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Shelly Harjo-Davis 6:30pm Sep 11
VERY IMPORTANT Absentee Ballot information:

Several have said that instead of their completed absentee ballot going to the Election Board, it was returned to them. The problem is the citizens’ ADDRESS & BARCODE are on the back of the return envelope. When I have mailed packages, I know to block out any barcodes that are not the intended addressee. I plan to go to the Election Board tomorrow to find out their suggestion for dealing with this issue. Will post as soon as I know.

Shelly Harjo-Davis 6:31pm Sep 11
Spoke with the Election Board. They feel insulted, but I have never said anything bad about them–just questions about the process and the AES company. From what I have seen, the disparaging remarks have only been on GT’s FB page.

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  1. Why are we asking Eli to do something that we are not willing to do ourselves. We have known about how our government has function under different Chiefs and how the NC operates long before Eli came to the Nation. If we cannot fix whats wrong with the Nation why are we asking Eli to Fix it.

  2. Anon, I guess it would be useless to explain anyone’s ethics to you, because you dont seem to know your birth name. How about honesty, starting with posting your name with your silly comments.

    1. Someone brought it to my attention that Mr. Grayson made a comment on his Facebook page about some people has never been around “Injuns” before. I hope this isn’t true and if it is, it shows how much he hasn’t been around Natives himself. To me and many other Natives, “injuns” is just as derogatory as the “N” word to African American. I’m sure Mr. Grayson will enlighten us what he meant by this if he indeed posted it.

    2. That’s real convenient Eli, avoid the question with an excuse. Most of the people on this site are Creek Employees and so we can’t give our names because of a real threat of losing our jobs. What you see on this site is the rubber meeting the road, real perspectives from people who are seeing the corruption of George Tiger and his cabinet on a daily basis. You are all high and mighty safe inside your castle walls trying to dictate to others about ethics, then ridicule anyone with a different perspective of this tribe. You try working at the tribe, doing your job everyday and going home to the same neighborhood of the people we serve. We live here and work here, we see our bosses the “Secretaries” coming and going as they please in nice cars, going home to thier nice houses, getting to go to all the events, just a bunch of crap! This is not our opinion, this is our view, you can’t see that because you have your own agenda. Our agenda is simple, we want fair treatment. If that happens then you will see a change, but with Tiger in office that will never happen. Can I prove this? Call Molly Moore’s office right now and see if she is at work or has been at work this past year 918-732-7983.

      1. If you call her work number, I assume that it is forwarded to her cell phone. She will probably answer. Other employees at the tribe use their annual/sick leave or get time donated to them from fellow employees to take care of sick relatives. They aren’t paid to stay at home and work. Does molly use time to stay at home? That would be nice if every employee received the same treatment as Molly. Nepotism……

      2. The “secretaries” are a joke! A.D. Ellis had Jeff Fife in handcuffs for embezzlement, Cherrah gave up her council seat to get fat as a secretary and travel on the tribes money, can anyone tell us what Bo Colbert does besides sleep in his office, Robertson Cosar, Wilson, Smith have never had an original thought in their head, not sure a freedom of the press will matter with Goodvoice kissing up to george, we still won’t get any controversial topics with her in place. Will Lowe, where’s your honor? We all know you dipped your pen in the company ink, but you don’t get to avoid the situation by letting her work from home. How much extra work does her not being there put on the rest of your workers and what is her sisters’s job there as a recreational consultant? And finally just for this rant, Justin Giles who is not a secretary except to his wife, what a joke he is. He is still the biggest joke around the complex, nobody cares about lacrosse or your trivial agendas to make yourself look important, bring back john beaver to the museum!

        How many of theses positions could be filled by someone with the knowledge and experience of working there? What is George’s negative campaigning (which of course he says he doesn’t do any negative campaigning) against James Floyd? He says Floyd has been away and out of touch from the tribe for 30 years, well george wasn’t that your reasoning when you brought some of your secretaries home to work for you? You said they’ve been away too long, doing good things for other tribes, now it was time use their experience here for the tribe. Your cabinet is filled with people with similar experiences as James Floyd, but yet you ridicule him for being away doing good things for other Tribes and veterans. Such a hypocrite!

    3. Just because someone identifies themselves as anonymous doesn’t mean they’re not honest, should’ve known you’d find some silly excuse not to answer honest questions. Shelley Harjo-Davis and Chief Tiger, guilty of the same offenses, both liars and cheats!

    4. He said citizens shouldn’t lie to council, and council should hold them liable if they do, or lose accountability. The public asked him why he believes this applies to Shelley and not Chief, and apparently he doesn’t have a good answer. No one asked Eli to fix anything.

      1. Yes he loves to say I’m not scared I use my real name. What’s the matter Eli you scared to use your real name to reply to something that you know is wrong doing by the chief. Scared to admit he is wrong with your real name.

