5 thoughts on “Resignation”

  1. What happened to follow-up on the story that Principal Chief George Tiger was a security risk and not allowed to meet the President of the United States when he visited the Choctaw Nation.
    Sources working at Tribal Complex report Chief Tiger traveled to Durant early the morning of the Presedential visit to get a photo op with the President for use in Chief Tiger’s reelection campaign.
    Where are the Picts?

  2. I can’t believe the NC Speaker signed that resignation letter to the Principal Chief. His code of ethics and conduct are up there with George Tiger, people just don’t know about him in Okmulgee, but we do in Hughes and Seminole County.

  3. Thief Tiger should have resigned after the vote of no confidence. History books will not be kind to his memory. His term will be remembered for the extensive corruption, massive spending to the brink of financial ruin, aldulterous scandals and the embarrassment he as caused our tribe in the press.

    1. That’s right! And he complained about his ‘civil’ rights being violated but yet he allows his male employees to sexually violate the rights of the female employees. There is nothing civil or right about him! He’s a disgrace and embarrassment to the tribe! He should be a disgrace to his family, but apparently they idolize and embrace the narcissistic, hypersexual, greedy, covetous type. They’re as shameless as they come.

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