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Muscogee Creek Nation
Invites you to attend a Listening Session
Hosted by Principal Chief George Tiger
At Beggs, Oklahoma
Handy Chapel A.M.E. Church
1st and BroadwayJuly 16th, 2015
6 pm
For more information please contact,
Charlene Adams Lovelace at 918-851-3066




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  1. Wotko,
    I’m worried about your health. With so much hate and rage, I am afraid you will get stomach unclers from all the acid generated by you rage. Nobody likes to be around a hateful person I truly hope that you do not suffer the fate of Rocky Raccoon. (Dang! I am old)

  2. In Beggs, Oklahoma, USA – we can use all the help we can get.
    If Mr. Grayson’s family is from Beggs, they probably bettered their lives by moving away. I’d like to thank Mr. Grayson and Ms. Lovelace if their hearts are truly in the right place.

    It seems suspicious that the meeting was called only one day before the filing period for elected officials of MCN.

    We all know that Mr. Grayson is a HUGE supporter of George Tiger and the appearance of this meeting at the last meeting is a sure sign of someone being scared.

    Mr. Tiger has embarrassed us here in Beggs and across the U.S. for his civil lawsuits and spending of tribal funds that have not produced on dollar.

    Money is what we in Beggs need, and it’s money that Creek Nation does not have according to all the Department Managers that were at our meeting.

    Again, if your hearts were truly in the spirit of helping us, what about Slick?

  3. Who is Eli Grayson? Eli has never been Chief, Second Chief or a member of the National Council. Eli has never been an employee of Creek Nation. Eli has never been a Mekko of any ceremonial grounds or a Preacher at any of the Indian Churches. Eli is just an ordinary everyday Creek citizen ( he has a valid Muscogee {Creek} Nation Citizenship I.D. card). Yet his name “Eli Grayson” is second only to Chief Tiger’s name for the most mention name on this site. People say it is because he has money ( I’m not sure about this) but other Creeks have money too. out of a popluation of 75,900 there is bound to be some millionairs. The only difference is they don’t care about the Nation. Eli cares about the Nation that is why he has worked hard to be active and vocal at all the Tribal meetings ( he tries to attend all meetings). Eli does not sit at his computer and complain on this site like me, anonymous, and wait for someone else to do the job or take action, then complain again on this site when nothing happens. If one ordinary citizen can make this many people speak and write his name, why not other citizens do the same as Eli. get your name out there. Make a difference, be active, vocal and participate in tribal matters and maybe if we did our share of the work, we could make this a Great Nation again.

    1. You make a lot of sense.
      What exactly has he done for us though?
      His name is spoken because Tiger shoves him in front of us.

      Grand Marshall?
      Hall of Fame?

      He is glorified by Tiger who as of this day is Chief of the Tribe.

      Those of us that sit and complain on this site and other sites, are not given the same praise and glory as he gets.

      Look at the pictures, places Tiger attends and you will see behind him this man. He’s been hand picked because he has no respect for anyone.

      Hide, watch and listen – if Tiger stops dancing to EG’s tune, like a Cobra snake he will turn.

  4. This site is known for disrespecting creek women. All women deserve respect including 1 Lady Frances, Ms. Giles and the two sisters from Broken Arrow. Don’t pick and choose, give all women respect.

    1. Justin,
      No one on this site has ever taken the Lord’s name in vane, used the words that Eli Grayson used on this site.
      Scared to use your name now?

  5. Another comment from Grayson:
    Takes he Lord’s name in vein,
    Says meetings are none of her f u _ _ _ _ _ business
    Calls her a b i _ _ _ or witch (whichever fits)
    Says YOU CAN KISS MY RED A _ _

    This was written to the lady that filed the petition for removal on George Tiger.

    Grayson is unforgivable. We all don’t support George Tiger or abusing women. There is a pattern here. George does it, Eli does it, Edwin does it who else at Creek Nation abuses women?

    1. About ole Eli Grayson.
      Has anyone noticed that all his supporters are FEMALE? What are their reasons? And yet they support him even when he is ranting on Creek women? Simple. He is using them because of their gullibility & probably handouts of gifts to them, & makes the women see that as being liked, loved or appreciated. As George always says, that is NOT THE MUSCOGEE WAY.
      There are hardly any MALES supporting him. What are their reasons?

  6. To Mean Eli Grayson,
    You want to help us Creeks in Beggs?
    Get us a decent grocery story, restaurants, jobs.
    Rides to the clinics we got, rides to the voting booth we got, housing we don’t got.
    Why does cn spend money on advertisement at the fair grounds, indoor golf, bankrupt country clubs & shopping centers when we need a place to lay our old heads here in Beggs.
    Can I move into the okmulgee country club? I can walk to the hospital from there.
    You stop cussing our women boy.

  7. Eli Grayson, I know your Daddy your cousins and the town of Beggs.
    We don’t talk to our elders and women like you do.
    If we don’t support your Chief Tiger that is our right as Creek people and you buddy don’t have any business telling us what to do.
    You embarrass me with you profanity and disrespect.
    Any Chief that allows you to even sit along side of him won’t get my support or my family support.
    Eli you are such a small speck of nothing to me now.
    Your Daddy was a good man but you turned out to evil.
    I don’t want you back in Beggs.

