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  1. Well, my family and I were JamesFloyd supporters but unfortunately that’s changed.
    I received a personal postcard from Frances Tiger reminding me what an outstanding person and leader her husband is so I will have to go with them.
    Come on James Floyd, have your wife personally send me a postcard and you can get my vote back.
    (Side note: I’m totally kidding about James Floyd losing my vote.)

  2. What office is suppose to reprimand managers and directors for campaigning for chief tiger. As there have been many instances from employees of their managers/directors trying to get Tiger votes.

  3. Please, Tiger folks, stop putting Tiger signs in front of James Floyd signs and for goodness sakes stop taking the James Floyd signs. Do any followers of George Tiger have any decency at all?

  4. Last week a policy on posting of social media was emailed out to employees. Yet George’s supporters who work for the tribe are posting during work hours downing the legislative branch and or saying, Vote for Tiger, ALL THE TIME DURING WORKING HOURS! Who is suppose to be monitoring this? Who takes actions? I guarantee you if it was a James Floyd supporter, they would be out the door.

    Another reason not to vote Tiger, he turns his head and looks the other direction whenever his supporters do wrong. This must stop!

    Is Molly Moore still an employee of the tribe? Who else would get by by not showing up for work and still get paid $60k+. That is sickening. Citizens, she is stealing from you! Employees, is this fair? Who will investigate? She’s laughing at you all collecting her paycheck at home doing nothing. What a joke.

    1. George won’t do anything to his supporters who are employees of the tribe. Nothing was done to the emoloyees who had sexual harassment claims, nothing was done with the supervisors/managers/cabinet members bullying and harassing their employees, nothing will be done to Dwanna Robertson for telling her employees to vote for Tiger, and nothing will be done to Brenda Golden for being on Facebook during working hours. George’s way of fixing these problems is moving the employee being harassed. Oh, and by the way Brenda Golden: #1 Chief does control the spending when he controls the acting Controller he just keeps it a secret and hides it as another expense…proceeds of sales funds paid alot these past years. #2 the Council does vote for appropriations but it’s up to the Chief to veto. #3 the Council doesn’t create unfunded mandated programs and services, that comes from the program manager that must go to their supervisor/cabinet member who makes the decision to send it to the Chief for approval to send to Council. #4 the casino is their own entity. Oh, Brenda did you think the Council was making special appropriations left and right when they vote on your legislation to pay your rent and living expenses while you sat at home studying for the bar? Geez, double/triple standards much? Lol!!

      1. What are proceeds from sales and who is over that money and what is it used for? Does Chief or the National Council have to approve expenditures made from this account? Was it included in all the auditing that was done? Very interesting.

        1. If my memory serves me right, proceeds of sales comes from the tribes rental property which is under the Housing Director, Brad Fox. These funds can be used however the Chief wants to use it. Use of these funds doesn’t need Council’s approval. In fact, 8 years or so ago when Chief Ellis sued the Council the outcome was basically the Chief didn’t have to turn over anything the Council requested, along with the Council couldn’t amend the budget. The Council has requested information on how this fund account has been used. But Chief knows he doesn’t have to turn it over…so he hasn’t fulfilled the Council’s request. What happened to transparency that he used in his platform 4 years ago? Guess he really doesn’t want accountability and a good working relationship with Council. What does he have to hide? And no, it wasn’t included in the audit per Chiefs discretion.

          1. Proceeds of sale profits have to be used for housing related services, it’s not free money like everyone, including some housing employees, think it is.

      2. Please respond Ms. Golden.
        Also the Council does not dictate the exceptions/exemptions Tiger does to weasel people around program guidelines. You are a prime example of that.
        Be nice if everyone could go to Scholls and draw full salary at the same time like you.

  5. Looking at the Primary Election results it was no surprise that James Floyd, David Nichols and Thomas Yahola’s votes were marked through and impossible to read.

    However Adam Jones & George Tiger’s count was clear and easy to read.

    This reinforces the fact that Tiger put Jones in the race to capture s the Jones votes.

    Mr. Jones has yet to publicly announce whom he will support in the General Election.

    Mr. Jones did vote “No Confidence” on George Tiger and also voted asking Tiger to resign.

    We’re hoping that Mr. Adams doesn’t go back his decision to get rid of George.

