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  1. If your looking an honest person to lead this nation, then you need to vote for James Floyd. Look at his Facebook page. He always responds to questions. All those who are quick to post something negative are immediately addressed by James.

  2. its been said that George issued an executive order that all employees will receive a one time $500 bonus and a 2 per cent increase !!! Blatant attempt to buy employee votes !! The managers / directors will benefit, the rank and file will receive peanuts once again. Sad to say but some will sell their vote for a bowl of gravy so to speak !! The bonus and increase wont last long during the next 4 years !!! VOTE FLOYD FOR CHANGE!!

    1. A. Anderson, I think you may be wrong a bit on that one. The executive order we got said that we would get $500 or $250 if you were fulltime or parttime. I’m close to my manager and he got the same thing. The paper has staff pay listed. You can see some people that get paid big money. This isn’t Dallas or LA, this is Okmulgee. Just don’t seem fair especially for the work some of these people don’t do.

    2. Read the audit. All citizens should have instant access to the audit.
      Just remember Tiger refused full access to tribal information. Remember he told certain entices to NOT give any information out.

      Remember some computers were actually physically removed.

      Remember audits were not physically ran on all computers.
      This is a very limited audit. Tip of the iceberg.

  3. I m confused as to where George earned his doctorate and what was it in. On his reelect George Tiger website he is referred to as Dr. Tiger. I am not aware of any medical education. PhD’s at universities are usually referenced as Professor. Does anyone know?

    1. he did not earn a phd!!! He uses the honorary doctorate that was issued from bacone college… funny thing is, bacone doesnt even have graduate degrees, let alone a docotral program. once again, GT misleading the people…………….

    2. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from bacone. Typically, only the institution that grants the honorary degree will address the person as a Dr. It should be avoided by all others so as not to mislead anyone that it is an earned doctorate. Institutions or organizations that require a doctorate qualification for employment will state that the person must have an earned doctorate.

      Didn’t the tribe make a big contribution to bacone to fix their roads right before he was awarded this honorary doctorate?

      1. Kind of ironic, isn’t it? In George’s first year as Principal Chief, he’s awarded an honorary doctorate and in his last year of the same term of service, he cuts higher education by over a million dollars.
        You know, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Annoatubby have been awarded Honorary Doctorate degrees by respective institutions for the commitment and contribution to the humanities, humanity and the arts. George got it for fixing roads.

      2. Well the fake Dr needs to show respect and remove his hat/cap during a National Council meeting. I observed him tonight wearing it through out the meeting.
        He did remove it during the dismissal prayer.
        May seem a small gesture but a man wearing a hat in a formal meeting is a sign of disrespect.

  4. As long as creek nation allows members from other. Federal Tribes. come to our community. and national. Council. and take over our government. We will never have a creek nation

  5. The current administration was only after control of the Creek Nation’s treasury. When that occurred then the old Controller came back and the cash flowed to horrible business deals, where the treasury took the hit.

    Still no explanation or lawsuit against the Tulsa World about self dealing involving aBroken Arrow Casino. This means all was the truth which means how many other deals were made without anyone’s knowledge. That is the reason no audit completed

    Politicians always believe the voters are easy to dupe.

    1. Follow up!
      The Creek Nation will now be embarrassed more by this administration, former Second Chief and Council members who supported the Broken Arrow Casino. Remember the deal Tiger had to get a part of the gaming proceeds from that Casino.
      Now the Oklahoma Attorney General is asking for the United States Supreme Court to look into suing tribal officials when they concoct such illegal activities.
      Today’s Tulsa World page A26 .

      1. From the Tulsa World newspaper:
        The court may announce as soon as Monday whether to hear a case about how states can challenge certain tribal proposals to develop casinos.

        Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt wants the court to intervene in a case he originally filed when the Kialegee Tribal Town proposed building a casino in Broken Arrow.

        The National Indian Gaming Commission warned the tribe against the project because the land was not under its jurisdiction, and the project was dropped.

        The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals eventually ruled that Oklahoma couldn’t sue the tribe over the issue because of a 2014 Supreme Court decision governing state objections to tribal gaming.

        Though the casino project that led to the suit is dead, Pruitt still wants clarification from the Supreme Court on an Indian gaming question that could arise again in Oklahoma. He also wants the court to clarify whether states can sue tribal officials when they can’t sue the tribes themselves because of their sovereignty.
        Tulsa World:
        In written arguments, Pruitt’s office told the court that it should accept the case because it “implicates an important safe-guard for the rights of States, other entities, and individuals in an area of growing national importance – tribal commercial activities.”

        The tribe responded that Pruitt was asking for relief that the state didn’t need.

        “The gaming project the state sought to enjoin has been definitively abandoned, and in light of the National Indian Gaming Commission’s ruling that the project is impermissible, there is no possibility that it will resume,” the tribe stated in its brief.

        “Furthermore, as this court explained … the state has a number of remedies available to address any alleged violations in the future.”

        1. In this particular case the Oklahoma Attorney General is asking for the United States Supreme Court to allow those Indian Tribal Officials who are involved (being compensated by the promoters) to be sued in their individual capacities, which will definitely stop these under the table deals by Tribal Officials and expose all individual and corporations involved.
          Choctaw Nation already has had leaders prosecuted or forced to leave office.

    2. If MCN Attorney General says MCN E lectionary Board and Manager are out of compliance then is the election null and void.

      If Ms. Haro refuses to be in compliance how is she able to retain her job and draw a check?
      Is the Election Board her direct authority?
      Are they drawing a check?

  6. Morris High School students used to be able to practice golf at the Okmulgee Country Club.

    When the tribe bought it, my Granddaughter (a Muscogee (Creek) Citizen) attended Morris High School and they could no practice at the MCN Golf Course.

    I also remember what Chief Tiger said after the purchase. He said, “It makes me feel good to own a place that I was not allowed as a child to enter.”

    It sounds like Chief Tiger is doing just what he wanted to do with the Okmulgee Golf Course all along – letting it ROT.

    He’s doing the same thing to the Creek Nation Council House downtown Okmulgee – letting it rot.

    1. Why is Tiger campaigning on work time.

      Or traveling on work time to have a meet and greet in Eufaula.

      Thought you couldn’t campaign on work time.

      But then he was passing out t shirts at the employee picnic.

      1. Creep Tiger can and will do all that because no one attempts to stop him. I believe George is a sociopath. His long-term mental condition exhibits a complete disregard for the feelings and rights of other people, but he will exhibit those feelings when he thinks it will benefit him. In his case, the mental illness is so severe that the he feels that he is above the law, and shows no remorse for breaking it. He comes off as charming and personable, but once you get to know them him, his true personality is revealed. He is manipulative and remorseless. There’s no sense in trying to argue with a sociopath; the better approach is to show the person you’re too intelligent to fall prey to his or her schemes. That really scares him.

  7. Constitution states that the Administration has to present a balanced budget to the NC, George Tiger sent over a budget that wasn’t balanced, this was GTs responsibility by always wanting programs without checking to see if he had the funding available for the next fiscal year. I guess he thought the nation had a money tree. He doesn’t even include the second chief in his meetings. The controller is responsible for letting administration know the availability of funds. We need a change in our tribal government. Vote for James Floyd

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