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  1. Ok, question,
    Why are citizens asked to submit questions prior to candidate forum. Floor should be open to questions.
    Secondly, employee appreciation day, citizens at large, program fair, example of events paid for by the tribe to benefit or sway votes for GT. ummm any answers

  2. I rarely come to this blog because I rarely find anything of use. It’s almost always childish attacks, gossip and name calling. I rarely find constructive conversations so I rarely come here. I came on today to see if I could find any constructive discussion on those running for council. What I found was one person making personal attacks and childish attacks on Rodney Josie. He used only the name ‘Larry’, so he chose to make personal attacks under the guise of anonymity. A real man would speak to someone’s face rather than attacking like a keyboard cowboy.
    I will use my name, which puts me at risk, because unfortunately, it is what we live with when we are employees for our tribe. As a tribal citizen it is my right to speak and ask questions. As an employee we are supposed to be protected to do so though we know that protection is not in place in for all of us. What I have to say is not gossip or denigrating to anyone, so I should be safe.

    My name is Yvette Wiley and I work in the Office of Environmental Services. I’ve been there since September 04, 2003. I have a B.S. in Organismic Biology. I will defend my thesis this fall and earn my M.S. in environmental science with a focus on watershed resources.

    I’m stating ten reason why I am voting for Rodney Josie.
    1. He is straightforward and honest. If he does not know the answer he will tell you he doesn’t know. Not many people are that straightforward and honest. Unfortunately, most people can’t handle that trait. We have become so used to dealing with people that will tell us anything and everything we want to hear whether they can get it accomplished or not. Do you want an honest person that sincerely cares about the ethics at our tribe? If so, vote for Rodney.

    2. Rodney has an excellent work ethic. He is well organized. There is no job he won’t do or that he feels is beneath him. He does not have a lazy bone in him. He will always roll-up his sleeves and work. From what I’ve seen, he will do a better job than most other people and he will finish the job is he is allowed to finish. He will do it efficiently and effectively. If you need help or assistance; ask Rodney. He is willing to help you and he has skills beyond pushing paper. He will help you if he can. If he can’t he will tell you he can’t and explain why. He is straight forward and I like that. I meet so few people that are straightforward anymore. I work alone almost all the time, even when I’m in the field. Sometimes I need help with field work because the task / job requires a minimum of two people. A couple of years ago, I requested a crew to go out with me to get a job done. Because our department finally has a good manager, that manager, Del Beaver, requested a crew go out with me. Rodney was on that crew. He told me he didn’t know how to do a stream channel assessment. I responded, “that’s okay. I can teach you.” Because I’ve worked with Rodney on many occasions, I know he will take direction and listen and he does it without attitude. It does not matter to him if that direction is coming from a female. He listens and he learns quickly and I wish I had him in the field with me every time I need assistance. Rodney and two older summer youth workers were the only two in that crew willing to actually get in the creek and learn how to help me accomplish the field work.

    3. Rodney’s heart is in the right place. I know this because I work with him and have worked with him for over ten years. I didn’t witness the incident between Rodney and Susumu that “Larry” brought up. What I do know is that they both work together and I’ve never witnessed any tension between the two of them. Susumu is a good guy and so is Rodney. End of story. Anyone else want to throw that BS around then you are just trying to stir a pot of stink. Grow up.

    4. Rodney isn’t concerned posing for pictures or getting his name in the paper for doing a job or starting and running a program. If that happens, fine. If it doesn’t that fine. That is unlike some of the men at MCN I’ve witnessed during my tenure. That speaks volumes on the true nature of his pursuit of being a councilmen for Muscogee Creek Nation. He is in this for your best interests.

    5. Rodney’s house has been brought into this conversation even though it has nothing to do with what he will do for the Mvskoke people if he is elected to office. I am a witness to the fact that Rodney was on a waiting list for a very long time—–just like every other citizen. He and his son received no special favors. He got bumped back at least one time. When his name finally got to the top of the waiting list he had a choice of two houses. He made his choice and the housing program moved forward. I don’t know what his payments are but I can say the same FEDERAL regulations that apply to setting those payments were applied to Rodney that are applied to every other Mvskoke citizen that qualifies for that program. If they weren’t then the tribe would be out of compliance and could potentially lose federal funds for that program and have to make restitution for misspent funds. Rodney has nothing to do with what houses are purchased by MCN Division of Housing for that program.

