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  1. Who in the hell hired the dumb asses in the admissions department at housing? I called to ask about the 184 program and no one, including that Jamie chick everyone talks about could answer! How can you offer a program and not be able to answer? Beaver said there’s no application but couldn’t explain anything else. I guess it’s another “pick and choose who I want” program. Can anyone explain how to participate in this program?

    1. Hey Anonymous,
      There is no 184 program. The tribe has to guarantee 25% of the loan at a reputable financial institution and no reputable financial institution will guarantee the loans from our tribe. For goodness sake, the hospitals won’t take our people because they know that Muscogee Creek Nation won’t pay the bill.

      1. But Brad said a year ago that this was a new pilot program, was supposed to start last November. No one in admissions can elaborate, Brad’s airhead assistant can’t answer any questions for it, hell, you can’t even understand his mumbling to know if he’s making any sense. So so so frustrating, get Jamie and stupid ass Lora King OUT, and that ol secretary they have, they make that office uninviting, dim the lights for them, please.

      2. Not only will the banks not guarantee loans many banks won’t cash Creek Nation payroll checks.
        What does that tell you about the tribes reputation?

    2. Section 184 loans are guaranteed through HUD not Creek Nation. You have to find a bank that handles those loans (Shouldn’t be difficult). These loans are based on the buyers credit, not Creek Nations. If you can’t get approved for section 184 loan its your own doing not Creek Nations. Creek Nation has a MAP program to help with downpayment and closing costs.

      1. That program has gone to heck! Thanks to Jamie and lora, masters degree lora don’t make you smart, you have to have common sense and my dear lady you have none.

      2. No, no, no, do your research. Brad told the MNN that they were going to start a 184 pilot program. I did find out that housing would acquire the loan for the applicant, but how to apply for this program and how it’ll be managed is what they can’t answer, Jamie didn’t even know if there was a policy or not. Lora is never available whenever I call, but I assume she’s just as ignorant. My mother told me it wouldn’t be worth my time to voice a complaint to Fox or Beaver because they accept and condone Jamie’s and Lora’s stupidity. Hopefully, they’ll go out whenever Fox does. So disappointed that this program didn’t get off the ground because of the staff workers incompetence.

    1. I am not voting for tiger or floyd. Floyd will bring more burocrocy to an already stagnant government and he lies to our vets and let’s a small child pass. Tiger will steal us blind. Anyone but these two.

      1. Uhhhh, that’s what we are, a bureaucratic government, duh! If the current administration followed the laws and policies that are in place, we’d be successful as such. But you have to have a leader that knows how to run it as a democracy and Tiger doesn’t have a clue! He thinks a sovereign nation is a communist nation! VOTE TIGER OUT!

  2. If you’ve had the opportunity to visit with James Floyd you would know that he is a genuinely sincere and honest person and his family is equally as respectful. Not to mention that he is the most qualified candidate, he is also the only candidate that addresses a question without any political rhetoric. Every current politician running for chief answered the economic development question with their own form of get rich quick idea. Jones: construction, Nichols: blue collar “I want to do the economic development thing”, Yahola: sips plant, and Tiger: continue in the direction we are going which is to buy, buy, buy. Floyd is the only one who did not want to throw more money at the situation, but rather evaluate the current situation and make sound decisions using the resources at hand. That’s leadership folks, not political nonsense trying to win votes with big ideas. He has never presented any negative information about the other candidates, nor has he flip flopped on important issues such as the Carter center. True integrity is his nature and that is demonstrated through his well articulated words and his actions.

    Don’t believe Frances Tiger’s allegations against Mrs. Floyd! Anyone who believes her stories without witnessing it is a fool. We are electing a Principal Chief not a first lady, so forget Frances’ negative campaigning. Elect James Floyd for the right reasons, he is a proven leader, who knows his muscogee traditions, and makes decisions based off of data and analysis.

