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  1. Election letters from the 2011 campaign. See if anything has changed.
    George Tiger: “I strongly commit to working with the National Council and other sources in a unified effort for an improved overall health system, jobs and economic development, tribal sovereignty, housing, expansion of elder and youth programs, Creek community development, employee rights reform, strengthen cultural and language preservation, creek preference on job opportunities and evaluation of tribal funded program policies and guidelines.” (HAS HE ACCOMPLISHED ANY OF THIS?)
    Robert Hufft: “I support economic development for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation beyond gaming so that the nation may continue to grow and prosper. I believe in strong traditional values and the unique tribal culture of the nation while still supporting mainstreaming into a powerful nation capable of supporting its citizens.” (Great job on supporting Riverwalk, OneFire, Fountainhead, Roger Barnett’s continued budget increase and George Tiger, Robert!)
    The one that takes the cake: Shirlene Ade
    ” We cannot continue to take funds from the community towards a centralized government. we must return funding, power and control to our respective communities.” (SHIRLENE, DID YOU NOT READ THE SUPREME COURT RULING THAT SAID THERE WILL NOT BE A RETURN OF THE 50-50 SPLIT OF THE GAMING REVENUE?)
    These three are clear examples of if we keep them in office, then we’ll continue to lose money and keep electing individuals who will do nothing for our citizens.

    1. Shirlene Ade is not the brightest star in the sky. She does whatever George Tiger tells her to do.

      George promised that very thing when he ran against Mike Flud. Didn’t really matter what he promised because the election was a complete fraud.

      Give the money back to the gaming communities? Shirlene is insane. NIGC will close all of our casino doors. Does Shirlene know how to read?

      The casinos don’t belong to the communities in the boundaries they are built Shirlene. The casinos belong to all Creeks.

  2. First of all, “Mvto” for all the opinions / reminders of the candidates.

    It seems there are numerous political animals in the arena. And many have stayed in the game for far too long. Some are no longer lean and hungry … and others have gotten their relatives jobs at the Nation. Especially in management.

    I don’t think we should overlook such activities — it’s just posturing during the political season when council reps pretend to be on the side of citizens and employees.

    It’s time for new blood — and a new path. We DON’T need to “Go further” (down the beaten path) with the Principal Chief Thief nor his cronies.

    So please continue to enlighten me (and others) about council reps — past and present, that we don’t know. Who can we actually count on to be a fair, just and proven leader — as well as have integrity? No more bobble-heads for me, please!

    1. Those who are in George Tiger’s back pocket and cannot be trusted:
      Creek Beaver: David Hill

      McIntosh Beaver: Wilson Bear, Tom Pickering, Darrell Proctor

      Muskogee District: Pete Beaver

      Okfuskee District: Frank Coachman, Lena Wind(DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS WOMAN)

      Okmulgee District: Pearl Thomas

      Tvkvputce District: Shirlene Ade (DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS WOMAN), Edwin Marshall (WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS MAN)

      Tulsa District: Sam Alexander, Robert Hufft [DO NOT VOTE FOR EITHER ONE OF THESE MEN]

      Wagoner District: Johnnie Green

      1. Haha. Do you attend the meetings? Have you seen how some of the Council Members voted in regards to some of George’s legislation or resolutions. Who asks the questions?

        Obviously not. Educate yourself first. Attend Council meetings. You’re on target though with Johnnie Green and Shirlene Ade. But that’s a given.

  3. We really going to put someone in who couldn’t do the job as Speaker? Or have the incumbent of Tulsa continue to spend money and tell the citizens, I can fix it? Let alone, Robert Hufft and several others agreed to keep Sam as Speaker. Get them all away from Creek Nation.
    Taken from the MNN Newspaper from August 2013.