    6. Rodney’s past has also been brought into this conversation. I don’t know details of his past. That’s his life history. Not yours. Not mine. He provided and answer and I believe him. He is running for council so it is to be expected there will be mudslinging. It’s unfortunate that we tribes have become so assimilated that we behave like White people politicians. Anyway, I believe him because I know him to be a straightforward and an honest person. I also believe him because years ago when he was out doing field work with me near Hanna he told me about it when he was in HS and living alone on his families property. It’s a long way from town, that’s for sure. It was just casual conversation when we were enroute to our stream site. During that period when he was in HS and living on his own, he sometimes went to Tulsa to stay with his mom. The only reason I mention this is I grew up in the neighborhood where she lived. I did not know them then. Back in those days when I was kid (I’m about 15 years older than Rodney (I think)) and even when Rodney would have been young were a lot of kids that were either in gangs or gang wannabes. Lots of opportunities for a bad influence and for any kid to take a path down illegal activities. I know this for a fact because I grew up there and I live there now. Speaking from personal experience based on my life and where I grew up then he has not just done a good job of living his life and staying away from a life of crime, he has done a spectacular job.

    7. Rodney is real. What you see is who he is. He is not narcissistic and arrogant. He is unpretentious. I absolutely loathe narcissistic picture-posing politicians that are in it largely to pad their own bank account. I loathe crooks and pretentious people. Rodney is neither.

    8. Rodney takes little very little grief from people that try to cause him problems. He isn’t mean about it, but he will confront someone that may be gossiping about him behind his back or trying to undermine his work while smiling in his face. (under our prior dept. manager we had a lot of that happening and just general shit stirrers in our dept. A poor manager lets that happen. A good one has the skills to build moral where the shit stirrers move on) A lot of people simply can’t handle that approach. If Rodney confronts you he is quick to calm down if you are honest with him. He will move on and I’ve never known him to hold a grudge. To me, that says a lot about his character as a human being.

    9. Rodney is a man of high character. He is intelligent, and will make decisions based on the law and federal regulations we’re required to comply with. You will never find Rodney doing this for his own financial benefit. I do not believe he would ever be complicit with any illegal activity.

    10. Lastly, Rodney’s heart is in this for ALL of the Mvskoke citizens. He cares about the basics and the underdogs. I know because I’ve worked with him for over 10 years. I’ve seen him in action on the job. I’ve seen him start building a program and get it up and running only to have it taken from him so someone more popular can get their name out front and take credit. I’ve seen him get gossiped about and get shoved to the back. He has handled it with class. . Most importantly for me is Rodney is not a phoney, fake, or narcissistic individual. He is running for your benefit, not his.

    Rodney Josie gets my vote and if you want an honest, hardworking councilman he should get your vote, too.

  3. Ok, we know all about josie, who cares. Let’s move on to George Tiger, why is it that he Flys first class, and his hotels are 1000 a night. Do we need a Diva in our office. NO WE NEED SOMEONE WHO WILL WORK FOR THE PEOPLE, BE FOR THE PEOPLE AND NOT BENEFIT HIS SELF.

  4. Ok this guys got my vote! His candor is unmatched by any I’ve ever heard. Checked him out and so far everything he has said is true. Sounds pretty honest, transparent and accountable to me. So give it up Larry your lies are no match for this mans wit. “Vote Josie”

    1. Mr. Josie, in your candidate biography you listed 8 years experience in cultural/historical preservation. Could you please elaborate on your experience in that particular area?

      1. EdD,
        Sure. One of the many job duties I have is to conduct field studies to determine if projects are in need of Oklahoma State Historical Preservation Office, Tribal Historic Preservation Office and Oklahoma Archaeological Survey consultations. I also assist our Heritage Resource Technician and the BIA Archaeologists in conducting field surveys.

        The consultations are to determine if a field survey is required from either agency. They tell us whether or not the project will involve disturbing previously undisturbed land along with any other concerns they may have. If the land is undisturbed a field survey is usually required. A field survey consists of digging test holes to determine if any artifacts/heritage resources are located on the project site before the ground is disturbed. This helps insure the recognition and protection of our heritage resources. I also have been working toward obtaining a Heritage Resource Technician Certification. I have 13 more hours of field work left to obtain the crtification.

        Thank you for your question.

  5. Get the facts straight larry, this Is true. His house was only 145000, and he does pay the 350. Your and idiot. Get your stuff straight before you run your mouth

  6. I’m not a fan of Rodney josie, but I know that he knows alot when it comes to housing. So vote for him, he knows Brad Fox is a liar, cheater, and only looks out for himself.

    1. Agree with granny and granny! How much his house cost or what he pays is insignificant, unless Larry and his brothers want to share what their homes costs and how much they pay. If it’s more than Josie’s, we know this all comes down to pure jealousy. We all know this man isn’t going to back down or tolerate idiocy. This is the type of strong minded, forthright people needed in council. I do have one question for you Mr. Josie, though I’m certain the daft-minded read through this as easily as I, but for the sake of “putting it out there”, I’m going to ask anyway. One post stated Brad should’ve fired his sister Marcy, another stated she visits her sister in law’s office. Assuming Brad has the authority to terminate employment, is housing promoting nepotism?

      1. First of all I want to thank you for asking my first legitimate question that pertains to real issues and concerns.

        To answer your question, “yes I believe nepotism is being promoted by those who believe they are above the law.”

