s late, she’s sick, I’ll tell her to call you, Did you leave her a message, call back later, ask Barbara,” however I see her whole family in all offices at the tribe. I seen Nicki Taylor at that employment and training office working. Under Courtney’s supervision and Wayne Johnson allowed it. Her Husband Cetto Mekko Tecumseh worked at Housing I bet she hired him and I can’t get a chance to work. Her boyfriend Steven Bluebird (Rachel Roanhorse husband) told Rachel he would pay for the divorce when he got his support check. It probably was a check from that Employment Training office. I heard they got support checks. He probably got unlimited checks since he was screwing her. Rachel told me his desk was in front of Courtney’s desk. How damn Convenient? I’m broke as hell and she is Cushing her pockets with government and tribe money. Rachel found her and that SOB at a field trip in Jenks. Courtney moved him to another job come to find out in Henryetta Reintegration with Tony Fish. Steven told people he was fired from there. My brother seen Steven at Fleet working. What has This administration (old and new) come to allowing Misuse of funds, behavior, etc…. How did Courtney Live in Taylor drive low income housing making that salary? Brad fox? She moved in April when Rachel was her neighbor and found out about her and Steven snaggin. Where did she move to with Mommy? Okay Dwanna when did Steven stop working at fleet? Courtney paid him while they was a couple. (Fratnization at its finest) GO Tiger GO. ACT now council!!!!!! Before she take more money and give more jobs to her uncles, aunt, cousins, ball/drinking friends, baby daddy, sisters, brothers, kids. I’m going to that office next week about my job. I want to know how many Bluebirds, Taylor’s, Tecumseh’s, Josie’s, and Hicks she hired. Wake up we are already in debt!

      1. I’d like to add before someone cries you have to be “qualified” to fill positions for the jobs at Employment & Training, that this girl has her bachelors degree and I know a woman with a Masters whose resume has yet to be selected. Meanwhile all the guys who play softball get the jobs. They can be men without a G.E.D. or the occasional man with an associates degree. Women only get the privilege of a job if they kiss Courtney’s ass just good enough or they have a man who plays ball or maybe they are related to the current man in her life. If you don’t meet those qualifications, you simply don’t get a job. I’m not sure how someone without even a high school diploma can get three jobs from Courtney because she made a lot of desperate calls to hook her married booty call up. Wake up Chief. Wake up Council Members. That is if you truly care and truly want that “change” you told us about. I don’t know about you, but when I hear the words “time for change” more of the same corruption is not what comes to mind. Courtney Josie needs to be sent home.

  20. So it did not even take one week for us citizens to start complaining about the new administration. This truly is an impossible group to please, reason with or even make sense of (meaning most of the so called “voices” out there). Maybe the answer is to hire all non-Creeks because 1) either everybody is related and can’t get along; and 2) everybody has slept with someone’s spouse within a 100 mile radius of Okmulgee. For the majority of citizens on this site….they will only be happy when the MCN gives them monthly checks, free homes with paid utilities, free food, clothes and jobs they are not qualified for…….( feel free to add in what else has been missed). This is a recipe for disaster for a people and for a government. It cannot be sustained. The posts on here after 4 days of a new administration is proof that no matter who is in office, there are so many unhappy citizens just waiting to complain and voice a negative opinion.

    1. Let us all rush to blame the administration for picking the wrong people without seeing how it goes first. Let’s see, the majority of the Creek people elected a person that is a known crook. No one cared that he had stolen, written hot checks, never held a real job, never owned a house, and the list goes on. This person that we elected spent the last 4 years plundering the Creek Nation. Now we want it all instantly fixed, with perfect choices right off the bat.
      Let’s be more glass half full about this for a bit can we? I see some positives already. Jeff Fife is gone, Roger Wiley is gone, Brad Fox is gone. Many more could be added to this list. It is doubtful that all the new choices will work out, but some vermin was removed, and we should at least be optimistic about that instead of automatically assuming that things are no better than they were. Lighten up for a bit folks, we can always throw a fit later!

      1. Incorrect..Brad still there and was moved to a different job in housing. Along with many many others that should have maybe been terminated.
        For 4 long years MANY of the Tiger hired ppl that got raises every year and didnt come to work or do their job… Are now still sitting pretty. Business as usual. Slowly easing back into showing up late..driving EX vehicles on our dime… Its the 2nd week in and its absolutly no different. We definatly are not saving any money on the high ass wages..because he kept most. Week 1..oh we are gonna do this blah week 2..nobody returns calls. Same o same o.

