GT trying to be honorable

If someone says “I am honored” to be here, or “I am honored” to be with you, it means that they see this as a great privilege, and that they are happy that it is happening. In GT’s case, he was honored that he was given the privilege to steal the Nation’s money for his own use. He ravaged everything including the women.  As for his accomplishments: defined as something that has been achieved successfully. The only thing he accomplished was to enrich his own pockets!!

He LIED again – he was sent an invitation to the inauguration. In fact, his step-daughter helped send the invitations out. No one said he and his family was not welcome. All Creek Citizens are invited. George should be embarrassed for telling such lies, but he is so ultimately consumed by his ego, that his entire view of the world and everyone in it is twisted. He is so centered on himself.


Muscogee citizens:
I have been honored to serve as your Principal Chief for the last four years. There were many accomplishments with new initiatives implemented in Education, Economic Development, Health Care, new jobs, land base expansion, and a large increase in the nation’s Permanent Fund (Tribal Funds). I am proud of the MCN and leave with my head held high and leave in the hands of the new administration a much better MCN than what I inherited. Unfortunately, I won’t be attending the Inauguration due to a couple of factors. First, as a courtesy the sitting Chief is always extended an invitation, according to the Constitution I’m still Chief during and after the Inauguration and until the first Monday in January and yet I never received an invitation. Secondly, it’s been requested by Chief Elect Floyd that members of my family not attend his Inauguration even though we are citizens of MCN. As a family, we accepted and honor the outcome of the election and wish the new administration the best. Mvto for allowing me to serve as your Chief. May God continue to bless the great Muscogee Creek Nation!!!

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  1. Why is GT still referring to himself as Principal Chief George Tiger on fb? How disrespectful for the current Chief who was elected by our people to lead our nation. Quit being a sore loser and give it up Georgie Porgie!

  2. For the record Elizabeth Coale filed for a Divorce June 4 2014, her ex is fighting it because of child support issues and is presently serving time in jail/ prison till 2022.
    Mr. Tiger has made past mistakes who hasn’t.
    He is a respectable man, who works hard for the citizens.

    1. The Council chose him to be the Speaker. They apparently think that he has strong leadership skills. His personal life is none of our business. He has not broken the law.

      1. Yes, that’s what we said about the previous Chief too but the truth is their personal life has a lot to do with how they conduct their professional life. We were just taught a good lesson in that- no boundaries in either.

  3. It is time to ignore George Tiger. He is like the emperor with no clothes. For those who have forgotten this old fairy tale and the lesson to be learned from it:

    “A vain Emperor who cares about nothing except wearing and displaying clothes hires two weavers who promise him the finest, best suit of clothes from a fabric invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position or “hopelessly stupid”. The Emperor’s ministers cannot see the clothes themselves, but pretend that they can for fear of appearing unfit for their positions and the Emperor does the same. Finally the weavers report that the suit is finished, they mime dressing him and the Emperor marches in procession before his subjects. The townsfolk play along with the pretense, not wanting to appear unfit for their positions or stupid. Then a child in the crowd, too young to understand the desirability of keeping up the pretense, blurts out that the Emperor is wearing nothing at all and the cry is taken up by others. The Emperor suspects the assertion is true, but continues the procession.”

    In a way, I feel sorry for George Tiger. He wanted to be Chief (emperor) so badly and he tried twice. The first time he failed. The second time he was elected. He had fooled many of us and we voted for him. We believed his elaborate words (the emperor’s clothes) and thought he would work for the Mvskoke people. Like the emperor, George’s vanity is what brought him down, and he nearly brought down our Nation in the process. From day one of him being Chief/emperor, he began spending money on shiny babbles and jewels; millions of dollars spent on buildings, shopping malls, golf courses, and the such. Because of his lack of humility and his lack of concern for the entire nation, he was revealed to be concerned only for himself. He has expensive taste and donned himself and his family in the finest of homes, cars and clothes, but in the end his narcissism revealed that Chief Tiger/emperor had no clothes.

    I do not know for a fact whether emperor Tiger was sent an invitation, but I do know it is most improbable that he was slighted with such vindictiveness. That sounds like something George would do, but Chief Floyd does not strike me as a person who is vindictive.

    It is sad. George Tiger was given the opportunity to lead our Nation. It was an honor to be chosen for Chief of Muscogee Nation. He had the opportunity to show all of us that he was a man of high character; a man that was truly concerned for all of us. He failed at everything except self-promotion.

    Let’s ignore the emperor. Let the past go. It is time to clean up his mess and move our nation forward with care and concern for one another; respect for one another; and with honesty of who we are and where we are heading.

  4. I hope Chief Floyd will get rid of the new speaker. Lucian Tiger seriously? He’s Living with a married woman! Elizabeth Coale or Elizabeth Johnson of Beggs/Glenpool. Yes she’s married! They started their affair last November (2014) He has no business representing the Muscogee Nation. We got rid of one disgrace. Let’s start the new year

    1. Elizabeth Coale filed for a divorce on June 4th 2014 check court records her future ex is in prison and is refusing to divorce because of child support issues.
      Mr. Tiger is a caring and very respectable man.

      1. Then why doesn’t she just forfeit the child support and get on with her divorce? If he’s in prison, she isn’t going to get it anyway. Make the damn thing legal, last thing we need is another white women helping to make our creek men look bad!

        1. Our Creek Men make themselves look bad.
          George Tiger want’ forced with a gun at his head to sleep with Creek Woman Townsend.
          Thomas Yahola and his affairs were also with Creek women.
          Don’t blame the lack of control on white women, black women or Chinese women.
          Our men and women want to transgress in their marital commitments and are not forced by some other race..

