2 thoughts on “Tribal Earnings from the 2015 Hall of Fame Gala”

  1. Keep it up Tiger girls. You’re losing more and more votes for your stepdaddy.

    We need to remind them that only one of the Chief Candidates can meet President Obama. And it ain’t their daddy!

  2. Gala sponsors were River Spirit Casino, Key Bank, Merrill Lynch, Konami, and Muscogee casino.
    So if they paid $5,000 for a table that means the tribe racked in at least $25,000, if that is the correct cost. If tables were $10,000 then they made $50,000. So how many people paid $200 or more for a place at the table? And I guess the sponsors are still getting 1 hour to speak with CREEP Tiger. We have never ever seen an accounting of the gala earnings or budget! George, where is the transparency? Seems most of the attendees were TIGER SUPPORTERS. He is still looking for votes. And that was so pathetic to have Frances mail out a campaign flyer. No one in our history has ever had a spouse mail a flyer. I’m sorry that Frances has cancer, but to use that to get votes is so not right.

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