  8. If an African American does not have Indian, Chinese or White blood, they aren’t Indian, Chinese or White.

    All the African American were freed therefore all were Freemen.

    They are not Chinese, White or Indian if they don’t have the blood of the other races.

  9. The out of state Creeks were given transportation, motel, gifts, pens from 1st lady Tiger.
    Guess those of us living in Beggs aren’t special to Chief Tiger.
    The pot-luck dinner Mrs. Giles is feeding us isn’t enough.
    We want to be treated the same as the out of state Creeks.

    1. Francis tiger IS NOT 1st lady of anything.
      Don’t add to her sense of self importance.
      George only started that crap when he got ousted with his affairs.
      That’s when her kids started getting all the high dollar jobs. Period.
      Go back and check the dates people.

      He had to make moma happy. Giving her a made up title appeased her however not quite as much as all the dollars for her kids.

      Look at the money he has spent alone on them, his girlfriend buy out. All the made up jobs and worthless real estate he’s bought would pay lots of medical bills. Help with home renovation. Education. Add all those perks and salaries up folks.
      There is not one single division of the nation that he hasn’t put useless people in. Some he has put 10-20 in. Adds up to lots of dollars people.
      Wake up if he and Eli have their way every single black Eli knows will be eligible to vote for george.

  10. Beggs Creek Citizens ARE NOT STUPID.
    Even in our little town we’re smart enough to know that the show put on Thursday was hours before the filing period for the MCN election.
    July 20, 21 and 22 2015 people filing for National Council seats, 2nd Chief and Chief file for the offices.
    Now really – 3 days before the filing dates Chief Tiger comes to talk to us. There was NO LISTENING. The flyer said “Listening Meeting.”
    We all sat there and if anyone had a REAL question they were shut down by Eli Grayson.
    When the Housing Dept. were speaking Chief Tiger allowed 2 questions and then shut down the meeting.

    Eli Grayson embarrasses us at Beggs that believe in respect and honesty. Talking to the lady on the other facebook site is unforgiveable and I hope our church elders don’t allow him back.

  11. Just read a comment E. Grayson posted on “Creek citizens inspired to make a difference” facebook.

    Eli posted the most mean, disrespectful, comment against an elder, 4/4, Mvskoke speaking lady in our tribe.

    He used profanity like fu_ _ _ _ _, bu _ _ _ _ _ _, sh _ _ and printed her name.

    George & Frances Tiger frequent Eli’s house and they support everything Eli tells George to do.

    Eli wants a meeting with out-of-state Creeks – boom its done, Eli wants a meeting with Beggs Creeks – boom its done.

    George Tiger surrounding himself with disrespectful thugs like Eli Grayson will not win votes for him.

    We respect our elders and it’s apparent that Tiger does not.

    Grayson was kicked out of California because of his hateful, my way or the highway, mean demeanor and George Tiger laps it up.

    His 17/123 Creek fanny should hit the road along with the women that liked his comment against a 4/4 elder Creek.

    1. Those women who LIKED Eli Grayson’s profanity and disrespect to one of our Elders . Wonder if you would LIKE it if he spoke that way to one of your Mother’s Ruth Bible-Ingram and Sandra Elis?

      1. I am really confused. I see people who get on FB and quote the Bible, quote well known ministers, “Amen” good deeds, ask for prayer, say a prayer, claim to be church goers, claim to be teachers and leaders of our children and youth, YET, they condone,encourage and Amen anything hateful being said or written by their own! May God have mercy on their souls and May God have mercy on the citizens of the Muscogee Creek Nation and show us the wolves in sheep’s clothing amongst us!

      2. These are the same women that stir crap up then stand back and play victim when they get called out on the crap! And if you’re calling the one from Tulsa a respectable elder think again! When you act LIKE a respected elder you will be treated as such! There are other Mvskoke Women Veterans that don’t act like her. This same female has been rude, hateful, spiteful to me from day one and does not even know me, she knows my mother and my sisters. But is a hateful, bitter ol woman, I react by ignoring the hateful woman. She’s ran people off from TCIC, Council Oak events and other tribal events. She is always bullying someone somewhere and instigating something somewhere!!
        So yes, I liked the comment because she had it coming!
        Had she ever acted like a nice, concerned, optimistic, helpful Creek citizen she would have been treated as such, and if someone talked to her like that, I would have taken up for her, but we know that won’t happen!
        And I was at the Beggs meeting and it did not happen as it was posted on Facebook by yet another female, there were other people there at that meeting that know the truth as well. There was also a Non-Creek there too spreading more rumors. I have nothing to gain and nothing to lose, no longer an employee – I can speak my mind, like a comment, like a status without worrying about any retaliation!

      3. If my mother was acting a fool I would hope that someone would help get her back in place. As for any and all you people in Oklahoma, YOU DO NOT KNOW MY MOTHER!!!

    2. This same lady that Grayson totally disrespected is not only an elder 4/4 Creek but she is a Veteran of the United States Military.

