10th Annual Day-Ohn-Day 5k Run & Walk

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10th Annual Day-Ohn-Day 5k Run & Walk

In past years Creek Nation paid the entry fees for citizens to participate in this program. I don’t know what the fees were in previous years, but the fees for this year were:

5k & 1 mile ($25 w/shirt and $20 without shirt) (Race day $30)

10k ($30 w/shirt and $25 without shirt) (Race day $35)

Prior to this year entry fees were paid by Creek Nation for 100 Creek citizens. However, on May 23, 2015 there were only 9 Creek Nation citizens who participated. These people paid their own entry fee.

What happened this year? Why did George not fund Run & Walk?

3 thoughts on “10th Annual Day-Ohn-Day 5k Run & Walk”

  1. Shameful that our own Creek citizens had to pay to exert their own energies.
    They can come run on my “restricted” property FREE, and I will even GIVE them a $5 t-shirt FREE.
    Come on Creek Nation, what has happened and who or what group was running the show?
    Any benefits for citizens are NIL, ZERO, ZILCH & NOTHING. I guess this is how we want to entice our youth to become involved in this Nation of ours. PAY PAY PAY PAY.
    They are paying now and will be paying for years to come, due to the great no-return investments this administration has made and is making.

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