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CALL SHELLY AT 918-814-7513 & she can direct you to a petitioner.

29 thoughts on “PETITION TO IMPEACH — have you signed? IF NOT, DO YOU REALLY AGREE WITH GEORGE T.?”

  1. I’m starting to hear rumors that the votes needed to impeach fell short by less than 30. I can think of 30 individuals who could have signed the petition but didn’t have access to it.
    The call is now on for everyone to get someone they know registered to vote.

  2. Ya get what ya pay for–crook nation is alive and well–sadly this is what the people voted for and this is what they want

  3. Why was One fire LLC created ? I don’t understand why the tribe has given them 21 million to create businesses and the tribe gets very little, if any at all!! I’ve been told the proceeds from The Flying T, will go to One Fire LLC, not the tribe !! How or Who benefits from this arrangement?? Come on Council, explain this to the people since you approved it !! Give us an explanation since GT won’t !!

    1. Yes. Give us the answers. These elected people should make deals to benefit the tribe not for personal gain.

      1. Exactly right. Dig into those deals and you will find GT and his kinfolk who are getting wealthy under their umbrella.

  4. Tulsa World May 20, 2015

    Tiger said, “We had people inside that (Creek Movement) group.” That is another one Tiger’s notorious stagnate strategies. He tries to cause strife among the people and put them against each other. If there was one or more people acting as if they agreed with the petition inside our meetings “OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE WITH THEM.”

    Tiger also said, “Our attorney general looked at this whole situation. If there had been any wrongdoing, he would have pursued whatever legal actions that he needed to do.”

    AG Roger Wiley did not pursue legal action against:

    MICHAEL WISNER – Trade & Commerce Dir.
    US Military Courts dishonorably discharged him for conspiracy and other charges.

    EDWIN MARSHALL – MCN Public Relations for Tiger
    Sexual harassment and abuse

    ROGER BARNETT – 2nd Chief MCN
    In Okmulgee County Jail awaiting Federal Prison incarceration

  5. Loved the comments on 2WorksForYou Tuesday.

    That little Shelly was great. Thank you Shelly.

    Camera zooms in on Tiger, “the contract wasn’t secret.”
    Camera zooms in on Shelly, “Yes, the contract was a secret, not even the National Council knew about it.”
    And then Tiger’s last comment , “We are all Muscogee, that’s what make us Muscogee.” What the heck does that mean? Is that like saying we are all people, that’s what make us people?

    Didn’t hear him say his favorite trademark line, “That’s the Mvskoke Way.”

    Guess filing our petition isn’t his way or the Mvskoke way. His way is keeping our minds and mouths shut.

  6. If The Voices of Courage gave awards I would nominate Shelly Harjo-Davis and June Mustari as The Voices of Courage Heroes for 2015. It took much courage and fortitude to put forth the notably impressive movement to rid our nation of Chief Thief Tiger. Shelly you spoke with intelligence and class. Thank you for your dedicated work and know that you have many people who were and are pulling for you. A movement is generally a few dedicated people who garner the attention of many and bring about great and needed change.

    In the end, I belief that people were too afraid of going against an iniquitous and vindictive chief who stated that “it was not smart to go against a powerful Chief Tiger.” Thug Tiger won this round, there are more to come. The battle to rid this great nation against this cancer of stealing from our nation must end.

    We must work hard to bring the nation out of the Third World Mentality that I believe that we currently exist.

    1. Yes. I agree Shelly Harjo-Davis and June Mustari are heroes. The Muscogee people need a new way and a new leader!

  7. Dumb! DUMB! D U M B! I read today that the petition to impeach Tiger came short by just a few signatures. I can’t believe there are that many Dumb Creeks, or should I say, “Not enough smart Creeks to sign the petition.” OK the majority voted him in. Now you kept him in. My guess is you dummies plan to re-elect the idiot. Don’t complain about him. You deserve what you get.

    I applaud the organizers and workers behind the petition. Thanks for your efforts.

    1. Now is statement from a person trying to register, tell me why registration isn’t always open? “Question: I dropped off apps for voter registration & was informed by Nettie that the roster was frozen & the apps to register would not be in the books until June 20 ( 1 month). This seems like a constitutional issue; I am sure that at the time the petition was filed there was an official number representing the required 20% signatures as of that date; however and unfortunately; there is an election board policy that obstructs or prohibits citizens from becoming registered voters and participating in certain tribal activities…this seems to be so shortcoming. I would think the AG’s office was able to wrap their brain around this without hesitating.”
      Another workings of the Election Board controlling the nation for the chief.