    Seems suspicious though.

    1. Has Mr. Yahola or Mr. Jones publicly stated who they will support/endorse between Floyd and tiger? I read on this site that Nichols will support Floyd. If neither yahola or jones do not endorse Floyd, that would be the same message as supporting tiger. And both of them told voters during the first round that they “would not” support tiger. They (council vote) have already asked for his resignation and a vote of no confidence. So, gentlemen, what are you going to do?

  6. When I reviewed the election results, it is obvious that the votes GT received are those bought and paid for. I will be absolutely shocked if he receives much more next week; certainly not enough to win. This does not mean the JAMES FLOYD supporters can get complacent and lose the passion. Keep working HARD to evict GT and his family/NC supporters/minions from the administration. Don’t slow down before we cross the finish line!!!

  7. Who is behind the phone calls wanting to ask you three questions, the first being who you voted for? Hung up before they asked the last two!!!

    1. At the beginning of campaign season, didn’t George’s crew send out a letter asking for campaign funds and the person who sent the letter out was from Oklahoma City area. Does anyone still have that letter? Would be interesting if that was the same person. Just a thought.

    2. A family member continues to receive calls from this number listed below. Several calls yesterday. Declining to answer the call, they continue to call.

      (405) 446-9418 is suspected spam
      User spam reports
      • Said survey, asked who I voted for in Creek Nation election, asked why did I’d 8 not vote for George tiger. Tried to call back, said not available.
      – by Anonymous User – 8 Days ago – Marked this call as political
      • Lots of verizon calls. Always hang up when answer. Call back mail box full or number has been changed

  8. Where are the results of votes by precinct in the September 19, 2015 primary election?

    We want to know how many votes were cast for each candidate in each individual precinct.

    Is that confidential information?

    Why can’t we find out how many OUT OF STATE ballots were returned and the vote count for them along with all absentee votes and which candidate they voted for?

    1. Hello Voter, I got the runaround, the Unofficial vote posted is the Official results of the election!!! I talked with Nettie and she informed me the Muscogee Nation posted the final results, but that post is the same one dated 9-20-1:36AM. This cannot be right!! Help !! What is going on with the precinct vote tally? Hello Lucian Tiger, need your help!!

      1. This is exactly why george would not sign the Carter Center legislation. He does not want anyone to know how the reality of the results of this election. He allows Nettie to control the ballots and results. This should make us all very afraid. Adam Jones should be all over this issue. What’s up with the request for the Carter Center to oversee the election? Did george sign it? He had 10 days before it went into effect. If not, will Carter oversee the November election? David Nichols or Adam, can you provide an update and clarification?

        1. The bill for the carter group is now law. George did not sign the bill and it became law after 10 days. I recently seen a letter that was sent to the carter group inviting them to take part in the coming general election. I hope they respond with a letter saying they will be here to monitor the general election.

          1. Mr. Nichols please respond to my comment about the AG on the other post. I’m not trying to put you on the spot, I would just like an answer. If you don’t know, that’s fine. I’m not trying to single you out but your one of the very few council members brave enough to reply on this site so that’s why I directed the question to you. If any other council members would like to reply on why they can’t introduce a resolution to remove the AG please feel free. Maybe I’m the only one that thinks he doesn’t uphold his oath and if that’s it, maybe I should reevaluate my thoughts of him.

    2. If you want a copy of the precinct totals you have to go to the election board and sign for a copy, they are not going to post those results!

      1. Creek
        Bristow/sapulpa votes combined
        GT 115, Floyd 75
        Mcintosh dist.
        Checotah, eufaula, hanna, yardeka
        GT 65, FLOYD 130, Jones 296
        Muskogee dist/okfuskee
        GT 16, 16FLOYD, 49, 58
        Okmulgee dist
        GT 208, floyd 254, nichols 269
        Tukvptce dist.
        GT 53, Floyd 67
        Tulsa/wagoner distribution
        GT 150, 38 Floyd 133, 27
        That is the votes they got in the districts
        That isn’t the absentee votes. I showed nichols and Jones so you can see they won that district. This is from the election board.

