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  1. The District Court in & for Tusla County; State of Oklahoma held proceedings on MARCH 3, 2011. “IN THE MATTER OF THE APPROVAL OF THE GROUND LEASE AGREEMENT OF: MARCELLA S. GILES & WYNEMA L. CAPPS, as LESSORS. Here is information from the court transcripts.
    The Court: All right. Amd also present is an honorable member of the MUSCOGEE TRIBAL COUNCIL?
    Ms. Giles: Yes, your Honor.
    The Court: Okay
    Ms. Giles: George Tiger
    The Court: And your name?
    Further on down in transcript:
    Ms. Giles: The Creek Nation that we know of today were not federlly recognized under the OIWA until 1979. We have a member of the council of the Creek Nation that would, I believe, state that it is the position of the Creek Nation that their sister tribe has shared jurisdiction of that property.
    THE COURT: And I thought you represented, Mr. Wiemer, the Muscogee Creek Nation.
    MR. WIEMER: I do, Your Honor.
    THE COURT: Mr. Tiger is on the governing council of the Muscogee Creek Nation?
    THE COURT: Anbd Mr. Tiger is which branch?
    MR. WIEMER: Mr. Tiger is one of the 26 members of the legislative branch.
    MR. WIEMER: He does not speak for the government as a whole, although he may have opinions on the matter.
    THE COURT: I see. And you represent which branch?
    MR., WIEMER: Your Honor, for purposes, I represent the Nation, but I am employed by the executive branch.

    (to be continued) I felt compelled to remind George that a $3,500.00 check from Shane Rolls(as memo entry on check reads Indians-George Tiger), & check is dated 3/31/2011. This is while he was on council, under oath, which he keeps denying – because he continues to say he was not in any office & that makes him innocent. Humbug! He was in the court speaking for the council, with no authority to do so as the council had never voted on such an authorization either. By the way, Roger, as Speaker of NC wrote a letter to NIGC dated 3/3/11 that the NC has passed no legislation or taken any official position concerning the Kialegee’s proposed gaming project. Yet, there they were in that courtroom speaking for the council and the tribe without authorization!

    1. I see he has been scheming and lying about this deal for years. Looks to me like he speaks for the tribe when he benefits from personal gain. He finally got elected so that he could finalize these deals that do not benefit the entire Creek Nation. Treason! He is a Indian Benedict Arnold. Somebody call the Attorney General of the United States!

  2. Miss justin Giles. I don’t care what your sexual preference is. It has come to alot of citizens and at ceremonial grounds and all over your marriage is a front because your gay. And people that have been around you and I mean men. As has your mother why is she creek when she votes are receiving cks from creek nation. But in court documents she under oath she was Kialegee. So yes there is alot of doubts about your family. You say come out and talk to you . No you need to come out and open that closet door.

  3. HEY!!!! The grass at the “Okmulgee Golf Course (LOL!!!) needs cutting, the traps raked, and the greens cut. GET ON THAT AGAIN AND POST PHOTOS AGAIN.

  4. One more thing, Why hasn’t James Pratt been investigated in this part as being the Finance Controller and him knowing of Roger’s taking of money. The tribe needs to indite him and question him because I’m sure he can tell you more of what Thief George has done or told him to do!!!!!

    1. Yes! We need to prosecute. Why wasn’t Edwin Marshall arrested for child pornography? That is a felony. Makes me wonder who else is involved. Is there a coverup? Mr. Pratt is culpable. The AG is worthless. The entire court system is a joke and needs overhauled. National Council call lawyers to prosecute Thief Tiger if he continues to commit treason by building a casino for another tribe for his own personal gain. I believe he is still having meetings and moving forward. He should be penitentiary bound like Roger Barnett.

      1. Edwin is not the only one with pornographay on his computer.

        They (Feds)need to seize all of the computers in all sections of the tribe. They need to do a forensic audit on the computers. The tribe will not police themselves. Shameful. Need to bring in outsiders. No kin to anyone. We won’t clean up our own mess…let the feds do it.
        Check the head of each dept first.