    Motion to remove Alexander as Council speaker fails
    OKMULGEE, Okla. β€” A motion to remove Sam Alexander as speaker of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation National Council was made July 27 during the Council quarterly session.
    Barnett then moved for the removal of Alexander as speaker of the Council, β€œin pursuant to the changes in policies and procedures,” she said. The motion failed 8-9 with Reps. Pete Beaver, Robert Hufft, Keeper Johnson, Thomas Yahola, David Nichols, Jones, LaGrone, Medina and Proctor voting against it.
    Attempts to arrange an inter- view with Alexander for this story were not successful as of press time. A call from his of- fice was returned after office hours, however attempts to contact him the following day were not successful.

    1. As an absentee voter, I feel it is a great thing to be able to select every elected official in tv Muscogee creek nation.
      A few years ago, Robert Hufft and several of the incumbents tried to take that away but it was defeated. Nice try guys, but I and my family remember that and we will show you what absentee voters can do.

      1. I’m disappointed that our Tribe didn’t interview the National Council candidates for everyone to hear! It was canceled at the Dome and we were told they were going to video us an that was canceled!
        The NC is a very important seat an the people needs to see an hear their platform!
        So I would like to know whose decision was it to not do this?

        1. I would like to hear a forum with the Council candidates to give them more opportunity to answer questions. What about the large room at the Muskogee College if he dome is out or even the Mound Building. I think it echoes too much at the dome.

          1. Go to Facebook an go to Muskogee Creek Nation Council Forum. All canidates pics are on there an you can ask any an all questions you want.

            My name is Sharon Rose and I am running for for McIntosh Dist. Please ask me anything you would like.

            1. Has anyone heard what happened with the budgets after the extraordinary session? Is it business as usual in Chief’s house of cards? Did the National Council do anything or fold to Chief?

    2. Went to he Sapulpa Forum. Mvto to Kim Howard who did a great job being the moderator. All the candidates did well and seemed likable. Chief Repeated that he was successful and Riverwalk was about to explode. Doubt it. Jocularity was entertaining when a candidate was asked if he was married and became flustered then recovered easily with a laugh. Other candidates kept the joke running by offering to marry the two, sing at the wedding and a couple of other candidates were remarked that they were single. No real snagging going on, just adding levity to the questioning of he candidates. All in good fun. Kind of brought out the personalities in some of the candidates. Several citizens from Little Cussetah were present. I will be sure to go back to the next forum in Sapulpa.

      1. My cousin went the forum. Said a lot of great things were said from the Chief candidates. One in particular caught their attention.
        James Flloyd said that he has high level security clearance and has maintained it.
        George Tiger said he has clearance to get into the White House. (By the way George, my 10-year old nephew passed the background check to get into the White House when he was there to visit.)
        David Nichols said he has a gun license.

        Get out and vote!

        1. David Nichols also said he would be able to pass or obtain security clearances as required for the elected position. Stated that he did not have any problems with obtaining a gun license. George’s face would turn red at times when some of the candidates were speaking. Obvious that he did not like what they were saying. Floyd mentioned a couple of times how he and George worked together 20 years ago for the tribe and went way back and had went to DC together. Hmmm.

  4. Hensci my fellow people. I am Sharon Rose, I’m.running for McIntosh Seat A.
    I don’t get on this site much, if I do it is seeing what is going!
    If any one would like to ask me questions, please feel free an I will answer the best I can.
    Sharon Rose

    1. Mvto Sharon Rose! I would like to know if the current administration upholds ICWA. If you know, please let us know. Do you have any plans to improve Creek Nation support of ICWA?

      1. Are you referring to the Indian Child Welfare Act? Sometimes men or women make it so hard on the other an don’t take into consideration the child and it’s upbringing. And there is times that the parent who rights were terminated for good cause. I would want the child to stay with relatives, if the relative would take them. They need to be with thier people. Something to really look at.
        What do you think about havng an Orphanage , And having the childrens tradition an culture kept alive!

        1. I think we should try and keep our children with Tribal members if we have them available. We should have our own foster care and Indian Child Welfare Department since we are our own nation. If we need a orphanage or children’s home, let’s have one. we should help Grandparents who need legal resources to take charge of their grandchildren. We should fight for the children. If we lose, one day they can still look back and see that we tried and that they were wanted. We should not give away our kids.

