Pandering by George Tiger – for family & friends. Qualified citizens deemed not qualified.

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Reflecting this morning on the past three years of our tribal government, where it was before and the direction our leaders have chosen for our people. Attended the festival last night and spent time observing our people and realizing that so many there have no idea of the path they are traveling, not by their choice but by choice of the elected officials.
Politics have always played a part in government. Where there are two or more gathered, there will be politics. I believe every politician and every employee in upper level management has ideas of making things better for the people when they are elected/ placed in a position. But, with the current administration, none had ever been in true upper level management positions, many have very little 40 hr work week experience and the newly created positions created by Chief immediately turned them in to power hungry, attention seeking individuals who forgot their intentions of helping our people and instead began working with ulterior motives to keep their current positions or run for higher offices. The old ways of respect, kindness, helping one another, are gone. They have been replaced by arrogance, evilness and greed. With this administration not only are personal boundaries ignored, there are no professional boundaries. I think if you did a thorough back ground check on Chief Tiger and the people he has surrounded himself with and placed in key positions, you would find they have had boundary issues dating back to years ago. He has never displayed any leadership ability and has relied on and allowed his key people to trample on the very basic rights guaranteed to every Muscogee citizen. Is it because he doesn’t have the knowledge, skills, or training to run the government or because he is indebted/embedded to and with them? Or is it because those people didn’t buy in to the self adulation, phony, egotistical behavior of Chief and his people? This is something you will have to decide for yourself.
There are many of our people who have applied for jobs at the tribe and have never been given a chance. Yet, certain families including the Chief’s, are all employed there. You will never be able to see the information but if the total of salaries just for his own family was made public, you would be shocked. If you were to see the amounts taken out of tribal budgets to pay employees family members for such things as “catering” you would be shocked. If you could see the information of the cost of maintenance, gas, etc for certain employees who are furnished tribal vehicles to use as they choose, you would be shocked. They tell me the cost of employee travel is unbelievable and the cost to the tribe for attendance to the quarterly intertribal meetings is outrageous and has no long term benefit to the tribe itself. I am told Chief blatantly lies and takes credit for any accomplishment his employees are responsible for.
This money, the tribal vehicles, the programs, these belong to us, the tribal members who make up the tribal government. They are not the Chief’s, they are not the cabinet members, they are the tribe’s.
Creek citizens I am asking you to take a good long look at this administration and ask yourself if this is what you want for the next four years. Look at the national council members voting records, have they represented you as they promised or have they voted yes to every demand made by Chief? Do they have sons or daughters employed by the tribe and can’t say no to Chief because they know that son or daughter can’t get a job elsewhere making the salary they’re getting?
Talk to other people, talk to employees, then make your decision on whether you want this evilness to continue or you want to stop the train before it wrecks and destroys our whole nation.


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  1. Got to say that this party George is forcing all the employees to go to is down right crazy. He is shutting down all tribal services to host a party for the employees and forcing there attendance by making it mandatory. You can’t even leave for lunch. The signs outside every office should read Closed for PARTY,screw you and thanks George Tiger.

    1. The citizens should be outraged by George Tiger’s obvious attempt to garner votes by shutting down services. Has anyone figured up the cost in salaries alone this is costing? And what about those employees paid out of federal funds, don’t think this is allowable. Why after three, almost four years did he decide to ” appreciate” the employees? Don’t be fooled, this administration doesn’t appreciate any one unless they’re in his clique. Many employees will tell you the treatment they get is far from appreciation.
      Why didn’t they take the money they’re spending on this to fund some of the programs they say have run out of money? What about the elders who are needing services?

      1. Agree. Employees I work with expressed they preferred to stay and work and keep the clinic open.
        We were not given an option although they cancelled appointments.
        We apologize to our patients. We will be blasted for this from some patients. Please please we had no option.
        We are sorry if no one answered your phone calls, or returned your calls. We are sorry no one is there to give your children their immunizations to start school. We are sorry no one is there to fill your medicines
        Please let george know if you or your child ran out over the weekend. We are sorry there will be a delay in getting them Monday as there will be a backlog of phone calls from Fri Sat and Sun callins for med refills.
        We are sorry you can’t find out any information regarding your referrals from Contract Health. Hopefully your not one of the HUNDREDS who have been denied services since Contract Health is out of money.
        Basically we are sorry we were forced to be part of denying you services. And none of us needed or wanted the t-shirt we are forced to wear.

    2. Yesterday they told us to bring something for lunch since there may not be enough food. I think a Christmas Bonus would have worked out better for the employees rather than shutting the tribe down for a meeting, games and a concert! Chief Tiger has violated the Freedom of Speech for the employees his entire term. Now he wants to party with us! Who is the campaign advisor who came up with this?