        Look at what all has been deleted. Not what is just on there now.

  5. The Auditors will probably not find any thing at all about the Hush money’s, but if you want someone who will investigate it to the extremes, lets get the Tulsa World people back in on this? They found all the other things that George was doing that was right under our Tribal Councils nose. We need to get a petition or what ever it takes to get rid of Roger Wiley first and then hire in a Attorney General for the Tribe that won’t listen to George and do what is right by the Law. Call in Channel 2 news or Channel 6 and let their investigating team investigate the Hush Money. George likes being in the spot light of the Media so lets give him exposure, call them all in to investigate, Tulsa World, Channel 2, Channel 6, Fox 23 they have good investigating teams. I know that our tribe can’t investigate, the only thing they been able to sniff out is Fry Bread and Wild Onions.

    1. We all know the Council can get rid of AG Roger Wiley. Remember when Ellis was Chief, he went through the same thing and he was legally chastised for it. They (NC) said Ellis couldn’t terminate any one who had been confirmed by the Council, and that it was up to the Council to terminate.

      Now that the shoe is on the other foot, remind George & the Council that the NC can get rid of any appointee who had to be confirmed by the NC. THEN HOLD THEM TO THE FIRE & TELL THEM TO GET IT DONE. The AG is one of those who was confirmed by the NC, along with some of George’s appointees. Tell the NC to get rid of all of them. It’s legal.

      1. National Council? Is this true? Do it! Start cleaning the house! Put people who are not George’s puppets into those key positions and watch who gets left out. Do it!

    2. Start a campaign on this website (names, numbers and email addresses of people at those locations to contact, and ask all MCN citizens to write to them.

    3. The executive branch refused to allow auditors hired by the National Council to review email correspondence, WHY those emails contain personal communications with females , contractors and each other concerning all of the dealings being listed on this site.
      Emails have exposed federal and Oklahoma politicians and will do the same for Creek government.
      Now where is this audit paid for by our tribal funds. It should be public info, looks like maybe some people on the Council may not want the audit released along with administration officials?

      1. OK, National Council – what is the next step? Subpoenas? Gotta do something and not let them go free!

  6. New Topic Maybe?
    Is paying “Hush Money” legal in Mvskoke Nation.

    Former US Speaker Dennis Hastert indicted for lying to the FBI and giving “Hush Money” for misconduct in his past.

    Is it lawful for Principal Chief Tiger to pay “Hush Money” to his girlfriend in the forms of houses, cash money from casinos, payments for her rehab through the Federal Indian Health Service, creating a “Consulting” position ordering MCN departments to hire her and whatever else he has to do to keep her quiet about the harassment and abuse?

    Was it legal for the Housing Division to pay Mrs. Jeff Fife “Hush Money” ($75,000) for her silence of the accused Board Chairman sexual advances at his home?

    Our Attorney Generals are weak individuals that do whatever they are told to do. Wiley knows full well that “Hush Money” especially when Federal Funds are used is a Federal Crime.

    How much “Hush Money” has Creek Nation paid out since George Tiger has been in office? Why can’t auditors find out this information. The National Council is guilty of agreeing to the girlfriends payoffs too.

    1. Good points and good questions. MCN AG, why hasn’t this conduct been investigated and charges filed! OH! Silly questions! Because George hasn’t told him to.

    2. Paying “Hush Money” may not be legal in Mvskoke Nation but in Georges words “It is the Mvskoke way” thanks to “the tradition” he has started.
      I think it is legally just that Barnett will partially pay for the crime he was caught for but so unjust for George not to be in prison.

  7. Candidate Tiger speaks TRANSPARENCY.

    Then Why soooo many secrets???

    Chief Tiger tell us your undisclosed LOCATION for the second RED CLAY CASINO TO BE BUILT…. How many Red Clay Casinos does Chief Thief Tiger plan to build? Obviously the nearly completed Broken Arrow Casino awaits the final steps of completion.