  12. Eli Grays on is pushing for the Freedmen’s. Eli is wanting George to give the Freedman’s the same benefits of the tribe as the blood creeks get. Eli helps to front Georges campaign another reason Eli became Grand Marshall. If George gets re elected don’t be surprised if the freed men come want to run the tribe.

    1. Yes that. is his. purpose! !But. that. will. never. happen!! The freedman. will. never. be enrolled! ! Nomatter what. He is a puppet. for Tiger!!

      1. Hey George, Creek Nation can not even take care of the current enrollment of card carrying citizens. How are you going to take care of the Freedmen as well? Come on, you have to have documented Creek Blood to be a member of the tribe! Are you going to start signing up Mexicans, too? I guess you are trying to make the tribe bigger to get more money from the government. Don’t think it is going to work.

  13. Now after GT’s first term of office he and his employees are all blaming the federal government for lack of funds. They never told the real reason why they have no money to do anything. The money has been spent buying worthless properties which generate no income, pay off his mistress, buy her a home and who knows what else. I heard several times that MCN & Beggs creeks can start planning and eventually get what they need–a community, mobile health care, etc. That this may take years, but get started now.

    The health system is requesting $4.1 million dollars and we only have $4.3 interest dollars in the permanent fund that can be used.

    The 3 Citizenship employees were there to enroll anyone. Guess GT wanted to signup uninformed citizens and convince them how great he is.
    I agree the meeting was a waste of time especially listening to the director of the Muscogee college quote GT — It’s the Muscogee Way.

  14. Went to meeting tonight in Beggs, Oklahoma.
    A man by the name of Eli Grayson conducted the meeting. He said his family is from Beggs and wanted to help them get services from Creek Nation. He also brought his dog to church. Guess we can all bring our pets too.

    Social Services, Transit system, Health, Education and Housing employees were there.

    What I got from the meeting is that the tribe is broke. No money for anything because the federal government won’t give the tribe any more money and the money the tribe makes from gaming is already spent.

    I thought I read there was a $30,000,000 indoor driving range at the Jenks shopping center?

    Is the shopping center generating any money, is the country club in Okmulgee generating any money, is the hospital or rehab center generating any money?

    Chief Tiger said he will continue to spend money for the future of the nation and then his employees said “can’t help you because we’re broke.”

    They said the National Council controls the money. Why did the National Council overspend? Why didn’t they say no to the request to buy and build?

    Who put the tribe in this mess – the National Council or the Chief?

    Another meeting is being held next month at the same church and Mrs. Giles said she would provide the dinner.

    Oh, if you’re not Creek, don’t go because you’re not welcome. Guess the Mayor of Beggs will have to hear what happened from a Creek person. Mr. Eli Grayson said “Only Creeks were welcome.”

    Sounded a little racist to some in attendance.

    Creeks aren’t the only people with ideas.

    What about spouses of Creeks? Do they have to sit in the car?

    This was a Eli Grayson, praise George Tiger meeting waste of time.

    Day late dollar short. Should have come to Beggs earlier in his 4 year term. Chief Tiger files for re-election next week.

  15. Is everyone invited?
    Are the National Council Representatives going to be there?

    How about the Beggs City Officials? Will they be there to visit with MCN on behalf of the town?

    Is this a secret meeting like the one Chief Tiger had with the out of state Creeks?

    Why doesn’t the MCN website ever have these meetings posted? Don’t we have a newspaper, radio and PR person at Creek Nation.

    1. It’s dead, Jim

      If everyone’s a thief or a potential thief, and no one can be trusted to do the right thing when tempted by money, then what are citizens to do? I know what they do; they give up and accept things as they are. They take the attitude of most community members: “If I am offered money and I don’t’ take it, I’m a fool, because someone else will, and they are never caught and punished, because no one will know anything about it.”

      When a community has that kind of belief it’s easier to steal, and to justify that by telling themselves that everyone is on the take, so why not me?

      Who knows how much money is lost to the Nation through actual thievery; money paid to individuals for their favors, protection, votes, and whatever. What can we do about correcting this?
      I know. We can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a professional audit. But not just any audit but a forensic audit, one that looks for thievery. And we did that, so why didn’t it uncover all the thievery that is rampant in our tribe?
      I know, and it’s this: Everyone who had been paid off, panicked, which is to say, everyone who took money that that they didn’t earn through honest labor, had a fit. They were about to be busted. They stared Judgment Day in the face. It was a “Your sins will find you out,” moment. And so being the thieves they are, they doubled down and began working feverishly to hide evidence of thievery. When the immense amount of ill-gotten gain couldn’t be hidden from the auditors, there was only one thing left to do, and that was to torpedo the audit by keeping it from being published. So the thieves did that, which made everyone joyously relieved, and the thieves declared victory and moved on.

      Killing the audit was a collaborative effort. George Tiger says the audit is stopped from being made public by the National Council; the Council says it’s stopped by the Chief. They’re both right. They want citizens to think they’re tied up in gridlock. Citizens are not fooled by this childish gambit, they know the difference between gridlock and greedlock.

      It’s not true that every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser, and that’s because the Creek Nation thieves know when to walk away and when to run.

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