22 thoughts on “Council Passes Resolution for Outside Election Monitor”

  1. Speaker Thomas Yahola knew well that the legislation passed Tuesday night would not have time to take effect at the election next Saturday. Just one more piece of proof that Thomas Yahola is running to give his loosing votes to George Tiger just like Adam Jones.

    And, what’s with David Nichols. He’s been on the National Council long enough to know the time frames and how our laws work.

    The “Ethics Legislation” didn’t get on an agenda until June. Where are the “Ethics chosen people.” Who represents the 3 branches of government? Have they had a meeting? When do the candidates have to disclose their donators to their campaigns? Is just another do nothing, act like something legislation from the National Council?

    No ethics, no accountability, no over site of the election. Looks like Tiger will win this on in the primary.

    Day late dollar short. David Nichols (one of the two) that are honestly running for Principal Chief got legislation to the National Council much too late.

    Tiger will win this election in the Primary. He has to, to save face.

    1. Day late dollar short is correct.

      We knew about Tiger signing the Red Clay Casino 5% deal with developer Shane Rolls in March. Why did Ethics Legislation take until June to pass?

      We knew there was cheating, stuffing of ballots and whatever else Tiger had to do to win elections since 2007.
      Why did “Outside watcher legislation” take until the week before the 2015 election?

      Timing, timing, timing Speaker Thomas Yahola. We know our laws better than our elected people!!!!

    2. It’s great to know that you know what the candidates intentions are and that you know all of the laws and are ethical and accountable and whatever else you think you are. Maybe you should run for Chief since your so wise.

        1. That’s the law so deal with it! You could always denounce your tribal citizenship if your not happy.

          Eli Grayson needs to shut his mouth as well. I’m sick and tired of his 80% can’t hold office agenda. If you don’t like it call the NAACP and while your at it ask them if they would let someone who is just a drop black run their organization. This nation belongs to a reeks so get over it.

          1. Thin bloods need to learn to deal with the fact that they’re eligible for everything but to hold office for the Creek Nation, and that’s a helluva lot more than most! Good grief, quit calling it racism!! If y’all don’t like it, do as Enough says, and denounce your membership. How about the nation out a limit on the blood quantum for citizenship? Then maybe, just maybe, we’ll let y’all call it racism.

            1. Who said anything about racism?

              At the forum at the “Mvskoke Dome”, Chief Tiger’s answer to lowering the blood quantum to hold office was: “It’s coming folks.”

              Does Chief Tiger want all Creek Citizens to be able to run for elected positions? Is he going to change the constitution with an “Executive Order?”

              1. Tiger wants to do exactly what Eli wants him to do. Eli wants the quantum dropped. He harps 80% till the world looks level. He wants the Freedman to have full tribal membership. George will have a branch office in Beggs soon.

                Don’t back up Eli.

                1. The Freedman are not Indian!! They don’t deserve tribal membership!! They don’t deserve tribal benefits or services!! Why is this so hard for people to understand? You have to be Creek by Blood to be a citizen!!

                2. I believe that after the freedmen were emancipated most left Creek Territory and those that stayed with the Creeks were given land and citizenship. Those freedmen relatives that left made the decision for their descendants and forfeited citizenship when they left the tribe after emancipation. Need to keep the law as it stands and have a blood relationship to the enrollee on the Dawes list

          2. Hi Enough,
            I deal with it fine?
            You misunderstood.
            It’s doesn’t bother me at all.
            I still get everything you get even though I am a thin blood. I don’t want to run for office but do know how to read and know our constitution.
            My opinions are important just like yours.
            You sound really bitter for some reason.
            And Enough, I am Mvskoke Creek.

            1. Mvskoke Creek, by choice I’m sure, and it’s certainly to “still get everything” and not for any other reason, because that’s just how how thin bloods are, right? Well, your choice to be Mvskoke Creek to benefit off the full, true Mvskoke’s rights can make someone bitter. Especially when you slap them in the face with it.

          3. At one point in time, I thought that the Creek Freedmen were going to start their own tribe. Does anyone know what happened with that?

    3. Just to clear the waters! I have been silent through this whole campaign! My name is Amanda Jones, I have a wonderful family. I have watched while you shred my husband and could care less the sacrifices he makes. He misses a lot of what our kids do and for what? To listen to people make false accusations. We aren’t wealthy and don’t live in a mansion. But we are content with what we have. I said all that to say this. We work very hard for what we have and no one gives us anything! For the comments you’ve made, well then you just don’t no any better. I forgive you, but if you really want to know the truth, just ask! To wrap this up, there is no way in the world we would put our family through all that to split the vote! Debt, time lost, missed events for our kids, emotional exhaustion, neglect of our home, the list goes on and on! Furthermore we announced candidacy before the others! Hmm that should get you to thinking. To end my rant, I do appreciate the criticism because it just makes my prayer life stronger! Thank you for time, God Bless!

      1. Though I didn’t vote for Mr. Jones, your campaign was a family effort. Your kids are well mannered and you were/are one of the nicest wives of any of the chief’s candidates. Good luck to your family in the future. You are a class act.

  2. For future elections should be great.

    Currently it’s a mute point as its been stated too late for current election. Is there a genuine reason then for the emergency meeting that was called for this to be voted on.

    Perhaps I’m missing the point.

    1. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am fed up with this administration. They have no shame in their crooked dealings. The possibility of an outside monitor for the election has sent them over the top. They don’t even have sense to keep quite, instead they’re yelling to high heaven because they know if this election is monitored it significantly diminishes the chances of them remaining in their jobs. It is laughable they even brought up sovereignty. These new experts apparently don’t even understand sovereignty. But it sounds good to them so if it makes them feel better we’ll sit back and laugh some more.
      I don’t see how this election can even take place with the many problems we’ve already experienced with the absentee ballots. If the election office can’t get that right after all these years something is really wrong and I have to believe its deliberate.

      1. Shameful, I’m with you 100%. And the sovereignty comment is laughable. MCN gives it up every time a deal is worked out with non-tribal entities. Non-tribal people want to be able to get their money back should an issue arise. If the council members/George/board members/directors/etc. really scrutinized all contracts, they would see that sovereignty is given up many times.

      2. The Election Board is not telling the truth. Both of my daughters have not received their ballots therefore making calls to the Election Board. One daughter mailed hers and the other emailed hers. The daughter that mailed hers has been denied a ballot, Election board claiming they never received it, even after she had made sure they had her new address and that was done during the Creek festival. The daughter that emailed hers also was told they never received it. She so happen to have her email confirmation and resent the email. They promised her on Tuesday that they would overnight one. It hasn’t been seen……… It appears to me that this election has many inconsistency related to it. Did the Election Board throw out “Honesty, Integrity, and Credibility” out the door and it doesn’t apply to the board.

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