        Policy “VERY CLEARLY” states that: “No employee shall be a RELATIVE of anyone in their chain of command, up to and including top level of division, department or independent
        entity.” Relative is defined in policy to mean father, mother, son, daughter, brother, SISTER, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, husband, WIFE, grandparents, STEPCHILDREN and it goes on with more but for lack of making a longer post I’ll stop here since the key violators have been covered.

        Brad Foxs’ own words to me was that policy doesn’t mean sh*t to him and he will do whatever the chief tells him to do. He also stated that HUD told him all decisions are at his discretion so he can do whatever he wants. He fails to realize any discretion given to Creek Nation has been made policy by council, therefore law that he must follow and he nor chief have no authority to over ride policy/law.

        The current situation that he thinks makes his nepotism right is that he gave his wife a non departmental head title although he still allows her to run the department. He lists someone else as the department head but this person doesn’t even have anything to do with running Mrs. Foxs’ department. She actually just takes care of finance books and works in Brads office. His sister also works under him but not as a departmental head.

        With all this being said we know he is in direct violation of our nepotism policy. He is his wife and sisters top executive, which is absolutely prohibited. They can’t even sweep floors for him, it’s against policy/law to work anywhere in housing as long as he is the director.

        Hope this what your looking for. Please I encourage all questions so ask away. Also please have a look at my face book page – Rodney josie for creek council- there’s current info people may not know about on this page that will be continually updated.

        -Thanks for the inquiry

        1. Mr. Josie

          I perused your site last night and read each section. I work in our health system and some of the issues you mentioned about housing are/have occurred in that department. We to receive federal funds and the demands the chief, Barnett (while in office), Lack Hall have made on health system employees violates the rules and regulations of IHS funding.

          Many employees fear for loss of their jobs as well as fear the federal government.

          All that being said I’m sure each division within this system has their own stories to tell. My concern is if elected what role would you play on trying to fix this. It’s a massive problem. Requires honest men and women with a burning desire to care for Native Americans wanting to make a change.

          I hate to see a new Council person come on board and follow suit.

          1. Hello,

            I understand completely what you are saying. “Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

            I believe first of all that these illegal demands and violations should be reported to the A.G.’s Office. Unfortunately our current A.G. Will not enforce Federal laws or our own Tribal laws. I think this is the real problem. It creates a system that has no checks and balances and that is what this Tribe so desperately needs.

            With that said, it appears we have a stumbling block that will continue until someone stands up and takes a legal stance. The A.G. should be prosecuting the very ones that break federal/tribal laws and the officials that demanded it.

            The current administration continually reminds us that the Council is only a legislative body and has no authority in executive matters. While this is true the current council has yet to exercise their true power. They don’t need anyones permission to oust a cabinet member for illegal activity or just plain incompetence.

            If elected I will always be there for you as a last resort. I say last resort simply because Council is a legislative body and is responsible for confirming “QUALIFIED” cabinet members to make sure all departments are run as expected with no favors or unequal treatment.

            As long as the problem is taken through the proper chains of authority and nothing is done, “I will do something about it.”

            No one is above the law and with all the proper documentation these matters can be dealt with “with or without the full consent of council.”

            Don’t get me wrong we do have some good Council members that want to do right. They are just outnumbered at the moment but with your help and others we can mold our council into a new generation of truly for the people representatives.


        2. Rodney you are just being weird now. You are having a conversation with yourself pretending to be other people. Everyone can clearly tell that you are all the names on here supporting yourself. Granny ,creek gma, jerry and whatever other names you have posted under . Whats funny is how you called someone childish. Look in the mirror and you will see childish at its finest! Vote anyone but josie.

          1. Hey VOC, if I’m not mistaken, did you all send a letter out in the last election regarding Tiger’s record. Would that be something to do for this upcoming election?

            I think some of the citizens need a reminder of Tiger’s past, excessive spending, shady dealings and lousy administration.

        3. Rodney. I read in Facebook where you stated that Housing receives 0.00 dollars from the tribe. I have to say that is a false statement. The money received for housing has to go through the tribe then at that time it is issued to housing. That’s the way it was done in the past when it was the Housing Authority and when the tribe was fed up what the housing authority was doing the tribe then shut it down and brought it under the tribe, so the housing division does receive funds disbursed to housing. I have contacted the National Council members of this and they all said your statement is wrong. They said how else does the housing exist to operate if they are not receiving the funding given to them. This what the Council is wanting to know is, What is housing doing with money appropriated to them. Housing has 56 OFFICE employees, that is way to many. The question every tribal citizen is asking now..Why was the Income Guideline raised from $5,000 to $15,000? The citizens are wanting to know because of your relationship with the housing manager Natasha? They are asking why was did she raise the income guideline? Brad says told council members it was left to the descrepacy of the housing manager Natasha? You left his brother-n-law out who works in 4-H. The other thing citizens are asking, Why has housing allowed a non-Indian (Veronica) to work there and talk hateful to our tribal citizens threatening them with Eviction Notices? These are some real serious matters that citizens will be asking you in your campaign for a Council Seat. It could cost you an election if there questions to you are not answered right and if council members say you’re wrong.

