Candidates for Council

The following citizens have filed or announced:

Creek – David Walter Hill

Muskogee – Mose “Pete” Beaver

Okmulgee – Sandra Peters, Nelson Harjo

Tulsa – Robert Lee Hufft

McIntosh – Wilson Bear

Okfuskee – Arlene Frances David

Tukvpvtce – David Jimboy, Edwin Marshall, Rufus Scott, Samuel Whitlow

Wagoner/Rogers/Mayes – Johnnie Lou Green

15 thoughts on “Candidates for Council”

  1. Please tell me george did nor use a Church event to campaign.
    Does he have no belief in the sanctuary of God?
    Or of God?

  2. Sexual harassment has been rampant with this administration., they have been acquiesce with it for far too long a period. When they did finally deal with it that woman in HR, Melissa Curry was condescending to the victim.

  3. Let’s talk Shirley ade, don’t elect her. She’s ok now, she got a new house and George and Brad can take care of her, like they have been since being on the council. Just saying, love your home shirlene, did it hurt stepping on all those creek citizens while begging your way to the top of the list, with your 3500 month salary.

  4. He was going to be fired if he didn’t resign.
    What about Tom Pickering & those ladies that did jail time over that ordeal?
    Men like this could potentially be enacting MCN laws & spending millions of tribal dollars.

      1. To Curiosity:
        It had to do with the audits of some of the Chartered Communities, back in 2009.
        In Pickering’s case it is the Eufaula Indian Community Center.
        I am not 100% sure of ALL the details YET, but the information came from a relative of one of the women who went to jail.
        Apparently, he & his lawyer got off with a lot of money. The info to me said they referred to it as “petty cash.” The money was spent on vacations, food, etc. This person’s relative did jail time & so did a few others.
        If it is true all of them need to be exposed & should be allowed no affiliation with chartered communities. It sounds like the bylaws are not strict enough or too lax. Something is not right.
        How many Creeks out there have heard of embezzlement from our Chartered communities? Morris, Okmulgee, & Duck Creek for sure. Sounds like Eufaula also.

        1. Can you give us the back story on what happened here with Tom Pickering? I live up North and do not here about Eufaula very often.

  5. Tiger was elected and will be again, and sexual harassment didn’t seem to be an issue with him? I am not saying vote for Edwin, but if a sexual pervert like Tiger gets elected, why not Marshall?

    I wonder if Edwin could pass a back ground check to get in to see Obama?

  6. Please tell people not to vote Edwin Marshall into office. He was fired for sexual harrasment already this year. We really do not need him being a representative of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. Sexual harrasment is not “the Muscogee way”.

    1. Edwin was fired for Sexual Harassment?

      Did Chief Tiger have charges filed against him?

      Wasn’t Edwin on the National Council in the past and quit for a higher paying job like Cherrah Giles did?

    2. I’m not so sure he was fired. I heard after he did what he did George was trying to place him in Wetumka. I don’t think that worked out though. He may have resigned. I don’t know. George isn’t going to let anyone fire his “supporters”. Did he fire Daughtery? Did he fire Johnson? NOPE.

    3. don’t vote for Edwin Marshall, I live in Wetumka and know him since he was young. He will use you for his own benefit. On August 08, 2015, a creek hymns event took place at Wetumka IBC and supposedly this was Edwin’s idea, yeah right around the campaign season. Guess who else showed up but his buddies George and Shirlene trying to hand out campaign goodies.

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