  21. There are plenty of physicians in the Health Department available to assist with compliance needs for whatever these positions are. Vark should not paint himself like he is the only one able to do anything. Please, Not for sure why people think that he is the only one capable and available to do anything, chosen one. Gag me!

  22. Ms Josie leaves her children at home illegally unsupervised for periods of 8 hours or more. She also leaves them home alone while she parties all weekend and is off chasing married men. If she will cut corners as a Mom. She will cut corners at work. I think there were a lot better options available.

  23. I ask the council to please hear the MVSKOKE people when we say we don’t want to trust non-trustworthy people in these positions. These positions represent our tribe. These PEOPLE will represent our tribe. I know I for one, would like the opportunity to talk to council to voice my concerns regarding one of these choices. I urge those who know FACTS to do the same. Remember that there is a difference between facts and the rumor mill. We need hard evidence or personal knowledge that one of the appointed is not who we want representing our tribe.

    1. Becky, I agree with you, the only question is whether the Council is trustworthy.
      George Tiger said in a secret meeting that became public when the Tulsa Word Newspaper investigated his ties with developers regarding the Red Clay Casino in Broken Arrow. He is reported to have said he had bought off some members of the Council by giving jobs to members of their families to vote his way on the casino project.

      It is intolerable these members of the Council who made an agreement with George Tiger should remain on the Council. It’s inconsequential whether they voted. What is important is they allowed George Tiger to give their family members jobs. That’s a bribe and a high crime.

      Although George Tiger is quoted in the newspaper of making that claim does not make it a fact. He may have been heaping it on to keep the developers on the line. Still, Tiger made that claim, the National Council knows about it, but has never investigated.

  24. LaDonna North cross!!! Unbelievable. What a BITCH this woman was to Creek People. She quit housing and now they brought her back!!! Floyd obviously does not know what troubles he has on his cabinet and I don’t care if they are temporary. She is a White Woman, and she has no Indian blood in her. She doesn’t even have a C.D.I.B card to as proof to be Indian. She thinks that she is there to stay. She interviewed another Slut that was fired from housing (Beverly Sumka) trying to bring this no brain sleep with anyone bitch back.
    For all you people to know there was a qualified Creek Citizen that applied for the Secretary of Housing position that does know the NAHASDA Rules and Regs. (Tommy Rogers). He was a Executive Director before, not at Creek Nation but for another tribe. He had helped a one of our elderly citizens who was evicted wrongfully get back into s home by speaking up for her. He has helped several others also fighting against George Tiger and Brad Fox. I have not saw or heard of any of you people on here stepping out to help anyone here, just s lot of people talking. If you want a a real fighter for housing you need to contact the Chief Floyd and the Council to put This man in as Secretary of Housing. He does know the trouble makers in housing and will get rid of them and build the homes the creek people need.

    1. Get real Barbara, Tommy Rogers was fired from the Housing Authority 15 years ago for living in one of the Housing Authority’s houses illegally, his client relinquished the home back to him and he moved in it and was making payments under their name until he got caught, then tossed out, then fired! Then he tried to slither back as a contractor and got banned for shotty work and trying to solicit funds from homeowners. Then there’s the ole molestation against him with his sister. He’s a class act! Beware of wolves in Sheeps clothing!! Total scumbag!!!

      1. You’re full of it No wolves. Get your facts straight. I knew the family of that house and they told me they had a binding agreement with housing for him stay there. Daniel Wind and Beverly Sumka signed the agreement but they shredded the agreement later like they done others. The lady which was his relative even showed me the copy of the agreement they shredded. So you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re just like the others who can’t get their facts right. Show your proof? Housing did everything illegal anyway.

        1. Show your proof Barb! My proof IS he was removed from the house immediately by Lighthorse & Bristow police (is he still living there, why was he removed if he had that document), my proof IS he lost his job (check HR for termination), my proof IS his sister, my proof is he ISN’T contracting with the tribe. ALL records are still on file. Rogers did everything illegally NOT Housing.