          1. You’re lying concerned citizen, no council rep told you that! Federal funding is grant money received by the tribe from the federal government, tribal funding is revenue generated by the tribe. Nahasda is a federal grant that funds all of the housing programs, its the only funding received and provided to housing. Get a clue and quit posting your ignorance.

            1. No Lies here Anonymous. Before you start calling someone a liar you need to call your National Council Representative and ask them yourself. I spoke with a few of them face to face and I even called them on the phone because I want also wanted to hear what they had to say about this matter. So Anonymous if you have a Phone then make the call yourself to your Council Rep and find out for yourself.

              1. Concerned Citizen (you spelled your name wrong, so I corrected it): First you stated that you contacted THE National Council, now you say it was just a few. Won’t you give us the names of the few that you spoke with so we’ll know who to call and who not to re-elect. Whomever those few are, they lied to you. So technically, you are a liar for posting their lies and trying to pass them off as truths. And why did you respond to the post by Anonymous and not to Rodney Josie? He’s the one you called out, he responded to your lies, and now you’re going to cower away like Larry, Larry’s brother and Larry’s other brother? Was so hoping you’d make it past the first round!

              2. Why would we wanna call them, so they can lie to us too? Check the facts before posting Concern Citizen, you sound foolish!

                1. Hey, Concern Citizen was telling you people the truth. I even spoke the Council and they did say that they give funding to housing. They said the grants they receive is distributed to housing and that housing is telling every one that don’t receive any funding from the tribe. Council said that housing is under the tribe and that yes the funding the receive by way of grant from NAHASDA is distributed through the tribe before being disbursed to housing. That was another reason for the audit was to see what they were doing with money that was distributed to them. Hope you people show to hear the candidates speak because you can ask this same question to them. I had to find out myself also because I was curious, but its all true though.

                  1. Well you pretty much just verified that housing does not receive any tribal funding. You stated that they disburse NAHASDA funding which is grant money not tribal revenue. Again no money from the tribe is given to housing only federal funds. So how much does the tribe kick in with NAHASDA? Do you mean that it’s not true because the tribe gives grant money that’s intended for housing in the first place. Take away federal, not tribal, funded NAHASDA money and you will have $0.00.
                    Ask the council members you talked to how much money the tribe gives housing besides the federal grant money (NAHASDA) that they have to give them. Better yet who are the specific council members that told you this? That way we all know which ones are ignorant to their job.

                  2. You, Gouge, apparently do not know where NAHASDA funding comes from either, huh? Must’ve spoken to the same reps concern citizen did. It’s very simple to comprehend. You see, NAHASDA is an act that provides FEDERAL assistance to Indian tribes, approved by US Congress, laws are regulated by Code of FEDERAL Regulations, duh! If not for this assistance from the FEDERAL government, housing wouldn’t exist for the Creek Nation. Just because the tribe accepts this assistance from the FEDERAL government for housing programs, it doesn’t make it tribal funding. Seriously, do we have council reps who are that ignorant to not know the difference? Please vote in new, younger, educated, and logic minded citizens for council! Again, what are the names of the reps that you spoke to about this? Did they ask you not to mention their names? I mean, with names, we can easily have this same conversation with them.

                    1. Housing does not get funded by the tribe, and Veronica, was hired by Natasha because they are best friends, there was no hr involved, but just to bypass creek citizens. Rodney will take her side because they are all friends, and Veronica boyfriend Shane berry works at child support which is located in housing and is best friends with Josie, Natasha hired all her buddy’s. Delores mcquistoe, who was let go by mr. Qualls for never working and always at the casino. Yea there all friends and she is Mexican, just saying. Not rasict , just saying she’s not native American. Just best friends. Check it out, trust me I know, and the limit needs to stay 15000.00 you can’t afford a house payment and all your bills on 5000 a year, really. There always repo houses because they can’t pay there bills. Do more affordable housing , wec35 acres sitting on mission that housing bought doing nothing. Build deplexes, or rental homes, something. And josie shut up about housing, your the least to be talking about anything.

              3. I doubt seriously if any of the current counsel could answer the question.
                I’m not on the counsel, just an employee for 20 years and I know that housing is a federally funded program with the guidelines that goes with it.

