The new Fiscal Year will start October 1st. The standoff between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch has moved from the sublime to the ridiculous. All of this political posturing will ultimately affect our tribal members the most, and only in a negative way. For what purpose? To feed the egos of little-minded men (and women) who have forgotten the faces of their elders and who only have their own best interests (and agendas) locked into their narrow-minded pea brains. Both sides are at fault for the pitiful state in which our tribe currently resides; however, neither side has the character nor the fortitude to step up and say “we both screwed up, we can’t fix the past, but we can move forward and try to resolve this by working together to find a reasonable solution.” And by reasonable it is meant a solution that puts the tribal members at the forefront. Remember the tribal members? The elderly, the disabled, the young? The very group of people you took an oath to serve and protect? No, as previously stated – it is more important to feed our self-important, self-centered, self-serving, narcissistic egos. Everyone of you within the upper ranks of this tribal government should be ashamed and hope like hell that you do not one day find yourselves in the very position that your current actions have put the majority of our tribal members. I’d pray for you but I’m afraid that would make me as big a hyprocrit as you.

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  1. ok, so i work for MCN. highly educated, work in a stressful position. yet i make an SG10. work mon through friday 8-5, some mornigs im in early. ( im off today to attend a funeral) however, why is it that molly works from home and is at SG 13??? Our lighthorse make less than her!!!! whats wrong with this picture>????????? They serve, protect, and intervence when needed, but are paid below the standard. somethings gotta be done, change needs to happen…. get out and VOTE

    1. Other stepdaughter is sg11! Brad Fox no degree mg10 step2-3 which is about $36-37hr his wife sg12 step4-5 about $21-22 hr! Makes me so mad a bunch others who are bought and paid for and helped get him in office by campaigning for him! Outrageous no degrees but others who have degrees can’t get an interview or a job!

      1. Some people at housing who do have degrees should’ve never gotten their jobs, Lora Harjo, Jamie Nichols, Brant Beaver just to name a few. Don’t be so judgmental, sometimes common sense and experience is worth far more than a so-called educated mind, although I do believe a cabinet member should be educated. Unless the position (attorney, teacher, doctor, police chief) requires a license or certificate to practice that profession, you can’t expect the employees to have a higher education if the leader of the nation isn’t expected to have one.

  2. Ok, this may seem like a far fetched idea but what if the citizens stopped using the services to get the budget balanced? I know, some of you reading this may think I’m out of line, but the budget deficit is partly due to citizens using up resources.
    I hear of so many citizens who utilize the tribe and don’t really need it.
    Tribal resources should be used as a last resort. I could go on and on, but bottom line, the citizens should stop relying on the tribe.

    1. I don’t think it is so far fetched. Idealistic yes.

      One thing that would be beneficial to the health system is if people would be honest and upfront about having insurance.
      Many times patients refuse to give the clinics or hospitals their insurance information.
      The visit at the clinic often will help them meet their deductible. The third party billing will be helpful to the health system.

    2. That started when Cherrah Giles was on the National Council.
      The school clothing allowance was income based and Cherrah stood up during the meeting and claimed that she and her then husband both made a good living but it was still difficult to purchase school clothing for their four children.

      Then the NC voted and took away the income guidelines. If a family makes $20,000 a year or $2,000,000 it doesn’t matter. Every school child gets the school clothing money.

      A few people were talking about saving up the $250 on their own this year because of the enormous budget problem.

      But, we will have the Flying Tee, right?

      1. Cherrah Giles will be one of the first in line this fall for her $1,000 in school clothes.

        The help with school clothes should be for families under certain income guidelines again.

        1. Amen! guideline girl. The school clothes program should go back to just help families that need it. There is no way she needs it. Did you see how much she makes in the Creek newspaper online? She’s paid way too much.

          1. Yes she does! And she doesn’t even deserve the amount she makes for the small amount of work she does and the few hours she actually spends at work!