    3. Letter needs to be written to the Muscogee Creek Nation election board in regards to the mishandling of the primary election results that’s a shame that we were put through so much trouble many of us are disabled and cannot go to the election board and sign for a a copy of the election results

  9. last post for the day! Creek nation needs to step up their policy enforcement for housing. is it me or has anyone looked up all of GT’s puppets campaigning for him??? Eli- We all know he is gone off the deep end and has no business in our tribe. He tries to convince GT for cash for his “California Creeks” he probably spilts the cast eveninly with GT! Frances’ girls- all jokes, one claimes to be an advanced practicing nurse, one works from home, and the other got knocked up so she wouldnt have to work. Then the Dena lady, she is probaly the new mistress and getting a huge kick back. but who is the lady always on fb posting about how great george is? Rhea? what does she do? where does she work? did george give her a job too?

    1. That’s what everyone would like to know. It’s Louann Bear’s sister. I think she does work for the tribe now. She has to campaign for George just like her sister so what did she get in return for backing him?!

        1. Rosenna is tigers personal secretary.
          She personally and publicly told me is “his personal secretary, for his personal contracts.”
          The exact words out of her mouth. Said she did not do any tribal work for him just “his outside contracts.”
          I found that interesting.
          I should have been quicker and ask her where her salary is paid from.

      1. Did he give her a job? did cherrahj give her a job? and if it’s louann’s sister, her sister lives at home with her 80 something year old mom! i dare say her mom is a elder creek citizen who prob lives in a creek home. is this legal? can she live off of her mom’s housing? and louann, does she work for GT or the princesses? does rhea include her income on her moms housing? is rhea the same RUDE lady who works at social services that used to be a BIT*H who cooked at the casino?
        all these JOKERS helping run the tribe. why would anyone in there right mind want a person representing their campaign who doesnt even live on their own!

        1. George doesn’t even own a home . Never has. You have to establish credit to purchase a home. He pawns off of Francis daughter who pawns off the tribe. Same vicious circle. Be it a crooked circle at that.

    2. You’re right about the California Creeks, go to their Facebook page. Griping about services. Sorry California brothers and sisters, if you want all the benefits of tribal membership then move within the boundaries of the Muscogee Nation. I talked with someone at the election board and they told me more votes come from outside the Nations boundaries than from within. Do you want people from out of state picking your representatives. Get out and vote Oklahoma Creeks, don’t let California and Eli decide your future. I am an out of state Creek and believe services should be provided first and foremost to the citizens living within Creek Nation boundaries. Again if want all the benefits and RESPONSIBILITIES of citizenship, move to Oklahoma, I am.

  10. Reasons why Tiger does not need to win
    1. He fired many qualified employees in his first year in an effort to bring in friends and family.
    2. He made headlines for dealings he had with his mistress and has still not been held accountable
    3. He has cost the tribe thousands if not millions of dollars hiring unnecessary people in positions that have no benefit to the tribe
    4. He hired several sexual predators and once they were exposed, attempted to cover it up
    5. He restricts information that is reported by the tribal news outlets in an effort to secure his image
    6. He attempted to gain personal benefit through a shady deal from a tribal casino that would have taken money away from existing casinos that help our citizens
    7. He has overspent budget money and blames the casinos and mnbe for not having revenue that can keep up with his compulsive spending habits
    8. He refused to sign the employee protection legislation and the independent review of the election
    9. He did not comply with forensic audit request from council
    10. He could not pass background check to see the president

  11. Ok. let’s shake off the shock of GT. being in the runoff. and support Mister Floyd in his bid for Principle Chief !!! It’s hard to believe that 1179 Creeks still want him as Chief !!! I hear he has said he has won re-election already !!! We need an Admin & NC that plans our future like a business !!

  12. Am I the only one that notices the discrepancy in the voting numbers? I started adding up the votes from all the candidates and came up with some interesting data. The districts ranged in totals from 4399 in Wagner to 4525 in McIntosh, a spread of 126 votes. I’m trying to imagine why or how there could be such a spread. At any rate, the average votes from the districts is 4480. To me this number should represent the total number of voters in this Primary Election, and if this is true, why were there 4716 total votes for Principal Chief, 236 more votes than the previous average? This is all a mystery to me, but I would feel far more confident if our elections were independently monitored.

