IMPEACH A. G. ROGER WILEY — Any appointed official can be impeached — per Constitution

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Why doesn’t someone start an impeachment on the Attorney General. Per MCN Law, any appointed official, Supreme Court Justice and District Court Judge can be impeached just like it is outlined in the Constitution. Can’t go after George, then go after the next one in line, Roger Wiley.

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  1. She’s one of Georges biggest supporters!, all through the petition to remove him she was on FaceBook singing his praises, all that brown nosing paid off!

        1. I don’t think u really want to go there. If u ran background checks on most of the employees hired by this administration you’d find half of them have felonies. There wouldn’t be anyone left to do the work or should I say show up? Not sure how many work. Heck some even claim to work at home and some have jobs while on the job at CN! These are not careless accusations everthing can be proven and will come out at a later date. And yes chief is aware of this and approves and condomes it.

          1. Oh yeah I think we do want to go there. We’re talking about peopleholdong their selves out as examples and trying to give advice to other. There’s a double standard on who gets to work at the departments there especially social services. Afriend of mine got fired from there for an old domestic violence charge and now they have a manager there named Daniel Carlock who pled guilty to a domestic violence charge. So while one department has a domestic violence program another promotes it by hiring them. Social services hasdrug users/ dealers…i hear the managers even attended drug court for some of their people so its not like they don’t know who they hire. They need to clean house.

              1. I’m not sure if this website is about the voices of courage anymore. The constant comments bashing individuals who work for the nation who have no direct effect in changing our lives personally or how our nation is ran is not what this mission to have a voice of change is about. It only shows our hatred for those that we are not and the individuals that have been mentioned of having trouble in the past may have done nothing more than the some of the same stuff you have done, the only difference is they got caught and admitted or faced the consequences. If we are to use the same logic that is being displayed here, then every one of our brothers and sisters that have faced difficult times and made wrong decisions (including ourselves) should be ridiculed and forced out of existence because I can assure you that there are lots of very good people who made the wrong choice at times in their lives and paid dearly for them. Do you propose that we force them into another way of earning a living so they may feel like less than you? We have to be careful on pointing fingers to shame others as there are 3 more pointing back at you doing the same.

                If so, Post your names so we can all look at your past to judge you for your future if that is the case.

                1. Ouch! Someone’s toes got stepped on. Of course people make mistakes but I think the point that was being made here was you shouldn’t put people with criminal records in positions where they are telling others how to live and that some are fired for having a record and for others its overlooked. I have been to social services before and was thankful for the help I got but I had to fill out a budget plan before they would help me So how do I feel when I fund out the person asking me questions about my spending has written bogus checks themselves or beat the hell out of their spouse or did drugs with someone you know. in essence you’re saying we just need to forgive and forget.ok then lets just go get second chief when he gets out of prison and put him back in office. He probably didn’t mean to do what he did. Just made a poor choice. Oh. If you want others to give their names why didn’t you give yours?

                  1. I have no dog in this fight so it has no effect on me at all. Just offered advice or my opinion and it’s obvious that is not welcome here.

                    God bless.

  2. I wish the national Council woukld make Soveriegn nations named Thlopthocco and Kialegee publish their members names so they would not be able to vote in our elections for Chiefs and council members!!The council passed a bill that now we have protection against Roger Wiley by putting one of Danny Williams office staff at our nation NCR 15-075 Proscuter Shelly Harrison. We now can go to her for help.!!Thlopthlcco had an election 7 years ago and the winning canidate did not get to be Meko. An investigation should be done on that!!

  3. What is going on with Giles hiring criminals? The one she put in the social services office in Jenks Vicky Harrell aka Victoria Harrell aka Victoria Davis aka Victoria Buffington has a rap sheet a mile long for the very same things as this Dwanna person. Everiine in Glenpool knows about her and were supposed to trust this woman with our personal stuff? I don’t even want to let out my social security number. No thank you me and my family won’t go there. This administration will go down in history as one that hired more criminals and lawbreakers than all the other ones combined. C’mon creek nation we deserve better than this. Put them in the casino not in supposedly professional positions. You can look on odcr for this information too.