          1. No wolves, you dont have any proof. Sure he was terminated from housing and he will tell you that too, but housing was under the State not under the tribe. His cousin who own the house still has the documented agreement. Yes he was summons two years later to tribal court but Judge moors through it out because housing was not under the tribe it was under the state. I was there and his cousin was there also with signed document from housing that Daniel wind and beverly sumka had signed and 3 other people. Housing refused to not show up to show up to support the case. They were ib the wrong and a source from housing told David Nichols anx Mr. Ellis he saw Daniel Wind, Sumka, Jones and Delores (Dunham) Mosquito shredding files and documents and the agreement was one of them cause he hearx them discussing it. Judge Pat moore through the case out. But that wasn’t why he was terminated. He was terminated because of his investigation of kickbacks and inappropriation of funds by housing against several housing directors and managers and inspectors, David Nichols and A.D Ellis are his proof they were council members at the time. He was brought before fact finding which included Barbara Gulispe, Roger Barnett, Ron cleghorn and two others to show his findings. They were investigating Ron Qualls , Ann Hancock, SumKa, Jones, Wind, Davis and etc.
            And his sister, must be Linda Naylor. No one believes anything
            she says. She manufactures lies. She lies steals. She and her husband were kicked out of Little Cussetah church because they were caught stealing and causing problems with other church members. Tried to remove 3 pastors by trying to get a child to say that the pastors molested them. Her and her white husband had her mother and father removed from his own property illegally. Why don’t they like Tommy, because he beat the crap out of the brother n law when he caught them breaking into his parents house after they lied and had his parents removed from their property. Linda was only after all of the property and tried maufactoring a false will through creek nation but was caught. Yeah no wolves, great proof you have. This is a better man than you could ever be. Why don’t you just talk to Tommy. Sit down with him or for you stay hidden behind skirts.

      2. You’re full of it No wolves. Get your facts straight. I knew the family of that house and they told me they had a binding agreement with housing for him stay there. Daniel Wind and Beverly Sumka signed the agreement but they shredded the agreement later like they done others. The lady which was his relative even showed me the copy of the agreement they shredded. So you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re just like the others who can’t get their facts right. Show your proof? Housing did everything illegal anyway. Where in the Hell you get all your information? What sister are talking about? I know his sisters? He has one sister that no one likes, so what sister? Name?
        Tell you right now , you know nothing. I wonder what all the things you done wrong. You must of like Daniel Wind, they must be your kind of people!!!!

    2. Hey Barb (AKA-Tommy Rogers) could you please tell us what housing authority that you claim you were in charge of because im calling bullsh*t. Also if everything was on the up and up with the house you tried to steal from Creek Nation then why did you leave. You may have a few idiots fooled but not me.

      1. I’m with Please, name this “Housing” you ran, I’m going to personally call it myself. Post this so called “copy” that’s floating around. He’s just a bitter sociopath who believes his own lies.

      2. Hello Please!!Since you know so much about housing and apartments can a manager of the apartments lease an apartment to a family member ? Thanks!!

  25. Courtney took her married employee to Inter-tribal so she could have an affair. He wasn’t even a full time employee for the tribe. Why did the tribe pay for her affair? Why are they giving her a raise for wasting our money?

  26. Courtney Josie?! Ha! This is a bad start to a new administration. This girl is a hot mess. First she hires a chick that’s her neighbor then she hires that girl’s husband and sleeps with that girl’s husband (both clients) while the husband works directly under Courtney. The guy quits and Courtney called Reintegration and asked them to take him. Then when that didn’t last she placed him yet again. So, this married guy who had sex with her got THREE jobs while I’ve had my resume in file and follwed through to be told “Courtney is out today.” “Courtney is running late today.” “Courtney took vacation.” No one has that much paid leave except for Courtney and her client/boyfriend.

    1. The question is , how much was he paid? Council get With Human Resources and Accounting….asap ……Also fleet and reintergration. I’m sure his time worked at training and employment is covered.
      Enough is enough
      Get this greedy cow out the way.
      We know she ain’t missing any meals. Aeeee. Maybe you all should buy her one so she can maybe sell them and eat. She would embellze cattle and no telling what else. She has cashed in thousands from the tribe and is well on her way to more illegally if she isn’t stopped. Yet she keep taking food out of mouths of others who deserve and need a job.

