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Please contact me by next Wednesday so we know how many tables are needed—-Shelly Harjo-Davis at 918 814 7513 or we would like for all candidates to come to get your word out there. Mvto

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Muscogee Creek Movement
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Muscogee Creek Movement


We the Muscogee Creek Movement believe in the Constitutional Rights of all Muscogee citizens, acknowledging that the citizens are the government. The elected officials, appointed officials, department heads or managers are not the government.

We the Muscogee People will assist and inform citizens with information and knowledge to empower them to be active in our tribal government. This includes voting, asking questions of officials and to demand answers, respecting our culture and being able to take on issues without  intimating or intimidation.

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  1. I agree with Health Worker . Budget cuts should start with upper management , consultants and positions created for the Chiefs family . Citizens and employees call council reps and let your voices be heard.

    1. Gee as another health worker I beg the council demand they look at Lackey Hall.
      Please go and look at total number of employees that was on the payroll one day prior to tiger taking office.
      Now look at total number there are.
      Some are ghost employees. Never ther. Don’t even have to. Come in for paycheck as automatically deposited.

      1. Have Seneca explain why he has all of these unnecessary employees at Lackey. He is remodeling a clinic for administrative offices in Okmulgee. This building should be used for patient care. Saw the sinks in the dumpster awhile ago. Looks like they are knocking the brick off of it now. Is this wasting money or what? Have Seneca explain how this is saving money and helping the patients?

      2. The ghost employees are for Chief Tiger to commend himself for creating jobs for Creeks.
        The hiring was a smoke screen for us to be impressed with the number of people he hired. Now the wind has now blown the screen away for us to see.
        He has stolen from us yet again.
        It’s hard to understand why any Creek citizen would want this man to continue.
        He’s like a white man speaking Creek., promises of new and better homes, economy, prosperous jobs.

        WE DON’T NEED THE $22,000,000.00 VIRTUAL DRIVING RANGE AND SPORTS BAR. That money could overpay the tribal deficit. But, just like the Okmulgee Country Club that now looks like a pasture for cattle, and the building crumbling away – “IT MADE HIM FEEL GOOD” and that is all that matters to Chief Tiger – feeling good.

        If he doesn’t leave and rigs this election – in my mind he is already gone. No respect, or good words for him will come from many people now.

        1. Does anyone know what the expected return is on the virtual driving range? How long does the tribe think that it will take to pay back that 22,000,0000 dollars?

        2. He will not be held in high regards in Creek history due to all the scandals with mistresses, negotiating for another casino for his own personal gain that would drain millions off of River Spirit. Let’s not forget he is the only Chief voted no confidence by the Council and asked to resign. The citizens attempted to impeach him and he has spent millions on unsuccessful business properties. Vote NO Tiger at the polls!

      3. Yup, tons of ghost employees….Why hasn’t anyone said it in the forum. Tulsa world should look into this. How many people are paid not to come to work??? GT and all his people are guilty of this…..look at that family. Cash cow

    2. Back in A.D. Ellis’ term there were budget problems. He did not use permanent funds and even said that reduction in salaries would start at the top and that he would not take a salary and would continue to work for free. Thief George would NEVER say the same. Instead he wants $5000 raises for his people and to use the permanent fund. GT never paid his personal bills. He keeps expecting others to give him money or he will steal it.

      1. I heard that the company only audited the files bought to them and that they did not have full access to the computers in Administration.

      2. Audit was never completed. Never.
        All items/record’s/computers/discks/ etc were not turned over. Forensic was not done on all computers.
        Some computers were taken off the complex property. Tiger told people to not allow access to some records. They weren’t allowed to see half the documentation. They weren’t shown where all the bodies were.

  2. I’ve talked with my family, and my mother, who is full-blooded Creek, and after careful consideration, here is who we are voting for in this year’s election. By the way candidates, we have over 30 Creek voters in our family. These are people who I truly believe have the best intention for the Creek people.
    Principal Chief: James Floyd
    Creek District: David Hill
    Mcintosh: Darrell Proctor or Sharon Rose
    Okmulgee: Grover Wind
    Okfuskee: Randall Hicks
    Tulsa: Alvin Bucktrot
    Tvkvputchee: David Jimboy
    Wagoner: Timothy Jackson Jr.

