2015 Creek Festival – – Good/Bad/Problems/Interesting – – Your opinions.

Curiosity:    How and who chooses the Parade Grand Marshal ?   Do you have to be a friend of George Tiger?  Do you have to donate more than a certain amount of dollars to a political campaign?  Do you have to fete the Chief at your house for lunches and dinners?  ELI GRAYSON was the Grand Marshal Saturday.  If he was chosen for all the things he has done for the good of the general Creek public,  I don’t see what Grayson has done or accomplished EXCEPT to push his own agendas – not for the Creek Nation.  Is there anyone that can clarify this for us if we are wrong?   It’s possible we don’t know  what he has done for the honor.

Pandering by George Tiger – for family & friends. Qualified citizens deemed not qualified.

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Reflecting this morning on the past three years of our tribal government, where it was before and the direction our leaders have chosen for our people. Attended the festival last night and spent time observing our people and realizing that so many there have no idea of the path they are traveling, not by their choice but by choice of the elected officials.
Politics have always played a part in government. Where there are two or more gathered, there will be politics. I believe every politician and every employee in upper level management has ideas of making things better for the people when they are elected/ placed in a position. But, with the current administration, none had ever been in true upper level management positions, many have very little 40 hr work week experience and the newly created positions created by Chief immediately turned them in to power hungry, attention seeking individuals who forgot their intentions of helping our people and instead began working with ulterior motives to keep their current positions or run for higher offices. The old ways of respect, kindness, helping one another, are gone. They have been replaced by arrogance, evilness and greed. With this administration not only are personal boundaries ignored, there are no professional boundaries. I think if you did a thorough back ground check on Chief Tiger and the people he has surrounded himself with and placed in key positions, you would find they have had boundary issues dating back to years ago. He has never displayed any leadership ability and has relied on and allowed his key people to trample on the very basic rights guaranteed to every Muscogee citizen. Is it because he doesn’t have the knowledge, skills, or training to run the government or because he is indebted/embedded to and with them? Or is it because those people didn’t buy in to the self adulation, phony, egotistical behavior of Chief and his people? This is something you will have to decide for yourself.
There are many of our people who have applied for jobs at the tribe and have never been given a chance. Yet, certain families including the Chief’s, are all employed there. You will never be able to see the information but if the total of salaries just for his own family was made public, you would be shocked. If you were to see the amounts taken out of tribal budgets to pay employees family members for such things as “catering” you would be shocked. If you could see the information of the cost of maintenance, gas, etc for certain employees who are furnished tribal vehicles to use as they choose, you would be shocked. They tell me the cost of employee travel is unbelievable and the cost to the tribe for attendance to the quarterly intertribal meetings is outrageous and has no long term benefit to the tribe itself. I am told Chief blatantly lies and takes credit for any accomplishment his employees are responsible for.
This money, the tribal vehicles, the programs, these belong to us, the tribal members who make up the tribal government. They are not the Chief’s, they are not the cabinet members, they are the tribe’s.
Creek citizens I am asking you to take a good long look at this administration and ask yourself if this is what you want for the next four years. Look at the national council members voting records, have they represented you as they promised or have they voted yes to every demand made by Chief? Do they have sons or daughters employed by the tribe and can’t say no to Chief because they know that son or daughter can’t get a job elsewhere making the salary they’re getting?
Talk to other people, talk to employees, then make your decision on whether you want this evilness to continue or you want to stop the train before it wrecks and destroys our whole nation.


Proposed Duties of “The Secretary of the Nation”

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Who is responsible for our economic plateau? The Secretary of the Nation: Bill Fife.
A. The Office of the Secretary of the Nation shall be the office of primary responsibility for all entities and person seeking to do business with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. The Secretary of the Nation shall coordinate all activities associated with Titles 3 and 3A—Corporations and Partnerships of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Code Annotated, including but not limited to, the Partnership Act, Limited Partnership Act, General Corporation Act and Limited Liability Act. The Secretary of the Nation shall also coordinate all activities associated with Title 33 Uniform Commercial Code.
B. The Secretary of the Nation shall monitor the storage and use of the Great Seal of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. [Watch the National Council Candidates who use the seal for campaigning.]
C. The Secretary of the Nation shall perform protocol functions for the Office of the Principal Chief and shall conduct negotiations with outside entities on behalf of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation when needed. [Like Rex’s Chicken, the Virtual Golf Company, and Riverwalk?]
D. The Secretary of the Nation shall serve as the principal advisor to the Principal Chief and shall be responsible for the overall direction, coordination and supervision of the Executive Office’s social and economic policy. [Spend a lot of money; not make a profit; blame the previous administration.]
E. The Office of the Secretary of the Nation shall be the lead governmental agency responsible for the attraction and encouragement of commerce with businesses in and outside the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. [Like Rex’s Chicken, the Virtual Golf Shop, Riverwalk, Okmulgee Golf Course, and Margaritaville?]
F. The Secretary of the Nation shall perform additional duties not clearly delineated in this section as determined by the Principal Chief of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. [Spend money; take trips; blame previous administration?]


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Filing period is July – a mere 6 weeks away.
Tiger already has billboards around the nation and has unlimited funds and power to make himself Chief again.

Thomas Yahola is a five-time loser, Adam Jones is a Georgie Boy and David Nichols is our last hope.

If David Nichols doesn’t show any influence on the National Council at this months meeting we are doomed.

The “Campaign Reform” legislation has one last chance at this months meeting. The money is flowing into Tiger’s campaign from the cheaters and outsiders that Tiger is beholding to.

David Nichols needs to show some fierce defense for our citizens against this money hungry, lying, stealing, conspirator, manipulator, cheating, embezzling, treasonous, adulterer named George Tiger – NOW.