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  1. What is this George Tiger campaign rally party on Friday? Oh is that not it, Employee Appreciation Day. Is this the first time ever? Coincidence? Hope the employees aren’t ignorant to fall for his antics.

    1. It’s mandatory for the employees to go, but obviously a campaign rally. This is another lame excuse for Tiger to mismanage federal funds by using this appreciation day for his own personal use. Yep, first time ever! Usually, it’s a hot dog and piece of cake…..if you wanted, but not obligatory.

  2. I’m not sure how to go about posting here what someone posted on Facebook. Johnna Townsend Criner posted on the Creek Removal Page about people and the nation not supporting her and outcasting her after the incidences with George Tiger. While no woman should be treated how he supposedly treated her. I have one question for her, where is she at for the people? She got a nice paying job then a house then a check for more than what some of us make in a year. Where are you Johnna? Are there certain terms and agreements you can not discuss so you can keep that pretty check from George? If we don’t even know half the story, then by all means, spill it. If you dislike Tiger as much as it appears you do, then why won’t you come forth and put the hammer down. Show us a copy of that check from him. Was this after the dismissal of the court case in Okmulgee County when you received the money? Paid off to keep hush?

    1. The issue between Tiger and Ms. Townsend is just that….between them. Things going public got people’s nose into it.
      My comment about any money used to purchase her a home should have come straight from Tigers pocket. The Tribe did not use her. Tiger did. In no instance should funds come from tribe to pay for his actions. Let Francis and Tiger pay.

      1. I hope that is incorrect.
        Denise has a heart and soul for that program. Her interest and desire to help are genuine.
        She has been nothing but an asset.

      2. I truly hope you are incorrect in this assumption, and have sought out permission to post such private information about someone.

        1. Unfortunately, it’s true. It appears Cherrah’s departments are falling apart by removing people that have the heart and soul for their work. Now they have hired Terrie Anderson as the Senior Services Director! Another George vote!

          1. If you can’t roll with George, the Giles, Fifes, and Wiley’s, you’re out of there.

            Sad but true. Got to play by their rules and think the exact same as they do….. CORRUPT MINDS.

  3. In June 2011, A.D. Ellis said that the Permanent Fund had $202 million in it.
    In July 2015, the Quarterly Report says that it just now hit the $300 million mark.
    So for the last 4 years, the permanent fund was credited $24.5 million in it and that means our profit from gaming profit was only about $122.5 million (remember, 20% of the profit of gaming is deposited in the permanent fund) so only $6 million went to health (only 5% of gaming goes to health). No wonder we’re broke and our people are constantly sick.
    You want Tiger and the incumbents of the National Council or someone else?

    1. Just a few weeks ago George said “we are not broke” but his week all budget hearing are on hold due to lack of funds for next years budget. When is the tribe going to stop giving away so much money ?

  4. Was McIntosh District NC Rep Darrell Proctor at Chief Tiger’s State of the Nation meeting instead of at the National Council meeting? Shows where his loyalty is – with George Tiger instead of the people – if he was.

    1. Darrell Proctor II was at the Chief’s meeting and his father was at council meeting! Wondering where this misinformation came from.

  5. FYI…George’s lil minions are at it again! A female employee wanted to file sexual harassment against JoJo Tecumseh. He was transferred to Carmin Tecumseh-Williams Department from another department after getting caught buying marijuana in a tribal vehicle! He is also a Warrior for Women…lol. Anyhoo, after Shawn Partridge, Family Violence Manager and the Sexual Harassment advocate for the employees, told the female employee not to file a sexual harassment claim, the two employees were placed on Admin Leave and the female employee was let go!!! I hope she finds a good attorney and she’s!

    1. You mean JoJo Martel (his mother was a Tecumseh.) This shouldn’t come as a surprise at all, another cover up by this administration, and that female employee had worked for the tribe for nine or ten years! I think they were given enough rope and have finally hung themselves. This one and the four girls with current sexual harassment claims who have hired a lawyer are prepared to take it as far as necessary. I think everyone needs to write our congressmen and women and let them know how our domestic violence person and our Chief handles sexual harassment charges. What a joke!

      1. Sound about right. Everything ol George does is a joke but only his family gets to laugh. Bow down and share in the corruption…..sounds like JoJo got a slice. What a sad an pathetic family to represent creek nation

      2. Doesn’t the Domestic Violence run on Federal funds and grants?
        Can’t imagine that this violates the federal guidelines. Also put the program in jeopardy of losing their funding.
        How many jobs then would be lost?

      1. I’ve contacted the ladies and was told in due time everyone will know. In the meantime I suppose you could ask Shawn Partridge and Cherrah Giles which one they fired.

        1. Why would they contact one of these two who appear to be in GT’s pocket. We know Giles, et al, are and Partridge “told” the female employee to NOT file sexual harassment charges, she was placed on admin leave and fired later. This appears to be the was GT’s administration works. I am certain that you can’t find any record of these complaints in the AG’s office. HOW LONG WILL WE PUT UP WITH THIS FLAUNTING OF MCN JUSTICE? THE ACLU WILL TELL YOU THAT THEY CANNOT INTERFERE BECAUSE MCN IS A “SOVEREIGN” NATION! WE MUST DO IT ON OUR OWN IN THE NEXT ELECTION. THE NEW CHIEF MUST CONTINUE THE INVESTIGATING INTO UNCOVERING THE MONEY TRAIL. IT WOULD BE GREAT IF THE OK AG’S OFFICE AND FBI BECAME INVOLVED. DO IT!!

  6. It’s was a joke, all his little minions clapping for him. Brad fox, is the biggest brown nose in housing besides Lora king, rance fogl the cheater, brant beaver. Don’t let b this man in office, get rid of his followers, finance is being run by idiots.
    What a joke!

  7. Eli is reporting on his FB page George is not “being allowed” to give his quarterly report.
    Anyone know why he’s not being allowed.
    Or is this just ANOTHER lie?

  8. Political move. Downing the Speaker and National Council, probably because there are 3 running for Principal Chief. His reports tell nothing anyway. Just lies, lies, and more lies. What a joke! He’s an embarrassment to the tribe. If I had a dollar for every lie he’s told…I’d be a billionaire!

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