          1. Agree.
            Why not convert tigers Country Club into a safe place for the children.
            Hire decent people to care for them.

            Do background checks.

            1. We have so many loving and caring Elders that would love to give thier time to them!
              There is so many Grants out there that could possibly fund this.
              If elected, I would push for this and I am going back to school to learn how to write for grants. This is something that our Tribe needs!
              This can save thousands of dollars for our tribe!

          2. Sam.
            I agree with you, we do have Foster Care but I don’t know who is in charge of it. We have Children’s Protective service but, I feel that the children are still lost in the system, between our Dept and DHS. My opinion, we need to restructure the Departments within our Tribal Programs. I have said this in my platform and at the Forums, there needs to be Accountabilty!

            1. Does the Attorney General of Creek Nation have any involvement or oversight of ICWA cases? Also there are single mothers working for Creek Nation who need help. Their significant others are incarcerated, deadbeat Dads or they were abandoned. Do we have housing assistance for them? If not, why not?

  5. Chiefs Questionimg Session Top Topics:

    Two Constitutional Changes:
    1 repeal blood quantum and modernize our government.
    2 freedom of the Press


    Yahola said no problem when he is elected.
    Tiger time has come.
    Floyd should be done.
    Jones spin, spin,
    Nichols long overdue.
    Now let’s see who does something.

    1. Does Creek Nation have a Constitutional Board? Changing the blood quantum for elected officials needs to go through the constitutional board. We need to have respect for the constitution that our elders made and consider the reasons why they made it that way. Some tribes do not allow membership below a quarter. Some follow a descendent relationship on the Dawes Rolls. If we open this up, where will it stop? Out elected officials need to have substantial Creek Blood to have our best interest. Are we to have people in charge that are not Creek or only Creek when they come to work? We just have to elect the honest leaders with integrity!

  6. David Hill brought out a good point when he mentioned the big increases the managers received and the rank and file, got zip !! One is making $80,000 a year, !!! LH could apply for DOJ grants, like the other tribes do, Department heads don’t need to take their entire staff on trips like intertribal meeting s, Wasn’t impressed with the dog and pony show, GT could fix the budget by getting rid of all his consultants and their enormous paychecks, etc.,etc

    1. Anderson I agree with you. Shoot, $80,000 is probably the going rate for George’s friends and their kids. Even back when he was on national council and they hired john beaver and justin giles to build a museum, i heard beaver was making more than chief, over $90,000, and justin making lots of $ too. All that money over the years could have been used to help our people and our kids.

  7. Hey, there seems to be some really good candidates this year, some real dandies. I will vote for the candidates that I feel will tell me straight, if they can help or not. Not voting for anyone with a slick tongue, or doesn’t seem willing to work. I am definitely not voting for anyone with a shady history with the tribe. How can two of these candidates be running when they can’t work for the tribe? (Or were terminated for criminal behavior. ) I will not vote for Edwin or Randall. I know people deserve second chances but I think you need to show the people a little more before you expect them to make further mistakes by voting you into office. First of all publicly admit of your short comings. If you don’t bring it up first, it’s too late, and you already lost the race. Remember there are some good people in this race!

    1. Tonight I thought David Nichols did a good job at the Council meeting. He has my vote. I do not think that Chief Tiger should have invited employees to the meeting to try and coerce the council into giving him 18 million dollars after he made poor business decisions. Tho onus should be on Tiger.

      1. Councilman Hill brought up a good point in the short time they had to review about the submitted budget had raises for administration and management while employees do not and GT needs 18 million dollars. I can’t believe they would submit budgets with raises for the highest paid people already. Councilman Randolph remarked that GT would not ever give his cost or travel or travel expenses for his department to the Council. GT takes many employees to the Quartery meetings and pays for the lodging. This is a waste of money. Other departments waste money on unnecessary travel as well. Councilman Jennings is an honest man. Stated that he could not support removing money from the permanent fund. Stated that they did it to buy Riverwalk and GT has not attempted to pay it back. He made it apparent that GT would rather rob Peter to pay Paul than to try and balance the budget.