          2. This is correct. Housing receives no funding from the tribe at all. The federal funds, the ONLY funds housing receives are NAHASDA funds. No tribal revenue is given to housing from the tribe just as I stated. NAHASDA funds are for Native American housing activities only. The council has no choice but to give it to housing. As I stated “housing operates soley on government funding and no assistance is given by the tribe.” Take a look at our Indian Housing Plan and you will see that no money comes from the tribe, only NAHASDA.
            Natasha didn’t raise anything. Council members told me that THEY made that decision based on Brad Foxs’ recommendations. He told them that unless they made at least $15,000 annual income they were being set up to fail. He also said they couldn’t pay their property tax once the home was paid off. Lora King stated that if a family can’t make the new minimum of $15,000, then they don’t deserve homeownership.
            I don’t and never have agreed with this decision. That decision just took the very people we are supposed to be helping off the waiting list. Specifically the elderly and disabled. I would like to see it put back to $5000 where it serves it’s purpose.
            Furthermore, no one in management has the authority to make changes such as this. This decision was made at the executive level, and then it was APPROVED BY COUNCIL and signed by George Tiger, PrincipalChief. There you have it, Brad Fox and the council made this decision on their own.

            I didn’t leave his brother in law out. His brother in law does not work for housing so there’s no nepotism there.

            I don’t go around asking people’s race. But if in fact she’s non Indian then you need to talk to the human resources department. It is their job to screen applicants for qualifications desired with Native American preference.
            So as long as human resources does their job and weeds out the unqualified and only send the qualified applicants to management they assume they can hire anyone human resources sends over. So if we are not allowed to hire non natives then your question should be directed to human resources.

            I’ve never witnessed the counselor in question to ever be rude to anyone. If an eviction notice is sent to anyone, it is because of nonpayment. She is required by policy/law to send these notices or she’s not doing her job. Ask your council members about this one. They are the ones that approves these policies/laws that employees MUST follow. Council is responsible for approving all policies. So if there is some policy you don’t like then let the council know so they can change it. Good employees follow policy/law why punish them for not wanting to get fined and or imprisoned.

            If you indeed did talk to council members about these issues ask them why they voted no confidence in our chief but show exactly the opposite. If they don’t know what no confidence means then I doubt they even know where housing funds come from.

            With that said we do have some intelligent council members that understand what I’m saying, these are the keepers. Which ever ones told you that misinformation I would be delighted to debate on the issue with them or were you told not say who told you.

            1. I don’t know that I can agree that it is Human Resources responsibility to screen applicants. I am a Manager and every application asks about Native American heritage including what tribe the applicant is. It is the responsibility of Human Resources to present applicants to the Manager, it’s my responsibility to review the application and have the individuals that are qualified called for an interview. I am aware of each applicant’s heritage keeping in mind that Creek Nation not only gives Indian preference but Creek preference. I am a Creek citizen and don’t believe that every Creek or Native, for that matter, is qualified to do any job, but I do recognized that I have the opportunity and responsibility to choose a Creek citizen for a position if they are qualified to do the job. This helps to provide for that Creek family. It puts more Creeks to work and also helps them to be self sufficient. I do have all Creek citizens working under my supervision. They all have the education along with the experience and the desire to do the job. We have one of the best teams around. We strive for excellence because that should be the “Mvskoke way”.

              1. I think that it is great that you were able to find qualified tribal citizens to staff your office.

                As a former manager myself I had to become familiar with Creek Nation policies and procedures. According to policy and procedure I have to disagree that it is your job to weed out the unqualified. It is human resources job to make sure you only receive the applications of qualified individuals. Have a look at your policies and procedures manual at 402-6,(2) it reads as follows:

                (2) After the closing date for a particular job has passed, all the applications filed for that job are reviewed. The review process is generally conducted by two people. FIRST, PERSONNEL SERVICES SHALL SCREEN FOR MINIMUM QUALITICATIONS OF ALL THE APPLICATIONS IN THE PARTICULAR JOB FILE. Second, the supervisor of the open position reviews all applications WHICH PERSONNEL SERVICES HAS DETERMINED CONTAINS THE MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS FOR THE PARTICULAR JOB. In some cases the Office of Administration – Executive Director may also review the applications. A log is kept of every application removed from Personnel Services by a supervisor. The supervisor must sign and date the log for each application that is removed.

                I hope this helps for future reference. All managers and supervisors must familiarize themselves with policies and procedures for a more proficient program.

                Thank you for your response.

                1. yeah, the interviews are a farce. the friends and relatives of current employees are already selected. had one of those interviews by HR employees (CN), all male. did not go well.

              2. Just because an employee is not a Creek citizen doesn’t mean that they’re not supporting or providing for a Creek family. Also, if hiring a Creek citizen is a responsibility, like you state, then maybe “preference” should be taken out of the HR policy and replaced with “requirement.” Otherwise, HR and the manager are at liberty to select and hire whomever is most qualified for the position regardless.

