The new Fiscal Year will start October 1st. The standoff between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch has moved from the sublime to the ridiculous. All of this political posturing will ultimately affect our tribal members the most, and only in a negative way. For what purpose? To feed the egos of little-minded men (and women) who have forgotten the faces of their elders and who only have their own best interests (and agendas) locked into their narrow-minded pea brains. Both sides are at fault for the pitiful state in which our tribe currently resides; however, neither side has the character nor the fortitude to step up and say “we both screwed up, we can’t fix the past, but we can move forward and try to resolve this by working together to find a reasonable solution.” And by reasonable it is meant a solution that puts the tribal members at the forefront. Remember the tribal members? The elderly, the disabled, the young? The very group of people you took an oath to serve and protect? No, as previously stated – it is more important to feed our self-important, self-centered, self-serving, narcissistic egos. Everyone of you within the upper ranks of this tribal government should be ashamed and hope like hell that you do not one day find yourselves in the very position that your current actions have put the majority of our tribal members. I’d pray for you but I’m afraid that would make me as big a hyprocrit as you.

Election Ballots

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Shelly Harjo-Davis 6:30pm Sep 11
VERY IMPORTANT Absentee Ballot information:

Several have said that instead of their completed absentee ballot going to the Election Board, it was returned to them. The problem is the citizens’ ADDRESS & BARCODE are on the back of the return envelope. When I have mailed packages, I know to block out any barcodes that are not the intended addressee. I plan to go to the Election Board tomorrow to find out their suggestion for dealing with this issue. Will post as soon as I know.

Shelly Harjo-Davis 6:31pm Sep 11
Spoke with the Election Board. They feel insulted, but I have never said anything bad about them–just questions about the process and the AES company. From what I have seen, the disparaging remarks have only been on GT’s FB page.