      2. Councilman Jones reported that GT had ran out of money every year and had used money from I believe a 27 million gaming reserve that is now depleted. None of the Council want to see employees lose their jobs. Councilman Nichols proposed that the Executive office be funded at 25%. He was firm and respectful o GT. I did not here GT respond. Councilman Lucien Tiger asked pointed questions in regards to the allocation of percentages of the gaming revenue and mentioned that this should have been brought up sooner to make adjustments in allocations and percentages. Apparently GT has a deficit very year. I did not here GT’s answer. I did not here one Council member say that they would support 18 million to be removed from the permanent fund. Councilman Huft talked about percentage allocations as well but he was hard to here from my seat. The two Council members who have supported GT in the past remained silent.

        1. Immediately STOP payment on a all travel. If they do not have prior authorization you have NO business paying for anything.
          If they do not present with receipts or documentation after the return trip DO NOT pay.
          That is the rules for the common employee to travel. This should include any or all of tigers travels.
          If not provided for prior trips make immediate steps for garnishment from future checks. You have the legal authority to do so. Council you have a legal and moral obligation to do so.

    2. I agree, if a person has been Discharged from employment with us, they should not be able to run for office. Also, if they have the option to resign instead being fired to save face, they should not be able to work for us. George Tiger has allowed this!
      I am running for NC, my name is Sharon Rose, feel free to ask me anything. I may not have the answer but I’m willing to find out! I’m not a Politician, but I speak up for our people.

  8. Council members are being used to take the blame for budget crisis, if the administration hadn’t squander so much money on so called Consultants, purchases with no return, and outrageous salaries, there would not be a crisis! GT is wanting to make a run for the permanent fund again, let the NC know this is unacceptable!!!

    1. Today is the day we find out if the national council is going to approve dipping in to the permanent fund to pull us out of the financial crisis we’re facing.
      I hope people are paying close attention to this and watch who votes yes on this. Someone mentioned earlier the spending this administration has approved for intertribal meetings, Cherrah and Justin traveling all over the place, George wanting and council approving money for football fields, the “gala”, etc. Folks, this has to stop! If our council approves this they are no better than George. Someone needs to show some fiscal accountability and if they won’t, get rid of them! All of these people surrounding George drawing huge salaries are hired because he recognizes his own limitations and thinks anyone with a title after their name is going to make him look good. Our own citizens are in financial crisis too, and there is no money left to help them. Why? Because the departments budgets have been raped by those in charge. If this spending is allowed, there won’t be a permanent fund or any interest at the end of the next four years.

    2. This is true. Tiger is trying to show he is a fearless leader by having his minions there and all employees. He is looking to make this a political issue and play victim.

    3. Tonight’s meeting should give us answers about the Chief & what he has done with the $18,000,000. budget shortfall, and what the council has done to prevent un-necessary spending.

      I also wonder why, all of a sudden, Tiger is so interested in the employees. He’s appreciated them by taking a full tribal work way to do it & some were asked to use vacation days for it. Now he is asking all employees to attend tonight’s emergency Council meeting. What for? Will they be asked to stand up & cheer & clap for whatever Tiger does, since he absolutely appreciates them and this would be a pay-back by them? He likes to pack the auditorium with employees so he & his minions can spot who clapped or not. INTIMIDATION AS ALWAYS, IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER.

      1. The budget meeting was a joke, omg! I am very disappointed in Council, where were you, obviously you were not there for the people or employees. It was your chance to stand up to GT and Patricia the wanna be controller. And ask why we are in the debt were in. Not one of you did that. Sooooooo, disappointed
        Can’t really say anything.

  9. The small group that was hosting the Council Candidiate Forum set for Saturday has cancelled it. Something fishy is going on. Maybe Tiger interfered and told them to?

  10. The only incumbent I’m voting for in this year’s election is David Hill. I live in Okmulgee District and am going to vote for Dean Williams.
    Tulsa District needs some new blood. Robert Hufft tried to take away the citizens right to vote for at-large voting in 2013. Sam Alexander wasn’t the best at being Speaker and they tried to remove him from office. These two also supported the the spending of the money by the council on George’s ventures. Good bye to both of them.