      1. I am concerned about this story reported on the news in regards to a Veteran who needed a test for bleeding during pregnancy and was denied and lost the baby within the next couple of weeks or less. Candidate Floyd told the Veteran an investigation had been done when it had not even started. Why lie to this Veteran who lost her baby because a test was denied. If he became Chief, would he lie to the citizens in the same fashion? We need to make sure we elect a honest trustworthy Chief with integrity and transparency.

  3. Anything been posted in regards to Tiger and his Cabinet trying to fix the budget? There is now an extraordinary session on Thursday encouraging employees to attend in support of Council using money from the permanent fund. Ha. We could cut a cool million by not paying his “consultants”, JD Colbert, Dawanna Robertson, etc. How much are they getting paid?

    All you employees, he’d rather pay them a hefty salary and the managers and directors who do nothing instead of the employees who do everything. Is that the kind of chief you want? Your managers and directors are giving themselves raises each year. Are you seeing a raise? You want a change? Show up at the polls.

    1. MC National Council Agenda
      August 20, 2015
      6:30 P.M.
      Council Chambers – Capitol Complex
      Fiscal Year 2016 Comprehensive Annual Budget

  4. Take a look at: Removal.
    Johnna Townsend-Criner is upset. OH NO.

      August 21, 2013 in the Okmulgee Daily Times

    Johnna filed a lawsuit against George Tiger and 4 others.
    Count 1: Assault and Battery
    Count 2: Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
    Count 3: Breach of Contract
    Count 4: Tortuous Interference with Contract
    Count 5: False Imprisonment

    Mrs. Townsend-Criner dropped that lawsuit after getting everything she wanted.

    If Johnna Townsend had followed through with this lawsuit the following would have happened:
    1. George Tiger would be in prison (Feds don’t like abusive men – remember Faye (Anita) Hill from Morris, Oklahoma?)

    2. Millions of Creek $$$$ would have been saved

    3. Elders (like her own Mother) children and families could have been helped with the $$$$$ saved

    4. The minions (as she calls them) would have lost their created jobs at MCN

    Johnna talks out of both sides of her mouth. On the right side Tiger is awful and on the left side tries to get votes for him.

    What should family, friends have done? She lost her job because she called his wife. She was having an affair with a married man and she got everything she wanted for it.


    Your name will be in infamy. It will read:
    “The Adulteress that picked herself over her own people.”

    The truth is: Johnna doesn’t have s _ _ _ on Tiger, she just likes people talking about her and seeing her picture everywhere.

  5. A direct question from the mcn media’s chief candidate forum asked “what is your education?” Floyd stated he had a masters degree, Yahola and Jones have bachelors degrees, Nicholas has a high school diploma, and Tiger is proud of his education. There is no education requirement for holding office and they all addressed that question, so why does the Chief have to side step this question. This comes back to honesty and integrity of our elected officials.

    An honorary doctorate should be listed on a person’s resume under awards not under education so as not to mislead anyone that it is an earned degree. (Michigan State University website)

    Keep asking George what his education is until he gives a straight answer.

    1. A Masters or Bachelors doesn’t make a person, its how he lives his life and treats ALL people and what knowledge he has about Tribal Government. Life is a learning process, no matter how old we get to be. As I listen to the candidates, I think about how the elders use to talk and will cast my vote for my choice and who I feel will lead MCN with dignity, truth and christian love for the citizens of the MCN.

      1. Agreed, a degree does not make the person. However, Tiger clearly does not answer the question from the recent videoed forum asking what is your education. Regardless of the point of the question, if an elder asked you a direct question such as what is your education? Would the answer (quote from Tiger) “I am proud of my education” be sufficient?

        If education does not determine the person, then what does? We’ve heard ethics, character and for tribal leadership we’ve heard accountability, and transparency. If he can’t answer a simple question about his education honestly and accurately then how are we to believe him when he says our finances are okay? If it wasn’t for Adam Jones stating (in the same forum) there is an 18 million dollar deficit, would we have known?

        Right now crucial services are being asked to cut their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. An attempt to take the budget to the council is underway to ask for funds from the permanent fund to cover these costs. Does this sound like a competent, educated administration? Where’s the planning? Tiger said you don’t expect to see a return on you investment in only 2 years (riverwalk property). Is that from his book on economics? We deserve better.

