Okmulgee County Suspending Cross-commission & MOU

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10/02/2015 Okmulgee Daily Times
Excerpt from “County discuss altering bid specs for repair project”

Another non-action agenda item came from Sheriff Eddy Rice. He was requesting the commissioners acknowledge suspension of the cross-commission and memorandum of understanding between the Muscogee Creek Nation and the Sheriff’s Department.

Rice was unable to attend the meeting as he was on a call in the northern part of the county. But Ballard said Rice had made him aware of some problems, and he felt Rice might be waiting to address those problems until after the Creek Nation’s run-off election for principal chief.

In Rice’s information to the commissioners, read by Thomas, he said, “As of 9-22-15, the Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office is suspending the cross-commission and memorandum of understanding with the Muscogee Creek Nation. I intend to re-evaluate our professional relationship in 2016. And I hope to be able to resolve a few issues in an effort to solidify and strengthen our working relationship while serving the citizens of Okmulgee County.

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  1. Okmulgee county commission isn’t the only one that’s been lost. Creek county, Muskogee county, an Hughes county also. Used to lighthorse worked for creek citizens an citizens throughout the county whether they were native American or not. Now it’s back to old days like before no one doing nothing but property checks casino checks just driving around. After the old lighthorse administration left we all knew the department was going to downfall an it took less than four years too wow. The old admin went an spoke to the sheriff’s of the counties where the cross commissions were but this admin Richard fixico, Jerry wittman, an joey Comstock don’t do that. That’s why it’s like it is just saying.

  2. Bout time this evil despot (means dictator) is finally being exposed for the fumbee holuhney (that means stinky crap!) he and all his supporters, lighthorseman gestapo fascist are. This creep, not Creek, GT is from the creep nation. This is a guy who has violated the civil rights of individual Creek people. He has participated in stealing land. Money is not his only want, just plain ole’ theft is his game. Since taking office he has enjoyed screwing the nation right in the @ss, I guess we all like it, cause we just roll over and take it, and some do it with a smile. Those that are content with GT’s sloppy seconds, just ask the mindless mouth breathers that voted for him. The first time that stuff with his mistress got started should have been the end of his reign of terror however when she got what she wanted she was satisfied. If I’m not mistaken doesn’t the her name come from our Creek word adjohnna (meaning fly?) You know where you can always find a fly, usually attached to a worm ridden stinky $hit! I mean she goes by so many last names, and you know what kind of a woman she is with all that baggage, were talking about the woman who embezzled money from the Wilbur Gouge fund meant to belp cancer patients. She is bi-polar and won’t take her meds. She has enjoyed slapping her own mother around, yet she stays in a nice house while little families who are much more deserving, do with out. When our plains Indian brothers meet one another they say Aho! (Which means hello.) When Creeks see GT’s mistress we say , we say Ah – Ho! Not because we are saying hello to her, but because she is just a Ho! Just remember you apatheyic do nothing stejahdi pople if GT can steal cash, land and violate the civil rights of some, just rememer you just might be next

  3. First the secret service exposing the Tiger administration for the crooks they are, now the local sheriff is washing his hands of the corruption. One more mark of shame on the Creek nation.

    You cant blame Sheriff Rice. With over 1100 people voting for Tiger, it shows that our entire nation is corrupt. Why in the world would he want to have a corrupt light horse dealing with corrupt people in his county?
    Unless there is a constitutional amendment doing away with term limits, we will have him for four more years.

  4. It appears that George Tiger has had his LighHorse Administration do his bidding and the Sheriff of Okmulgee County has put a stop to it.

    The involvement of the LightHorse when it comes to family or friends of George Tiger puts the cuffs on the Sheriff’s Department.

    LightHorse intervention when the County Sheriff Department is doing their job is a determent to the safety of all people.

    Sheriff Rice is in his position for the safety of all citizens.
    The LightHorse is in their positions to protect Chief Tiger, his family and those that serve him.

    Yet another shame on our Creek Nation.

    Thank you Sheriff Rice.

    1. That is not why, I’m not a tiger supporter, but I can sure tell you that’s wrong. Eddie Rice wants to try and control okmulgee county and with his little man syndrome he and trys to boss lighthorse, sorry little man.

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