  27. Courtney Josie uses the tribal vehicle like its her own personal vehicle. She’s literally used it to go to the gynecologist before. To make matters worse, she had her employees drive her to her gynecology appointment.
    Courtney could not work a full 8 hours if her job depended on it. She hadn’t worked a full day in awhile now. It’s a joke really. We replaced someone with a Doctorate degree with someone who has no sense of work ethic and no mentionable education/ qualifications to earn this position. I’m hoping this is until the Cheif finds a better match for the job.

    1. Yes the last administrator (Dwanna Robertson) had a PHD from some rink dink online college, and we see what that got us one old crazy crack head bitch who couldn’t organize a cocktail party much less run a department. Yes a tribe we value education but we must value our people first and treat them fairly. Under the Tiger administration he fostered a culture of entitlement and treated people poorly. Yes they had Doctorate degrees but very poor pedigrees as human beings and a lot of them came with baggage and demons which manifested itself as soon as they were put in leadership positions and for most Im positive it was their first leadership positions with no background in the departments they were appointed.

      1. An investigation need to be done concerning these allegations. I’d say start with the departments headed by b. Fox and l. Robertson. Since there is temporarily and hopefully not permenantly Ladonna Northcross (Nutcross) and Courtney Josie (Hoe-see) because sounds like criminal activity. Ask their employees what really went on? FYI if they still working they are family or friends to these loose canons. hhhmmmm are they now or was they previously friends on FakeBook with Mr. Floyd and Mr. Hicks. Was these ladies campaigning for these men????? During and after work? Yes…….. COUNCIL? Where you at? New movement coming soon! Get Thief Tiger and Thief Managers out the way. Don’t let them put their foul ingredients in this change. The beginning receipe for disaster can be fixed before it is served. Help Chief Floyd he has been manipulated by dust.

  28. You are too wise for your age. At the end of four years you will see a big drama over the current administration. Someone will place doubt at the most suspicious timing. I’ve seen it time and time again. Timing for allegations is everything. It’s all too political.
    I’m ready to give the new administration a chance. I don’t know anything about this Chief. So instead of assuming or talking about him, I’m going to see how it goes. What a concept.

  29. First of all I got fired once and I asked for an appeal. It was found that I was wrongfully terminated by the tribe and the Chief of Staff made that determination. I was given one month to find another position. I did not. I did not get paid all summer nor do I drink alcohol. I’d also like to add that it takes no courage to anonymously talk about people when you have no clue about a situation. Thank you for chiming in about my hardships. I appreciate being included in drama that has nothing to do with me. -Becky

      1. In a moment of desperation due to the tragedy that happened during this time period, I went up the chain of command above my manager’s head and plead my case. It was reviewed and I was placed on Executive Administrative Leave due to a hostile work environment. I did briefly return to work during the investigation of my claims, but I was treated poorly and unprofessionally by my former manager. I have no reason to formulate a plot. I do not want to be associated with the accusations against Courtney. That is all. I am no longer associated with the tribe and I relocated. I’m moving forward with my life and letting go of the negativity.

      1. I’ll tell you this much. I’ve never been written up or had a verbal warning. Policy and procedures in the Employee handbook were not followed. I worked until 11:30 pm some nights and I even went on on weekends. I gave it my all. My son’s father passed away and I missed a full week of work. It all went south from there. It is what it is. I am a stay at home Mom with a student loan. If that doesn’t make the people who hate me the most happy, I don’t know what else will. This thread has nothing to do with me since I’m not a cabinet members and I’m not even employees by Creek Nation. I hope that satisfied your curiosity.

        1. Becky

          That’s a nice story you have in your head there.

          You had nothing ready for summer youth. It was pure and utter chaos. We didn’t want to come back because you were hired as coordinator. We wanted to quit because of the mess you created. We stayed strong and after you were fired we fixed it and managed just fine.

          That’s okay though, you keep beliving your story. We know the truth.

