George Tiger LOST the election (38.04% for 1,820 votes.) We have a new chief: James Floyd (61.96% for 2,964 votes)
George, the people have spoken!!! We will return to the original “The Mvskoke Way” and with no
such title as “the first lady”

22 thoughts on “GREAT News”

  1. One week left of the George Tiger administration! Are there any restrictions on the funds he can embezzle, whoops, expend this last week.

    1. There should be but who knows! My opinion only, no contracts should have been approved until the new chief took office.
      So many bad decisions and no Accountabilty!

  2. Perry Beaver was someone to be respected, but his children are awful! They think they deserve respect by who their dad was without earning it for themselves.

  3. The new motto for the entire Mvskoke Nation should be PROVE yourself through your work. From my years at MCN the biggest problems I see are:

    1. Directors and Managers (most all of them MEN) in the position based on name and/or connections rather than being able to do the work required for that department/field.

    2. Too many of ^^^^^^^ those men are more concerned about making a name for themselves than they are about producing tangible products from the work.(hint….. posing for pictures; calling meetings; doing short presentations about stuff they are clueless of how to implement) Let me say this, if you don’t know how to change a lightbulb or a tire then why the h*ll do we need you to dress up and tell US how to to it?

    3. ^^^^^^ Too many of those same directors and managers think they are too good to take out the trash. It’s just my opinion, but I like a Director and/or Manager who is smart enough and experienced enough to do any or most of the work he oversees and one who is HUMBLE enough to jump in and DO IT.

    4. Because ^^^^^^^ that attitude has been rampant at MCN for all the years I’ve been there there is a lack of cooperation and communication between departments and divisions. LOTS AND LOTS of backstabbing. Too many politicians, directors and managers concerned about the individual self rather than about the collective good of the entire nation.

    MCN has LOTS of excellent employees who WANT and DESIRE to produce great work. Many who are highly intelligent, skilled and educated staff. MANY women who could and do work circles around the 3-piece suits that always are ready to shake hands and pose for pictures. Let US DO OUR DAMNED JOBS and stop playing White man’s politics.

    New motto should be PROVE YOURSELF through your work. If you don’t you’re out!

    1. I hope Chief Floyd reinstate the time clocks. And not allow managers and supervisors change tardy employees times.
      Our administration can’t get to work on time.

      As soon as tiger took office he did away with them. Never understood why but has been a free for all ever since. There are many employees who work their assigned shift but there is a large number who abuse their time on a daily bases.

  4. Let’s all stop wondering what the new Elected Chief is going to do. You elected him in office, because he said there will be change and he will get the tribe back on its feet. Stop doubting him. If anyone is on here saying negative things, obviously they were Tiger supporters and sore losers. So, let’s be postive and don’t listen to all the negative.

  5. There are a few really great employees who are non-natives. I think the tribe needs to put qualifications first. Yes our people need the jobs but some of the skill-sets needed to be effective are just not available without looking outward.

    1. I agree. There are a lot of citizens that don’t have any skill-sets. However, Training could be provided, but not on-the-job training. They need to understand the reason for which something is done.

    1. The National Council gave George Tiger a BLANK CHECK for his Inauguration. We’ve never gotten a breakdown of those expenses.

      Transparency in the Tiger Administration my rear. Everything was done behind closed doors and in the dark.

      It does appear that Mr. Floyd is beginning to hire his family like the Tiger Administration did. Mr. Marcus Proctor (close friend of foul mouthed Eli Grayson) is coordinating the Inauguration. There’s a lot of Proctors out there. Maybe David Proctor will be our new Housing Director?

  6. That sounds petty, controlling and just plain stupid because the HR Dept. cannot counsel an employee. In corporate America, it’s usually written that employees must wear socks or hosiery and not be bare-legged.

    Oh, sorry. My mistake. We’re talking about the Creek Nation whose leaders generally DON’T follow a code of conduct or ethics, and where the employee code of conduct is never, if rarely, enforced.

    Personally, I cannot stand the sight of the uniforms worn at our clinics.

    I hope that this changes with the new administration because I’ve never seen anything like it in the 5 decades that we’ve been at the Indian clinics and hospitals.

    And those uniforms are generally worn by non-Indians (or thin bloods, or those who claim to be Indian and participate in Indian culture. Sorry to inform y’all, but pow-wows are NOT exactly in the Creek culture or tradition. Then again, that’s another topic.)

    Regardless, the uniforms are a painful reminder of the way the U.S. government has treated–and continues to treat, our Indian people. And I don’t appreciate the constant reminder that the U.S. government’s presence.

    1. The millions of dollars that the government provides the tribe to operate these handout programs should be enough of a reminder of the U. S. Government’s presence!! Lmao. Maybe the clinics can wear sweatpants and a softball t-shirt. Or sweatpants and OU shirt from Walmart?! Would that make you feel more at ease?!? Take out the government funding, and their would not be a Creek Nation.

  7. Would James Floyd keep any cabinet person that did everything including paying people to vote for Tiger. They all trash talked Mr. Floyd, praised Tiger and that won’t change when Mr. Floyd is sworn in. That Cabinet have been Tiger people for years and years.
    They are all corrupt and will stab Mr. Floyd in the back.

  8. I hope when Brad Fox goes, Marcy Fox, Lora King and Brant Beaver go with him. Housing is at its worst and will continue to be as long as they’re there!

  9. From what I hear this current administration is firing
    employees other than the Media dept. I hope the department of health gets new leadership. What we have now is not a leader. He did not address the employee’s questions. New dress policy is so the worst I have ever seen. I can understand the jewelry policy but
    the no frosted eye shadow and eyeliner policy is stupid. Do we really need to be told how to wear make up.

    1. Hopefully George has an outside job for Mrs. Bears husband. He refuses to do his job at the clinic. Repeatedly tells fellow employees to do his job and that he can get employees fired because his wife is Georges secretary. He hides out in the storage room. Hopefully if Floyd keeps Ms. Bear he doesn’t allow her husband to get away with not working.

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