21 thoughts on “Flyingtee at Riverwalk”

  1. George Tiger needs to bring back Mr. Pratt. Pratt knew how to screw the tribe, the FBI and the citizens of MCN and look great doing it standing there with his Chief Tiger. This little gal George has now is simple.

  2. GT bought the Okmulgee Country Club to pay back a very large cash contribution paid to him while he ran for Chief 4 years ago.
    The golf adventure in Jenks where Creek Nation is a 11 million dollar partner, looks and smells like the Broken Arrow Casino deal GT brokered.
    The list goes on and on.

  3. Council needs to pass a continuing resolution in regard to the Tribal budget. Client services would be funded, This would limit their travel, purchasing, contractual {consultants}. The Controller he selected should have been working on this situation several months ago and the council would not have had GT putting them on a guilt trip.

    1. You mean pretend controller, she is more worried about other things, like her daughter getting a job at the scholarship foundation than if anyone else is keeping a job. It’s ridiculous.

      1. Mr. Nichols, will you please answer why the council won’t remove AG Wiley with a tribal resolution. Look at the code title 16 chapter 3-102. Our laws states this can be done. If you want to help the tribe, you know this needs to be done. Roger will do what ever GT wants. He does not care about his oath of office. You as a council member has the power. Bring transparency to the office of AG so that we can have an AG working for the people and not for GT. Why didn’t the AG investigate James Pratt, Edwin Marshall or the ex Tero manager. These all should have been investigated and charges filed if anything was found. Do you not agree? Please don’t give the excuse that you can’t do anything. Sponsor the resolution and let the rest of the council make the decision. Please don’t be intimidated because he’s a lawyer. He is unethical. You only fail if you never try. I know first hand Roger has been told about nepotism within CN and does nothing about it. He has failed our Nation terribly.

        1. So very true! Chief and his entire cabinet has failed the employees and citizens and the AG is the one person who can make it right, and yet, he fails us all too!

          1. Why do you think Chief Ellis fired AG Roger Wiley? He is corrupt. That’s why George Tiger hired him back. But, let us not forget that the National Council approved the rehiring of Roger Wiley. They were so mad at Chief Ellis for doing the right thing with the gaming revenue to save the entire gaming revenue that they would have hired Satan.

  4. Understand GT has talked some councilmen into passing his budget as is !! Let your reps know this is unacceptable to the people.. Remember they voted NO CONFIDENCE in this joker, yet some are falling into his web !!!

  5. maybe Will Lowe formely known as Will Moore will be a frequent visitor to this flying tee. LOL. i mean, him and his wife( that he just met) seem to play golf during working hours. SMH! how many days does he go to work? she works for MCN too, did he get in so good with GT that he gets to work from the golf course???

  6. Flying T in the paper and Margaritaville expansion on channel 8 today……. Wow. George is pulling all the strings to try and make himself look good.

    Let’s not forget the Riverwalk still looks deserted, we are only getting rent monies from Flying T and the 3 million dollar country club still looks like shit.

  7. Nice try george.
    Not afraid called it on Sunday sep. 20, look for a big announcement about economic development from george, didn’t think it would happen so soon. Big investor in the Flying Tee this week. Everyone line up to kiss george’s ring and get blessed by him, Not!

    How much of a profit will george make off of this? Vote george out if you want to see any profits going to the people. Don’t be fooled by this press release, it could have been released last week, but the puppeteer didn’t want it released during preseason play, he wanted it for the real campaign.

    Nice try george, James Floyd will be cutting that ribbon to open it up!

    1. The tribe will not see much if any profit from these ventures only One Fire Holding Co LLC, just like the $12,000 per month rent our programs pay in office lease payments to said holding company. Check it out!

    2. Drove over to Tulsa and saw Riverwalk. That golf thing looks like Hell. Large blue posts with a fence around it. His much did Creek Nation pay for that mess? Who are the other partners and investors? When does it open? Seems like Tiger should have kept up the golf course in Okmulgee? I think that would have been a better place to play golf? Both places are outside. I don’t see how Creek Nation is going to make much money off of that.

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