    2. Welcome to the millennial’s world. If you haven’t heard of it I suggest you read up on it. No-one really gets married and stays married anymore. situationalships are a thing. Countless single parents by choice and not force. Blended families are on the rise. Get over yourself and your judgmental outlook on somebody elses worldview.

      You mean to tell me you would have a problem with a gay man being in a leadership position?

      Let the man’s private life be and give him a chance to lead.

        1. The Speaker isn’t gay. It should not make any difference of their orientation. You have confused him with someone else, maybe someone in the Health Department.

  5. Our Chief now will not stoop to George Tigers comments. You don’t have to comment to gossip that is not true. He was the bigger person and chose to let this be a day of happiness and great things for the MCN.

  6. George, we know you are watching the inauguration over the internet. You can deny/lie it, but we know otherwise. Hope you have learned that the people have spoken and DID NOT WANT YOU AS CHIEF FOR ANOTHER TERM. You brought nothing but shame to the tribe. I hope and pray that one day you will regret everything you have done and that your wife and kids do the same. You have never admitted any wrongdoings!!

  7. George didn’t receive a personal invitation that included: a speech, front row seat and his name in the program.
    When George had his inauguration, Chief Ellis flat out said he wouldn’t be there.
    George will spend the rest of his life pining away at wanting to be Principal Chief again. Lord knows he won’t make it on council again and I don’t see how anyone could possibly put him as a Supreme Court Justice. His days at the tribe are over.
    I personally blocked all the Tiger facebook pages cause I get enough crap on my newsfeed that I don’t need to see, “When I was Principal Chief…” every day for the next twenty years.
    See you on Saturday, Mr. Floyd!

  8. GT is already trying to make trouble for our new Chief.
    He bashed Chief Ellis for years and years. Chief Ellis was able to accomplish more for our people during his terms even with Tiger and Barnett in control of the National Council.
    George Tiger did accomplish something we must admit.
    Chief Ellis holds the honor of being the only Chief elected in a Primary Election.
    Chief Tiger holds the “Worst Loss Ever” for an Incumbent Chief.

    1. AD Ellis had to oppose Roger Barnett & Geroge Tiger long before he bacame Principal Chief.
      Those two individuals(only interested with their own interests) along with S Alexander, S Ade, Tiger’s Cabinet began to damage the Creek government years ago. All finally got in control and for the last 4 years implemented horrible management and financial activities Which will be the first matters our new Principal Chief must address. AD Ellis left no such mess and should be used by new Principal Chief Floyd to advise corrective measures.

      1. Can we get rid of Lucian Tiger too? He’s the new speaker of NC. How does one obtain that position living with a married woman. Yes married! They started their affair in November 2014. His mistress is Elizabeth Coale or Elizabeth Johnson of Beggs/Glenpool. But then again how long will he be with her he’s been married 6-7 times. He’s a wolf in sheep clothing. Do Not be Fooled by him.

  9. This is just another example of an underqualified, incompetent Public Relations person or persons,allowing Chief to embarrass himself AGAIN, in the most ungrateful of ways on social media or in a letter !! What an embarrassment!Is the Office of Principal Chief reduced to smartass comments on Facebook?!! Is there not an “advisor” “consultant” or “manager” over there with enough sense to control what gets sent out? 3 out of 4 that voted, decided we need a new Chief. Quit whining on social media!

  10. There are still Creek Citizens who upheld the Constitution and laws of the Creek Nation and United States, but the Tiger Administration did not want those honest Creeks to continue to advise and help our government, so they went on with their private lives.
    Now it is time to ask them to return, if they will, and help restore a once honest and proud government.

  11. Change the song George. The “I’m leaving a much better MCN than what I inherited” song is getting old.
    You have created nothing. No more income has come to MCN. Jobs created have been done away with.
    Didn’t the four years fly by.

    Margarittaville – not completed
    Flying Tee – not completed
    Okemah Hospital – not completed
    Okmulgee Country Club – bankrupt and closed
    Okmulgee Hospital Emergency facility – not completed
    Homes for elders – not completed
    Jenks River Crossing – not rented out to anyone but offices for MCN
    George has accomplished nothing but stealing money to make his personal life easier. Who will he live with now? Will Angela allow them to live with her and none of them with jobs?

    Get on the waiting list with MCN Housing George. Wait for 20 years like everyone else, or spend of your hard stolen money to have your mansion built.

  12. Submitted by Tom Jones:
    To the out going chief and administration, thank you for your four years of service. I did not agree with most of your decisions on how our tribe was run. How certain citizens were given special treatment with jobs, homes, and other services they may received that the rest of us has yet to discover. I’m thankful the Mvskoke people have spoken. We as a tribe would not lasted another four years. As a Chief I feel that the citizens should have been your first priority, not awards, not back door deals, not jobs for all your family, and not taking care of all your “yes men”. As a citizen, I feel the tribe was sold out during this last four years and I’m so ready for us to wipe our hands clean of it. To the newly elect Chief, your road ahead is going to take a lot of work. Invest in our people and allow us to help you rebuild our Nation. We no longer can turn a blind eye to the corruption and mistreatment that goes on within our tribe. It is time to fix it all. File charges on those whom will comment crimes against the Nation. Commend those whom go above and beyond. Set a new standard for our young to go by! To our citizens,be involved! Go to meetings, ask questions, hold our elected officials accountable, seek the truth. This is our Nation! To the council members, make good decisions for the Nation and not your personal gain. As we seen with Ms. Ade, you were to soft on your discipline. That’s not going to be good enough to keep others from following Ms. Ade’s lead. Citizens are tired of your lack of knowledge of our Constitution and Laws! Read up and know them front and back. Hold people and companies accountable and we will start attracting better companies to work with. Pleas get an AG who will uphold the laws! I have so much expectation for the four years, please don’t let me or the tribe down.

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