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  1. I used to work in the EMS dept. at creek,got my start there,I knew everything there was know about running that dept,I was even acting EMS supervisor after my supervisor quit.The supervisor job was given to a non-native who wasn’t involved in the program as much as I was,Angela Daughtry didn’t like me posting my feelings on Facebook and threatened me for speaking the truth about what happened.The EMS dept used to have 5 creek citizens working in the dept and our goal was towards expansion to help the Creek Citizens,but now the dept is being ran by all non-natives and their goal is to line their pockets with Creek Nation money and have no problem with telling Creek Citizens no

  2. This has been an ongoing problem with dept of health. People who don’t have the medical background running the dept of health! Seneca has a radiology degree and others have a degree I guess but have no medical background and they are telling the hospitals and clinic how they should be ran! They lose doctors yes because of the pay but they also have made promises to hire them and have not kept their word to them so they are probably going to leave! I have heard there is a maintenance man who makes almost as much as a PA or a doctor! Then when pay raises are asked for Rhonda tells them no while she makes how much???? She thinks she runs dept of health because of who family she is married into! If she doesn’t like someone she gets them fired!Also we have had a nurse who has had her license suspended for a year and was fired for practicing at the clinic. I was told that the acting manager of the program knew about it. They are scrambling around making sure everyone has their license up to date now and having to worry about refunding any reimbursements from insurance or Medicare now! There again a manager who has no medical background and has a dietician license is running a program! Why isn’t the job advertised for qualified candidates! Everyone knows she gives preferential treatment to the non natives! Enough is enough! While again no employees are given raises and what’s sad is employees who may like their jobs and have been in that position for years make far less than the new hires! They were told in order to get a raise you had to transfer! Where’s the loyalty to those employees who are making wages from 5-8 years ago! How much is Seneca’s so called cabinet making! Only thing Seneca has been good for is making it to ribbon cutting ceremonies or taking pictures all the time! Time for a change!

      1. I realize there is an active team trying to discredit Mr. Floyd re: extreme wait times for appointments at the VA. Also re: bonus paid over an extended tenure with the VA.

        Is Tiger going to be blamed for the 3-6 month wait on appointments within our health system?
        Is Tiger going to be blamed for the large number of Citizens that have been turned over to the collection agencies because Contract Healthy money was taken for the Okmulgee Hospital?

        Is the pickup truck tiger is driving considered a bonus from Creek Nation that he demanded and got when he became chief?
        Is a home bought for Ms. Townsend considered a bonus for tiger?
        Among the other perks.
        Who paid the lawyers fee for that fiasco and negotions with her. Another bonus.
        Tiger and Francis can spread all the manure they want about a positive campaign they want, however having molly and Eli spreading the crap is negative no matter how thin you spread it.

          1. So is the AG’S office suppose to be the Chiefs personal lawyer for his scorned mistresses ?

            Really now??

            Someone in the know….can you give us approximate amount that perk for tiger was worth?
            Never know of the Tribes lawyers being used to cover up extra marital affairs.

            1. I plan to write to the Oklahoma Bar Association about the Creek Nation Attorneys turning their backs on the Mvskoke Nation citizens. And also about the Election office wanting us to come and pick up a copy of election results. I am disabled and cannot get a copy of the election results!!i

    1. The health department has the clinic and hospitals on different computer systems. How dumb is this! The Doctors in the clinic have to wait for the hospital to fax records. They can not look them up on the computers they have. I thought the point of the electronic medical record was to be able to share information easily. The longer this goes on the harder it is going to be to fix. So tired of this “Creek way”

  3. S o , Third Party Insurance and personall that knows it, and Admin needs to learn as well. And we need ADMIN willing to listen to their employees suggestions. We have some competent people working for the Division, but we sure need some cleaning up aswell. If I do not win this race, I will return back to my spot as the Patient Benefits Coordinator until, Admin at Lackey find some way to terminate!!! Sharon Rose

    1. One more thing, If we would hire Physicians with a pay that is compatible with outside earnings, we would not have a turn around. And we do not need to be hiring foreign Physicians, our citizens cant even understand them! So how can they even ask them a question without feeling or being treated rudely. If we can pay them the high dollars why cant we pay our own Creek Physicans the same?

      1. Sharon, although I have already cast my vote for you I can’t help but wonder ” Who are these Creek physician you speak of?” To the best of my knowledge the number of Creek college grads is probably less than 3,000 citizens. Factor in the amount of time and intellect required to become a physician and I can’t see there being more than 50 people in the entire nation qualified to provide medical care in our facilities as a physician. I for one appreciate the care I receive. Can it be improved? Heck yeah! But the idea that we as a nation can provide our own doctors to staff our healthcare facilities is unrealistic at the present time. Perhaps scholarships to those citizens qualified to pursues careers in the healthcare field is a more appropriate start. Not trying to make waves but these are the realities, no spin, no misinformation. Good luck this Saturday, you’ve got my families support. Thanks for running.

