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I see lots of talk and speculation on here. I think Chief (elect) Floyd will be wise enough to get his cabinet figured out. I’ll be the first to say that I really don’t know who does what or how good they are. There is so much politics and backstabbing that it’s hard to believe what anyone says, but I doubt Chief Floyd keep anyone who is in a position ONLY because of name or politics. Maybe he intends to allow them time to be evaluated for the WORK they do.

What I hope is those who have managed to have entire careers based off of their name and their daddy’s name will have to show tangible work. I hope it will be expected that they need fresh ideas that stem from creativity. Those ideas need to be implemented and will have to produce tangible results. I hope they will no longer get by with simply putting on a fancy White man’s 3-piece suit with a silk tie while sitting at the head of the table to direct meetings. They need to be intelligent. They at least need to be smarter than a box of rocks.

Two people that need go: Jeff Fife (he just isn’t very smart and has never accomplished anything; has gotten by because of name and ONLY because of name).

Next, make sure that Ed Mouse stays as far from MCN as humanly possible.

There is no need to try to reinvent the wheel. Start by accomplishing the simplest of tasks. Evaluate each department’s work flow. If it gets bogged down somewhere find the weak link in the process. (realize that might not be a person; it might be a law or a regulation or any number of things) Example: Why does it take higher ed 2-3 months to pay the students? Everything is ELECTRONIC. So why is the process so slow? How can this be improved?

Evaluate how long it takes for an application of housing work orders to work through the entire process. Map it out the process and time it. How long does it sit here? How long before it goes here for signature? Do this for at least 1-2 years so there is a sizable enough sample to analyze the results. Yes, they need to be statistically analyzed and if we don’t have people that can do that contract them. Trust me, a pattern will show up. Then fix the areas where it bogs down.

That should go for every department. Get rid of managers who do not know how to actually work. If you can’t change a light bulb or fix a flat then maybe you shouldn’t be directing others on how to do it. Managers need a degree that is appropriate to the field and department they are managing but they also need to be trained in how to manage people.

I’m ready for a change and expect good things to come from Chief Floyd’s administration, but I also realize we’ll probably get stuck with the same do nothing managers (almost all of them MEN) who get by because of name and personality——-at least for a while.

Our new motto should be: PROVE YOURSELF.
Each and every one of you. Prove yourself. And the first one of you that refuses to cooperate with others and other departments because you’re worried about getting yourself ahead—————YOU’RE OUT!

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  1. To the out going chief and administration, thank you for your four years of service. I did not agree with most of your decisions on how our tribe was run. How certain citizens were given special treatment with jobs, homes, and other services they may received that the rest of us has yet to discover. I’m thankful the Mvskoke people have spoken. We as a tribe would not lasted another four years. As a Chief I feel that the citizens should have been your first priority, not awards, not back door deals, not jobs for all your family, and not taking care of all your “yes men”. As a citizen, I feel the tribe was sold out during this last four years and I’m so ready for us to wipe our hands clean of it. To the newly elect Chief, your road ahead is going to take a lot of work. Invest in our people and allow us to help you rebuild our Nation. We no longer can turn a blind eye to the corruption and mistreatment that goes on within our tribe. It is time to fix it all. File charges on those whom will comment crimes against the Nation. Commend those whom go above and beyond. Set a new standard for our young to go by! To our citizens,be involved! Go to meetings, ask questions, hold our elected officials accountable, seek the truth. This is our Nation! To the council members, make good decisions for the Nation and not your personal gain. As we seen with Ms. Ade, you were to soft on your discipline. That’s not going to be good enough to keep others from following Ms. Ade’s lead. Citizens are tired of your lack of knowledge of our Constitution and Laws! Read up and know them front and back. Hold people and companies accountable and we will start attracting better companies to work with. Pleas get an AG who will uphold the laws! I have so much expectation for the four years, please don’t let me or the tribe down.

      1. Can someone please explain why we are still renting from OSU Lackey Hall?
        What is the amount of monthly rent?

        Why are empty offices/space @ the hospital/Baker Building /Pine Building not being utilized?

        Why is the newly renovated building (previous a clinic) across street from ER in Okmulgee sitting empty.
        What was the cost of that renovation?

        Why are we still renting the McCullough Building downtown ?
        What is the monthly rent for that building?

        Why are we having so many duplication of positions in Accounts receivable and Accounts payable at LackeyHall?
        There is no money to pay over 800 outstanding bills for the Health System.

  2. What a bunch of gossip on here, we are going into a new administration. We all wanted this. Now all we do is get on here and put others down. Come on, when everyone on here was bashing the old administration ypu all were buddies. Now your bashing? I didn’t want to post, but reading this and all the name calling. We’re grown ups, right? I am ashamed, let’s support our tribe. Not the bashing. Just saying.