  2. The Health System is sad and I was there when they started having secretaries of everything. It is nothing, but a waste of money. I worked right with Seneca the first time he was there before they kicked him out and when he came back. He has no business running a Health System- he was just an radiology tech who has used his position to now to bring his own friends and family to work there. Some of them back to work there actually since they were kicked out just like him in the past. The Health System operated just fine without paying all those large salaries to Secretaries of this and that I know I was there. Look how bad it is now the Hospital in Okemah has departments that cannot pass credentials or inspections from the State of Oklahoma and the Federal Govt. Such as the radiology, nursing and especially the laboratory. The same thing is going on at the new hospital they bought in Okmulgee. Same departments same problems. The nursing and surgery department has been in trouble since day one. The laboratory has
    never passed their Federal Inspection from the state inspectors. Now they have the person who messed up the lab in Okemah running the one in Okmulgee. Where is Seneca and the guy supposed to be running all the labs? Where is the Radiolgy Manager another of Senecas friends. They got rid of a radiology manager that had been there for 20 years with no problems and the same thing in lab and nursing. They get rid of people who did their jobs and replace them people they like and now look at the mess. Millions of dollars wasted in a Health System and Muscogee Creek Citizens doing without because Seneca and the people who advise him want to hire friends and family. They are failing you ! Just ask They have an administrator in Okemah who is nothing , but a mouthpiece and she will continue that to keep her job. She was a nurse, then Director of Nursing, Assistant Admin and now Administrator. Her husband of course is Native and sells the tribe most of their furniture and office equipment. I bet that helps. MVTO

    1. Don’t forget that the CMO has been sanctioned by the state medical board in the past! Yep, that is who Seneca wants to be the head Doctor. Can anyone yell me the number of employees that work at Lackey Hall?

      1. The current CMO Dr. Larry Vark has never been sanctioned to my knowledge. However, the 2 previous CMO’s 1 which still works there have been sanctioned multiple times. Dr. Billy Conn Beets is one of the most sanctioned doctors actually the most I’ve ever seen in the history of the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision. He was not able to practice medicine multiple times then had to be supervised then he couldn’t write certain types of prescriptions then he had to even be retrained. I know he also go arrested recently so I wonder when that will land in his record. I also want to say though he is still working as a doctor at Creek Nation which is sad. The patients deserve so much better. Now the other one Dr. Zachariah Anderson was also sanctioned and he was CMO twice and fired twice. This is not made up either people go look it up for yourself.
        People get fired all the time and then they get their jobs back because of who they know and all that stuff. The patients are getting horrible treatment and it’s sad that people who were doing their jobs and running departments for years with no problems, no sanctions from the state or federal government have lost their jobs since this administration has been around the Health System. I don’t even use the health system myself just because it horrible. Bad employees are allowed to run around doing horrible jobs until they do something to someone’s family member then they get in trouble?? I mean really what about all the other patients that received sub standard care. The secretaries of everything are truly nothing, but a waste of money. Not to mention they all have assistants and then of course Seneca’s assistant has an assistant. It’s pathetic when people can’t even get the medical procedures they need to live day to day. I don’t for sure this maybe someone else can comment on this, but they used to even provide the CEO and a couple more people like Rhonda Beaver with cars to drive as well. That’s a joke in itself I remember when Rhonda Beaver used to just pick up pizza and plan parties for everyone at Lackey Hall in her little Mercedes. It must be nice to have been able to use your last name to collect all that money from the tribe all these years for doing absolutely nothing. I also wonder what Jo Ann Sjaggs is going to do now with Roger gone her ex son in law and now former second chief who got her the HSA job in Oklmulgee. Then look at Bert Robison the step child to them all he just gets passed to every clinic I order just to keep his job. I guess preaching on Sunday washes him of all his ugly things he has done to people that week. I was there I saw it I watched it all happen. I know about all the messes and behind the scene dirty things that went in and continue now. The problem is they could play their games, but before this administration and the loss of all the good long standing directors the patients received good service. Not anymore not anymore. Stand up people stand up citizens and take back your Healthcare System. Use that website and look up those doctors if they are MD’s and if they are DO’s us this

        1. Dr Vark has been sanctioned by the Osteopathic Board of Medical Examiners. It states to call the Board for details. See post by Digger in March 2015 under heading of Petition Meeting on 3/25. It states that he got in trouble in Missouri and Oklahoma. He did not keep records of the narcotics he ordered. Gave narcotics to a family member without documentation. A nurse called in a controlled drug or him under another physician’s name. He had to provide urine drug screens for a number of years. He also got in trouble for inappropriate prescribing of diet pills. Call the Osteopatic Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiner’s and ask them. These sanctions are over 5 years old and not listed on the sanctions bulletin anymore

              1. JoAnn worked for the IHS in New Mexico in administration on the Apache reservation and has experience outside of Creek Nation. I think she also has formal postgraduate education degree

            1. Seems like you do not want to believe that he has been sanctioned. Call 405.528.8625 and ask them. They will tell you and offer you a hard copy or diskette for 50$. All the CMO’s of Creek Nation the past few years have been sanctioned. Some for more violations than the others. Why are you taking up for Vark?

