Pres. Obama & George Tiger – in Durant OK

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We have been informed of what happened at that meeting between the leaders of the 5 Civilized tribes & Obama.

G. Tiger went down there expecting ruffles & flourishes for himself and we hear is that he took along the Youth group from MCN’s new org.

Entry into Obama’s session was thru the Secret Service, so George’s background was checked — and he failed the S. S. background check so he wouldn’t be allowed in.   Who would then tell George that he would not be allowed to enter — so the S. S. asked Chief Baker (Cherokee Nation) if he would bear the news to George.  He said NO, he couldn’t because it was too embarrassing (don’t know if he meant for himself, George or Indians).   Somebody did  inform George.

If you’re wondering why that news of his meeting isn’t splattered all over the facebook, along with pictures — that is the reason.  You know how he is about self-promotion.  I don’t know if we as a tribe should be embarrassed, but I’m not.  (Where is the transparency?)

George’s people always attack Chief A. D. Ellis, but Ellis and his “1st Lady” passed all those background checks, as were invited into the White House by President Bush for a large gathering.   George’s 1st lady was not with him.  Could she pass the background check?

If anyone can add to this, please do.


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  1. It obviously doesn’t matter if it is against the law where George is concerned. The people wont impeach him, the NC continues to fund his projects, and Shannon Cozzoni in the Justice Department is too tight with Roger Wiley to prosecute him. If we want rid of him, we have to do it ourselves, by defeating all incumbents in the council, and put David Nichols in the Chief’s office. Or we could just remain a shameful and embarrassed tribe.

  2. Well now, Ole George is famous for being a crook. Obama felt safer going into a federal prison that sitting in the same room with George. He cant pass a background check, yet he is in charge of all our money. And people still vote for him and support him? What a shining example it must have been for the youth group to get to witness that first hand. Hopefully the youth of our nation will have a better moral compass than the current populace of our nation and not elect such low life scum to lead out nation.

    1. This truly puts the Creek Nation at the bottom of the pile. Five civilized tribes and we have the only chief that cannot pass a background check? Gary Batton, the Chief of the scandal ridden Choctaw nation, the tribe that has had its people convicted of federal crimes on his watch, and was on the hot seat himself, passed a background check. If there was any doubt that the Creek Nation is the bottom feeder of the 5 tribes, Thief George Tiger has removed that doubt.

      How in the world can he be a respected leader, and represent our Nation in Washington, if he cannot get an audience with the President. He has once again brought us shame.
      Shame and Disgrace.. The Mvscogee Way.

  3. Uh Oh.
    Do you mean to tell us the photo of George Tiger and President Obama George’s campaign brochure in 2011 was fake?

    Is it against the law to put yourself in a fake picture with the President of the United States?

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