    1. Well I just have one thing to say. Remember the comment on here someone made a while back about rats jumping ship. Now Brad Fox and other cabinet members are telling citizens that everything they did was ordered by George Tiger. I wonder if he told this to the investigators? I’d be ashamed if I was the ones saying this and I sure wouldn’t show up at the Inauguration. What you wanna bet several of Tiger’s loyal cabinet members and friends will be there trying to be seen? Selina, LouAnn and Rhea, Dwanna, Roseanne, Shawn, Carmen (and of course her husband) Neenah, Newman, Barbara, Lillian, Gouge and on and on. Oh yes, Cherrah and Justin and Eli, he will be there trying to be noticed.

  3. Hills are out flats are in, Lol
    What ever. I love being compared to other people. It keeps them guessing. Just can’t figure it out.
    Now on to better news, waiting on the new administration and better days ahead.

    1. From the looks at it, it’s flats. Why keep Lora and jamie. From what i hear, there untouchable, sits in lora’s office all day keeping thier door shut, probably discussing how they will burn up 7 hours of not working. Or set around talking about how good other men look. Oh yea, and they do. How they wish they were running housing. I vote Grace Bunner! Put her in there, then let those lazy managers gripe then. Brant Beaver enough said. Omg! Nothings changed, same people running housing. As long as Brad, rance, lora, jamie, brant are there it wont change. Brad is running it behind the scenes, runs to 2nd chief , wake up! People.

  4. I am so pleased Seneca is leaving. At every meeting with the
    employees he would always tell everyone what great things he
    has done. When employees asked him a question about the salary analysis he would blow them off by saying “We are checking on that.” That was his answer for everything. I say
    good-bye. The sooner you leave the better.

  5. I was so excited the day after election… I am starting to have that sick feeling again Chief Floyd keeps assuring ppl on fb he will not have mass terminations…i was concerned to read this..this is why he got my vote as an employee with hopes of a fresh start. Clean house from top to bottom if not he will be hurting hiself and the tribe. Cabinets need to go and managers.EVERY SINGLE ONE HAS BEEN HAND PICKED AND ASSISTED IN THIS DISASTER! Plz Mr Floyd… Clean house. I work with all depts.not just 1…and all of a sudden..they are all trying to learn their jobs! Plz consider the following names
    Brad Fox,rance fogle/james allreds brother, james allred, cousin to jeff fife bill fife, thunder whitecloud, family violence , carmen tecumseh, all the goodvoices, all managers and supervisors for GSA, election board manager nettie, it mgr cindy freeling, cindy over e&t. Patricia Killian, these ppl are just a few..that come to mind. They do not do their jobs!!! If he doesnt take action day 1….he is doomed.

    1. Key word “Mass”.
      If you think of the over thousand employees the Tribe has letting managers and cabinet positions go does not equate to mass firings.
      Would be nice if each and every enity would be required to give list of each employee and titlt/job. Someone of Chief Floyd choosing could assess and see overlapping of positions etc. For instance why do you need Doran as PR and Gouge PR for Health Division?
      Makes no sense. We have a newspaper that can make announcements, photos etc. Or give the job to Sharon Britt. She has the personality and energy to be PR for the tribe.

    2. Dear Pondering,
      I feel so bad for u that you are so unhappy. Who are you to judge the cabinet members and the managers. It seems as if everyone on this site just wishes to bash individuals. Why not a little praise for the hard work that is done. Some of the names you listed happen to be the hardest working employees at creek nation. Why not give praise where praise is due. Treat others as you want to be treated.

      1. LOL! Hard work? They were to busy trying to make a name for themselves to be working for the tribe!
        Every person who travels on the tribe’s dime should be required to prove how that trip will benefit their program or the tribe. These people traveled to benefit themselves and apparently to let other tribes know how smart they are.
        Going to the community centers and talking about yourself and how qualified you are – really? As if we care about that. Hard work- I don’t think so!

        1. Dear Creek Citizen,
          Yes I did say HARD WORK…i have no idea what or who you are talking about going to community centers and spending the tribe’s dime, but I love how you are assuming this is ALL employees. Shame on you for making that assumption. When you work hard and are qualified in what you do, your work speaks for itself. One doesn’t need to Brag! And the ones who I know NEVER do that because they take care of business. They don’t need to brag about what they do. So don’t assume that’s ALL employees.