  13. Not afraid called it on Sunday sep. 20, look for a big announcement about economic development from george, didn’t think it would happen so soon. Big investor in the Flying Tee this week. Everyone line up to kiss george’s ring and get blessed by him, Not!

    How much of a profit will george make off of this? Vote george out if you want to see any profits going to the people. Don’t be fooled by this press release, it could have been released last week, but the puppeteer didn’t want it released during preseason play, he wanted it for the real campaign.

    Nice try george, James Floyd will be cutting that ribbon to open it up!

    1. Gt has already told us we get none of the profit from the Flying Tee. We get a monthly lease amount for the building.

      Lots of people lined up to put in a $22,000,000 investment for a monthly lease check don’t you think?

      Are we getting $1,000,000 a month, $500,000 a month or is it a life time lease at $100.00 per month? No one knows!

  14. VOTE FOR JAMES FLOYD. Take corruption out of our Tribal government. Tiger has used the tribe for his benefit not for citizens as he indicates. Employees stand up for what is right and not let him intimidate you. He is a citizen just like we are and you have a right to voice your opinions, only difference he has a title. LOL

  15. VOTE FOR JAMES FLOYD. Citizens Tiger has always taken all he can from the citizens during his administration, made promises, let the second chief embezzle funds for his personal use, George knew this long before it was made public. We need a CHANGE. WHY KEEP TIGER IN OFFICE.

  16. OMG, pull your heads out of the sand! Citizens
    You want a thief in as your Chief. Come , I’d rather lose my job knowing I had integrity than losing it by voting for GT

    1. The ones who voted for George Tiger will have to vote for him again. They have no choice. George has bought them and owns them, and he has the receipt. Once you are engaged in deceit, you can’t change it into something else. You’re stuck with it. When George offered to reward citizens for their vote and they took the bait, they became co-conspirators, and therefore, the same.

      When the truth comes out, they will be exposed and stand as naked as a jaybird. Their only chance to avoid that is to work their tail off to get George Tiger reelected, but it’s not because they are true believers, they’re trying to save their bacon.

      They’re hoping against hope that George can keep the audit from becoming public.
      The audit has been completed and is full of goodies, and it’s not going to go away. When George Tiger is deposed, and the deeds are known, the stain of the audit will remain like spilled coffee on a white shirt.

      In the new administration everyone will play by the same rules, no one is untouchable, everyone is accountable for their deeds, and leaves one question: Whatca gonna do when they come for you, bad boy?

  17. I was checking to make sure I was on VOC, because with the election that happened I thought for sure we had enough creek citizens against Tiger, if you are truly against the ways of a trader, liar, thief. Vote him out! Honestly he has got to go. Why are you scared, vote vote vote him out!*

  18. I tried to email james floyd but the email did not go through!!I wanted to tell him about the old elder apartments and cockroaches and in need of new ownership. Creek Nation does not own these apartments but GT gets $8000.00 amonth on rental fees.The health department should come and close these apartments down The manager is not polite to the residents.

  19. I am so glad to see that so many came out to vote. I wish more wouldve voted for anyone other than Tiger. I forsee REAL changes in our tribe’s future. I believe that once we get Tiger and his work from home children out of our complex, we will THRIVE!!!!

  20. To respond to your comment anonymous, it appears you really don’t know me because in no way am I afraid of George Tiger. No reason what so ever to fear him or any one else. Also wanted to
    let you know I will be supporting James Floyd for Principal Chief Nov 7th. To voices of courage, this could possible my second response to this subject. Use either one you’d like .

  21. Will James Floyd if elected honor the forensic audit requested by the NC? If GTs administration has been honest why has he objected?

  22. Hey, from the mouth of rip van Winkle moore it’s the 20th century, haha. Saying GT hasn’t slung mud, no of course not 20th century gal. He’s just stole from the tribe, I wonder what he’s paid for out of the tribe for his campaign. *Ummm
    Probably all of it. How about Joanna townsend, she was almost your step mom. Oh and by the way it’s the 21st century, wakey wakey rip. GT, you and your family’s ride is about over.

  23. Frances Tiger says we need a chief experienced with our Tribal Government and policies and procedures. She thinks we need to keep George as Chief! What a joke! You mean we need a chief that fails in upholding our policies and procedures, like, nepotism and sexual harassment! Oh and what about his famous waivers for eligibility for services, like social services and housing. Frances just wants to keep her First Lady status and keep at least two of her three daughters in positions they do not deserve to be in. It’s truly ridiculous. I wish those 1,000 plus that voted for him knew what he really stands for, such a shame!