    5. This is why this man shouldn’t be trusted. He loves to question other people’s ethical standing and wrong doings but won’t question his master george tiger when he is clearly wrong. So quit posting all your copies of laws, amendments or codes. All of our laws and codes should be followed not just the ones that offend you mr Grayson. We can read and we know where to look these things up ourselves so keep your opinions to yourself. This man is a p.o.s.

    1. This is very interesting folks…I dont post on this page often but it would seems that one individual who does post a lot on here LIED directly to the National Council at the emergency meeting on September 9th…she stated that Ron Cleghorn voted as a dead man in the Ad Ellis vs George Tiger election which was in Nov 2007….which all us sitting in that meeting who knew Ron Cleghorn, look at each other and said didnt this man die in Nov 2009, two years after that election…I waited until the actually video was placed on line on the NC archive meetings to go back and look….she most certainly and deliberately LIED to the Council….so all you folks who believe in all that integrity, honesty and transparency and ACCOUNTIBLITY should also believe tribal members should not be lying to the council when they are in session…if the council refuses to do anything about this, then their credibility is on the line. http://www.mcnnc.com/images/audio/090815%20EMERGENCY%20SESSION.m4v

      1. Way to keep em honest, but what about on April 25, 2015 at the council’s quarterly session? Ole george broke away from the constitutionally mandated chief’s report to fire back at the council for their no confidence vote in March. He started his fidgety rant by stating the Tulsa World had never been good to Indians. He said the reporter of the article was fired and escorted out of the Tulsa World. Remember the article that george secretly met with Shane Rolls to negotiate a contract to allow the Red Clay casino to operate within prime real estate in MCN boundaries and he would receive a hefty fee plus a 5% interest in the profits. Ole george claims that he ended the contract after he took office and that his profession was as a consultant and there is nothing illegal about that. So he was in fact trying to undermine the tribes sovereignty and get rich, but at least he wasn’t meeting secretly.

        Ole george most certainly and deliberately LIED to the council and to the tribe to descredit a Pulitzer Prize Finalist Jounalist. The next day April 26, 2015, Ziva Branstetter responded on VOC stating george lied and that she resigned from the Tulsa World leaving on good terms with a very nice editorial about her professionalism and diligence.

        Ole george told a story to send a message that we can’t trust the white mans paper, media, and so forth. But look and see this week that george and all his followers are praising the Tulsa World for its articles about the river developments. Not only is he a liar but a hypocrite!

        Okay Eli, make sure george is held accountable too.

        1. Absolutely true, GT has made deals for himself before and during his current term. That is the main reason he and S Alexander, R Barnett, R Huft killed the original campaign finance bill by David Nichols prior to the election 4 years ago, then also passed huge raises for themselves to take effect when sworn in at the beginning of the GT Chief term.

        2. Please review institute the time clocks. George immediately did away with them when he took office.
          Time clocks should never be a problem if you come to work on time.
          For those of you who don’t get up early, come to work, do your job, clock out and go home on time.
          We have managers in positions in health system who are the worse offenders.
          And don’t allow people to clock in for each other. Should be immediate grounds for dismissal for both of them.

      2. She should be banned from all meetings and from being a watcher. Anything this woman has ever said should be discredited. Who knows what else she has lied about. She’s not as smart as she thinks saying something that is easily disproved.

        The councils’ credibility has already been diminished. They will not do anything about it. Just like they refuse to do anything about George tigers wrong doings like his adultery, having an active contract while in office for personal profit with our tribe, or all the nepotism he incurs for himself, allowing cabinet members to practice nepotism, making sure red stone gets money from all construction projects while their work is terrible and the owner being engaged or married by now to his stepdaughter and his breaking of laws and policy for family and friends.

        Mr. Grayson I have a question for you to show us how ethical you are. You seem to be a big supporter for Tiger so let’s see if your ethics are real or if only it benefits Tiger. He clearly breaks our laws and policies, so my questions are these: how do you feel about his nepotism violations? How do you feel about him allowing his cabinet member (brad fox) to practice nepotism? How do you feel about his unfair treatment to services, particularly his waiver to shirlene ade to get a home being over income and being brought to the top of the list ahead of everyone that has been waiting years? How do you feel about his waiver to cherra Giles aunt to get a home without meeting the income guidelines while everyone else is turned away? How do you feel about his waiver to allow two lighthorse officers to remain in there home after drugs were publicly found by city police on their children while others with this violation have been tossed out because laws says to do so? How do you feel about his waiver for Richard Fixico to get a home and moved to the top of the list even though he is way over income (maybe this is why we don’t feel comfortable with ballots being placed in lighthorse custody “Fixico owes him”.) These are just a few of his violations.

        Will you please answer these questions? Mainly because I can’t seem to figure you out. Sometimes you seem ethical and sincere and other times not so much. This is not an attack on you but just confused.

        1. Why doesn’t the AG investigate? He took an oath. Why won’t the National Council remove Roger Wiley! He has proven time over time he will no go up against the Chief. It is so simply for the Council to get rid of him.

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