    1. Appreciate your post “Floyd has my vote”,
      The health system is in a dire crisis.
      It does not matter that the Natl Council appropriated money. Not toger.
      The funding is a small bandaid for what is needed
      And that funding went to Contract Health which desperately needed it.
      It will not be enough money to pay delinquent referrals. Nor fund another year of new and ongoing referrals.
      We are so in debt to facilities and Dr’s they are no longer taking our patients.
      Wake up people. If you value your health at all. If you value your families at all. If you value this tribe at all.

    2. There’s still that nagging question about Mr. Floyd’s sudden departure from the VA when the incident with the dead child became public knowledge. He will be coming in with a cloud looming over him until the investigation is over and from the recent article, Inholfe is not going to drop it. Has anyone asked Mr. Floyd to provide an explanation for this? Is there a possibility this could be another scandal for muscogee creek nation?

    3. So has Francis tiger apologized for her lying about Mrs. Floyd?
      She does owe her one.
      Needs to be very public appology.
      Would be the respectful thing to do Francis.

      1. Frances will not apologize, this is the “GO TIGER ” campaign strategy of “no negative campaigning ” lol!!! George and his go tigers and tigerettes, along with his wife (not my first lady), are so intimidated by Mr. Floyd, they have to make up stuff for sympathy to try and sway votes. My only hope is that most will see through it all.

        1. Anyone see the dumbass Molley Moore post on facebook? She said tiger brought us to the 20th century. Is she saying tiger has done nothing or is she too stupid to know this is the 21st century. Well at least tiger brought us up to 15 year old technology (what a dumbchebo).

  3. You are so right! Wake up folks. Get up Saturday morning and GO VOTE! The absentees can’t help us…alot of them never received their ballots; my daughter didn’t. Don’t let George back in–or Adam Jones either. I’m voting James Floyd.

    1. Everyone has a right to support the candidate of their choice but I find it very odd and somewhat brazen that Second Chief Hicks and his sidekick Ken Davis are openly supporting James Floyd and trying to use their influence to do so. True, Hicks is elected and Tiger can’t touch him but in the event Tiger gets back in, won’t this be awkward? As for Davis, he should be fired on the spot. The veterans he is trying to influence aren’t stupid!

      1. Maybe Louis Hicks is endorsing James Floyd because he knows James is a man of integrity and is aware of how shady Tiger is and does not want to serve another term with him. Would you want your name and reputation associated with Tiger?

          1. So the equivalent would be all employees resign that did not vote for tiger?
            What a stupid remark conflict.
            People do have a choice to support and vote for whomever they want.

            1. Health Employee you are the one who said he didn’t want to serve another term with Tiger. Read your own post before you call someone stupid.

        1. This time four years ago, I wanted change and voted for Tiger. I have to say I was so excited about the future, the possibilities. Boy, what a mistake. We live and learn, we are not perfect. We now have a candidate that can take us where we need to be, James Floyd for Chief. He is the type of leader I want. He has been a leader over thirty years. I’m glad he hasn’t been in the political ring of the tribe. That is very refreshing, he is exactly what we need!

      2. Obviously Mr. Hicks has thought about the conflict he would create by backing Floyd. Tiger had his chance, Mr. Hicks is a great resource and how did George utilize him? Sparingly to say the least. This will be a great team, Floyd and Hicks restoring pride to the muscogee nation!

        Now the conflict that needs to happen is over at the dome when Floyd takes office and sends Molly Moore back to work with her old squeeze.

            1. What happened to all of the money that was donated at the Gala’s? Supposedly, it was for education and the festival. Did Will have his hand in this with GT? Forensic Audit? We were supposed to see some of that at the college? What did they do with our youth’s education monies? How many students benefited from this if any at all?

    2. Vote for Nichols! We need honesty in our leadership. No more underhanded deals to line the pockets of the Chief. I would call it stealing from his own people.

  4. Is there one promise Tiger has kept?

    He did not GIVE the 50% gaming revenue back to communities that have casinos in their boundaries.