    In that the second Red Clay Casio to be built is to be located in TULSA COUNTY how will this not negatively impact the RIVER SPIRIT???

    Per Giles (Red Clay Casino) facebook she believes that Concentrating on Money will bring money to her and you – if you follow her evangelism of think money/get money . She promotes forwarding Chain Letters of photographed currency to others. Strange belief on how to become wealthy.

    Plan A of building a Casino has a higher probability of becoming WEALTHY for her than the premise of thinking money/getting money. How better to become wealthy than when Creeks spend their rent and utility money at your Casino? So they become homeless or sit in the dark? Ms. Giles will be sitting pretty…..

    When did the love of MONEY become a Mvskoke Core Value?

    Giles has to get Chief Thief Tiger back into office to see her beliefs become reality!!!

    1. Giles is still a registered Creek Nation voter even though she joined the Kialege tribe. Once you become a member of another tribe, you cannot return to the Creek tribe. George and Nettie will let her continue to vote. We have other so-called citizens doing the same thing.

      1. With Chris (Redstone CEO) and his engaged bride-to-be Kendra Root involved in these new casinos along with step-daddy Thief Tiger, the casinos are sure to be built. Little Ms. Kendra (Frances Tiger’s daughter) owns Red Bear Consulting operating out of the George Tiger communal home in Bristow.

        Talk about a liaison. Having his step-daughter engaged to Chris is about as close as one can get to connections with the not so lawful world. Thief Tiger, step-children, wife and friends fit right in. Have you seen the huge rock on Kendra’s hand? Chris and Thief Tiger have figured it all out. Throw the Giles in the mix and it’s win – win.

        Since Kendra has followed Daddy George’s footsteps as a consultant, does she consult with her man Chris (RedStone) or Daddy George first?
        What a great link for Kendra. She has Daddy George hire her man’s company and Daddy George gets the kickbacks.
        How does that go? RedStone gives a % to George through Kendra, after she takes out her consulting fees.

    2. George Tiger must be fashioning himself after the White Democrat leaders of the USA because like Bill Clinton he said “I did not have sexual intercourse with that woman.” However in both of the men’s cases that was a lie. We know he doesn’t act like Republican leaders cause with his increased paranoia unlike George Bush he has inhaled.

  8. It is now clearly defined that leaders have NO Vision let alone Business Sense. This is what makes our tribe look STUPID and people wonder why the Indian has always been taken advantage of, this is WHY….Lack of Knowledge, Lack of Education!!! We talk about being Sovereign but then again we turn right around a hire some outside source and pay them an outrageous fee just to come in and tell us what to do. The River walk project, the Council should just give up on that project and save the money because the River walk project would be a flop. Look at the empty spot now that River walk has. They need to fill up up those empty places first. If you build something New and it doesn’t work then what do you have? Another empty building that the tribe has spent millions of dollars on that will just sit there collecting dust and cobwebs. Los Cabos is the only restaurant on River walk that is drawing clientele. What we need there is another competing business like Spaghetti Warehouse or if they really want to bring in a restaurant that is just booming they need to check into BJ’s Restaurant, there is one Norman and OKC and this restaurant would be great for RiverWalk. Check it out on their website and see for yourself.
    The Council should Veto all of George’s plans for this year and wait until after the Election to bring in the NEW Chief before the start any more projects.

    1. Business sense apparently escapes our MCN leaders. MCN should employ an experienced team who makes recommendations on what is good business for the nation since our Chief, Chief’s cabinet and council members do not know how. This team should support the growth strategy of the nation with disciplined fiscal, project planning and implementation when we deploy large capital spending projects as we have seen in the past. We are the customers, the key stakeholders in what goes on inside of MCN. We have seen no accountability. We need to see that these projects be completed ahead of schedule, under budget, safe and of high quality and are successful. We need a standardized approach and success will follow with the right leader and for all major projects (purchases) going forward. We have to hold those responsible accountable for what has not happened with our investments.

