2015 Creek Festival – – Good/Bad/Problems/Interesting – – Your opinions.

Curiosity:    How and who chooses the Parade Grand Marshal ?   Do you have to be a friend of George Tiger?  Do you have to donate more than a certain amount of dollars to a political campaign?  Do you have to fete the Chief at your house for lunches and dinners?  ELI GRAYSON was the Grand Marshal Saturday.  If he was chosen for all the things he has done for the good of the general Creek public,  I don’t see what Grayson has done or accomplished EXCEPT to push his own agendas – not for the Creek Nation.  Is there anyone that can clarify this for us if we are wrong?   It’s possible we don’t know  what he has done for the honor.

43 thoughts on “2015 Creek Festival – – Good/Bad/Problems/Interesting – – Your opinions.”

  1. How does this woman keep her position? I have been trying to get voter registration numbers out of her for two years without any luck and no one U.S. Willing to lend a hand. Are they scared of her or what?

  2. Heard Chief Tiger got boooooed off the stage when he tried to take over the show. Poor Little Chief Boy. Always fighting for the center of attention.

    The man is not a Chief or leader in any way.
    He is a purchaser of property.
    He does not do what is best for his people.
    He puts himself in the media for his own glorification.
    He is sickening, without morals, respect for others or remorse for his wrongdoings.

    The crimes he has committed against our tribe are federal crimes. Why did the FBI jump on Barnett and not Tiger. It’s all federal money being squandered. What does Tiger have on the Feds to prevent his unlawfulness from being punished? Do the Feds believe because George has others steal for him that it is permissible? Why hasn’t Mr. Pratt been arrested? Gaming revenue is not the only money taken. What about the money he takes from departments funded with federal tax dollars promote himself. Housing, roads program, transit system, nutrition, head start are all federally funded. Tiger takes from any department to keep up his enormous appetite for spending.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a great disappointment to many. Where is the Bureau of Indian Affairs? They are a federally funded overseer of tribes. Where are they?

    How much federal money has been put into Dornan’s PR account?

    1. I am not nearly so disappointed with the Feds as I am with us. Why do you berate a federal agency, when we are a nation of laws within the Creek Nation? I hate to say this, but our problem is not with the FBI, the BIA or any other acronyms except the MCN. We are a corrupt tribe made up of corrupt people and cowards. Yeah, those are harsh words. It was no secret that George Tiger had a history of being crooked. Yet we elected him. Then we had a chance to oust him. Too many corrupt and or cowardly citizens to clean up our own house. Yet we fault the white man’s government for not riding in to our rescue. We deserve what we get, and will continue to get it until we get the backbone and morals as a nation to deal with our own crooks. When we start taking care of our own government, then we can fault other agencies for not doing their jobs. This is all on us!!

      1. AMEN!! You are correct and well said. Documentation exists that proves everything Thief Tiger did. And he continues to LIE about.

        1. Did we elect him?

          Remember in 2007 when his community had the ballot boxes tampered with? Tiger called for a recount, had all his buddies there to see the recount, paid $8,000 of someone’s money for the recount and because his community tampered with the boxes the Supreme Court said “NO RE-COUNT.

          Did Nettie Harjo along with the corrupt “election company” ensure Tiger & Barnett a win in 2001?

          Are we really that stupid to elect those two men?

  3. it was a decent parade of programs, not community centers. I can still see Thomas yahola’s float, big as his ego and his children’s egos. standing high on the hill and looking out at the little people. The only ones who benefit are his children and we in Wetumka know this. Good luck to David Nichols !!!!

    1. Good luck David Nichols. I am glad you talk and listen to the people in Wetumka. Thomas Yahola lives in Wetumka and never acknowledges anyone that may need to talk to someone or is needing assistance. But its okay there are other people in the running for Principal Chief and he needs to look at his own past life before passing judgement on others. I may be a nobody to him and his children but I do vote.

