Responses by George Tiger to Petition – & – Questions by Muscogee Creek Removal Petition

To VOC:  Please make a new topic for this.  Thank you.

On 5/20/15, Tulsa World’s front page (by Bill Haisten), George made his 2nd or 3rd response to our petition drive.  Some of the things said::  It did not break his spirit.  Challenges him to look at how we can improve things.  Doesn’t look at it as a negative thing.  Looks at it as a motivational thing.  Had utmost faith in the process & believes the small group that was behind the petition – even though it didn’t garner enough signatures – have a right to do that & respects that.  Looks forward to working as an advocate (advocate for what or who?) & most of all as a Muscogee citizen, he was a citizen before he was an elected official.  (Is he no longer a citizen?)

RESPONSES  MCRP GROUP haven’t seen or heard from George about our allegations, for which we still want answers (MVSKOKE WAY):           

TREASON                                                                                                        BRIBERY                                                                                                        EMBEZZLEMENT FROM OKMULGEE IND. COMMUNITY
VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN                                                         ILLEGAL CHRISTMAS MONEY FROM BRISTOW IND.     COMM.
TERMINATIONS OF EMPLOYEES                                                   SEXUAL HARASSMENT                                                                         INTERFERENCE  W/CASINO MANGERS (INVOLVING  STEPDAUGHTER & SON-in-LAW)

Although the following were not included in our petition, employees have related to us  that George Tiger’s Administration gave notice that they were not to sign the petition (intimidation).  Employees were also notified they were NOT TO TALK TO ANY NATIONAL COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES.  (illegal as any & all citizens have access to any NC Rep for any reason.)    George Tiger nor anyone else had access to any final petitions with signatures.  (Intimidation by scare tactic.)

8 thoughts on “Responses by George Tiger to Petition – & – Questions by Muscogee Creek Removal Petition”

  1. Since employees have to resign from their jobs and give up their salary if running for office does this mean George has gave up his office and salary??

  2. How Will he explain the Flying Tee enterprise at River Walk ?? Will it be able to compete with the other similar Golf business that plans to locate in Tulsa ?? Has the tribe just thrown away another $11 million ?? They say Creek nation has never approached them about a joint venture ?? Isn’t it about time for the AG to step up and save his reputation !!! GT knew that Roger was doing wrong at the start, Roger cussed him out in the complex over some matter and GT didn’t say anything !! A true Creek warrior would have put the second chief in his place or whipped his a** for the blatant insubordination !! The tribe wouldn’t be short $211,000 , if he would have stood up to Roger !! It’s hard to believe that he has hundreds of citizens telling him, he’s great !! What about all the Creek citizens he has let his managers fire ?? The tribe needs to know what this so called leader has done and is still doing !!

  3. The red sticks are now the pink sticks. We as a people are definitely cowards. You have allowed a school yard bully to intimidate us once again. We deserve it.

    1. Why is the National Council voting on buying more land in Okmulgee?

      Why would they one more time buy land that George wants.

      For what purpose??

      Look at NCA 15-117. $250,761.00 FOR LAND PURCHASE.

      ALSO TR 15-095…..more land in Okmulgee.

      Why if they have no confidence in George are they supporting and financing more land purchase? For gosh sakes build something useful/needed/profitable/sustainable on the land we are already in hock for.

      For that matter why are they approving anything he wants. And don’t say it’s for the good of the tribe or to keep the tribe running.
      Tell yourself that all day but don’t pass it off onto citizens.
      If you continue to do what he wants you are demonstrating loyalty to him and his crooked ways. Those of you on the council running for chief demonstrate you are still agreeing with him. Doesn’t look good on your campaign literature. All anyone has to do is look at your voting records. Look at those of you who have sponsored bills for him.

  4. Come on George.

    Why haven’t you responded to all of the allegations that were on the petition? The Kialegee deals were not the only things listed.

  5. Tiger is on ‘Cloud Nine’ right now.

    We the petitioners were following the lead of the weak National Council.

    The National Council should vote “NO Confidence” and ask for Tiger’s resignation at EVERY SINGLE COUNCIL MEETING.

    Take his money, his $106,000 SUV, his mistresses payoffs, his salary and any and all other perks he gets from us. Pay him $1.00 per month. The constitution says nothing about how much money Tiger should earn.

    That is in the control of the National Council. Why are 16 people elected by us so afraid of Tiger?

    1. Council take control! Tiger has to answer to you. He is making a contract for the Kialegee when he was elected to represent the Creek Nation. This is a conflict of interest! He makes decisions that line his own pocket.

    2. You know, that brings up an interesting point. GT has a credit card and obviously eats often and well. Check the receipts and find out how much is spent by the MCN on him and his “friends”. Know that after a few months on the job, he was already asking the NC for a raise AND it was given to him. He spends more than would provide for many, many families in the same period. Come on, people. It is like the old Roman days when the emperor feasted well with his cohorts as the people starved.

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