                1. For granny, no one cares about delores, natasha, brad, lora, and a few others at housing so I don’t know why people keep talking about them. You just make them feel like they are important when they aren’t. When we get a new chief they won’t be there anymore anyways, but who cares!!! Housing has been the same for years and they aren’t any worse or any better than ones there before them. Natasha will keep hiring who she wants, brad and chief will keep approving it and all we can do is sit and wait. So quit talking about them, because believe me, they all laugh and think it’s funny to read about them on voc. I heard them sitting around talking and trying to guess who you are. So please quit feeding their egos!!!! Plus there are more than just veronica working in housing who aren’t creek but you probably just mentioned her because of natasha but there are more too.

                  1. I was commenting on the last comment. So get over yourself. Your a housing worker obviously and your probably part of the problem. I work for housing too and yes, your right who cares. But the point of this is to correct the wrong information, rodney is giving and why he backs them up. It is a joke at housing, Brad Fox, And his favorites are followers and that’s debra, Brent , Lora , the three worst. I’m glad there reading it, it’s nice to know maybe they will get there butt up and get work done. Lol who are we kidding

                    1. I agree granny, just saying there’s nothing that can be done until we get a new leader, and last they need is more attention. Brad, brant, lora and Deborah don’t do anything because they don’t know anything! This is the worst we’ve seen at housing, a reflection of our leader, Mr. Fox and assistants, lora and brant!!!

    1. I almost didn’t respond to this but I am not a coward and will speak up. My personal matters are just that but since I am running for office, I feel you have the right to know about every candidate.
      Being emancipated (due to the death of my grandfather) at the age of sixteen I made a lot of bad choices just to survive, eat and just finish high school. I ran with quite the rough, older crowd with whom I made these bad choices; none the less I made these choices and I have to live with them. Growing up poor and spending my high school years alone, I sometimes felt that I had to do what I had to do to survive, right or wrong. This clearly felt the norm for me at that time in my life.
      My senior year of high school, I lived with no utilities and relied on what little work I could find in Hanna. I almost didn’t graduate due to being out of school for awhile. Two councilmen came to my aid from nowhere to help me complete classes I needed to graduate. I’ll be forever grateful to Thomas Yahola and the late Dwayne Lowe, they only heard of my situation and came to help. This is where I get most of my inspiration to run for council and help our citizens when needed. Since that time I graduated high school found God and had a son. I came to realize my life needed positive change.
      I started a construction company from scratch to provide for my new family and was successful. I realized more was needed for my son to live a better life, so I attended and graduated college. I have been a single father for the last 8 years, I lead a respectable humble life and have been for the last 20+ years.
      As for the post about me, that was a matter I’ve been trying to clear up for years with no avail until recently. I was not convicted of anything, just questioned about the occurrences of that day. I was not arrested, I turned myself in for the 8th time and they finally took me, it was the only way I could clear this up after years of trying.
      Forgive me or don’t forgive me. I was 18 years old at the time, I cannot change my past and I have closed that chapter of my life and started a new one with honesty, family, friends (new friends), trust and a love for my Tribe that needs the same overhaul I received many years ago. So go ahead and blast what you want about me. But the real difference between me and the current administration, and some council members is that I have grown up and live right while they still do questionable, illegal acts such as treason, embezzlement, the breaking of laws and only caring about themselves.
      You can visit or elect Rodney Josie (Facebook), to see what I’m truly about.

      1. Can you elaborate on why you can’t pass a drug test? Or the reason you run from one? Can you elaborate on shoving a fellow employee to the ground because you lost your temper? Why weren’t immediately terminated for that very act? We all have sad stories that doesn’t constitute stealing, or should be awarded praise because you seen the light. Tell us Mr Josie, as of today, what have you done for us Creek Citizens that makes you so worthy of our vote? Not sure the Nation is in need of another dope smoking thief from Hanna, Ok.

        1. I would love to elaborate on the subject but unfortunately it is impossible to elaborate on made up accusations. I have never failed or run from any drug screening, my personnel file will reflect this fact. You can’t get terminated for fictitious tales.

          Didn’t ask for praise or your forgiveness. I forgive myself and give back when I can and that is what truly matters most. You have a right to your opinion and I respect that.

          Well I havn’t done anything for creek nation yet, that is the purpose of running for council. This is how you can truly make a difference. Unless of course you count the 15 years of service with a clean record and doing my job as expected or maybe you are disgruntled because you are one of the law breakers I currently ousted for illegal activity.

          Just sorry you don’t believe people can change so my apologies for being an irresponsible stupid kid . Thank God I grew up but unfortunately some will never forget or let forget, I’ve accepted that and I I’ve learned to live with that.

          1. I wonder if the person you shoved thinks it’s an act of fiction? I remember the days when we were swinging hammers and digging ditches while you were in your office napping. I guess doing your “job” made you tired.

            1. Larry’s fake brothers

              Well I’m sure this fictional person you claim that I assaulted would be happy to tell you all about it if it really happened. So why don’t you give us a name along with your real name so we can talk like adults and not hiding behind fake names.