  9. Awards?
    Those “award givers” need to think of an award for a man who has:
    never owned his own home
    never owned a car
    can’t borrow $100 in his own name
    never paid child support

    committed HIGH TREASON – – – High Treason is treason perpetuated by somebody against his or her own country

    Tiger’s defense on the casino 5% deal is that he was not yet sworn into office after being elected to the national council. No definition says treason is only for “Sworn into office elected officials.”

  10. Every business adventure engaged in since the current administration took office has been orchestrated behind closed doors and involved private agreements never made public, except when the Tulsa World front paged the Broken Arrow Casino deal and the World only exposed a very small “tip of the iceberg”.
    Now all citizens should call into question every “DEAL” our elected officials have been involved in starting with the Okmulgee Country Club, then on to River Walk, then the expansion of River Spirit, then this Golf deal where the Tribe put maybe $11,000,000.00 or so said into a joint venture as a partner with some newbys to golf BUT who is the other half of this deal again zero accountability zero explanation as to those who have part of the so called “action” who are all the silent or unknown partners?
    past history tells all Ali Babba and the forty thieves are getting a cut of this business along with all the other investments at the expense of all Creek citizens.

    1. You are so right Wahoo. They have not created one positive business deal for the tribe or citizens. Its all about personal gain for the Tiger family and the Colberts (JD, COS Dumb-as-a-rock Colbert and his sidekick Slimy Jane. The business mind mentality of this group is a joke to all of those outside of the creek nation.

      1. Don’t forget – – – Cherrah Quiett-Giles is a member of the Colbert relatives. You would think she would be willing to live on her husband/mother’s money without using the Creek Nation for more money. She and Justin are still using us.

          1. I don’t believe your supposed to be using your work (creek nation) email for personal reasons like threatening people. It is against Creek Nation policy. Oh wait you are one of the special ones who don’t have to follow policy like never being at work. Please tell us Mr. Giles how is it that your coaching lacrosse among other things during work hours. Curious 1 is right you both use this tribe like no other I’ve ever seen. Once thief tiger is gone your gone trust me.

          2. Dear Justin,
            Why do you think you’re the only employee of MCN that gets away with putting their name on this site after King George has told all employees they are banned from it?

            Your wife was once an elected official of MCN and is now one of Mr. Tiger’s cabinet appointees. She’s fair game to citizens of the nation due to her position. Cherrah can take care of herself.

            As far as your Mother goes, it is the belief of many that she and your family have committed high treason against Mvskoke Nation for the casino deal Tiger was brokering.

  11. We were also told there was a meeting at the now CLOSED Okmulgee Country Club with the Tiger Woods people. Are they investing in the FlyingTee?

    Now tell us again George. How much of the $4.6 million that you paid for the Country Club has been paid back to the tribe? How much money did you generate during the time the Stone Blade Restaurant and Golf Club were booming?
    Don’t have those numbers but you will get them you say? Is it private information? Is it personal information for you and your administrations eyes only? How much does one have to steal, lie, cheat or embezzle to be one of the in crowd?

  12. It appears that G. Tiger is adding another LIE to his lying history. That company says they retain all records and they show no record of being contacted by MCN or Tiger. But some unknown & unidentified female states it was done through a 3rd party. Was that female Selena Dornan, the new PR person, or was that just a female employee who was just walking by & was instructed by George to make that comment. LIES, LIES are all we now attribute to our “Chief Tiger”. Sorry state he is in and is now putting the MCN in that same position. RESIGN GEORGE. WE ALSO HAVE NO CONFIDENCE IN YOU OR YOUR OFFICE. YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A LIAR & YOUR PANTS ARE ON FIRE!!!

    1. RESIGN George Tiger. When you speak you lie.
      How much money is your FlyingTee going to generate for the tribe?
      The Tribe is getting a monthly lease payment for the $22,000,000 investment. How much money are the other investors putting in the melting pot. Do they get a portion of the MONTHLY LEASE payment?

      1. It will be a long term drain on the MCN money and GT might get another business man of the whatever award from his cohorts.

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