      1. A good friend of mine tried to question Thomas Yahola and got the brush off ! All he would say was his platform was “honesty, truth and transparency”. When she stated again, “I want to ask you questions”, Thomas Yahola gave her the same reply “His platform was blah, blah, and blah”. Treated her like a no body !!!! She said “that’s okay, I’m voting for David Nichols !

    2. Parade very nice should be continued, included others in community, could be extremely helpful in educating locals about heritage of ancestors, excellent way to connect with everyone.

      1. I would like festival to be more traditional. I would like to see Native American groups or bands or entertainers or creek hymn singers be the main focus and that we should throw our support behind. Enough of the geriatric soul train bands. One of those guys is going to have a stroke in the heat.

  4. I noticed. gt sign. was. kocked down!


      1. To wotko,

        Are you a plant in an effort to make fun of our comments, questions or concerns and belittle the site that informs us about Creek Nation?
        Maybe it’s time you start your own website.
        There are not railroad tracks across from the mound building.

  5. July 3, 2015

    There is a large sign in front of the Okmulgee Creek Nation Country Club advertising the festival. The grass has not been cut, the paint is peeling, the driveway and parking is in disrepair. No signs of life.

    What a waste of tribal money.

    Why don’t the high paid business leaders, museum curators and other brains of the tribe think of a way to use this valuable resource . Did George buy it so he could see it fall to the ground? Would that make him feel good too?

    Justin Giles – put a museum in the building (while you wait for yours to get built).

    Trade & Commerce – put booths to sell handmade items in a respectful and cultural way of leather goods, beaded goods, pottery, quilts, baskets, paintings and all other hand made items.


    START A WEBSITE TO SELL THOSE ITEMS TO THE WORLD Promote the fact that Creek Nation now owns the famous 1920 Country Club.


    Everything does not have to be in Tulsa does it?

    Letting this historic building rot and decay and become an eyesore to the tribe is senseless.

    1. Why couldn’t the Country Club be made into offices for the Health System and stop paying outrageous rent at Lackey Hall.
      Turn Dr. Alexander’s office (behind Okmulgee Indian Health Center) into a clinic. Not wasted on offices for Senna and entourage. Seneca was suppose to have them moved out October 2014. Hasn’t happened. George has appointed so many useless employees to Lackey Hall. There is no space there. Let them go to the Country Club to lounge around. Majority of them do not show up to work anyhow. Except for payday every other Friday. Then they are gone as soon as the checks are passed out. Check out the parking lot on Friday paydays. Over half vacant.
      Seneca has no control over half of the employees there. They are George hires and know they don’t have to work.

  6. Have a laugh on YOUR 1st LADY. Have you seen those lapel pins of the MCN logo on them that George (?) had made? They are surrounded by faux diamonds & faux emeralds. While they are are attractive, it is kind of a show-off piece. Well, when those at-large Creek citizens were in town & were being feted & taken on tours of some of the MCN places & buildings,
    on one of those trips, it was announced to them that Frances Tiger had personally made all those pins. I’m trying to picture her gluing all those little stones on all those pins. (They appear to be like those “Made in China” stuff one can purchase in lots of 100, 500 etc.) They do have gall, don’t they?

    1. There is no First Lady in the Maskoke tradition. Thats este hetke tradition like Michelle Obama, Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan etc.

  7. Everything that George Tiger does is about money.
    Grayson has it, George wants it and is willing to stab us in our backs to get it.
    He proved that to us when he signed the Rolls/Tiger/Giles/Kialegee BA casino contract for his PERSONAL 5% profit against Creek Nation.
    No one has to do anything for the tribe to be rewarded.
    Take a look at Johnna Townsend Doucette Klabach Criner.
    What did she ever do for Creek Nation, yet she received a tax free home, trips, autos and payday payments for her silence. Grayson and Criner are sewn from the same cloth as Tiger.

    1. Convenient that he was grand marshal week supreme court made their decision.

      Name 1 just 1 thing Eli has done for Creek Nation. Not what he has done for george. For the Tribe.

