National Council Seats Up for Election

Each Seat A will be voted on at the upcoming election.

Creek District
Seat A – David Hill
Seat B – Dode Barnett

McIntosh District
Seat A – Darrell Proctor
Seat B – Adam Jones III

Muskogee District
Seat A – Pete Beaver
Seat B – Joyce D. Deere

Okfuskee District
Seat A – Frank Coachman
Seat B – Mitch Jack

Okmulgee District
Seat A – David Nichols
Seat B – James Jennings

Tukvpvtce District
Seat A – Shirlene Ade
Seat B – Thomas Yahola

Tulsa District
Seat A – Robert Hufft
Seat B – Lucian Tiger III

Wagoner/Roger/Mayes District
Seat A – Johnnie Greene
Seat B – Mark Randolph

3 thoughts on “National Council Seats Up for Election”

  1. time to get the word out on the people seeking seats on the National Council and those wanting to be Principal Chief !! We need to remember those that voted no for the “NO CONFIDENCE” Plus those that supported those questionable purchases !! They threw money into Willowheart, several thousand, paid an inflated price for Okmulgee Country Club, over 2 million, etc., etc. We need Councilmen who will ask for justification and require monthly reports on how funds are expended. Also, council members need to keep citizens informed on any funds appropriated to the administration, such as the Citizenship Board. They received funds to provide citizenship cards for Tulsa and surrounding areas. How many cards have they issued to citizens? National Council appropriated a large amount of funding, permitted them to PAY TO ONEFIRE A LARGE RENTAL PAYMENT. The Tribe needs to make money from any rental from onefire, it seems we are just recycling funds within the tribe.

    1. Yes, the NO CONFIDENCE VOTERS: Shirlene Ade & Johnnie Greene.
      AJ Jones is running for Chief. He was main NC member who really pushed & pushed hard for ONE FIRE and other big assets that George purchased since the council approved all of them.
      Someone, get us list of NC members who kept voting to approve George’s purchases. They are just as guilty of those inappropriate spending, which now has the tribe almost out of tribal funds.

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