        1. I would like to know what cuts Thief Tiger is making out of his budget. Sounds like the tribe could not afford that employee party. I think that we should eliminate the free vehicles for personal for the executive staff. They should have to check it out for long distance trips or if they have to drive to a second location just like the health department. They are paid well enough and should be able to provide their own transportation. Stop taking that entourage to the quarterly Civilized Tribes meetings! What was that hotel bill? Big waste of money that does not directly benefit the citizens. That dilapidated Okmulgee Hospital is draining the tribe. It has low patient census on the medical floors. Still sending everything out since they do not have specialists. ER is the only place that is busy. Doubt the Rehab Center is making any money. Who should be held accountable?

          1. Factor in the cost for tiger and cronies trip to California. Plus the cost of the festival. Cost of employee picnic had to be huge.
            T-shirts and BBQ aren’t cheap.

            1. Don’t forget that every employee was paid and this is considered non productive time. I could understand if it was a celebration of where we met our goals or targets for the year, or our second quarter earnings drove our overall performance above expectations. Instead we are paying the employees for time off to attend an appreciation dinner for the first time in the nations history. I would like to know if this was ever in the budget for the year 2015? Will this be an annual event, and if so, how do you justify the budget? What other requests had to be offset somewhere else to pay for this spend? I would be cautious to ask for more money when Creek Nation has a high probabiity of over spending. Is this really an annual event or one time occurrence? Can we as a company or nation afford such a lavish expenditure? I would rather see the language department get an increase to help our youth in outlying areas. I would rather see our elderly receive the proper care in health, and well being. I would rather the nation improve the development and education of our youth. The people of our nation deserve the attention of the funds available and not a select few.

              1. These are the same employees working hard everyday to ensure citizens receive the services they need. I doubt 1 day to appreciate them will break the bank. This administration does nothing but write blank checks, but I’m happy that the working class people finally got to feel appreciated instead of the usual lackeys…

              2. I’m not sure where this should be posted but I’m interested in the number of enrolled citizens. Does it seem odd to anyone else that our citizenship rolls have grown more in this administration than any other? Has anyone done the math to see how many new enrollees have been added yearly in the last 3.5 years and how many have been removed due to deaths? I have been told that ballots have been sent in the past for people who have been dead for years. Just curious.

      2. Higher educated people, along with business and leadership experience are more open to change than others, and it was very apparent at the forum. They typically surround themselves with the same level of intelligence, and in checking their backgrounds, they’ve made successes outside of the tribe. This is admirable, especially when they’ve continued to stay humble. Would hate to have the candidates who aren’t formally educated speaking for our great nation in D.C. Neither made much sense in their responses, contradicted themselves, very embarrassing.

  6. Allowing the citizens who are at least 1/4 blood to take office of the Muscogee Nation is cutting it close to expect the citizens of a higher blood quantum to trust to maintain traditional values, while building the Nation. It seems the thin bloods believe that a citizen of full blood, a citizen who doesn’t have the option to choose to be Muscogee when it benefits them or white, black, whatever at the time, does not have the knowledge or business mind to make the Nation a success. The thin bloods get the same services as all full citizens, except to run for office. I would say this is fair, considering the services of the Nation are given to the thin bloods more so than those who are full citizens. I say take what you can get thin bloods, compare that with the services and benefits you get from the other races you can choose to be at anytime, and be grateful that the only thing you’re not at liberty of taking from the full citizens is the right to run and overtake their sovereignty.

    1. Well said. I concur. I am suspicious of the thin bloods and do not believe that many of them will do what is best for the tribe and will focus on special interest. To them being Indian is getting a car tag and medicine from the clinic. Not many of them are culturally involved with Creek Traditions.

      1. Having more Indian blood doesn’t make you more traditional. There are full blood that know nothing of our culture and those with lower blood quantums that are active at our grounds. Blood doesn’t make you care more, it’s how your raised. I hope the law changes and maybe the nation will grow. Hopefully it will be put up to vote so those that truly care about the nation will have a voice. The racist Indian is a stereotype that I hope soon dies out….we need to work together not seperate ourselves with a racist class system. It’s 2015

