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George Tiger has put the whole Media Department on Administrative Leave. He said that come Monday five people will be gone.
His abusive use of power with the purpose of satisfying his personal interest to remain Chief is beyond belief. Is he treating other department employees the same?

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  1. Not sure where this should be under but this was posted on the facebook page, Principal Chief George Tiger. He can’t let it go. Wow, way to exit with grace. He left out the amount of debt we are in, the favoritism, bribery…..etc. But yes, all hail Chief Tiger.

    Muscogee citizens:
    I have been honored to serve as your Principal Chief for the last four years. There were many accomplishments with new initiatives implemented in Education, Economic Development, Health Care, new jobs, land base expansion, and a large increase in the nation’s Permanent Fund (Tribal Funds). I am proud of the MCN and leave with my head held high and leave in the hands of the new administration a much better MCN than what I inherited. Unfortunately, I won’t be attending the Inauguration due to a couple of factors. First, as a courtesy the sitting Chief is always extended an invitation, according to the Constitution I’m still Chief during and after the Inauguration and until the first Monday in January and yet I never received an invitation. Secondly, it’s been requested by Chief Elect Floyd that members of my family not attend his Inauguration even though we are citizens of MCN. As a family, we accepted and honor the outcome of the election and wish the new administration the best. Mvto for allowing me to serve as your Chief. May God continue to bless the great Muscogee Creek Nation!!!

    1. George, woe is you!
      You really know how to go out on a pathetic note. Your pitiful as well as your going to lie right up to the last second.
      Since Molly was mailing out the invitations ask her where yours is at.

    1. Agree that the Rehab Center has helpful employees. The building itself is in poor condition.

      Hospital staff are helpful and kind but the building is terrible. Plumbing pipes wiggling, toilets don’t flush, dirty rooms and hallways and watch for those holes in the parking lot and sidewalks – real ankle breakers.

  2. The newspaper has become a joke since they became “Independent” It’s worthless.

    It’s not that I disagree with any of the articles. It’s just that there is a serious lack of Journalism happening. It’s turned into a tabloid and while free speech is important I don’t think they realize how bad it makes the tribe look to outsiders.

    Where are all the positive story’s?

  3. It’s a little unfair to attack every employee because you have a beef with chief?

    Believe it or not a lot of employees are capable of respecting and working with a Chief even if they do not necessarily agree with them.

    The majority of employees just want to help make the tribe a better place .

    The tribe has been growing and improving over the last 10 years. There is a lot of room for improvement and a lot of areas where costs can be cut.

    I am excited not only for the new chief but for the mix up in the National Council. I hope we can get some progressive minds in the mix because I’m tired of looking at the progress the other tribes have made and feeling like we’re still stuck in the 60’s

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