            1. Cherrah Giles is the fakest person. She will act like your best friend to your face and stab you in the back as you walk away. Speaking from personal experience. Do not trust her. Watch out, James Floyd. She will be kissing up to you before too long in hopes of keeping the job that she is paid too much for.

              1. She won’t shake hands with you either unless she thinks you can help her. I guess that is her reason. i can sit right next to my husband and she will shake his hand but not mine. All Creeks with a good upbringing shake hands with everyone even if they don’t know the person. I didn’t vote for her because of that reason. If a person will not shake hands, they can’t be trusted to run an organization or other people.

            1. You can google the pay scale for the tribe and it will show what the pay range is by pay level and step. Too many people making way to much with no education my opinion.

            2. Those are pay scales that show a broad pay range. It doesn’t tell you exactly what they make just a broad range. Law stats that the exact salaries are to be posted not just the pay scale. I am assuming that it was done this way so that george won’t have to show how much more his friends and family make. Two different people can be sg12 but one could still be making considerably more. Look at the end of our human resources policy there is a pay scale that explains it

            3. Go to the main website, go to human resource, click on polices, scroll to the bottom. It will tell you what pay grade, look at the steps they are 1-9. It’s shows that by thier name.

    3. Why if we are in a budget crunch are they (NC) appropriating money for the gala and pink party?
      Why doesn’t the Chief veto it?

  3. Has everyone already forgotten about the 96 million dollar loan George and Seneca took out with the Bank of Oklahoma for the new hospital and Eufaula clinic,

      1. The new hospital is not a joint venture, Indian Health Service is not contributing any new funding to the new hospital. The Joint venture Federal IHS funds are only to fund employees for the Eufaula clinic not the building or equipment or anything else other than salaries.

      1. the department of health does not tecieve any additional funding for the Physical rehabilitation clinic, the Okmulgee hospital, or the new hospital being built in Okemah. All of the funding must come from third party resources i.e., Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or the Tribe. It is obvious that there was no planning involved before taking on these new health facilities, if there would have been planning, there would have been plenty of federal funds that could have been retrieved. If the Department of health was being ran by a competent Secretary of Health, there could be millions of additional funds coming to assist. Like I said earlier, the only additional funds that the Tribe will get is for additional salaries at the new Eufaula clinic. Absolutely nothing more. Without proper planning, the Tribe will have to reap what it’s leaders has sown! We need to be praying to God for help!

        1. To Hopeless: Looks like these were knee jerk purchases. Is there a way to get funding after the purchase of these facilities. I do not see how they can manage to keep everything above water with third party collections when they can not pay the utilities on what they collect now.

          1. Unfortunately I don’t know. I only know about the joint venture from reading it in the paper and have talked to some pretty reliable sources about the funding. I am sure we can contact our council members about the situation, they should definitely know. I also should not have stated anything about the secretary of health, I don’t know him, I have just heard things and I should not go off of things that I have heard, so I need to apologize for that, I am sure he is doing the best he can. I think things will get better for our Tribe soon, we as Creek people know that we need to forgive and treat everyone the way we want to be treated. We should forgive and move forward in the best direction for the Tribe. I know it’s easier said than done, but I do know it is the best way we can be; it least that’s what my elders taught me.

  4. I love my tribe. I love my fellow Mvskoke people. I can deal with not getting a COLA this year given the convoluted mess of our tribal funds, I didn’t expect we would get a COLA. What I want for my tribe and my fellow citizens is a balanced budget, employees who are earnest in doing their jobs (and who get their work done, and done quickly, Yes, I’m talking to you, higher education. Why does it take months for many students to get their grant money? It’s 2015, everything is electronic! And stop being so hateful and rude, higher ed.) Who are these people running our tribe? George Tiger has no shame with the way he has spent our money. He put Jeff Fife over Interior Affairs and I think he is mentally dull. Whatever became of those embezzlement charges against him from Duck Creek? Was he found innocent or was it shoved under the rug?