        1. I’m what, some of you would call thin blood. I’m only half. I was raised native and I think the law is where it needs to be. We don’t want people less than a quarter blood running our tribe. Why would we let outsiders come in with their money motivated ambitions and tell us what we need? I believe the people pushing for this are motivated by money in some way. Perhaps they have some people ready to do their bidding but just can’t get a spot on the NC because they aren’t enough Creek. It’s your choice how you reproduce… Not our fault your babies can’t run for a place on the national council because of a decision you made. If you want Creek Children marry Creek. This law does not take away for their rights, they are still on the roles and are entitled to benefits like the rest of us. As for it being 2015, Obamas the president and we still have racism in America. That has nothing to do with our tribe by the way. We don’t want outsiders redefining our leadership. I want my national council to be like minded, instilled with values and morals similar to mine, most of us grew up in places and families similar to one another’s . I want NC reps to be Creek, Not white with a little creek blood or black with a little creek blood. Heck they don’t have to stomp dance or eat grape dumplings everyday but I need them to identify with our people and I feel that will be lost with less than a quarter blood. So no… Go sell that somewhere else.

          1. I agree with you. I think George is behind this movement so that his step daughters and Francis can run since they are less than a quarter and not able to vote for him. Do not lower the blood quantum for the elected officials. There are plenty of full citizens available to run for election.

            1. I’m confused as to what is meant by his family being less than a quarter and able to vote. I know some people that are less than a quarter and they are able to vote.

            2. I think that you mean that they can not run for office. If they ran for office and held elected positions on the council or executive branch they would vote as Tiger wishes for his poor business ventures and give him more to spend on travel and divert money to him for confusing real estate purchases.

  7. Believe in the Constitution, huh?
    Article V, Section 1: ” The Executive power shall be vested in and shall be known as the Office of the Principal Chief of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.”
    Article VI , Section 1: “All legislative power herein shall be vested in the Muscogee (Creek) National Council…”
    Article VII, Section 1: “The judicial power of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation shall be vested in one Supreme Court limited to matters of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation’s jurisdiction and in such inferior courts as the National Council may from time to time ordain.”
    Tell me again, where the elected officials and appointed officials are not the government?
    Even the citizens are not the government. Those who are less than a 1/4 are just citizens and those who are 1/4 or more are full citizens. If you’re less than 1/4, you’re just a number to the Creek government.

    1. The Constitution establishes that citizens are the authority to establish Law. Citizens control the laws of the Creek Nation, and therefore, are the “government.” You and me and Molly McGee, baby, is where it’s at.

      1. Sit in front of citizenship office for an hour and look at who is enrolling into our tribe & also look why.
        Most of them look white or black. I guarantee almost none of them care about Creek culture or our language!!! They just want a free tag & to get all kinds of benefits.
        Now we have people that want to lower our 1/4 Law so people like THAT can RUN & HOLD office.

        You hear the “Mvskoke Way” all of the time now like our traditional ways are being intertwined with our tribal government. Yeah right! Would our ancestors let Roger get away with that??? If it was not for our “Great White Father” Roger would probably still have that credit card & be spending away. MCN did nothing to him. Anyone that was not born to a Creek mother was not born into a tribal town/ceremonial ground & they did not have a clan. That is one. real Mvskoke way

        1. You marry these” people”, stop complaining about who’s enrolling. If you don’t want mixed, don’t date, or marry with white people or African American. You , yourself probably have mixed in your own family. Just saying

          1. I read some of the responses to a FB post of Ely Grayson about blood quantum . I had to force myself not to roll on the floor laughing since the person griping about thin bloods and spouting off about keeping Creek blood full by only mating with full bloods is only 1/2 Creek . Cause I knew him when he went by his Mexican Dads name.

      2. No, it probably won’t break the bank because it has already done so. A lot of these employees who were “appreciated” are ghost employees anyway, Cheerah and Justin don’t show up for work half the time, who knows where Jd Colbert is or Carmen Tecumseh Williams or Molly Moore or Selina dornan or half the health department or Brad fox and on and on. If these people had a job in the real world they’d have been fired long ago.

        1. When you speak of half of the health department not showing up for work please clarify your statement. The employees in the clinics work every day taking care of patients. The administration is absent and the problem. Too many layers of administration. Too many nonproductive meetings and emails. The first budget cuts should be through administration. It should not be the employees who provide direct care to the patients.

          1. From what I gather after watching the meeting, the health department is fine. Actually it’s the only department that came out looking ok.

            1. I thought they said that the health department would take a 10 million dollar cut. That is what I heard. Seneca did not discuss figures as much as the other departments. Contract Health ran out of money and had to seek more from the Council.

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