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  1. I AM Muscogee and I’ve been concerned about the historic building for quite a while. ALL citizens, Creek or not, should be concerned. Here is why:

    1. When our tribe (Tiger with his open checkbook) bought this beautiful and historic country club there were people who lost their jobs. Yes, they were non-Muscogees that worked at the golf course, but they are also our fellow neighbors and human beings.

    2. A restaurant was attempted in the beautiful and historic building but how is that ever going to make a profit when the Muscogee men in their White man three-piece suits went in at lunch in large groups and had their entire bills compensated? This is the rumor that I’ve heard. Tiger et al (yeah, dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks, J.Fife among them) had entire tabs ‘comped’. No ONE can make a profit when the decision makers are eating through that profit. Is this true? I don’t know. But it’s about ‘par’ for the Thief Tiger Administration.

    3. I heard the golf greens needed a substantial amount of work to get them nice and that was before we spent several millions to purchase the country club. It was more money than what we could afford? Since we only wanted tribal citizens for the jobs and there was no one that knew what ‘f’ they were doing then it went to ruins. What you see now is the result of nepotism, overpaying the family for crap they don’t know how to do.

    4. The Building…… Oh. My. God. That beautiful and historic building is being RUINED by my own tribe. There is a leak on the roof that NO ONE has even bothered to patch. This is how ;smart’ the Thief Tiger administration is: They will spend 3 million without a blink of an eye but can’t find a couple hundred bucks to PATCH a roof to save ORIGINAL hardwood floors How freaking STUPID is that?. The original hardwood floors are being ruined! SAVE THIS BUILDING. There is no new building can replace it! It is historic.

    This building, if we Muscogees don’t completely ruin it, could be brought back from it’s quickly dilapidated condition that has befallen it since our tribe purchased it. It could restored (NOT REMODELED, but RESTORED, and yes, there is a difference and put to good use. (No, your Tero construction team of nepotites or One Fire probably are clueless) That building might be a great bed and breakfast with the golf course restored and a pool. There are other things that the beautiful building could be used for, but it must be saved and restored.

    Whatever we do: Restore and SAVE this beautiful and historic building from the current Thief Tiger Administration.

    1. How about we both prevent the historic building from being ruined AND build housing for the veterans? I’m a veteran, and I would like to come to my tribe to retire. It would be nice to look at a historic building with a business in it from my veterans housing on the golf course.

  2. I am a creek citizen and I agree with this person. But as the writer states he/she is not a creek citizen and should not concern themselves with what we do with our property. Don’t get me wrong everything the writer says is true but it irritates me that a non citizen suggest anything. If we want to let it sit there and rot then so be it. The writer may have played there for over 40 years and have fond memories but we weren’t always allowed to play there so maybe we want to get rid of something that reminds us all of the racial atrocities that occurred with our tribe. There are plenty of eyesores in okmulgee they could worry about so don’t worry about our property unless you are a creek citizen, it does not belong to okmulgee just like the council house never did. Maybe if okmulgee didn’t rip us off on the council house for so much money knowing we desperately wanted it back we might have some money to put into the golf course. Writer maybe you should look into the council house history and see what it meant to us. Okmulgee should have given It back to us just like they took it from us. Just my two cents.

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