    We need leaders who are honest and who have the skills and education to run our tribe with the best interests of all of us. Why is it so hard to find that person/people?

    1. Not taking up for higher Ed, but if the money is not there it can’t be sent. The bigger problem is where is that money going to come from, and how long before we have an approved budget that does not decease services for citizens

  5. Mr. Nichols I am painfully aware. Can’t work @ Lackey Hall and not know.
    I watch as it is a daily struggle when they can only pay 10-15 invoices while they have 600 plus backed up needing payment. Knowing full well the phone, electric, and water could be disconnected any day at any of the clinics. Realize they can’t pay any bills until they hopefully get payments in daily from third parties. Insurancez, medicare, medicaid, etc.
    But yet people in Lack aren’t required to come to work. Or the excessive amounts being spent for Seneca and cohorts a fancy office.

  6. BF&J Committee had a meeting this morning before Regular Session.

    TR15-170 – Withdrawing $14,785,000 million dollars from the permanent fund for INCIDENTALS & IMPROVEMENTS.

    That’s a heck a lot of incidentals.

    This is in addition to the:

    So far Jenks RiverCrossing:

    $ 11,600,000 – purchase
    $ 8,800,000-improvements
    $22,000,000 – Flying Tee
    $ 14,850,000- Incidentals

    That’s about $50 million that we know of. How much more has he gotten.

    1. i talked to the national council clerk and she told me this funds are not from the permanent funds It is about requesting a year delay to pay the funds back. They are asking for an extension to pay back these funds to the permanent funds they have already been spent!!Duh!!!How does that excuse the permanent fund???She convinced me!!$????

  7. What is george tiger’s budget for pendleton blankets? Is he going to start honoring everyone under the sun for votes? Will he start promising jobs again, I know a few people who were promised jobs in 2011, but are still unemployed.

    1. Re: Pendleton blankets. It’s posted that tiger sent blanket to the Pow Wow in Tenn.
      Did tiger send it?
      Was it sent from and paid for by tiger or sent from and paid for by Creek Nation.
      Someone in the know should be honest and report.

    2. I’m wondering how much tribal monies George is spending on his campaign. Giving Pendleton blankets away left and right, like we have never seen before, the At Large Citizen meeting, which he had a picture of so prominently on his campaign literature, and lastly, the employee appreciate ordeal. Ridiculous! He really loves to spend our money, doesn’t he. I wonder what the total cost of all that was/is, since I’m sure there are many pendleton blankets to give away between now and November 7!

  8. Easy, all cabinet members are having to take a paycut and get NO accentive bonus. But why isn’t the National Counsel not taking one?? Yahola makes $67,000 and for what? The rest are making $50,000 for that once a month meeting and going on trips. They’re all crooked and have their own agendas not just Tiger. Us lowly peons who work 40 a week are making $10-$12 bucks an hour. I should of ran for Counsel, more money way less hours!

    1. Spelling…. Incentive and Council……. Maybe that’s why you aren’t getting a raise.

      Council offered to take a cut, but a couple who live off that paycheck alone wouldn’t budge.

    2. Maybe you should run for council, be involved with all Creek citizens at all hours of the day every day of the week. Sure it maybe a monthly meeting as a whole but you must remember the committee meetings, the research, the phone calls, your district community meetings, and missing out in some family functions… There is a great commitment to serving OUR people and most of the council members do not take that commitment lightly. I respect what the council does afterall they must work together as a whole to accomplish anything.