    He did not build any houses for elders or families.

    He did not maintain a budget.

    He did allow the 2nd Chief to steal knowing about it for over a year.

    He did buy the Okmulgee Country Club property with the help of Adam Jones, put hundreds of thousands of dollars into it only to shut it down to create a cattle pasture.

    He did purchase a shopping center that is empty.

    He did sign a contract for 5% of net income from Red Clay Casino and continued to receive money from Shane Rolls after becoming chief.

    He did create completely new positions for his wife’s children.

    He did not have a transparent administration.

    Listening to the Republican Presidential Debate tonight, the first thing Mr. Huckabee said was, “No one on this stage is being investigated by the FBI.”

    Our Chief is being investigated by not only the FBI and cannot see the President of the United States because of it.

    1. You forgot: Francis’ has some mugger daughters who tried to beat up George’s MISTRESS.
      Those muggers have their priorities wrong. They should be beating up George!!
      And he did buy a house for his MISTRESS. And he is still seeing his MISTRESS as some
      witnesses tell us. I could go on and on!!

    2. Wait now, he buys homes for the elderly, old trailer homes that have to be fixed. Way to go GT
      And his mistress which brad fox helped buy the house in twin hills area. Four bedroom in fact.
      Force account is always up there when she needs them. Yep way to go GT

    1. Nothing happened at the Roger State’s forum. The incident that Francis referred to happened at a forum south of I-40. And it wasen’t James Floyd’s wife who made comments. It was the daughter of a tribal citizen. Francis—you are just like your husband—Lied to make the other candidate look bad. Why didn’t you just turn around and look behind you to see who was really disrespecting George. You wanted sympathy and votes for GT!!

      1. I heard that too from a source that was at both forums where Mrs. Floyd supposedly “jeered” at and ridiculed George. I wouldn’t blame her if she did! He has brought nothing but shame and embarassment to the tribe. My reliable source told me that Mrs. Floyd DID NOT say a word or utter a sound towards George. Consider the source, people. Frances is posting all over facebook about something that DID NOT happen. Sounds to me like someone and his people are getting scared of Mr. Floyd and his credentials. And he should be. Go further and better – vote James Floyd!

    2. I agree, he will make the best CHIEF. If Frances calls herself 1th Lady , she needs to act like a lady. She is busy insulting people which is disgusting. She is the only candidate’s wife that is tearing down people.

      1. Seen this morning where someone is already referring to Adam jones’ wife as the First Lady. Adam has my vote but not in the next round of this continues. YOUR WIVES HAVE NO ROLE OR CAPACITY IN THIS TRIBE. WE VOTE FOR YOU NOT YOUR WIVES. We have no first lady just something francis made up to feel important. George let her have authority cause he is whipped. Saw her getting on to people at the festival and telling them what to do she has no right. Wish she would have tried to tell me what to do. She would have been told to go F herself.

      1. Didn’t the last time he mowed it, the news said an announcement was coming about the future of the country club. No transparency there.

  5. To paint Mr. And Mrs. Floyd at this point as anything other than courteous, professional and positive, is truly reaching, and a sign that the powers that be are shaking in there Mocs! We have heard too long the word sovereignty spoken, yet at this point I felt it is defined when a tribal politician is doing something they shouldn’t be. Also, I’d like to know, if James Floyd were married to an Asian, African American, or Hispanic lady, would the backlash exist?

    1. I dont like how frances is always talking bad about white people. arent her girls part white, grandkids part white? part black?

  6. Did you receive the Tiger’s last brochure today?
    You know the one with George and First Lady Frances Tiger, who is A CITIZEN OF MUSCOGEE (CREEK) NATION.

    Creek 1st Lady Frances should have told her husband to stop buying houses for his women, signing contracts against our Nation and quit spending all of MCN’s money. It’s been told that 1st Lady Frances likes spending Creek money too.

    We don’t vote for a leader because of who they are married to.