      2. Ms. Kilian’s name should definitely not be on the list of people who aren’t doing their jobs. She busted her butt to get her job done, every single day, even working late. At least she has a degree and several years of experience in Accounting. She knows her stuff and maintains great business relations with everyone she comes in contact with. She is Creek, she attends a Creek church, and has a great head on her shoulders. No need to bash someone who is clearly doing her job.

    3. Didn’t know if rumor or fact but is Thomas Yahola being put as secretary of Tribal Affairs? Perhaps someone could clarify? Hopefully Floyd will make announcements this week.

      Hoping there will be qualified women involved in these positions as with George you could only be in if you were male and/or a yes man.

    4. I hope there is change. Names who ppl are ect ect Creek Citizens should be able to come to there tribe and work . they put them at the bottom of the ladder just to hush them but put their family or outsiders in higher postions. NEED A CHANGE NOW!!!

  6. Firing the do nothing, attention hogs like Chera Ridge Quiet Giles, the Colberts , Brenda Golden, ect will save the tribe $500k in travel expenses alone!!!! Why do we allow these people to jet set all over the country, to trainings in which they turn into personal family vacations, only to come back dumber than when they left?!?!! !! They damn sure don’t represent me!!! Let’s get back on track Mvskoke People!!!

    1. I wish someone would take a look at all of the travel and training the administration at Lighthorse has been getting in, and for what. These folks couldn’t track an elephant with a nose bleed.

      1. Don’t include everyone in that comment about lighthorse. A few of them are good cops!
        They do have to keep cleet hours, but the higher ups just traveled for no reason. I’m not condoning what fixico did or whittman, they need to go. Traveling should be only for training.

        1. Easy Granny you’re just defending lighthorse because your Husband Northcross works over there. He needs to go and so do you and your stilettos!

          1. Oh anon, your an idiot. You think you know so much. It’s true regarding lighthorse and you don’t know crap about nothing. Jealous!

            1. Jealous of what?? LaDonna, sorry no LaDonna aka Granny aka gmail, no one is jealous of you. No one wants your hillbilly husband and no one wants you even though you think everyone does. Delusional much??

          2. Good point Anon
            When she worked at housing she begged for a raise, housing denied it so she threatened to leave and go to finance. Housing said good bye to her. She told everyone how much she loved her new job and then a month later begged housing for her job back. When housing said they didn’t need her, she started bashing them and has been ever since. Watch out for her, she is a snake on the grass.

            1. While sitting in the finance lobby, I saw 3 people come in and ask for LaDonna to assist them with MAP, stated that Jamie Nichols and Lora King didn’t know what the hell they’re doing!

            2. The funny thing about LaDonna and her husband Northcross, Neither one of them are Creek citizens. Makes you wonder how they have squirted around in the Nation for so long, and caused so many issues.

      2. Will the next Speaker address the following questions raised to Grant Thornton during the audit?

        “National Council: Allegations raised to Grant Thornton during the assignment were related to possible excessive travel undertaken by the National Council, inappropriate reimbursement for vehicle mileage, and conflicts of interest. Our investigations identified instances of inadequate support for travel expenses and inadequate oversight regarding the reimbursement process for mileage reimbursement.”

        1. Shirlene Ade “attending” meetings and claiming mileage; however she never attended or she may had rode with someone else. It’s been going on for years. Don’t have to worry about her anymore.

          Who does have oversight of their expenses, mainly reimbursements? There has been a past council member who would forge receipts for reimbursements.

          1. I would think speaker yahola but dont know for sure. There is a lot of travel in many of the departments thats abused, people make big cash from it, put in for what they dont need, get paid travel by the tribe and then get the trip paid by others. Money should go back to the tribe but it goes in peoples pockets instead.

            1. The thing about the National Council’s abuse of money is that the Office of Principal Chief has no control of it. The only thing the new Chief could do is take the issue to the Supreme Court.
              The National Council writes, legislates and approves their own budget. No over site whatsoever.

          2. The Audit covered the years when Sam Alexander was Speaker and he let Shirlene, Robert (Bubba) Deere, and Chad do whatever they wanted to do. Shirlene took supplies from Council bought with tribal funds, a device for her laptop to sit on…come on we all know Shirlene didnt read her legislation. She also claimed mileage from Holdenville when she wasnt even driving from there! Robert and Bubba were allowed to use the credit card to purchase lunch when they drove to Tulsa to get supplies (Santa Fe) and order pizza for the office. Let’s not forgot yours truly, Cabinet member I mean Ex Cabinet member , Cherrah Giles wasn’t afraid to forge receipts as a council member so you know she did as a cabinet member too. No more wasting tribes money for her and her family to take family trips to DC, I mean “work related trips”. To answer your question. The financial officer is responsible for travel and reimbursements. He/She prepares it and Speaker approves it. Unfortunately, the Council hasn’t had a strict enough Speaker to say no. Maybe that will change.

