21 thoughts on “some of 2015 MCN forensics Audit revealed (Some – because George wouldn’t give up information to auditors – & AG Roger Wiley had his say in this.)”

  1. Guess George Tiger will be taking control of “Red Bear Consulting”. It’s been operating out of his step daughter Angela’s house since 2014 with his other step daughter Kendra as the President.
    Move over Kendra, let DaDa George take over now.

  2. It’s certainly obvious that the Federal Bureau of Investigation does not care that George Tiger in the midst of his people to break the entire tribe.

    What has the White Government always wanted?

    They have consistently allowed tribal governments to be their own demise.

    We have free health care, dental care, visual care, houses at affordable payments, social services out the wazoo and basically have been created by the Federals to steal from one another.

    Just as the plan was set 200 years ago. Give us blankets infested with small pox – we’ll take them,
    give us meat full of maggots – we’ll eat it,
    give us money – we will steal it from each other
    and reelect the thief that not only promotes the stealing but does it himself.

    His wife, her daughters, their significant others are disgusting thieves of our money and we love it.

    Angela Daugherty Wiley – Frances Tiger’s daughter’s husband Rob Daugherty was asked to resign for SEXUAL HARRASSMENT wile working for MCN TANF.

    Molly Moore _Frances Tiger’s daughter was harassing, threatening George Tiger’s mistress.

    Kendra Rood – Frances Tiger’s daughter was harassing, threatening George Tiger’s mistress and now has become impregnated by Chris Samples – owner of RedStone the primary contractor for our nation.

    George Tiger has signed contracts to steal a 5% profit from a bogus casino on one families land that he will surely have built if he is elected again. The son of the family has an imaginary position at MCN while following his wife around while she is on travel status on MCN’s dollar.

    Why do we want this kind of man leading our nation?

    Why do we make ourselves 2nd class citizens and accept the crumbs thrown from the table of George Tiger.

    We all love our step children but wouldn’t you like to know what he has done for his own children and their Mother?

  3. It’s always been about food, towels, spoons, t-shirts, hats, cups, and free this and that. People say, at least George bought me a meal!

    George never buys anyone anything. It’s our money he spends for all of his campaigning.

    He didn’t even buy his girlfriend her home. The tribe bought it, just like the tribe keeps in in money and a vehicle so she won’t blow the whistle. Her threat of exposing George paid off for her with our money.

  4. If the National Council can’t do anything about this corrupt Attorney General Roger Wiley maybe it’s time to call the Feds into this situation.

    It’s obvious we can’t control our own Elected Chief and appointed Attorney General, we need help.

    Can the Federal Government intervene on our behalf.

    George is a criminal, Roger Wiley is a criminal, Jeff Fife was convicted in our own courts, Mr. Harry and Mr. Wind. Is there one person on George Tiger’s cabinet that is not corrupt.

    We need help, help now. The other tribes are shaking their heads in shame for us.

    Speaker Yahola, do something.

  5. Maybe our AG could investigate these allegations? Isn’t that part of his job? I’m sure he wouldn’t find anything. Why would he investigate the man who nominated him. Wake up Council, don’t wait for the elections to try to correct things. You all have the power to get things done. Don’t be afraid. Make the tribal resolution and and get rid of Roger Wiley.

    1. Sorry, but the Attorney General is an appointed position. To get rid of him, the citizens have to get together and impeach him.

      1. Back up on that comment.
        Chief A. D. Ellis terminated Roger Wiley during his administration along with Mr. James Pratt.

        The National Council can get rid of him for not doing his job.

        It would end up in court most likely but it could be done.

        The NC got rid of Pratt, remember?

        Now Mr. Pratt has two terminations under his belt to brag about.

        One by Chief Ellis and one by the National Council.

        Hit the road Roger Wiley Thief Incompetent Cheat.

        1. Correct: read tribal law, code 31. It specifically states that a tribal official can be impeached.
          And you also fail to mention how in 2010, chief Ellis had to do an executive order each month because Marcy Moore was acting Attorney General and the National council tried to place Susan Arkeketa (spelling) and Roger Wiley as Attorney General, a clear violation of the constitution.
          The chief can fire any of his appointees. The national council can only confirm their appointments. If the people really want him out, then impeach him.

          1. Title 16 Chapter 3-102…. A. There is hereby established the Office of Attorney General within the government structure of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, the head of which shall be the Attorney General, appointed by the Principal Chief and confirmed by the National Council for the term of his/her contract, and REMOVABLE by TRIBAL RESOLUTION.

            1. If the NC can confirm they can un-confirm.
              The NC should tell Roger Wiley they have no confidence in him any longer and BAN him from any further NC meetings.

              Let him keep working for George Tiger and not the tribe. His time is coming.

  6. The forensic audit sites allegations of george awarding contracts for campaign contributions, consultants not providing a meaningful service to the nation, consultants on contract being paid as full time employees, and kicking back money to george. Is it possible that JD Colbert was being paid so much in order to kick half of the money back to george? Why is Pete Cosar a consultant, isn’t he a full time employee? What is Centennial Tribal, there is no information online about this company?

    I am just appalled by the waste of funds and the obvious lack of concern for the citizens of the nation shown by the cost paid to george’s consultant friends! It is pretty telling of his guilt by not allowing the auditors access to information. He says he has nothing to hide, but his actions tell a different story.

    James Pratt, the controller, informed george about the waste and spending in the 2nd chiefs office while it was going on and george did nothing about it! I guess that would have been the pot calling the kettle black. These two should go down as the worst administration in history, tiger and barnett have cost the tribe millions of money, not to mention the lies, deceit, and loss of reputation for the tribe.

    We need a chief with integrity to restore the nation and prosecute george, vote James Floyd for chief!

    1. Of course there is a kickback. One Fire, Redstone, AJ Jones Construction, tribes land in Dustin being leased, JD Colbert, Centennial Tribal, wasn’t there some type of cleaning company in one of his step daughters name? By the way, Centennial Tribal is owned by NC’s Johnnie Greene’s grand daughter and Jerry Lawson, not sure what type of business it is. You know George can’t get into a contract without some type of payback.

      1. Why dont you just call them and ask them? Johnnie Green
        is easy to find. Her Grand daughter lives in Coweta. Not too hard to track down. Lawson is known by a few around, would not be hard to get his number. Make some calls and see what you shake out. Chris Samples is always around. Call him up and see what they say. Did the auditors interview any of those people?

      2. Jerry Lawson was the tribal construction manager around this time as well. Before that he was responsible for the report that shut the dome down and then provided the contract work to “fix it.” Heard he was wanting to tear it down so he could contract to rebuild it.

  7. To see this report, go the mcn website and click on home button, the legislation branch and you will be at the National Council website. Scroll to the bottom and click on the link below and read the report.

  8. How could anyone vote for a corrupted leader knowing he would not allow access to computers and information from being turned over! What does he have to hide! And what the hell is JD Colbert doing that he is making all that money.

    Sad he is getting over $500k AND NOT EVEN CREEK BUT CHICKASAW. And what cabinet members are so irresponsible they can not manage to have a credit card for travel. How stupid do you have to be! Only use it for yourself during travel. If that’s a hard concept to understand we do not need incoherent irresponsible individuals helping to run the tribe. What an embarrassment.

    Four more years of this administration and this may very well be the last four years of Muscogee Creek Nation.

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