          1. It was complete chaos. I didn’t say that it wasn’t. However, I didn’t create the chaos. Until you go behind the scenes and understand what it takes to do what I had to walk into and see the mess that I saw and start 3 new processes while being forced to extend the deadline with a team that hates you and wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire, please don’t judge me. I gave all of you chance, but you’d made your mind up that you weren’t going to give me a chance and that’s fine. You hate me. You lied and said I screamed at you. It’s fine… It really is, but why is my name important on this thread? It’s not. I’m irrelevant. I don’t work for the tribe and I’m still being bullied by the mean girl’s club from home. You took what you set out to take from me. You did it at a time that hurt my family badly. You won. Why are you still mentioning me? Better yet, why won’t you put your name on it and grow a pair. You can say whatever you please about me, but at least I’m putting my name on what I have to say.

  30. Has anyone seen the old crack head Dwanna Robertson lately? Rumor is she has went totally bat shit crazy after the election which wouldn’t take much for those who have had the displeasure of meeting her or even worse working for her. Karma is a bitch!

    1. I heard she’s been talking to any council member who will listen telling them she has a PhD and should’ve been given a cabinet post. She just don’t get that just because she kissed up to the previous chief that it won’t work on this chief. Never heard of a PhD having to beg for a job.

      1. Damn what you heard. You’ll must be on worst dope than Dwana. She is out. WHO CARE’S? Nobody
        She is finally bye bye so let it go. It’s about moving the dead weight out in education and other departments. Who is Dwana and who is Courtney? Give me their Resume. Besides slut buckets and crack heads. Which is worse? I’m gonna start tweaking and post about Dwanna. Lmao. It appears that is happening. Her name must taste good. She is a fool for letting Courtney work. Everybody forgot that!!!!! I wish she tweaked me into a job. I guess Courtney’s box bodied ass twearked into a job. How is that possible?????? Okay citizens sex and drugs are the néw job skills needed.

  31. How about you shut up?

    People wanted change for THE BETTER, not change for change’s sake.
    – Changing one incompetent for another incompetent doesn’t change a damn thing.
    – Changing one crook for another crook doesn’t change a thing.
    – Changing one bully for another bully doesn’t change a thing.

    We need real change: of attitude, of commitment, of competency, of honesty, of integrity, of ability.

    When this actually happens, you can say we got what we want. And not before!

    1. You shut up! change is here. get over it. Move on!! Geez! Don’t you just get tired of whining. Grow the heck up.

  32. Very well said! I keep hearing people say “There must be a qualified Creek”! Well why don’t you go out and find them? Some folks also seem to put blood over qualifications. They prefer an unqualified Creek over a qualified white. Then they bitch about the quality of work the unqualified person does. This is not the 1800’s anymore. Lets get out of our racist mode and get more progressive if you really want to improve our nation. I am personally embarrassed by the open racism that is so “proudly” expressed here in the Nation. We just had a Chief that could speak the language. Said all the right things about culture and our elders. That worked out well didn’t it? If we want well qualified Creeks in all positions, then we must cultivate them here. How are we going to do that when good people can get better jobs that do not depend on an election or political chicanery to keep? Every four years, or the whim of some vindictive council person, can cost a person their job. Why would any qualified person wish to work in this environment.

    If we want to raise our status and truly improve the lives of our people, then it is high time we drop some of the racism and do more positive things and less bitching.

    1. For some reason I thought this was the Creek Nation not the White Nation, Cherokee or Choctaw, shouldn’t OUR people be given the chance first, and I mean a qualified creek not any creek off the street. I take offense to your comment, we have thousands of educated creek citizens but for some reason they appoint any random out there to fill the position or recycle from the past. Not it’s not the 1800’s but don’t lose sight of OUR heritage and traditions.

      1. Sometimes well qualified and Creek doesn’t even mean a good thing. The last administration gave jobs to sexually harassers disguised as Doctorate level Creeks.

        1. Mvskoke Momma, you could not be more correct. George hired people with PHD’s but horrible pedigrees as human beings. Some of them just found out they were Indians during the last couple of years. How about we hire the best people to head these departments. Don’t worry about first and second chief they will find their way and bring respect back to the nation. We will no longer be the laughing stock at the inner tribal meetings. At least Chief Floyd has a suit on and no silly ball cap looking like a jackass.

  33. Well said Disappointed Youth. I could not agree more. Unfortunately most of the citizens think the tribe owes them something, guess what… IT DOESN’T. Everything you get from the tribe is a privilege and should not be taken for granted.

