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The Creek Movement added 3 new photos (You can see the photos on our Facebook page.).
September 29
The Muscogee Creek Movement will be having a meeting, open to all citizens, to come and get involved.   It will be Monday, October 5th at 6:00pm. We will have light refreshments.
Okmulgee Library; 218 South Okmulgee Ave.; Okmulgee, OK

We will be raffling these Pendleton bags. (See pics of the bags on FB THE CREEK MOVEMENT PAGE.)     6 tickets $5.00.
We would like to see all Creek Citizens with questions or get involved with our group.
If you would like further information please fill free to contact me.
Shelly Harjo-Davis. 918-814-7513. Mvto. Hope to see a lot of you there. We are growing and getting stronger. There will be some National Council Representatives there.


  1. Dwanna also caused a scene at the Gala. A line of us behind her and she could care less how she acted. That is NOT the Mvskoke way. That is white man’s way. I found out who she was then and I don’t care to know her.

  2. The Creek Nation constitution I believe states membership is by Creek blood only not adoption. Do Yuchi members have Creek blood? Does the constitution of the Nation really mean by Creek blood only or can others be added? What is it?

  3. How in the heck did Eli Grayson make the Hall of Fame? Wait, we know it was for campaign contributions to george. Eli is constantly on Facebook cussing around like an idiot and now he represents us as a hall of famer. He needs to show some class since he obviously likes to use his recognition whenever he can. He cusses on Facebook, degrades women, and promotes his personal agenda about lowering the blood quantum for elected officials every chance he can. Eli paid for his hall of fame designation, but that puts him on the same level as mike berryhill, Harry long, will Sampson, Jerome tiger, Sara deer, chebon deacon, and a list of other treasures of our nation and he has the nerve to cuss like an idiot and make demands and disgrace us all!

    He seems to have a group of ignorant followers who can’t look on the website for council agendas, the constitution, election codes, etc. Folks all of the information that he says he just received is on the mcn web page. We don’t need this foul mouth paid for hall of famer analyzing public information for us through his view of how things should be run. Use your own judgement to decide what is best for our nation, Eli like George likes attention and has a tyrant mentality.

    Eli was crying around on Facebook because his nasty post was removed from Janes Floyd’s page. That is great, James obviously doesn’t take any foul mouthed garbage from anyone including Eli. James Floyd will put him in his place, vote Floyd for change, Floyd for chief!

    1. You speak the truth, Citizen. I have seen and heard Eli call women (elderly at that) b######. I have no respect for any man that calls women such foul names. Eli acts as though he is doing every Creek citizen a favor by posting things that are readily available online. Research and form your own opinions and do not let Eli use his bullying mentality to guide you. He is an embarassment to all Creek people with his behavior and antics. What did he do to deserve being inducted into the hall of fame? Nothing other than buying his way in.

      Hooray to James Floyd for not answering Eli. I would not answer him either. I would not want his name listed anywhere on my page. I applaud you, Mr. Floyd. You have my vote for Chief and I encourage everyone to vote for the best candidate. I look forward to you turning our nation around, Mr. Floyd. We are in desperate need of your service and expertise. JAMES FLOYD FOR CHIEF

  4. If we are hurting so bad why is there a Gala?
    Why is there a Pink Party?
    Why was there an Employee party?
    Why was Tiger allowed to campaign at the employee appreciation fiasco?
    Why was he giving out his thirty there that day if there is to be no campaigning on tribal property. Nor doing working hours.
    Why is his step daughter allowed to campaign for him during work hours?
    Why is Lighthorse patrolling his home twenty four hours a day?
    Why did the tribe buy him a pickup?
    Why did his wife’s cancer treatment get paid for?
    Why didn’t she have to go through the referral process like all Citizens do?
    Why am I wondering after what all we have seen him do.

  5. The only thing they pay for is the clothes on their backs and if they could figure out how to get the tribe to pay for that I’m they would try that too!

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