        1. I believe there are 7 Creek Physicians working for the Health Department with one leaving for other opportunities last month. 1 Creek Podiatrist works in the Koweta Clinic. The other Podiatrist is Native American as well as two other physicians on staff. At least one of the Optometrists is Native. I am not sure about the dental department. I know of one Creek dentist in Okmulgee. Another Creek physician left about three years ago. There are more Creek Physicians out there but they work for others.

          1. I was wondering if any of these Creek Physicians are in leadership positions in the Health Department? If not, Seneca needs to tell us why?

          2. The Chiropractor is Creek. There is a Creek Doctor in private practice in Okmulgee who used to work for the tribe. There is a Creek Doctor who left about 3 to 4 years ago and went back to California. A Doctor in Kansas who is Creek/Choctaw and another Doctor in Shawnee who is Osage/Creek. There used to be a surgeon who worked in IHS who is Creek/Hopi. A retired Creek Doctor lives in New Mexico. There a lot of well educated Creeks out there.

        2. Here are the names of some of the Creek Doctors: Harjo, Zakery, Starky, Jones, Burden-Greer, Miller, Wiley, Moore and Dunn. Brady, Vincent and Beets from other Oklahoma tribes. Brandy in Eufaula is Creek. I think there are a lot of Creek nurses and physician assistants in the clinics.

        3. Just want you to know I do not go to the health clinic because I do not want a Physicians nurse to charge me on my medicare because she is guessing about my health. There six or seven of us elders who all have uninary health problelms we did not know we had!!d!!She wanted me to drink 4 16 oz water a day I have one kidney my doctor said that was too much water!!
          Go to the clinic in Heryetta they have good doctors!!I do not trust Creek nation health nurses!!Love ya!!

    2. From what I remember the Council passed a law saying that employees had freedom of speech and our not be fired for political reasons!

  4. If our bcc PATIENT had that insurance they woulkd not have to wait on a referral and be sent out ASAP. My clinic at Eufaula, all of my physicians are signed up with the program and our patients are taken care ASAP.

    1. I started the process back in 2009 when Dr. Zach Anderson was employeed with the Health Division and you see it is now 2015 and still it has not been done!!!!!!!!
      If it was their mother, sister, daughter, etc, they (Admin) would hollaring out. Well these are someones mother, sister, daughter and I hollared and I have the proof.

  5. Our Breast and Cervical Cancers patients, well I have tried to get all of our Physicians Deemed Certified with the Cherokee Nation BCC programs, unfortunately this did not happen. I could not get a answser from Lackey ADministration as to what happened to the MAU! My understanding it went in front of the NC and back to the AG office and then to Rhonda Beaver. But NO one can return a call or email! Sharon Rose

    1. The MOA with Cherokee Nation and Creek Nation for the BCCP has been in effect long before you started working as the benefit coordinator.

      Not trying to start an argument just facts. Very easily documented with Cherokee Nation.

      Also never had anything to do with Dr. Anderson.

      1. Well Eufaula employee, since you know this. You should’ve known that our Dr’s had to renew their application by signing the MAU with Cherokee Nation an yes, I did do that! Now, the other physicians at all the others sites has NOT signed the MAU an never has ,except the Nurse Practioner in a okmulgee .
        I handle the program there ,and I trained the others . Now, unless you have worked this program before, ask me another question. SHARON ROSE

        1. Sharon I didn’t ask you a question.
          And yes I personally have worked this specific program.

          Lots of luck with your election.
          Hoping the outcome is all you desire.

        2. Hello Sharon. I work in a clinic and I have never heard of this BCCP and should I be doing referrals to them? What does BCCP stand for?

      2. I suggest honey, you stay in your office an stay on your phone, it seems that is what you do best. I take care of my position, and my people. Can you actually say that ! I put my name out here with nothing to hide, can you do that ? Sharon Rose

        1. You are a very rude person, when I cast my vote on Saturday, I will remember your name and make sure I do not vote for you. Just saying!

          1. I agree. I’m a little embarrassed for your grammar too. You may have had my vote but after that outburst you have shown your colors.

            1. Look at her Facebook page with the cursing. Real proud “traditional ” Creek she claims to be.

              People she works with are in hopes she wins. Not because she is best choice, but because they want her out of the clinic. She is harsh and crude.

        2. Wow! For a person to be as quick tempered and derogatory to another as you have just been, well I trust that you will learn humility.