  34. Obviously, some of you don’t know Dr. Vark. Yes he is not creek, but he’s more Creek than some of you will ever be. His heart as a physician is to care for our people. I’ve known him for a long time, he’s very intelligent, honest and very trustworthy. He’s a great doctor. He can only do what he’s allowed. If you got mad at him for not doing something for you, it’s only because he wasn’t given authority to effectively do his job. So get your facts straight before you start slamming someone. Give these people a chance. Don’t let your personal agendas get in the way of seeing things clearly. Myself, wants to have faith in our leaders, that our nation heals.

    1. I have known Dr vark when our health depatment was at the smok shop on the
      highway…if you have a mean spirit it shows!!!

    2. It is insulting to say that Vark is more Creek than some of us will ever be. Vark is not Native. Being Creek we share a similar history of historical customs, ceremonies and economic hardship dealt to us by the Unites States. His family did not have to face the same hardships or prejudices or grow up with our Churches or Ceremonial Grounds. So, I do not understand how you think Vark is Creek. You lessen our tribal ancestry by stating that he s more Creek than us. Does he have Creek children? We have great Native doctors in our clinics. I have seen them. They should not be overlooked for their intelligence and honesty.

  35. I think josie should have been given a chance. He seemed to be pretty well versed in our laws and nahasda regs. Anyone know if he applied?

    1. Josie’s exposure of chief and Fox’s criminal activity no doubt helped Floyd win his election. I heard him speak at several council meetings and he was well versed on housing and the tribes legislation. Certainly Floyd will see this and put Josie in a position to bring the tribe out of this rut!!! I hear Fox got another job at housing, if he can still get employment at the tribe, surely all the good guys stand a chance, otherwise, Floyd is no better than Tiger by hiring and keeping all the crooks and thieves!

      1. Rodney josie for housing are you kidding me!!! He is no better than tommy rogers!!! Them two are on the same level. Josie thinks by typing policy out of the book and coping confidential files and putting it on face book makes him know housing!!He hasn’t made a house payment in I don’t know how long and never got one eviction notice. When other citizens are late one month they get an eviction notice that’s because his girlfriend was running housing management and manipulating his file. While she was in there her and josie managed to get a vacant house and the land deeded over in josie’s minor sons name. He likes to get on social media and run people down by calling them thieves and crooks when he is a thief and a crook himself!!!! I hope our new chief is smarter than that!!! Don’t buy into josies lies!!! JOSIE IS ANOTHER WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING!!!

        1. Yet another ploy to attack my character keep trying. No I dont think copying out of books replaces knowledge I just like to have proof to what I say unlike yourself. 15 years experience in Nahasda law and policy is where my knowledge comes from. Dont really know how to reply to your other accusations please provide backup. Thank you Jamie and Lora for your comment.

          1. Where do you get 15 years? I know you haven’t been involved for 15 years in Nahasda. Over force account until you fled from a drug test, contracted until you left your ex-father-in-law high and dry then some idiot hired you in Environmental where you hid at the recycling plant smoking dope all day. Doesn’t add up to 15 years. If you have such knowledge and was a Floyd fan, why aren’t you over Housing?? Makes ya go…Hmmm

            1. Dear idiots:(aka-ladonna, jamie, lora and marcy)

              It is pathetic that your collaborated efforts to continually try to drag josies name through the mud by bringing repetitive accusations that he has either admirably admitted or proven to be lies. Now you continue to make up more lies. Prove your accusations just as josie proves his and maybe you will have some credibility.

              Considering that those in charge (ladonna, lora and jamie) do not have a combined experience equal to or more than Mr. Josies experience it stands to show that they dont have a clue.

              Josie started at housing in 2000 and was quickly promoted to FA Manager in 2002. Then in 2003 breifly did contracting with his father in law until the dissolution of his marriage that understandably affected his partnership with his father in law. In 2005 he was asked back by housing and upon his return was sought by environmental services for employment for the next 10 years. If you knew anything about your jobs then you would know all if this is governed by NAHASDA and tribal policy. Theres your 15 years experience. It is just too bad that he did not apply for housing.

              It is ashame that this man did one if the biggest justices to our tribe only to be met with opposition from unethical jealousy like this.

              I commend your efforts Mr. Josie. Continue to do what you do. You have more backing than you think. It is beneath you to respond to anymore of this rubbish. You have already explained yourself with exceptional grace and no longer need to reply to such nonsense.