              1. I believe you that’s why I listed the website for anyone to investigate in my post. I am NOT taking up for Dr. Vark at all. I stated to my knowledge he had not been sanctioned and I am glad you corrected that point. What you stated just strengthens my statement about sub standard leadership in the Creek Nation Division of Health. They are batting 100% on sanctioned CMO’s. You are taking my statement the wrong way. Thank you for the correction.

          1. I guess you don’t have a comment about previous CMO Dr. Billy Beets MD being one of the most sanctioned providers actively practicing medicine again. He sees patients regularly at Creek Nation. Maybe it’s kinda like the whole Joann Skaggs thing though since he’s related to the now current second chief.

            1. I read about him on the website. I think Vark had more violations than him. Creek Nation can not get any Doctors to work in Okemah because of the distance and they can make a higher salary in the city. They have a payback there or they want to hire foreigners for a cheap rate. That is the way that Creek Nation treats their citizens. The Health Department operates on the cheap as you can get philosophy. Minimal number of Doctors and heavy on the administration positions. So they are going to keep Beets for the price that they have. They are not going to pay more for a Doctor with a better reputation.

  3. Ms. Root-Daugherty or whatever her name is has a LPN license and worked for a nursing home before her secretary position of Secretary of Elder Care.

    She now is CEO of the Okmulgee Hospital and the George Nigh Rehabilitation Center now owned by MCN.

    She isn’t even an RN. She has not masters degrees and doesn’t know crap about running a hospital or rehab center.

    She is however, the step-daughter of G. Tiger.

    I would rather see her at home eating bon-bons, drawing a salary and the tribe hire another person that actually knows how to run a hospital and rehab center.

    Tiger is a buffoon.

    Those step-children that take positions that they know they aren’t qualified for are a disgrace.

    Next Angela, Molly and Kendra will become brain surgeons.

    Does Ms. Angela Daugherty get twice the pay? Does she make more tribal dollars then her DaDa George?

    1. Can you please cite your source regarding her background? According to the Creek Health webiste:
      “Mrs. Daugherty holds a Master of Human Relation and Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees from the University of Oklahoma. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management degree from Oklahoma City University. She is a Registered Nurse certified in Palliative Care. She is currently attending University of Oklahoma pursuing a PhD in Nursing degree. She is a certified Hospice Administrator by the California Association for Health Services at home.”

      1. Does Creek Nation offer Hospice or palliative care? What type of long term care does Creek Nation offer the elderly? What does Angela do besides go to meetings? What do you do with a Masters of Human Relations degree?

      2. Ms. Daugherty should have taken some courses in being NICE. She is rude and bossy – and not just to white people.

        With six going on seven masters, bachelors, registered, PhD and certifications, looks like she’s the gal for the job. Is she a Veteran too? Why does the tribe need Seneca Smith? We could save a lot of money by getting rid of him and other Secretary’s of stuff in health and put her over everything for $500 a year. She probably needs that money with Fran, Geroge and other living in her home with her.

        So odd that George and Frances can’t afford to buy their own home. George should tell housing to buy him a home. Why not? They bought one for his girlfriend and her little girl. No one is doing a darn thing about that.

        1. Why and for what reason do we need an Athletic Director? Seriously?? Is he going to get the fat tiger in shape? What does the salary for this job pay?
          What is his education?
          What is his work background?

          Who is Dan Kirby?
          Has he been veted??
          What is his connection blood/political/payback wise to anyone?

          Appears per National Council 7/21/15 agenda it is for re-nomination. Where has he been officed.
          Please expound on the work he has done for the tribe.

      3. In 2012 while Tiger was running for President of NCAI he held a press conference at RiverSpirit Event Center.
        Tiger said that Margarittaville would be completed by:
        early 2015 – what’s the deadline now?

        Tiger also told communities that had 50 /50 gaming money split that he would give them their millions back.
        Has that happened?

        Don’t believe everything you read.

        One thing is honest though – Tiger did sign a contract for 5% profit sharing at an illegal casino in BA – he admitted that.