    1. The title of First Lady that she gave herself means more to her and her kids than her husband’s ethics. She has to tolerate all of his misdeeds, mistresses, etc. to continue as “First Lady” and keep jobs for her kids! Such a disgrace!

  7. Omg! Tiger flub bad on the ethics question, but of course he did. You can’t speak on something that you don’t have. Let’s get out and V O TE! No TIGER

  8. I said I didn’t want to watch the “debate” but I couldn’t help myself — I watched it. George did pussy-footed & danced around the issues like money making enterprises, ethics and the faith he has in our election process. And AJ Jones was right along side of George. All the others did quite well: Yahola, Floyd and Nichols — All three were coherent and sounded believable. And if you have kept up with tribal politics throughout the last 3 years, then you know who is lying or making up answers, which is belittling us all when we know better. I like to remind them all that DO NOT THINK FOR A MINUTE THAT US CITIZENS OUT HERE ARE STUPID BECAUSE A LOT OF US ARE SMARTER THAN THEY ARE. True.

  9. It’s great that Thomas Yahlola and George Tiger talk Creek. Do any of their children know the language.

    I heard the moderator ask an additional question of George Tiger concerning taking money form one account and leaving the 1st account without money, and George did his usual dance. He didn’t answer the question.

    The Question was, if you take money from one account to fund another account will the account taken from be short? No answer.

    George twisted his hands, wrote his notes and lied all the way through the so called debate.

    I was most disappointed in the question about ethics. The National Council passed legislation approving an “Ethics Committee” to oversee the donations during this campaign. Neither Adam Jones, Thomas Yahola or David Nichols told the audience that George Tiger VETOED the legislation that was passed on “Campaign Ethics.”

    Are they all three afraid of George Tiger, the adultery, misuser of funds, cheater, liar, take us into the hole Chief?

    Even though Mr. James Floyd has spend his adult life outside the MCN making a living other than from the Tribe, he had the most reasonable, logical and ethical comments of all five candidates.

    DAVIE NICHOLS held the first prize for CLOSING COMMENTS.


    1. Just got word from a good source, come Monday if GT gets back in changes are coming. So don’t think your safe if he gets re elected. He will use your vote then turn around and fire your family. When they get in on a second term, they don’t give a crap whether you have voted for him. He will try and get all he can from the tribe and his family before he leaves. SO REMEMBER VOTE HIM OUT! PLEASE NOT ANOTHER TERM WITH THIEVING TIGER AND HIS MINIONS. IF YOU HAVE FB, OR EMAIL, OR FAMILY GET OUT VOTE.

      1. That’s what I think too! Was just discussing this and said those people who got their jobs because of what they did and not due to their education or lack of will lose their jobs! All these so called hand picked people have done nothing but make him look bad due to their poor decisions and the way they have treated the citizens and I think he will have no choice but to get rid of them after the election or hopefully he does! Brad Fox is the prime example who shouldn’t be in his job!

          1. Because he only thinks of his self and kissing GT butt, he only operates housing by using his employees, trust me I know. If it wasn’t for some people helping him , he can’t do it. He has put people in charge that are not for the citizens, I could go on but who cares anymore. Just get rid of his big dopey wearing hat self.

            1. I have known Mr. Fox for 30 plus years. What you people on this site don’t see is the extra time and work that man puts in. Sometimes he will get off work and go do a plumbing job for a citizen that needs help. Sometimes he doesn’t get home until 11 pm or spends his weekends doing a job. He goes to work everyday and he does help people in need. He is the opposite of selfish. I suggest you actually get to know a man before you feed him to the wolves.

                1. Brad’s minion Jamie Nichols is stupid! Best flubber ever! But she is a reflection of Lora, who is a reflection of Brad. And, rumor has it, a “really good friend” of Brant Beaver! Get rid of all those dummies!

                  1. No kidding! I agree she knows absolutely nothing about her job, pilfers for a clue from coworkers and when they do throw her a bone she runs with it like she knew all along. Dumbest, rudest, ugliest employee in history.

