Proposed Duties of “The Secretary of the Nation”

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Who is responsible for our economic plateau? The Secretary of the Nation: Bill Fife.
A. The Office of the Secretary of the Nation shall be the office of primary responsibility for all entities and person seeking to do business with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. The Secretary of the Nation shall coordinate all activities associated with Titles 3 and 3A—Corporations and Partnerships of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Code Annotated, including but not limited to, the Partnership Act, Limited Partnership Act, General Corporation Act and Limited Liability Act. The Secretary of the Nation shall also coordinate all activities associated with Title 33 Uniform Commercial Code.
B. The Secretary of the Nation shall monitor the storage and use of the Great Seal of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. [Watch the National Council Candidates who use the seal for campaigning.]
C. The Secretary of the Nation shall perform protocol functions for the Office of the Principal Chief and shall conduct negotiations with outside entities on behalf of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation when needed. [Like Rex’s Chicken, the Virtual Golf Company, and Riverwalk?]
D. The Secretary of the Nation shall serve as the principal advisor to the Principal Chief and shall be responsible for the overall direction, coordination and supervision of the Executive Office’s social and economic policy. [Spend a lot of money; not make a profit; blame the previous administration.]
E. The Office of the Secretary of the Nation shall be the lead governmental agency responsible for the attraction and encouragement of commerce with businesses in and outside the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. [Like Rex’s Chicken, the Virtual Golf Shop, Riverwalk, Okmulgee Golf Course, and Margaritaville?]
F. The Secretary of the Nation shall perform additional duties not clearly delineated in this section as determined by the Principal Chief of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. [Spend money; take trips; blame previous administration?]

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  1. Everyone needs to vote this time. Encourage your family an friends. Only changes can be made if we make them.

      1. Jeff Fife married into the house.

        Thomasine Fife got the house as part of HUSH MONEY for not filing a “Sexual Harassment” case against the Chairman of the Housing Board back in 1995 or 1996.

        Thomasine also received nearly $70,000 in cash. Didn’t pay taxes on it probably.

        She was invited to the Chairman’s personal home, she went, he tried to kiss her and bam – a new house with land and money and kept her job.

        And the beat goes on, right?

        1. Who was the Chairman of Housing @ the time Fife got her house?
          And what punishment did he receive?
          Or bonus/new job/raise and or promotion?

    1. Those in McIntosh District remember when Bill Fife was Chief he appointed Yahola Townsend Chairman of the Creek Housing Authority.
      This appointee of Chief Fife was the individual who was sued by Thomaseene(?) now Fife for sexual harassment and was eventually awarded a settlement from the Housing Authority, which included a home, Jeff Fife Married her and lives in that home.

        1. Please leave Thomasene out of your gossiping. She is one of the finest ladies that anyone would want to meet. She is an incredible asset to Creek Nation. She works hard with individuals and truly cares about their wellbeing. (And yes she does have a degree and is very intelligent.)

          It’s very interesting that you point a finger at people on this site but forget you have 3 pointing back at you. You don’t even know her but you want to talk about her just because she is married to Jeff. Whatever may have happened in her past I am sure you don’t even know the full story.

          What I can say about Thomasene Fife is she is a genuine, kind, humble friend that would give you her last dollar to help you out. She would not talk about any of you even if she knew dirt on you.

          I understand that this site is a sounding board to gossip , gripe and complain about what is right or not right at Creek Nation. I also understand that it is a forum to get information out. To speak ill of Thomasene does not accomplish anything other than to hurt her or her friends. I am sure that you can find plenty of other people to badmouth. Leave her out of it.

          (BTW, Thomasene has had a house payment, if it is any of your business.)

  2. Giles had all her ass kissing supports today at the council meeting ! These wanna be’s make me sick! They act like they care about our citizens people but but once the citizens leave its a tell all. Cherra’ departments have a big turnover on employees because her mgr’s treat them like crap when know one is around.
    Family violence , child family , food distribution , TANF , social services , social security , Community research , all need a overhaul . These mgr”s are ass kissing , toe jam licking ,dingle berry picking asses .
    While I’m at it ! there is a photo of Justin Giles mug shot floating around the not so great MCN.
    Another freaking thing where are the summer youth checks?
    Communities cherrah Giles runs you now !!!!!!!

    1. My question is what are the duties of Cherrah Giles? She seems to be on “travel status” a lot. She travels more than
      Thief Tiger. The latest trip for Giles was a trip to South Dakota for a wedding and numerous other stops to justify driving a Creek Nation vehicle (again)! She takes her kids(including the oldest one, Justin) with her on trips. Speaking of Justin it seems that he accompanies his
      boss wherever she goes. Is’nt he the head of the so-called
      Museum department? Anyway, the fleet management department should have records of the times that the Giles clan has checked out a vehicle for supposedly MCN
      business. It is fact that Mr. Giles (Cherrah) has a MCN vehicle assigned to her and she drives it home. What a perk! The Quiett-Ridge Giles combo needs to go!!

    1. What in the hell is an “at-large listening forum”? Whatever it is, George is going to be the keynote speaker at one to be held tomorrow at our college in Okmulgee. There will be forums held all day, ending at 3:15 when the National Council has been invited to participate. This all wraps with in a dinner.
      I would caution the National Council of attending, based on their call to vote no confidence in George just a few weeks ago. The Council should avoid giving the impression to the communities that not anything has happen, and that the disgraced Chief is still the undisputed leader of the tribe.
      The Council voted that George Tiger is no longer deem worthy of leading the tribe, why should he be telling the Council what they should do?

      1. What’s wrong Grayhead? Weren’t you invited?
        You must not be one of the “chosen ones” that Tiger picked out of all the voters.

        The National Council is weak. G
        George ‘I got the Money’ Tiger is strong.
        That’s all people understand – MONEY.
        Free stuff, feeling important for a brief moment until their usefulness is over.

        1. Or their t-shirt is greased stained.
          Or the next candidate gives them a brighter colored one.

          Short memories. Look at how quick they forget Georges most recent sns.

      2. While George is wine and dining the out-of-state voters, the National Council is standing back holding their hat in their hands watching him rake in the votes.

        Who is paying for this extravaganza?

        What department gave George the money for the purchase of these votes?

  3. Is this a question for the Secretary of the Nation as the Advisor to the Principal Chief?

    Does the LightHorse Division have the responsibility of protection of all Creeks or only those administration want protected?

    Can a regular, under belly, no high position Creek man or woman call on LightHorse for protection at a gathering – say a birthday party, football party or gathering of Creeks for Change?

    If a Creek citizens feels intimidated while gathering together will LightHorse come to the rescue?

  4. Bill Fife has no means to do anything, even if he was so inclined. Jeff Fife is too dumb to hold a job unless daddy supports George and he is handed one.
    There is only one way to get rid of the Fife’s, and that is to get rid of the real problem, and election time is coming up.

    I predict 4 more years at least of Tiger. The MCN citizens have proven that they dont have the courage to oust him, or even care enough to vote against him. If you wont stand up to corruption, you are corrupt and might as well own up to it.

  5. Bill Fife: (current Secretary of our Nation) smiles and says “Whatever you think Chief.”

    Do you think Fife does anything at all for his $95,000? He doesn’t have to because he is one of Tiger’s mentors.

    Remember when the National Council confirmed Bill Fife’s nomination by Tiger?
    Tiger lowed the requirements for the position in the job description and National Council said, “Whatever you want Chief Tiger.”

      1. Well, Jeff has a background of theft, and if Tiger hadn’t went to the DA and got his release, Chief Ellis had him where he should be. Yes he wore handcuffs. That will probably not be the last time for him or Tiger.

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