        Our Chief doesn’t mind cheating, manipulating, lying or stealing to get what he wants, nor does his wife and her daughters. Does now pregnant Kendra still maintain the full time job of taking care of her Mom?

        Tiger took an oath to uphold our constitution more than once and it means nothing to him. He probably says, “I meant it at the time.”

      4. All these degrees, why didn’t she just go to medical school? Why did since she spend all that time getting those B.S. Degrees and RN degree? The medical degree is the most prestigious.

      5. Anonymous, is Angela planning to see patients in the clinic with that PhD in nursing? I think Lackey has enough administrators that provide no productive work. Seneca delegates everything to the staff providing poor oversight. The Health System is broke! How much of the budget went to payroll for created positions for Tiger friends who do not have full time work to do but want a paycheck. Stop hiring and creating positions for people who do not have full time work to do! We need good Doctors in the clinics!

  4. since the fbi has made the decision that tiger has not broken any federal laws it opens the flood gates for all corruption in our tribe.
    things like:
    not paying TAXES on consulting income
    pardoning tribal court convicted citizens
    spending federal dollars on personal items
    purchasing homes for girlfriends with federal HUD money
    paying extended hush money with federal dollars
    and other expenditures are permissible according to the fbi.
    so now if any official of creek nation wants to use federal money for items above or others (except using a debit card) it’s lawful.
    simply don’t understand the difference in writing a check or using a debit card to steal.

    1. Tiger’s veto message
      MCN Principle Chief
      NCA 15-081 Creating a new chapter under MCN Code Annotated, Title 37 titled, “The Campaign Finance Disclosure Act” and to establish a public ethics commission. Reps. David Nichols, David Hill, Frank Coachman and Lucian Tiger sponsored the amendment

      In short, the legislation states that the goal of the commission and Act is to prevent conflicts of interest by ensuring that any potential financial gain made by public officials does not affect the decisions made through their position.
      (Tiger’s veto message was someone’s version of what the veto letter said but not the actual letter. The following was published by the MNN.)
      George Tiger’s veto message included concerns regarding potential conflicts between the new commission and the MCN Election Board state that the board has the ability to serve the functions outlined for the commission and that the board said they were not consulted regarding the legislation, as was told previously.

      The commission consists of three members, one appointed by each branch of government. The message stated that the timetable outlined by the bill for the principal chief to make said appointments was a violation of the separation of powers since it was established for the executive office.
      It states that the timetable for appointing commissioners and for them to outline their rules, conflicts with the upcoming election cycle.

      It also states that many of the terms used in the legislation are not clearly defined and leave room for potential legal challenges.

      Finally, it states that the bill violates U.S. Federal law regarding ex post facto (after the fact) legislation by outlining rules regarding the submission of grand totals for contributions and expenditures from the last campaign.

      (It should be clear to citizens by now that Tiger always takes care of himself. He makes sure that he keeps power and by his actions subsequently takes power from citizens. Tiger would not have spent a minute, had it been to stand up for any kind of citizen’s rights. Citizens should be persistent in asking Reps. who the members of the said commission are, and how they will prevent conflicts of interests. We can be sure that Tiger, working in the background will eventually have the intent of the Act to be watered down. Tiger is worried by his last election and how his campaign was financed. How many citizens believe that this information will ever be known?)

      1. No one associated with MCN should be on this commission to oversee conflicts of interest, especially employees or family of elected people.

    2. What about the tribal vehicles that are being driven to and from work with all fuel, maintenance, tags, insurance, etc being paid out of tribal/federal funds? IRS rules state the employees driving these vehicles are to be given 1099 forms at the end of the year because other than a couple of departments it can’t be justified. It’s my understanding this hasn’t been done for the past three years. It seems to me that since this hasn’t been reported, it is incumbent on the national council to report this to the IRS because once the list is sent of who is doing this ( and there is a list ) IRS will investigate. Whether it’s ignorance or just a blatant disregard for the law, these employees will eventually have to pay taxes for these perks.

      1. We can only hope they indeed have to pay taxes.

        But it may be fixed like George previously did for those thieves at Bristow Community Center. They stole thousands. … $299.99 at a time. Thousands people. And George got the checks too. It’s documented. But he got those people taxes paid.

  5. Is ANYONE seriously surprised by the actions of our chief? Or his appointed staff? Or their actions?
    I hope not. Everything about our current state of the tribe could have and may have been predicted. I can only think of one department /program that’s not factually corrupt. I will spare their name because I haven’t asked their permission to use it. It is managed by a Creek, and that department /program actually cares about citizens and clients.
    But to think that no one thought chief tiger wasn’t corrupt is a dangerous belief.