  7. What is going on at the Tribe? Rumors none of the cabinet will be returning. Hope it’s true. Do we know who James Floyd will be bringing in yet?

  8. Well, I wonder what old chicken George is going to do in 16 days when the Creek Nation is not paying for his personal security detail? Will he stay in awhile? He must have feared for his safety in the first place to have a detail like that. I guess it is for good reason after the way he did so many people dirty. Oh well, I am sure he will get whatever he deserves, most people do.

  9. New beginning for Creek Nation, do not expect James Floyd to manage differently than he has for all those years employed by the federal government. The New Chief also has a most capable Second Chief and retired administrator with years of management experience including government budget preparation and implementation.
    I look for these two leaders to be assisted by the same type of quality people , educated, experienced and honest.
    Move over Cherokee Nation there is a new Creek Nation in the drivers seat for Eastern Indian Territory.

    1. Dr. Wahoo,
      Have you been offered a position with the new administration?
      Neither of the new leaders have TRIBAL Government experience and it appears are depending on Tiger’s people to tell them what to do. They cry, promise, say they had to have their job and that’s why they didn’t the Barnett & Tiger corruption. The feds got Roger but like the snake he is, Tiger slithered away into his glorious rein over us.
      Mr. Hicks ran a small school.
      Mr. Floyd ran a large VA administration.
      From the beginning they should have not had William Lowe, an advocate and near son’-in-law handle the Inauguration. They may as well asked George & Frances to do it.

      1. To What,
        Are you aware Mr. Floyd is not in office? Nor is he in charge of who runs the inauguration. He can ask for people to assist and some of his wants or wishes can or will be done. He isn’t writing the checks to pay for it.
        It’s a function of tourism dept. Mr. Lowe is an employee there.
        Don’t fault him for doing his job.
        Obviously he moved on from Frances daughter. So why is there any correlation to the tigers?

      2. No, I have not, there are many very qualified persons to fill any position, but need to pass muster with the New Principal Chief.
        He will have no problem developing his new government.
        God’s speed Chief Floyd.

      3. Agreed Will is family and always will do what he can to survive. He got with Molly to help his job he got rid of her when things got shakey with George and the people. Then he got married super fast to distance himself. He left his wife and daughter for Molly just to help his job. This should tell people what sort of DNA he has. He’s a snake. Also, he allowed George and Johnna to have private sessions in the Dome for hours with the door shut. So you know what he think of marriage. 90,000. Per year for a snake that will sell out his own family for
        Someone like Molly Moore needs to go. You gotta be insane to think he’s loyal to anyone.

      4. Carmen can’t keep sober Tecusmseh is still out there trying to show up for work now. Why now? Everytime there’s an intertribal she’s hammered and embarrassing. She even has her Own drink named after her. “Tecumseh tornado”….. She has turned the CFS into a joke. Moving money from here to there. Hiring inadequate people that only work two days a week to be managers. theres no loyalty with her. Everyone is her cousin, but she fired her own real Cousin. She stabs all her friends in the back and makes it look like someone else did it. Then she will have someone else fire them to keep her hands clean. Also, everyone has a pay raise under a new title. Doing the same job. All the workers know they can’t confide or trust in her. I would not wNt to be in her shoes right now. Mr Floyd knows it all.

        1. But who would get drunk and dance on the tables on out of town trips if Carmen Tecumseh left? She represents the tribe so well! Yeah right.

        2. LOL…true. I overheard some women talki g at one Inter-Tribal how Cherrah and Carmin was asking another one of Cherrah’s employees to go to McDonald’s to get them something to eat because they (Cherrah, Justin, Carmin and her husband) were too drunk to drive. At another Inter-Tribal meeting I heard about Cherrah and Carmin downing some alcohol in Starbucks cups lol. What leadership!

          1. Several people who attended those meetings told the same stories about Cherrah and Carmen as well as Selina and several others in George’s chosen circle. It looks like the traveling needs to be monitored just a tad to make sure this is not allowed in the future. We know for sure Cherrah won’t be in the mix anymore cause she’s gonna go be a social worker. LOL Carmen? Well we’ll see. She’s played both sides to keep herself and her husband a job. Selina, maybe she can practice her makeup artist skills on Bo since they ‘ll be idle for a while. The rest of George’s mouthy bunch needs to follow suit so the tribe can go back to being a tribe of all the people instead of the same tacky bunch running everything and showing up at their made up gatherings. For those of us south of Okmulgee we may as well have not existed during this administration.