  8. Don’t let the citizens that took action to oust GT, stand alone !! It was a long shot, with many obstacles standing in the way!! Lets start phase two and show GT the battle isn’t over !! We will not tolerate intimidation, sexual harassment, mis-use of funds, blatant nepotism, etc. He has put incompetent people in positions that is tearing down our tribe !! Why has the personnel director not acted on the sexual harassment complaints ? Or the nepotism violations ? We have no one to enforce our laws or policies!!! But they still draw a paycheck for doing nothing!! Make the administration accountable, !!! If he is innocent, why hasn’t he given full disclosure on all his transactions ?? Why is the tribe paying $227,000 to a lobbyist to put Fountain Head in Trust ?? This started when he took office, it hasn’t happened yet, just more money to these people !! Lets put all in a newsletter and get it out to the people !!!

  9. Chief William McIntosh.
    Under the Creek Code of 1818 –

    Chief McIntosh committed what was then called (a capitol crime) by signing treaties (contracts) for his personal benefit and against his own tribe.

    Red Stock leader Menawa with over 120 Law Menders (the Creek police force) attacked the McIntosh plantation setting it on fire. McIntosh was wounded by gunfire, stabbed in the heart and other Creeks shot him more than fifty times. He was buried naked, in an unmarked grave in Georgia.

    Nothing Creeks could do but to walk the Trail dying along the way to reach a baron, dusty desolate land away from what was known and loved because a federally chosen leader betrayed them for his own personal profit.

    It’s much worse in modern times.
    We now ELECT our Chiefs and 2nd Chiefs.
    Look at what we have done.
    We elected a 2nd Chief that now sits in the Okmulgee County jail awaiting release only to then be sent to federal prison for STEALING FROM US.
    We ELECTED a Principal Chief who has admitted to signing a consulting agreement with a percentage of profits from a promised brokered casino for a single family and a federally recognized tribe other than his own.
    He has financially supported a mistress with tribal money,
    has taken control of our election process with money,
    has embarrassed, harassed and used scare tactics on his own people.

    Why can’t we, a sovereign nation handle our own internal criminal activity? Why do we depend on the Federal Government to take care of our problems?

    Is there a full citizen in our mist that will take this issue of TREASON to MCN’s Supreme Court who are the final word in the interpretation of our laws having to do with our constitution.

    Treason by a Principal Chief is a CONSTITUTIONAL issue. Impeachment is not the answer because of timing. With our signatures the process will still allow Tiger to reign over us for the remainder of this year.

    OUR SUPREME COURT can take this issue and their word will be final.

    In any other country, land or government Treason (Capitol Crime) will not be tolerated.

    Tiger’s only defense for brokering the casino deal is that he had not yet been sworn into office that he had only been elected to the NC.

    Capitol crimes (treason) is not a crime of elected or sworn into office people. It is a crime of every citizen of a country or tribe.

  10. The council has the authority to shut GT down if they would !!! Other tribes have done their leaders that way, instead of allowing him to continue acting as Chief, giving him the authority to issue all those memorandum of understanding with the various entities at the last regular session!! Someone isn’t understanding what lack of confidence means evidently !! Why let him act on behalf of the tribe? I hear he has said he’s not worried about the petition so he is filing for re-election and grinning like a s***t eating possum as he says it !! If the people don’t speak up, he will continue to promote himself as Mr. wonderful and run rough shod over the citizens!!

    1. It’s a shame, some employees wouldn’t sign the petition because they were afraid the Chief would see the names. Had the employees had confidence that they would’ve been protected I believe there would’ve been enough signatures. Don’t worry, employees won’t be afraid to not vote for him. Let him run again…he won’t be back.

  11. Creek Citizens, the deadline is fastly approaching for the signature that we need on the petition for removal. Creek Employees, if you think that your job is safe just because you don’t sign the petition you would be sadly mistaken. George will keep you intimidated and walking around with you tails tucked between your legs. if the petition doesn’t pass you could still be fired and in your place will be a relative or a friend of his and you will be beating your head against the wall saying “I SHOULD OF SIGNED THE DANG PETITION”. Don’t be afraid, the deadline for the petition is the 18th of May. Find that petition and sign. Do your Christian duty and put Whole Armor of God cause God doesn’t like Corruption or Corruptive Leaders, lets rid of them All!!!