              Don’t remember sleeping in my office either. Could you please show the pictures or whatever proof your lies are based on. Because I should really see a doctor about this strange sleep disorder i wasn’t aware of.

              Thanks for the health alert. I’ll be sure to have that checked out.


              1. Does Susumu Daniels jog your memory? That would be the creek citizen you shoved. Maybe someone should get his side along with your supervisor who watched it happen and done nothing. You can play the innocent good ole boy found Jesus all you want, you’re not fooling anyone. And speaking of your record, what is attempting to elude an officer?? I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding too, you were probably 12 and on your bike chasing blue birds in Hanna. Good thing your GF paid your fine and canceled out the warrant for your arrest.

                1. Ok last response to these asinine allegations. I have much more important things to accomplish than responding to your continuos lies.

                  Yes that name does ring a bell, he is a good friend of mine and I would love for you to get his side of a made up story. I’m sure he won’t have a clue as to what your talking about. Susumu is also not a Creek Citizen, so just goes to prove you know nothing but lies.

                  What is eluding a police officer? Well plain and simple it is just that. No it wasn’t a bike, it was actually in a car and I was 17 not 12. No misunderstanding there “I did it plain and simple.”

                  I’ve already admitted to my past mistakes so I won’t ramble on about it any further. I sure hope you don’t have children. Poor kids wouldn’t stand a chance with your continual reminders of what stupid childish things they have done.

                  Again everything is public record so anyone can check it out for themselves. I assume you finally did since your previous lies are no longer your topics.

                2. Ha ha ha ha. LARRY & LARRY’S BROTHER are you part of Tiger’s cronies? Upset that Rodney was one of the few employees to call out your master? Upset that he stands up for all the wrongdoings of Housing…. Like giving your queen Shirlene Ade a home?

                  Move on.

        2. Sounds like you’re talking about Brad Fox’s sister, Marcy. She has flunked drug tests, has been suspended, has ran from drug tests following that, has been to rehab, has been arrested for illegal drugs and driving, has taken advantage of the nation, co-workers have found liquor bottles in and around her workplace, comes to work drunk, a total screw-up of the worst kind. This is who Brad should’ve fired from the beginning! But since he didn’t, you can’t expect him to fire anyone else at housing you consider a screw-up. Until Marcy is gone, we’re stuck with whoever is there, until anyone does worse than Marcy, they’re guaranteed their job. So all you housing employees, don’t forget to thank Brad for not firing baby sis, your job depends on it!

            1. Your comment is redundant, you have no choice, Marcy isn’t running for anything. She’d be crazy to run anyway and give up her day job of drinking & drugging and making her rounds through housing, visiting with her other drinking & drugging friend, visiting her sis-in-law and eventually stumbling back to her building to hide out until quitting time.

            1. Well that’s a good thing to hear! Guess I have your vote then, excellent! Because she wouldn’t be permitted to run anyway. We have laws against people convicted of felonious crimes not running for council. So thanks for your support. I’ve not ever been convicted of anything that you accuse me of, therefore, I’m not a thief. And by your own words, your vote is mine since I’m not a thief. I double checked my public court records and it’s just how I remember, case dismissed. So show me your proof of the convictions stating that I’m guilty of what you’re accusing me of, otherwise, you’re telling outright lies.

              You should also educate yourself on the definition of burglary, it doesn’t mean you stole anything.

              So since she’s a drunk and I’m not a thief, your obvious choice is me. Thanks and glad to have you aboard.

          1. Not only does Brad Fox practice nepotism as if to say screw creek nation and their laws I can do whatever I want as long as I’m George’s bitch. He lets baby sister Marcy Fox-Haltom get away with not working, being drunk, drugged out and leaves with her husband Billy Haltom everyday in a company vehicle to do drugs.

            Follow the link below to see what shame she brings on this nation. Meth, DUI and bringing meth into the jail. I thought nepotism and this type of behavior is prohibited.


            1. WOW.
              How do you even get to walk out of a jail if you brought contraband into a jail??

              I couldn’t get across the threshold.

        1. Hello,
          Thank you, I have no reason to lie. I have never hid from my past nor been completely able to live it down. What you see is what you get and i can’t change the past.

          1. Stand your ground Mr. Josie! Our past prepares us for our futures. Good or bad, some learned from our mistakes and others never will!

      2. Mr. Josie how do you say your a single father when you have lived in your new creek home with your mean, hateful girlfriend for over ten years? Hmmmm, and your girlfriend who by the way is the manager of housing management who enforces your payments or lack thereof? You and your girl need to be honest about what you truly are, and that is lying , cheating the system thieves!! You apparently steal from others just as you do from creek nation. Oh and you want creek citizens to elect you? Citizens do not vote for a pot smoking thief. Oh really this thievery happened when you were 18? Lol I dont think it will take 20 plus years to arrest you for burglary. So keep trying to lie to whoever will believe it, however I bet you cant even get more than your 30 something votes you got last time. Thanks for donating your filing fee again! THIEF!!!!!!

