Electing the new Seat A of the National Council

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Electing the new Seat A of the National Council. What to look for in candidates.
It has come to my attention that within the last 15 years, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation keeps electing National Council members based on what they can do for them and not how they will help the entire Nation. Since 2011, the National Council is elected by the entire Nation and not by their respective district, an attempt to return the voting rights back to the districts has failed twice.
In looking at potential candidates, please listen to what they will do for all citizens and not just a select few.
Candidates that only care about the betterment of the entire nation and who believe in fairness, progress and inclusion should be the ones who the citizens vote for, in my opinion.
Please really consider who you are voting for to represent the needs, concerns and issues of the people of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation to legislate on behalf of the citizens, employees, and patients. The National Council are individuals elected to legislate matters on behalf of the Nation. It is their constitutional duty to pass legislation and structure laws that benefit the citizens.
The National Council are not social workers, licensed councilors, legal staff on behalf of the Nation, Probate employees, Directors/Managers of the various Departments at Creek Nation and they are not THE HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT.
Please elect the individuals you believe who will legislate and be legislators. They cannot dictate to the Executive Branch and they cannot go in and change everything the Executive Branch has done in the last four years. They cannot fire anyone nor can they hire someone unless they are to work directly for the Council or they are appointed by the Principal Chief.
It’s time we elect true a true legislative branch.

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  1. I am Sharon Rose, running for McIntosh Dist. I would like to hear more questions from the audience at the Forums, we only have two more left. Don’t be afraid to ask any of us and that includes Chief Tiger questions! We all work for you the citizens. The Citizens are the ones that put these people in to run our Tribe.

  2. Flying T, The Riverwalk, Okmulgee Golf Course, Willow Heart, One Fire…….. What other investments have we made that have gone under or will potentially go under and has no benefit for the citizens? Can we get the voting record for all this legislation?

    On the other hand we have departments, such as the department of health and the eyesore Council House that is postponed indefinitely because lack of funding. We are making our elders and citizens proud. Why don’t we sell the Council House back to the City of Okmulgee, they took better care of it than we are/did.

    We buy buy buy, but do not take care of the facility once it’s in our possession. Just look at the Riverwalk, golf course and Council House. What a shame. What can we expect from individuals who can not even balance their own damn checkbook.

      1. Willow(stoleourmoney)heart was a consultant group that the nation put on contract for economic development for $500,000! They also proposed the $23 MILLION budget for One Fire Holding Company. Ya know, the group doing NOTHING at the Riverwalk. The former CEO was Gary Warnock (who was fired from Cherokee Nation, HA). We paid him $5,000 A WEEK for nothing. That SOB didn’t know a dang thing but loved to hear himself talk.

        Oh yea, another funny thing. One of the guys from Willowheart has a brother in law by the name of MARK DOBBS. Yea that’s right, THE Mark Dobbs we bought the Okmulgee Golf Course from. They’re all laying in bed with one another. All in cahoots with the George Tiger.

        Hmmm…… Wonder whose airplane Tiger keeps riding in…… Is that Mark Dobbs’ too?

  3. Signs appearing for persons offering their services to us as National Council Members leave much to be desired! All so far are only looking for a paycheck. None have the necessary background, training, education or experience to function as a meaningful legislator.
    We all must carefully examine all persons in our government, especially those on the current Cabinet along with those who are seeking elected positions.
    All the voters need to reject anyone not qualified, reject current elected officials who have placed unqualified persons in posts of authority and reject anyone with a proven track record of buying or recommending the purchase of all these “Bankrupt” businesses.
    Where has all the money gone–just look at the lifestyles of leaders!
    Real businessmen have outsmarted them at every turn and unloaded their bad investments on our Creek leaders.

  4. The only reason the council gave the vote of no confidence was because the whole mess was in the Tulsa world. They took the opportunity to give the appearance that they were opposed to hi. If they were really opposed to him, there would be a vote of no confidence at each and every council meeting, and none of his pet projects would get funded. It is all a corrupt system for a corrupt tribe that allows it to happen.

    1. Gray Beard you are so correct.
      The appearance from the NC for a really short period of time is that they believed Tiger had committed treason against his own tribe by signing the 5% profit payout with Rolls.
      Adam Jones & Thomas Yahola are being prodded by Tiger to run to throw their votes to Tiger in the general election. Those two men have already been promised high paying positions if Tiger is reelected so giving their NC seats is great for their pocketbooks.
      We will see many more file this month for chief and 2nd chief. Tiger wants Dornan as his 2nd chief.

      What a miserably weak national council we have elected. Lovers of money and power.

      No confidence and ask for resignation at every meeting is the only way we could believe the NC’s intent.

      Heard from a very reliable source that there is NO MONEY for the emergency room expansion at the Okmulgee hospital. Hummmm are there any other departments that Tiger hasn’t raped of their funds?

      1. There is absolutely no money for anything in the health system.
        Each and every clinic and hospital is busted. Ask the electric company.
        Ask the Dr’s in Tulsa who see our surgery patients and gives them chemo. They are now refusing to see Creek Nation patients because the tribe will not pay those drs.
        We are the laughing stock in the health system. Can’t get in the door at sapulpa.
        Can’t get supplies for hospital. Can’t get any assistance now in education. But george let’s people off if it rains. He doesn’t make employees clock in. If it snows he closes the whole system down. Employees are so stupid they will vote for him for those stupid reasons. Get off 1 or 2 hours early day before holiday.

  5. I would like to believe that when someone is elected to the National Council they want what is best for the nation.
    The problem is that when elected lots of temptations are put in front of them.
    Someone may be honest, transparent, loyal when elected, but when the $$$$$ are placed at their feet whether it is jobs for their children, money for voting a certain way or having favor with the Chief, their minds are changed.
    Money is in fact the root of all evil.
    Our nation has been controlled by a man that is an admitted thief, will do anything, even as far as brokering a deal with an illegal casino for his own monetary profit , to purchasing a home for his mistress with tribal or HUD money.
    We as Creek people like this kind of person. We bow before him, vote for him and allow our National Council to do the same.
    The “NO CONFIDENCE” Vote and asking for Tiger’s resignation was a lie.
    The National Council likes buying bankrupt buildings and enterprises.
    The NC likes having a Chief that is a thief.
    If that was not true they would kick his sorry, stealing butt to the curb.
    What did they do.
    They asked the Citizens of MCN to do the impossible.
    Attaining more signatures than people that vote is impossible and the NC knew it.
    The NC is playing politics on both sides.
    They kiss ass of Tiger while telling Citizens they want him out.
    What a disgrace.

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