  24. A.J. is a Tiger puppet. Yahola and Nichols are afraid if him. Floyd only beat Tiger by 103 votes. Jones, Yahola, and Nichols will endorse Tiger and that will tilt the scales in his favor. Prepare for another 4 years of Tiger as chief.

    1. Just to clear the waters! I have been silent through this whole campaign! My name is Amanda Jones, I have a wonderful family. I have watched while you shred my husband and could care less the sacrifices he makes. He misses a lot of what our kids do and for what? To listen to people make false accusations. We aren’t wealthy and don’t live in a mansion. But we are content with what we have. I said all that to say this. We work very hard for what we have and no one gives us anything! For the comments you’ve made, well then you just don’t no any better. I forgive you, but if you really want to know the truth, just ask! To wrap this up, there is no way in the world we would put our family through all that to split the vote! Debt, time lost, missed events for our kids, emotional exhaustion, neglect of our home, the list goes on and on! Furthermore we announced candidacy before the others! Hmm that should get you to thinking. To end my rant, I do appreciate the criticism because it just makes my prayer life stronger! Thank you for time, God Bless!

      1. Mrs. Jones,
        I applaud your courage to take a stand for your husband, especially on this site. However, you all knew what slander, lies, ridicule, and time this was going to take. I will give you this, you showed strength and courage for your husband, as a true woman of god should. best wishes to you and yours.

        1. Mrs, Jones, Ihave not had the opportunity to meet you, however, when a person elects to get in politics, rumors, untrue stories, etc. goes with the territory. I know you and the children have sacrificed a lot, I understand your comments, A. J. has two more years and hopefully it will be better.

    2. To Anonymous. Just to let you know from myself, David Nichols Sr. I can assure that I have no fear of George Tiger or anyone else. If you believe that, so be it. Secondly, I David Nichols Sr. will be talking with James Floyd and will be supporting him as well. Sad that you only make assumptions without knowing the facts.

    3. I hardly think Nichols and Yahola are afraid of george. Not to sure about Jones and his intentions after he laid down for george with the Carter Center vote, then said he misspoke about the $18 million deficit at the RSU debate. I would like to see those candidates come out and support Floyd against george, after all they did vote no confidence in his leadership and all stated we needed a change.

      Tiger is scared and on the ropes, he will do anything to keep his position. He is going to be talking big and promising big to anybody who will listen. Keep in mind how much does he follow through with? Look for big announcements to come from riverwalk, river spirit, or where ever to show progress and transperancy. He waits for the right time to throw out some crumbs and then all of his followers come out the eat it up. He said the “preseason is over now it’s time to play the real game.” That shows his true intentions.

      Floyd has taken his campaign serious from the beginning, you will see no change in Floyd’s campaign, slow and steady wins the race, with no smoke and mirrors just direct responses to questions. The only promises Floyd makes are bringing respect back to the tribe, holding everyone accountable to do their jobs, and maintaining the integrity of our sovereignty, culture, healthcare, education , and businesses.

      1. Does anyone know where to get a breakdown election numbers from the various voting sites? I’d like to know how the chief candidates did at each location.

    4. You are wrong. The Yahola, Nichols and Jones all voted NO CONFIDENCE in Tiger along with asking for Tiger to resign.

      They won’t go back on their word and vote.

    5. Anonymous – you don’t know beans! Yahola is NOT a Tiger supporter and is not afraid of him. I asked him personally what he thought of the Tiger administration. Did you? Ask before you post misleading words. Some day soon you will have to account for all the words you have directed towards other people and it won’t be to anyone here on this earth. You yourself will be judged accordingly to how you judge others.