                  2. Ok, I see we have another granny on here. Wish I could take credit for this one, but good job..
                    It’s kinda flattering that someone wants to be me. Keep up the good work

                    1. Sorry granny, no disrespect, I did mean to put the number 2 behind mine before posting. But that Jamie Nichols is a lying, crying, witch! And she stole money from the daycare she used to manage, couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw she was working at housing! I’m not a housing employee, but I am an employee, and what a shock it was! People need to know what kind of person she is, and her husband, James Nichols.

                  3. Oh my, oh my, glad someone finally put it out there! I wonder if her goofy husband knows about their lunch dates and the little trinkets he’s given her? He does now!

                    1. I know about that. She always says where you been I missed you. Brant comes back with oh I missed you too, I missed your pretty smile (excuse me I just threw up). She looks for him all morning everyday. Yeah her goofball husband hasn’t a clue. This is the dumbest broad ever. She knows nothing but how to manipulate, steal and start trouble.

                    1. I hope this doesn’t mean James Nichols is going to be hanging around all the time, again! Him and Jamie, they always starting something wherever they go, making up stuff to get out of trouble even it means bringing down their coworkers. Happened a month or so ago, Lora swore that was the end of Jamie, but I guess Nasty Thief was right, she’s a manipulator too! Witnessed it all with our own two ears! Keep your head down low Jamie Nichols, we all know what you are!!!!!!

              1. Well good for you knowing a liar and back stabbing two face for 30 years. He is only out for himself. Oh and we know him, especially from housing. How he served shirlene ade, GT mistress, let’s certain people do what they want. Use material and equipment from force account for his business and personal use. Yea you’re right, what a guy. *

                1. Brad Fox helped my mother out when Qualls wouldn’t, and several other citizens. You, granny sound like a spiteful old hot bag of wind. If you know all the problems and apparently think you know the answers, why aren’t you running “housing”?? Be productive instead of negative.

                  1. Probably did it illegally, like he does everything else. Consider your mother and those other few lucky. Brad is in there because he’s a puppet, he does whatever chief says, right or wrong. Get a clue CB, you’re pathetic! Go granny!

                  2. Just FYI, CB, Mr. Qualls went by policy, Brad goes by how much butt he can kiss and creek he can step over to get a vote for Tiger. So, you can blow smoke up everyone else’s A@@, and they might take to your butt kissing , but I can tell you this, what I post is not smoke blowing, I know what I’m talking about. And until you do. SHUT UP! Yours truly, Granny, aka hot bag of wind *

                    1. Granny, you don’t have a single clue. It sounds to me like you are just bitter old witch that has nothing better to do than tear others down. If you are the saint of housing that you pretend to be, why don’t you step up and tell us who you are?? If you are just so sure George is out what do you have to lose??

                  1. You must be Brad’s family, daughter probably or someone young who doesn’t have a clue. Apparently you don’t work at housing to not know what a big dumbass Brad Fox is. Granny speaks for a lot of employees, not just herself! What does she have to lose, you ask? Her job, stupid! Even if Tiger gets voted out, he’s still there until the end of the year.

                  2. Oh please, obviously what we have here is either a relative or someone that gets help from housing when they need it. I don’t have time for bickering back in forth with a brad supporter we will get no where. Now excuse me while I go get my broom tuned up to sweep over the bull $!#/ you just spilled. Granny aka Witch

  10. Did you notice tiger didn’t say he would show ALL of his financials.

    James Floyd well spoken. Above the group.
    And he doesn’t owe anyone here. Not a full time, long term politican. Refreshing. First opportunity I have had to hear any of them speak.

    1. Adam Jones was very careful not to stop on Tiger’s toes. Wouldn’t say a word in negativity about this administration.

      Tiger on the other hand had no problem blaming the National Council for the budget shortfall because they approved all of his frivolous spending.

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