      1. Mr. Check Info
        If I lived within the boundary, I would run for council, but you probably wouldn’t vote for me if I did. Yes, I would dedicate my time to the position full time because I would want to do as much as I can to help the citizen. I think when a person takes a position they are dedicating their time to fulfill that job. I remember when council members did it with very little pay and they did a darn good job. Look at what’s happening today with our nation. If you’re making phone calls and researching, what are you researching? It appears you are letting a lot slip through your committees. So much money is being spent, without knowledge of what where it’s going. $ 14,850,000- Incidentals, do you where this is going? Yet, you sit there and approve such expenditures. At $45,000 a year plus expenses, part time!!! Oh my, I don’t think a lot of hard working employees make that much work full time, and because they have to work, they too, miss out on family functions. So, Mr. Check Info, post your monthly paid expenses plus your monthly salary, and show us how worthy you are.

  9. If we can change our administration hopefully a decent raise can be provided for the employees that live from paycheck to paycheck. The current administration overspent funds this fiscal year, they should have controlled their spending. Yes you are correct in the high salaries he pays for some people, they will get the possible incentive as well as the 2 percent which will give them an big increase,

  10. I understand we didn’t get a raise for this year but did the upper management get a raise like they wanted in their budget proposals. Also were we supposed to get the bonus last year in addition to the raise. I know last year the providers fought for the employees to get a bonus at the dept of health but was told Seneca didn’t want to give it to us because of the raise! Nice trick of all these things Tiger is trying to do last minute like honor elders, getting construction started and now giving us the bonus! Should have been taking care of the employees and your people long before this! Hospital and clinics should have built long time ago but once again tribal construction came first!

  11. When will this stop! Not all of us that work at the tribe are minuns. Some of us are hard working people trying to make ends meat for our family. Not everyone that works for the tribe make a lot of money. Today we got our cost of living taken away and they told us we get a $500 incedive. Really? Is anyone higher up getting their pay cut? Probably not! I’m ashamed of our tribe. How am I suppose to take care of my wife and kids on the crumbs they give me anyways and then take away the cost of living. Mabye those higher up need to swap pay with me, see how they can live off that instead. No one higher up seems to be getting anything taken away from them, they probably get raises and give their friends raises. I use to be proud to work for my tribe no matter I didn’t make much money. Now I can’t even look my son in the eye and say that. My grandmother didn’t trust the feds, and these folks are just in it for themselves too.

    1. I have not received a COLA in approx 10 yeats.
      They gave a scant raise few years ago to bring their pay up to the average for simple fact they couldn’t keep nurse or find nurses to hire at the low wage they have.
      Sounds like sour grapes but Chebon Gouge told his church congregation he got a $13,000 raise. Very hard for some members of his church that provide direct patient care to hear. Guess telling stupid fry bread jokes and pumping up Senneca and Georges egos is worth more than paying employees who provide patient care.
      Next time you get one please just confess it to your preacher. I work with a lady (several)) who hasn’t had raises in years .

      1. Been there over 10 years and have never received a merit raise. Got the COLA’S on the years we got them, which was certainly not every year. We had our jobs ‘upgraded’ a few years back which got us a bit of a raise. As it is now I’m only a little over 1,000 above the base pay for my position and I’ve been there over 10 years.

        I could probably double my income within two years if I went to work for a private company or the feds. Will see what happens with the elections but I am tired of dumb men in three piece suits that are in the ‘in’ crowd that get paid triple what they are worth. They live off their names, not the education and sacrifices and hard work they put in for that education.

      2. I’m sorry but you are wrong Health Employee, all of health received a 2.5 percent raise in last October for this fiscal year. It may not have seemed like it but we did. I am not a Tiger fan but we do need to speak true facts. If you don’t believe me call Payroll or Personell, one of them should be able to confirm what I am saying. If for some reason yours didn’t get loaded, I would think you were due some back pay which should go back to October 2014 because it was supposed to be put in your Department’s budget. You better hurry and find out because this fiscal year is almost over and now’s the time to speak up. If indeed you didn’t get your raise you should have a nice little check coming.

        1. Mr. Nichols, if the Department of Health is having such financial problems tell us how bad it is and what can be done. Is that where the $14,850,000.00 is going?

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