        1. Larrys’ liars

          Well let’s see. How do I call myself a single father? My sons mother and I divorced, shared custody of our son until he was 8, she gave me full custody of my son with her having visitation whenever she pleases, I never remarried “thus you have it single father.”

          Hmm, I’ve lived in my home for over ten years? “That’s news to me considering I moved in my home in January 2011”. I also pay the maximum amount allowable and have an excellent payment record. My receipts reflect this fact.

          Yep, that’s right when I was 18, 20+years, I’m 41 do the math (41-18=23 years)there did it for you. It is public record which allows anyone including yourself to check it out it gives detail. It’s your right.

          This should go to prove that your just a disgruntled mudslinger who is scared of what’s to come. Sorry you and your family/friends have committed such federal and tribal crimes. You might want to do your research a little better so you can post facts that I can actually answer to.

          Actually it was 300 votes. This information is also available to the public so you don’t have to just throw some random low number out there.

          As for my girlfriend, she is actually my fiancé. I don’t always agree with decisions she has to make but love her all the same. I’m sure your angry because she mailed you a letter of termination for late payment or violation of your contract. People as yourself are so quick to judge because you didn’t get special treatment. What people tend to forget is that council approves these policies/laws and employees are expected to follow them. Law states that Housing Management must send these letters after 30 days no payment. And I do know for fact that they try every option and opportunity before actually evicting anyone. I will not apologize for her strong work ethic to uphold our laws and policies and treat everyone the same.

          I know I should probably turn the other cheek to these lies but I’ve spent many years regaining trust, loyalty and respect. I’m finally where I want to be in life and cannot stand by and let everything I’ve work toward be tarnished.

          I live an honest life regardless of the plain and simple lies of this poster. I do know what it takes to bring yourself out of a hole and would love to help our Nation do the same.


      3. It’s also easy to preach about fixing Housing when you live in a $200,000 home bought by Housing, with a $50 house payment even though you and your girlfriend Natasha Natseway make over $100,000 combined. Since she runs Admissions at Housing, did she bump you on the waiting list, can you say Conflict of Interest? You promising houses for us all like yours?? If so, put me on the list. Get ‘ER done Rodney!

        1. Ok here we go again.

          My home was $145,00.00 which is less than the average spent on housing.

          My house payment is $350.00 per month. The maximum amount to be payed by law and policy.

          Could you send me the info you got on my income? Because apparently I’m missing tens of thousands of dollars somewhere. Wish I made that much so I wouldn’t be considered low income due to Creek Nations low salaries.

          Well you got another one wrong. Laura Harjo King runs Admissions for Housing. She is in charge of the waiting list. Would have been nice not to have to wait 13 years though.

          Yeah I can say conflict of interest. Can you define conflict of interest and how it applies to me?

          I don’t remember promising housing for anyone. As a candidate for council and if elected I can’t make promises to anyone. The council decides as a whole.

          There’s actually some pretty good literature on creek nations website and some links if your interested in educating yourself on how things work.

          Thanks and I appreciate your percerverance.

          1. Mr. Josie, I’ve read your statement and I’m appalled at your honesty. I don’t think you owe Larry any explanations. Your past is behind you and if he doesn’t believe you, nothing you say will change his mind., so look forward and move on, you’re making great strides for the better. Wishing you the best.

            1. Thank you Creek Gma,

              My honesty may be appalling to some but when my loved ones or myself are attacked with lies, it is very hard to overlook.

              Your advice is well noted. He will keep coming back with more lies that I will no longer respond to. I have much more concerns for making this Tribe ours again, rather than dealing with “malicious Larry,” that makes up things for fear of good honest people that dont mind blowing the whistle when any citizens’ equal rights have been violated.

              -Mvto, your kind words are replenishing


      4. Praise God Rodney for excepting and Repenting of your Sinful Past. A real can admit his failures in life and not blame anyone else for them. Real Men accept God and let God lead them. Scriptures tell us “If you have God on your side than who can be against you.”. Rodney, you keep God in your heart regardless off how this election turns out. If you win “Be Humble”, if you lose “Be Gracious”. Don’t listen to the dirt people will try to find on you, its just there way trying to win. Bless You

  7. we have a lot of candidates running for seats on the NC , some have served previously , but did they make a difference !! Check their history , What was their agenda ? There was two that refused to support the ” Vote of no confidence ” on the Principal Chief which the citizens wanted. We have others that voted yes on legislation that cost millions from the Tribal treasury with no check and balances to see if the tribe benefited from these expenditures. Fountainhead lies dormant today waiting to be put into trust, tribe has paid over $ 400,000 to a lobbyist to get this done, with no results. If the present Admin and some councilmen are re-elected ,we could be in financial trouble. Give some thought to your vote before casting it !!

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