  12. Article VII (of the Constitution reads as follows:)

    Section 1. The National Council shall enact an ordinance outlining procedures and causes for removal. Such procedures shall contain, but not limit to, the certification of the required petition, as provided in Section 2 and 3 of this Article and show of cause for removal, giving the accused an impartial, hearing and allowance of time to answer to notice of such hearing.

    Section 2. A signed petition showing cause of removal containing twenty (20) per cent of registered voters in a district shall be cause to consider removal of a council member.

    Section 3. A signed petition showing cause of removal containing twenty (20) per cent of the registered voters of The Muscogee (Creek) Nation shall be cause to consider removal of the Principal Chief, Second Chief, and/or any member of the Supreme Court. A three-fourths (3/4) vote of The National Council shall be required for removal from office.

    The constitution is straight forward; however, I’m sure the National Council’s ordinance, which was supposed to have been drafted, will be faulty and in favor of the ones that we are trying to remove.

  13. What is wrong with our National Council?

    Don’t they know what power they have?

    They confirmed Roger Wiley, G Tiger’s mouthpiece and they can VOTE HIM OUT. If George doesn’t like it, have him take it to the Supreme Court. Remember when George was running for Chief he said he would NEVER take the NC to court?

    Take away Georgies tribal vehicle, budget, cabinet, managers and watch them squeal. Let Georgie take the National Council to the Supreme Court. It would be just another of his lies told. Once all his Cabinet don’t have paychecks they will force him out.

    What is this National Council we have? They aren’t Warriors for the people. They are weak, self serving, don’t know crap, people getting a good paycheck with benefits and they don’t want to lose it. I won’t vote for any existing NC Rep in office now. No one has any intelligence. They are ignorant of our laws.

    Take George Tiger out one way or another. Don’t just sit there and say “There isn’t anything we can do.” That’s horse crap.

    USE YOUR POWER National Council or we will vote you out of office.

    1. Robert you have a short memory. Most of the stuff you suggest was tried by GT and the National Council when they attempted to neutralize Chief Ellis. You also have forgotten that 95% of the present National Council were also on the Council with George and Roger. There are two ways and two ways only that you are going to remove George Tiger and one of those is running out. Sign the petition now or wait until September and vote him out. At the same time , we need to look at these career council members that have allowed the likes of Tiger, Fife and Barnett to run rough shod over our Nation.

  14. Thank you to all the people with the principles and ethics to sign the petition. And my condolences to all of those who lack the courage to do what they know is right and depend on others to take the risk of reprisal in order to take care of them. Those that sign are truly warriors. Those that do not either fall into the category of morally bankrupt, or devout cowards. Chose which side you fall on when you decide whether or not to sign the petition. Your children’s and grand children’s future as Creek citizens depends upon the outcome of this petition.

    1. Faint heart never won fair maiden, but maybe those with faint hearts will find courage in the voting booths in September where only the Great Spirit and themselves will know of what character they have.

  15. Has anyone actually read the employee protection law. It actually provides no protection at all, it only says that employees can report wrongdoing to the AG or GT himself with out fear of reprisal, problem is those are the people that will be firing you/making your life a living hell if you sign the petition. The employee protection act has no teeth to protect employees, citizens or otherwise. Don’t believe me, read it.

    1. You are right. The employee protection legislation has no teeth.
      The only two people sitting on the National Council with a “stand up and be counted” attitude are the two women in love with George Tiger – Johnnie Greene and Shirlene Ade.

      All the other National Council Representatives sit there looking at each other waiting for the other to take a stand.

      For goodness sakes National Council, you have asked for George Tiger to resign because he is corrupt, you have voted no confidence in him and still you allow him to stay.

      What is your problem? He isn’t the Lord. He’s an elected official just like you.

      Get strong or be gone.

  16. Can someone explain what will happen once the impeachment starts. Will the chief be required to be on administrative leave during the process? I believe this would happen to any employee that would be under investigation. If this isnt the process could someone on the council please introduce a law that would cover this process.

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