Creeks for James Floyd

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It’s Tuesday, October 27, 2015 and Nov. 7th General Election is just 11 days away!!! Praying for Positive Change to take place for Muscogee Creek Nation!

Sharon Rose attended the Fact Finding committee meeting last night at the council chambers! She encountered a surprise! She was asked to leave because they went into executive session! The discussion was on the Chairman of the Fact Finding Committee – Shirlene Ade and the allegations and the fact finding that had been discovered about her and the inappropriate way she received tribal housing from this source. She resigned her position as Chairman of the Fact Finding Committee. So gracious of her, right?

The National Council is displaying many problems of their own! First and foremost, forgetting one basic item – they were elected to be there to represent ALL citizens of MCN and protect our interests. They all took oaths to do this to the best of their abilities.

It almost seems as though our National Council is a somewhat “private club” and they almost take a fraternal pledge to stick together regardless of the consequences!

The Fact Finding Committee has discovered many items that they are NOT making public to the citizens they serve! Why? As citizens we don’t know the reasons, but obviously to protect people on the Council, family members, relatives and others who possibly can help them in future endeavors.

I personally find this behavior totally unacceptable from a National Council Representative. I have sent letters, sent e-mails and never get a reply other than the auto-responder that it hit one’s email address. When we look at all the current Chief has supposedly done; you start looking at the behavior of our National Council and it seems they might have the same problem with Transparency as the Executive Branch!

There is only one way that we are going to get anything changed in this type of environment and that is to change the make-up of the three branches of government of the tribe. The first step is to put a new Principal Chief in office, one that doesn’t have any one to payback for their support! One that is qualified, has a tremendous work history in areas that will greatly benefit the tribe, and gets nothing but positive reviews from associates he has worked with in the past! We need to make certain we elect James Floyd as the new Principal Chief of MCN on November 7th!!!
We also need to change the current make-up of the National Council! We have an opportunity to put new faces on the council during this election. We need to take that step and do that.
I hope and pray that honesty will prevail over the dirty, unethical performance we are seeing from the supporters and the Current Chief. If this is what we have to look forward to in the next four years, as a Nation we are in serious trouble!

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  1. When will the reorganizing begin ? When will a complete cabinet be in place ? When will anything begin to happen? Who is really in charge ? Chief, second Chief or council.

    1. The people have elected the weakest principal chief in the nation’s history. he doesn’t wipe his nose without asking the 2nd chief, who by the way is a dimwit himself. 6 months into the new administration and there are still “acting” cabinet appointees. things are worse now than ever with this chief kissing the BIA’s rear end, kowtowing to the Council and putting uneducated and unqualified people in places of high responsibility. the morale of the employees are at an all time low while services to the citizens have sunk to basically nothing. hope all of you who voted weak *ssed Floyd into office are happy with your choice.

  2. Chief Floyd is not re organizing, 2nd Chief Hicks won’t allow it. He wants to keep tiger supporters around. Look around, he is always with Chief Floyd. You can’t talk to him without him right there. Housing needs a makeover, Hicks won’t allow it, finance needs one, hicks won’t allow it, Chris Azbell needs to get rid of people, hicks won’t allow it. Need I say more! Please Chief, you have been away for along time. It’s all political, don’t let us down. Hicks is not a good source to ask questions. Please hear your people out. You got to back them like you said.

  3. I was at my grandmas yesterday and someone told me they heard that Chief Floyd is going to reorganize. What does that mean? As an employee I am nervous about what this means for our jobs. I voted for him and i try to stay out of the gossip at work. Should we start looking for jobs? I’m worrying now.

    1. Reorganization usually applies to those at the top of the food chain and not the regular employees. So, unless you are a department head, I wouldn’t worry too much.

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