          If elected, you must learn to listen and not be so hard-mouthed and/or sassy. We Indians don’t take to being talked down to, Sharon. Good luck in the election, but ALWAYS remember whom you represent and keep us in your heart.

  6. CHS at the Corporate in Okmulgee, has hired several nurses in their dept which is a good thing. But, without teamwork this makes it hard to do a job. My opinion is, when a patient does a 72 hour call in, we should have a casemanger that has TPR skills, able to call this patient and family and start the Insurance process and get it going this will save us from having CHEF cases and spending millions of CHS and Tribal monies.

      1. I guess no one knows what these things are? If this is what causes us to spend millions of money, what could we do to prevent? Can anyone explain what these things are that is costing so much money. I’m sure we could use that millions to help our citizens!

  7. The best thing to remember is that all the incumbents and even those who were on the council in 2011, voted for Seneca Smith to be the director.
    They were told to by George to put him in there. So let’s just get rid of the incumbents and watch the new council put someone else who is more qualified to run the health department.

  8. I would like to know which candidates have a real plan to improve our health care system. To continue on in it’s current state is not an adequate platform and is the easy way out. I want to hear from someone with ideas and vision to improve our quality of healthcare.

    1. Ask your candidates “HOW” they plan to do it. This will also let you know what tribal knowledge they possess to accomplish a plan.

    2. This is not a complete solution to all the problems that is in the Health Division.
      1. Hiring individuals that has experience in the registration dept. You can not run Patient Reg if you have NO experience in Medical records, Third Party Insurance, Policys.
      2. When hiring individuals to work the front desk communication skills, some Third Party insurance knowledge, knowing the difference between programs and what their cards look like.
      3.Contract Health Coordinators, Patient Benefits Coordinators, must have the knowledge of TPR, Medical Terminology, Medical Experience and Communications skills.
      (2)` (3) should have atleast a nurse in this dept since we are dealing with peoples lives. This is just to start, please read the following comments.

      1. A RN graduate (not licensed) has been working as a RN in the Hospital since she got out of school. Are we so highly educated that people don’t matter anymore or do we just not care. This is a practice that has been going on for years, including LPN graduates without certification. How would they cover a lawsuit. Just curious.

        1. This is probably some form of nepotism and I thought all employees were hired on a probationary status for a couple of months. If they are not certified, how did they get past the probationary status? Looks like the Director of Nursing dropped the ball.

        2. Nursing graduates are able to work under a licensed RN for up to 6 weeks after graduation, until they are able to take their NCLEX test. You can find that on the OBN website. Just fyi.

          1. That is true, but some have been allowed to work passed that 6 weeks time doing duties at a RN or LPN. I know because I worked there. Just FYI.

      2. They also need to hire coders and billers who have experience or certified but they don’t want to pay those wages so we lose millions of dollars in reimbursement for not billing services and no one can give an answer on how to do it correctly! Hire people who actually are certified and pay the wages and maybe we can make some money at the clinics! Not hire people with no experience and expect them to learn anything with the poor training they received! Never ending cycle of untrained people training others to do a job!

        1. You will soon see a drastic reduction in red party billing/income when the ICD 10 takes effect Oct 1st, 2016.
          The very shortened condensed 2 and 1/2 hour train the providers is inadequate for all providers. The very nice lady trainer told us it was inadequate and was normally an eight hour training session. No opportunity was made for any trials with new coding. The remainder of the ICD 10 training is to be online. In between patients. Again very inadequate approach.
          A large number of IHS facilities and providers in private practice have been working on implementation of ICD 10 for 2 plus years. We were notified approximately 2 weeks ago. We are only allowed 20 minutes per office visit with a patient now. In that time the history is to be taken and entered into the computer. Exam done. Diagnosis made and medicines ordered. Plus your lab.
          Yes expect less patients to be seen. More errors and less billable services. Less money returned.

          1. Yes, Lackey dropped the ball again and is trying to provide education at the last minute to say that they did something. The entire administration and accounting and billing administrators should be held accountable. Providers have been asking at the facilities for the past 6 to 7 months what Creek Nation is going to do. Nothing was done. They thought it could be fixed with a computer program upgrade. It goes to show that we have unqualified people running our Department of Health.

          2. Correction.
            ICD10 starts 10/1/2015.
            Not 2016 as I hit wrong button. Another reason problem with big fingers trying to type.

            In all sincerity billing will drastically decrease for third-party collections as we (health system) are not equipped for this new system.

            A large part of our funding is generated by third party sources. With new codes insurances, Medicaid, and Medicare will pay less and less. All the more importance that we are all doing the correct coding, and billing. Shame the patients will see a reduction in their care as we concentrate more and more on the computer and less and less on the patients.

            1. Sounds like the Health Department should have been provided a day of education in ICD rather than an employee benefit day in the heat.

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