      1. I have apparently touched a nerve! To Mrs. Jones-I did not mean to offend you. I believe your husband is a player in Chief’s camp and he is there for his personal gain. I am not alone in that belief. His actions speak louder than your words.
        To Mr. Nichols Sr.- Thank you for publicly endorsing a candidate. That’s more than Mr. Jones has done. You have shown bravery and integrity. To you Sir I extend my hand and ask for your forgiveness. To All- The Council’s vote of No Confidence means NOTHING. Political grandstanding is all that was. Maybe a smoke screen to create a diversion or B.S. to satisfy an angry mob of citizens. It has amounted to less than nothing. And I stand behind my prediction. Tiger will win. It may be because he steals the election by stuffing the ballot boxes or because Floyd’s supporters won’t show up to vote. But Chief’s supporters will show up because they have more to lose.

          1. I have to agree. I too believe George Tiger will be re-elected. His re-election will come straight from the lack of involvement in tribal politics by the Creek citizens.
            James Floyd has my support, but there’s 10 people on my Facebook friends list who are Tiger supporters.

  25. That means that there are 1,113 Creek citizens that are GT’s lapdog. That tells us that he as bought that many votes. That tells us that there are 1.113 Creeks that would rather have a hand out than an honest administration. Go James Floyd!!

  26. Are you Tigers, Tigerettes and Minions scared now? Better start looking for a job. Too bad many moved near to Okmulgee to be part of his administration and you won’t have a job after January. Council needs to look at who he has as “consultants”. They’re also part of his campaign. Coincidence? No. What are they doing? Can we see what they’re working on? Pack your bags JD Colbert. You’re done stealing money from our tribe. No more money, no more free trips. Better stop buying your fancy hats. We will put a good word in for you at Chickasaw nation. I’m sure they want you. Oh Molly, better start coming to work or find a new job or a sugar daddy. Big Papa’s time is almost up. Cabinet members taking trips all the time and giving themselves raises, GULP, better cut back your spending, you will not be paid how you are at creek nation somewhere else. Polish the resume. Take your fleet cars back, no more extra benefits. We are backing Floyd and you all will be out of there.

    1. speaking of “Fleet vehicles”……. why are there so many tribal cars in the parking lots at the complex? does every employee get one? are they supposed to be used for personal pleasure? transporting grandkids here or there?
      is it true that Tiger’s team members live with their parents?(these people are 50 years plus) is so, when will they get a new home built for campaigning??
      this nonsense is never ending. VOTE FLOYD!!!!! you want change, you want your tribe to be respected, then this is out only option!

  27. The Impeachment Petition,
    The NC voting NO CONFIDENCE,
    The NC request for his resignation,
    The creation of positions for his wife’s daughters,
    The Secret Service of the U.S. A. not allowing him in the same room as the President of the USA,
    The purchase of a home, vehicle and hush money to his mistress,
    The terrible tobacco compact with the state,
    The signing of 5% net profit of a casino he brokered between Kialegee, Shane Rolls, and Giles,
    The near $19,000,000 deficit in our budget,

    His comment, “It didn’t break my spirit.”

    Does he have a spirit or has he sold it?

    How could any one vote for this man.

    I thought I knew my people and that he would be in last place.

    Watch the billboards go up now paid for with tribal money.

  28. Well we can see that Ole GT is not as popular as he thought. So we know he is not wanted in , that means a run off. The citizens have got to vote GT OUT! IT’S NOT OVER . His minions better get ready to pack up. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in those homes. Lol
    Let’s go citizens, . Don’t get to comfy

    1. Just another word of advice, be careful who you talk too, we know GT will be ready to make promises as before that he will not keep. Good luck Mr. Floyd *
      And remember just a little side note for those who know what I’m talking about! LET’S ALL TRY AND KEEP OUR SHOES ON THIS WEEK.

  29. Hope that Adam Jones, David Nichols and Thomas Yahola asked their voters to elect MR. JAMES FLOYD.

    The three of them voted NO CONFIDENCE in George Tiger and voted for George Tiger’s RESIGNATION.

    Hopefully the rumor of Jones & Yahola running for votes for Tiger aren’t true.

    Surely these NC Reps want the corruption to stop.

    Go Mr. Floyd – you have my family’s support.

  30. It seems that 1,113 creek citizens want to keep Tiger in office. Hard to believe, with all the baggage this candidate has, Understand he has promised a lot, they have forgotten that’s how he got in the last time, but did a 180 turn after he was elected !! His idea of transparency is a joke, following Nepotism policy is a joke, placing unqualified people in high paying positions then hiring consultants to advise, etc., etc.

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