              Mvto from a long time employee that knows facts.

          2. We as Creek Citizens voted for change and we got it! However I do not believe for one minute that “this” change is what we expected. We didn’t want a blast from the past and the same ole status quo! We wanted new qualified cabinet members with new ideas to bring this nation forward. We didn’t expect the common, not so good, employees to be put in those positions. I hope Chief Floyd& Second Chief realize some of the mistakes they have already made and place respected Creek Citizens in these positions.

        2. Jealous are we? Ha,ha, apparently you don’t know the situations regarding his account or the vacant land, you must be part of the rumor mill at housing, along with the other idiots like Lora, Jamie and Ladonna! You guys are so funny, we get a kick out of watching prance at work like you’re important, we all know y’alls time is coming!!!

        3. Jealous, are we?? Ha-ha! Obviously you don’t know the specifics of his account and his family land, that’s why you’re talking out your a** on here. You must be part of the rumor mill with the other idiots like Lora, Jamie and Ladonna. You guys are the laughing stock of housing! Everyone finds it humorous to watch you all walk around like you’re important , but that’s ok, y’alls time is coming. Y’all will have to find another place to do y’alls a**-sniffing!

        4. Laughing, you must be a housing employee, got all the scoop on josie, haha! Y’all need to get over yourselves, y’all tried this with him before. According to your theory, housing is at fault, not josie. And the deed you speak of, I’m sure was reviewed by the attorney general, signed by chief, and paid by brad fox. There’s your so-called wolves in sheep’s clothing.

        5. Ahhh, Laughing – you surely made me laugh out loud. You have hit the nail on the head when it comes to Mr. Josie. Anyone who knows him and has witnessed his behavior firsthand is laughing, too. Funny how all of his proof and access to confidential documents dried up once his girlfriend quit working for housing. I miss trying to guess who was next in his crosshairs. That boy is delusional and borderline schizo.

          1. LMAO! You and Laughing got another thing coming if you think Josie’s proof or evidence has dried up. The best is yet to come!

          2. This must be one of brads daughter, take care of your sh!t and your kids before bad mouthing others. We can put some of your dirty laundry out there to make this little game your playing fair. Only difference is, we got proof! Stop while you can.

        6. @laughing

          Total lies. I know Rodney Josie and he was on the housing wait list for years. Others were moved in front of him. He waited and he waited and he waited. I know for a fact because I witnessed it.

          The people he called crooks and thieves were crooks and thieves. The only thing I wish is that Rodney was still working there. We need him. He worked in the environmental department which was horribly run when Glenn Moore was over the department.

          Muscogee citizens, if you can post on this blog you can go to and read our laws. Read Title 22, Section 7-203 on the environmental department’s functions and duties; read on the educational requirements for the Administrator. Please do it.

          There are some true backstabbers and troublemakers floating around MCN. Rodney Josie is not one of them.

          @ Bleed Creek. YOU are full of shit. Sounds like you have a personal vendetta against the man.

          1. To creekwoman
            I never said anything about Mr josie getting a house or how long he was on the waiting list to receive his house. I just simply said he hasn’t made a house payment in I don’t when!!! He was the one that told everyone when he was running for national Council that he was paying the maximum payment and has never been late on a payment!! I may be wrong but since you know him, why don’t you tell him to post his payment history on face book since he likes to post other people’s confidential information files on there. And also tell him to explain the land, that he says was HIS families land, that his son got deeded over to him. Then we will see if he is up there with the ones he calls crooks and thieves!!!

  36. The appointments have nothing to do with “getting our way” but everything to do with their ability to run the programs. Some of them have no degree, some have no experience except working in one program and some have back stabbed their way to these jobs. That’s what the concern is. We were all looking forward to Chief Floyd making positive changes, thought he would interview many qualified people before making a decision. It looks like he and Second Chief got trigger happy and thought they had to appoint someone the first day. Yes , he has that authority but he could’ve taken his time and made good, sound decisions. The morale for some of our departments just dropped to an all time low. Employees are in disbelief at the choices. It is now up to the National Council to correct this by not confirming those who are not qualified.

  37. He knows what bread to butter. He will throw any staff at the clinics or hospitals under the bus if he needs to. He sends a proxy and acts like he is innocent. Research it yourself.

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