  4. Well, the council is too worthless to do their jobs. They would have never voted no confidence on Tiger in the first place, if the Tulsa World had not put them in the position of having to. If they had not, they would have to admit they approve of a crooked chief. Johnny Green, and Shirlene Ade are at least honest in their acceptance of criminal behavior.
    If the council was truly opposed to George Tiger, they would cut off his money, and vote Wiley out, and make a vote of no confidence a part of each and every council meeting.
    They grand stand for political gain, but now that it is time to act, they fold like wet cardboard. The legislative branch is as crooked at the executive branch.

  5. But does it surprise you? You have a sexual predator (Marshall), druggies (Dowdy’s girl friend, Chiefs daughter), thieves (both Chiefs), juvenile offenders (Cherrah Giles) and God knows who else employed. AND some of them are in leadership positions! We need change. It’s embarrassing to the tribe to be known as we are known… Chief is in the paper for sexual harassment, bribery, secret contacts. Brings shame to our ancestors. This is NOT for the good of the Nation!!!

  6. An appointed employee is still an employee and can be terminated. Impeachment is for elected people.
    Roger Wiley
    James Pratt
    Michael Wisner
    all terminated during the last administration by the Chief.
    The National Council can do the same thing.


    So sick of hearing that term. Don’t make trouble, don’t show the public our internal problems, don’t air our dirty laundry, keep it at home and bla bla bla.

    What the National Council has forgotten is WHO THE NATION IS!

    Mvskoke Nation is not the executive, legislative or judicial branches of government – the Nation is US – the CITIZENS of the Tribe.

    Without the Citizens there would be no need for the governing body .

    NATIONAL COUNCIL – We ask you to do you job and take control of this tribe. Vote no confidence in Tiger at every meeting, ask for his resignation at every meeting, keep beating that drum.

    The problem is the national council is weak and scared.

  8. If you are reading this it’s understood that you able to read.

    Perhaps each of us could interpret the following to any on holding a seat on the National Council.

    On your search line, please type in:

    On the left column click on: more documents to examine

    Then on the documents click on: Roger Barnett states MCN never took a position on a BA casino
    (Roger was speaker of the NC in 2011 when he wrote to NIGC)

    Now look at: What was George doing there?
    This crook was a SWORN in National Council Representative, under oath in a Tulsa Court Room speaking on behalf of the ENTIRE NATIONAL COUNCIL. Did the NC vote to give permission for George Tiger to speak for them? Did the National Council want the casino to be built in BA? George Tiger UNDER OATH stated the legislature opinion differed from that of Chief Ellis, saying the NC wanted the BA casino.

    Tiger Hobia, Marcella Giles, George Tiger and Rod Wiemer were at that hearing.

    Do any of those names come to mind with the Shane Rolls contract that George Tiger signed in 2009 for our 5% profit?

    What is wrong with this NC? Why are they so afraid of George Tiger? He’s the most common kind of criminal there is. He uses other people to do his dirty work.

    If this court hearing in 2011 doesn’t make some NC Reps mad as heck, then they have a bigger problem than being illiterate.


    1. Speaking of crooks:
      To all staff and citizens:
      I’m told that Cherrah Giles recently sent out a memo informing all that she was pleased to announce the newest member of her leadership team Dr. Dwanna Robertson. What she didn’t mention is the other title Dr. Robertson carries, that being a felon. Dr. Dwanna Robertson, aka Dwanna Petersen aka Dwanna Bullard aka Dwanna Costello pled guilty to possession of a controlled dangerous substance (cocaine) possession of drug paraphernalia, forgery second degree, obtaining money/property by false pretenses (bogus check) driving while license suspended and later a foreclosure.
      This is all public knowledge and can be found at

      And this woman is going to provide leadership and management to the tribe? Who hired this person and what is she leading the tribe to?
      Birds of a feather…

      1. Who is she and where did she come from? Is she Muscogee Creek? Never heard of her. Came back to steal from the Natives huh.

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