      1. Why hasn’t our FREE PRESS MCN Newspaper printed the Chief Tiger denial to meet with President Obama? peopleofonefire.com site had it, but our own newspaper did not.

        Saturday at the Chief’s forum the question was asked:
        “Would you support freedom of press if elected?”

        Tiger’s response was closely to the following: “I have been in the media business all of my life, I don’t tell my employees what they can and cannot print.”

  11. Two people to surely vote against on the council would be Shirlene Ade and Johnny Greene. Both failed to vote for a no confidence, nor did either vote for Thief Tiger’s resignation. By that vote, they both showed that they are as corrupt as Tiger.

    1. Don’t forget about Robert Huft. He rescinded his vote of no confidence. So apparently he is ok with our current chief just as these two ladies are. These three for sure need to go.

      1. In his profile, he said he was ready to evaluate the tribe’s assets and provide a plan for citizens to utilize those assets. He should’ve been doing this from the start of his service in council, not wait until now when he’s about to get voted out. Sorry Mr. Hufft, your time is up! Should’ve used your time as a representative to our advantage, not your own.

  12. James Floyd. I spoke with people who used to work for him. They rave about his professionalism and his doing work “through” people. They would vote for him for President right now if they could. My mom talked to a VA nurse who didn’t know him personally but talked about how everyone in the building talked about how good of a listener that he was.

      1. If you go directly to KJRH website, there is more to this story. Like Mr. James Floyd retired 2 days after all this happened & became a wide spread story. Read all the articles being investigated by Marla Carter of KJRH. Seems like all the problems about the VA hospitals/treatments all occurred with this one story. Pitiful.

      2. This man just lost my vote unless he can give a good reason why he didn’t do his job and why he lied. A life was lost!

      3. This isn’t nearly as bad as what our other politicians do. At least he was defending his company, and it’s not like he did anything to the woman with his hands, sounds like he made a bad judgment call. He paid for it. He gave her the run around. I know how it sounds bad in retrospect, but come on. He didn’t commit treason against the VA hospital, or have half the personal drama to boot. Look I don’t even know who I’m voting for, but this is nothing in comparison.

          1. Exactly like the lives our health system has lost due to refusal for care.
            Ask George about that.
            He has taken the money from Contract Health to pay on hospital and land.
            Ask Seneca how many referrals are denied.
            Bet none of francis tigers ills were denied. I ow they weren’t.
            Just like massive amounts spent on Roger Barnett sisters weight loss surgery.
            Plus they have taken federal funds.

            1. How come the Inspector General or the Head of the IHS does not investigate? Ziva can you check into this! We need some checks and balances to make sure that our money is used appropriately.

        1. I believe that it shows a lack of integrity. We need our leaders to do the right thing all of the time whether anyone is watching or not.

  13. I think it indicates he doesn’t want to be bought.
    Independent doesn’t mean dictator.

    If you will look at all the kick backs your present administration has you can see the reason to shy away from donations.

  14. James Floyd for Chief. I feel I could support him but He comes across as a Mico manage style. He does not want contributions and to me this sounds like he wants complete control of his own actions. I wonder if he would have trouble with delegation of duties with other staff. How open would he be with suggestions from citizens if he wants to be his own man.

    1. I went to a forum and I have decided on David Nichols for Chief. He has the experience of being a Councilman for many years and he seemed to have a plan of action already thought out to the questions asked. I think is very personable and has proven to be a good listener to our Citizens. I really think he can really turn our Nation around. I think Floyd should run our Health Department since that is where his strength lies.

      1. David Nichols’ just received campaign mail out is the best, it lays out all the problems with current administration, outlines a platform for the Creek Nation and citizens.
        He has my vote and all my family members.

    2. Read about him. If he has one quality it is being a GOOD listener. His employees always have given him high marks for fair work environment. His track record is a platinum level. One big quailipfication is he has his masters in health administration – A chief that understands our number priority to our citizens is worth a lot. Do some research and I think you will then agree

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