      1. What have YOU done for Creek Nation?? Sounds like you don’t know Eli personally, but you wanna trash someone you obviously don’t know!
        Why don’t you ask the Creeks in California what Eli has done. Ask around, ask random citizens that’s he has helped out, ask employees at Creek Nation Christmas Parties, ask the departments that he visits.

        1. Inquiring Minds,

          California Creeks were first gathered by Mr. Ken Taylor. Mr. Grayson did hop on the boat and numbers of citizens did increase with his help.
          As far as attending employee Christmas parties, who else is even allowed to attend if they aren’t employees.
          Haven’t heard of many ‘random citizens’ he’s helped but I don’t walk behind him to watch his moves. How did you find out? Does Grayson tell you who he helps?
          Mr. Grayson is not a loyal person to anyone. He sits with those that will promote what he wants personally.
          He does not need money apparently.
          He does want the blood quantum to be done away with for elected officials.
          He does want former slaves of Creeks without Creek blood to become tribal citizens.
          As long as Tiger gives Grayson free reign to do whatever he wants to do, and as long as it promotes Tiger while doing it, then we will be seeing him around.
          The promises Tiger has made to Grayson are constitutional changes – meaning in the honest world – the citizens must vote on.
          During this administration since Tiger owns the legislative and judicial branches of government those items listed will be done – For The Good Of The People of course.
          After all we don’t know much. We’ve just lived here in Okie Oklahoma all our lives and haven’t seen the world like Grayson and Dornan coming from California.
          They show us just how backward we are.
          They know what’s best for us.
          Grayson is Tigers lap dog and Dornan brings them water.

            1. You can bet your boot hills on that, baby. George Tiger’s got Creek blood. That’s good enough for me. Bill Fife too. Roger has it. Thomas Yahola oozes with it. Don’t forget Frances. J.D. Colbert. Cherrah. Justin. and the list goes on forever. Even Eli.
              And what’s more, I only want true blue red people on the Council, people like, Pete Beaver, Shirlene, and Johnnie Green. Adam Jones III.

              My stance is we don’t want anyone stealing our money that’s not a genuine Creek, and I’m not talking skin deep Creek, baby, I’m talking, sofkey , blue dumpling, grape pudding eating, jihading Creek, that goes all the way to the bone.

          1. I think that he wants the blood quantum to be done away with for elected officials so that the Chief’s stepdaughters would be eligible to run. As the rules are currently written, the First Lady and her daughters are not eligible to run.

    2. Once again eli Grayson is on Facebook cussing out a tribal citizen.
      Should we be so proud of the choice george tiger made for grand Marshall of the Creek Nation parade.
      It’s not surprising tiger has buddied up with grayson. He is always chasing money. Grayson is always flaunting his.
      Tiger isn’t smart enough to distant himself from him. Of course grayson promised him the Creek votes from Beggs. You know grayson thinks he’s the founding family of Beggs.
      Between grayson and molly it’s a toss up daily to see who can offend the citizens.

  8. We’re there not any number of Veterans who would have been an obvious choice (s)?
    Oh wait they may not have been willing to help buy the election.

  9. Eli Grayson bla, bla, bla.

    Another hat in the ring for the Office of Principal Chief –

    In the Okmulgee Daily Times Mr. Floyd said he won’t accept contributions for his campaign and will pay his own way.

    How many minions do you think George Tiger will throw into the campaign for PC to stop this qualified man.

    There will be at least SIX (6) more file for the Office of PC and Eli Grayson would probably be glad to pay their campaign costs. Then those SIX along with Thomas Yahola & Adam Jones will throw their votes to their beloved George Tiger. If that doesn’t work George will have Nettie stuff the ballot boxes with votes to insure a win.

      1. I have been trying to get registered voters data out of gear for two years without any luck. She won’t even return phone calls or answer emails . What’s the deal? Are people afraid of her or what? How does she keep this position?

        1. I have a question too. Why is she in Tiger’s office all the time? She’s been seen in his office several times lately and so has Nelson Harjo. Why would they need to be cohorting with him this close to the election?

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