    1. Wonder if george boasted to Obama and strutted for the Choctaw today about our dead golf course, empty Country Club, deserted Counsel House. Empty shell of the old Sharpe store he just bought. I’m sure they are interested in the delayed expansion at River Spirit. Oh and I bet he bragged about his indoor golf range….you know the one NO one in business will partner with. Bet he took photos of our two run down hospitals to compare to all the new health centers the Choctaw have built and are building. Wonder if he told them about Kowetas dialysis center he’s so proud of. You know the one that does no dialysis. They don’t have any dialysis patienys. Might have made sense to build in a central location. Wonder if he told them we have no money for Contract Health referrals. Cancer and heart patients being refused their health care. Bet they were impressed with the health care you give the citizens. But heck you gave away free ballgame tickets. That will feed some hungry kids george. Buy some more fireworks for Tulsa driller stadium. We have elders that don’t need their homes repaired or a tiny single little air conditioner. They will get a lot of benefit from those firecrackers down in Hanna.

  6. Dear New Topic writer;
    I am impressed by your post, enough to ask if you are qualified by blood quantum to run for office, and if you are to encourage you to run.

    Also, could you please expand on what you mean by “boundary issues?”

    1. “Creek men honor their women” What?
      I am told that it does not make any difference to know what personal boundaries in the workplace is, and how to protect oneself, if the ones who oversee the workplace environment don’t have a clue. And they don’t.

      When a person’s boundaries are violated, it is a crime. You can go to jail for it. You can be labeled a sex offender, and then your problems really begin.

      The one certain way to address problems that offends people’s sensibilities, such as the kind that is rampant in the Nation’s workplace, is to give it a name. When it has a name, it can be talked about by everyone. Naming this kind of behavior brings it out of the shadows into the bright light of public denunciation.

      This behavior of violating someone’s personal space, and not being held accountable is despicable and needs to be stopped.
      Our administration, including the National Council, with their stone=age mentality, will never do anything to stop this behavior in the workplace. Citizens must do that.

      Allowing this kind of problem to continue tells us what the administration really feels about our Creek Nation female employees, that they are just collateral objects and should be kept in their place.

      1. Sexual harassment is a problem at Creek Nation. The Chief is even guilty. So is his son-in-law and some of his friends he gave jobs to at the school. This is common knowledge.

    2. Grayhead.
      In answer to your question, yes I am a full citizen of the Creek tribe. I have no interest in running for office but feel compelled to get the truth out to the Creek citizens so when and if they exercise their privilege to vote they can do so with full knowledge of the mode of operation and future expectations if the current administration prevails in the upcoming elections. At the same time I remind everyone the Principal Chief can do nothing by himself, the National Council votes on his requests and therefore, must admit culpability for the horrendous, nauseating actions of the past three years. It is extremely important that the incumbent Council Representatives seeking reelection answer and show proof as to how they voted on past legislation.
      Boundaries was a term I used for limits/confines. In our personal lives most of us understand we have limits or lines we don’t cross. A good example is stepping out of the confines of marriage which has been a practice of our current Chief and some of his cabinet members. Whether it is an affair, inappropriate sexual advances, texting, sexting, or emails, most people have a moral compass that tells us when we are crossing the line. If a person exhibits no control of their personal behavior, it should be understood they will have no control in their professional behavior because they are devoid of that moral compass. And for the sake of truth, there is proof of the behaviors mentioned above as well as apalling pictures that will be made public in the very near future.
      We have read and reread the proof of the Chief’s secret dealings of which the major beneficiary was none other than himself. There are already leaks of him engaging in the same types of behavior with businessmen, making shocking promises in hopes of raising campaign funds. But let me not digress.
      He has placed employees in compromising positions such as handing them cash with instructions to bail a certain mistress out of jail. It is unknown if this was tribal or personal funds.
      He has allowed cabinet members to run roughshod over employees, commit sexual crimes against them with no repercussions, and vetoed the employee rights bill. And the lists goes on and will continue to grow because desperate people do desperate things and he is desperate to remain in power.
      There is more, there is proof of texts and emails that were obtained before the “upgrades” made by IT. Some of this is already out there but most of it isn’t.

  7. Also notice that a lot of the employees are related to past Chiefs and political families. At election time they will band together to vote for the candidate that will secure their jobs. That is the “Creek Way” of the political machine that promotes corruption and nepotism to keep qualified and experienced tribal citizens out of tribal government and tribal jobs. They only think of how they can benefit themselves and how to continue to control all of the tribal programs. Thiefs and felons should not be in charge of our budgets and our money.

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