  10. Now that Seneca is leaving we are hoping for fresh leadership. The Health System needs someone with a business background.
    Someone who doesn’t base decisions on who your kin to. Or who your wife works for.
    Great if they have some health background or smart enough to hire someone with a health background to help.
    We are in desperate need for someone to be hired that can run the billing department. It is utter chaos. We are losing millions of dollars.

    1. You are so right! Vark appointment is questionable. He has been around for decades in and out of administration over there and the Health Department is in shambles. He does not have a business background and should take responsibility for the shape it is in. He will blame someone else. Billing department is very important and should have qualified billers, coders and appropriate supervision to try and keep the Health Department out of the red. Chief Floyd please bring in new people.

      1. Maybe we should ask the Council to audit the Billing Department in Health. Need to make sure they can pay the bills.

  11. They need to get that big dummy Lora King out of Housing Admissions! She doesn’t know anything and she’s rude! That white girl Jamie Nichols is rude and dumb too! If house cleaning is going to happen, it needs to start at Housing!

  12. I hope Floyd looks past whatever smoke screen Cherrah Giles is trying to blind him with. She absolutely makes me sick! She always has to parade around in her traditional costume putting on her dog and pony show for the white man. She talks of protecting our people, particularly the women. All the while being the biggest hippocrit we have. Her staff has been allowed to sexually harrass our women while she did nothing but has the nerve to pretend she cares. She continually lies on her poor ex husband whom never beat her as she claims only defended himself. She didnt even raise her own children, until recently giving her mom and ex a hand. Social Services is closed once a month so they can “catch up” on work. This is a vital service that needs to stay open. There is never a reason to close. Only lazy staff that doesnt do their work but puts it off because they know they have a day to not see the needy. They are not under staffed just not willing to work a full 8 hours a day. She and her husband need to go.

    Also stop wasting our money on honoring women BS until our tribe actually honors our women. Sexual harassment has been allowed repeatedly which makes us look like idiots. These stupid awareness events do nothing to help the situation. The money would be better spent on a womens shelter or something to actually help.

    1. Also, how does Creek Nation have the nerve to speak out against Dollar General for not protecting their workers when we can’t even protect our own from predators like Edwin Marshall or Rob Daughtery just to name a couple! Shame on all the hippocracy and wasted money!

        touching somebody or making suggestive remarks, especially by somebody with authority toward a subordinate.

        The BIGGEST SEXUAL HARRASSMENT that ever took place was by Principal Chief George Tiger. He condoned all others in their actions because of his own.

        1. Yes and Shawn Partridge did nothing. She could have stepped out of the way and turned it over to the Feds but no, she acted like nothing was happening. So stop the BS about violence against women until all women are treated equally. And by the way, her boss is none other than Cherrah Giles. Oh what a tangled web…

    2. Why is all tribal offices closing Friday for a mandatory Christmas party.
      Someone needs to get a grip on reality. Do you think no Citizen will need assistance or help from Social Services, Education Dept, Housing, Health, medications, etc….?
      Why could staff be allowed to rotate if they wanted to go?
      Then ALL staff is being given Friday afternoon off.
      Smart George, real smart.

    3. Don’t forget Dwanna Robertson and all of Cherrah’s people who supported George and are now trying to get in good with the new chief. It’s unbelievable that Dwanna thinks she should keep her job after being caught on tape, on company time openly telling employees to vote for George. Just go and sell your PhD somewhere else. After all, you have worked for some of the largest companies in the world maybe they’ll hire you back.

  13. 2016 will be the first time a proven big time government manager has taken the helm of the Creek Nation. Previous citizens with education and experience have been overlooked or simply ignored, then forced to leave by politicians.
    Hopefully that activity has stopped, maybe some who served admirability in the past will agree to help Chief Floyd.

    1. Ed Mouse was fired from Thlopthocco for stirring the pot and brewing trouble when the New Micco came in. Mouse is a mouse. Awful human being. He is the epitome of a the man with ‘little man syndrome’.

      Don’t think for a second he isn’t mousing around at MCN. Heard the other day he was working on a project at the Hanna farm. Mouse is bad news. Really bad news. And he treats people like dirt. MCN does not need another man with ‘little man syndrome’. (yes, mouse is about 5 feet tall)

      1. Mouse is working under one of the Fifes. What are they trying to do? Hire all family and friends before they’re out in January?

        January can’t come soon enough.

        1. That’s a conflict of interest. If they are willing to bend the rules for their families then they need to be thrown out with the rest of the trash. For change to happen this kind of favoritism has to stop!

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