Roger Barnett’s – – Hearing & Sentence


At today’s Special hearing, Roger was sentenced to 2-1/2 yrs. in Federal prison, and some restitution.

Let’s hope he appeared to get a lighter sentence because he didn’t keep things to himself, if you know what that could mean.

When we get more information, it will be posted.

Or if any of you also have any information, please post.

28 thoughts on “Roger Barnett’s – – Hearing & Sentence”

  1. Reverend Tiger reports that he is praying for Choctaws and Cherokees that the “Lord keep them from harm during the storms!” Tiger sees this phony B.S. as good PR.
    Message is: Tiger is a Godly Man!

    Question for Tiger: “How would he define a wicked man?”

    We know that truly devoted men of God live by the biblical laws. Here are a few scriptures that Thief Tiger should become familiar with:

    Proverbs 29:27
    The righteous detest the dishonest:
    the wicked detest the upright.

    Psalm 6:8
    Depart from me all who do iniquity,
    for the Lord has heard the voice of my weeping

    Matthew 7:23
    Then I will tell them plainly,
    ‘I never knew you. Away from me you evil doers!’

    Matthew 23:25
    “Woe to you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and unrighteousness.

  2. R. Barnett is in jail on state child support owed, the Creek Nation is not paying for his stay.
    When he gets out of federal pen child support will again get him, then the Feds for violation of rules of probation and he will be in a structured inviornment for several years.

  3. Anna, you have that right about the Euf Dorm!! Seems that there were less than 50 kids at the dorm at the end of school. Too many emp!oyees have been fired for absolutely no reason or they have quit their job because of harassment and ridicule.some of these employees have dedicated their lives to the dorm and the students that reside there but does the colberts or that Johnson joke care? Hell no! Self serving hyprocrits are all they are! I too heard there is No Money but how are they still paying BIG wages to all the COLBERT family when rest of the workers are being layer off!and even if the wage isn’t that big they aren’t getting layer off!!!!

    1. Not to worry.

      Selina Dornan, MCN Public Relations Manager is going to get it all straightened out. She will sell makeup to all the teachers and get it all looking good.

      You ask what experience does she have? None. No matter. She knows all about makeup, concealing the truth so to speak.

      Is Selina still part time gaming commissioner too?

      Now she is:
      MCN PR Manager
      Eufaula Dorm Manager
      Tigers Campaign Manager
      Make up professional Manager
      And she’ll slap the snot out of you if you say anything about George.

  4. TIp Toe Lyrics Updated

    Come do the Tiger Waltz with GEORGE @ tonight’s Campaign Kick-Off! Don’t forget your Tiger Boots as 4 kinds of folks will be there: assholes, asswipes, ass-kissers, and those who would s**t on you. Generally folks who believe that they will financially benefit with Tiger in office.

    They are the tribe’s business partners, want- to-be business partners, current office holders, and a couple of simple-minded folks who don’t recognize George and Francis’s true motives of enriching themselves at the expense of our MVSKOKE people. People he seeks to deceive. No, George that is not the MVSKOKE WAY!

    You should interpret the petition to remove YOU from office as the people’s message to YOU that they reject your definition of the MVSKOKE WAY!

    “Tiptoe through the Tulips with GEORGE”

    Tiptoe through the Creekhouse,
    past the Church house,
    is where you’ll find me
    saying over & over
    Chief Thief Tiger is no Thief,
    for I am a Godly man
    for I take only what I want
    leave the rest to my Deputy Chief
    and since I double-crossed you
    voters will you pardon me?
    come forth to my Campaign Starter and
    do the Devil Dance with GEORGE!

    Oh, I tiptoed from my Hour of Prayer
    God blessed me with my own heavenly mistress
    Like manna from Heaven
    My Blessings did Flow
    And we danced the green corn dance till dawn
    and since I double-crossed you
    Johnna will you pardon me?
    Come tiptoe through the Happy Times with GEORGE!

    I tiptoed thru the window
    By the window, stood my ol’ lady
    with her rolling pin in hand
    and she danced the Nutcracker till dusk
    and If I double-crossed in the moonlight would
    you Francis pardon me?
    and Tiptoe through the Tulips with GEORGE!

    Tiptoed from the Creek house
    pass the Church house
    met Shane Rolls who saw a con man
    he danced the Turkey Dance
    and a Casino he built
    and empty it sits,
    since I double-crossed in the backroom would you
    Shane pardon me? and
    tip toe through the backroom deals with GEORGE!

    Stop living in fear.
    You always will wish you had signed it.
    When he’s in prison you won’t be able to say to your friends and family that you helped put the crook in jail.
    You will have to say “I was afraid.”
    STOP BEING AFRAID of Crook Tiger.

  6. Anyone, with half a mind knows that signing a contract to skim 5% profit, for brokering a casino in our boundaries for another tribe and an individual family is treasonous.

    Tiger signed that contract, he admitted to signing the contract and his only DEFENSE is that he had not yet been sworn into office. He admitted guilt from his own mouth, “Yes, I took the money, but I wasn’t sworn into office yet.”

    If citizens of MCN don’t sign the “Petition for Removal of George Tiger” it’s the same as saying it’s ok to steal from the tribe, plain and simple.

    It wasn’t enough for Tiger to receive paychecks for consulting he had to get a percentage (5%) from now on.

    Tiger is not finished with this. He will continue to broker this deal for Rolls and Giles. He’s still working on it for them and laughing at us because of the fear some feel.
    The Contract for the 5% has not been voided.

  7. The Citizens that attend the “Campaign Kick Off” for Georges re-election need to know that “WE” will be taking names and we will remember his supporters election time and when he gets indicted.

    1. Wondering if Francis daughter Molly would clean up and cover up before the kick off.

      She’s a disgrace period. Disgrace to the tribe.

  8. It is evident that George was in collusion with Shane Rolls to steal from our Muscogee people an estimated $2 million a year from the Broken Arrow Casino Project. Voters would sell their vote for a mere $100.00 to these thieves? So George can get back in and finalize a competing Casino?

    George and Francis Tiger play our people for FOOLS!!!!

  9. Yippee.
    Heard Fran & George will be handing out $100 bills at the Campaign Kick Off for re-election.
    What ever will Francis do when our group of Removal Petitioners are in front of the Seminar Center? Will she stomp her feet and yank the petition from their hands, will she call her LightHorse to do it for her or will she just faint?

    2007 Checotah, Mr. Jacob Narcomy and Mr. Bobby Jennings had papers with the proof of George stealing for OIC and Frances physically pulled the papers from their hands, threw them in the trash and told them if they handed anymore out she would throw them in the trash too.

    LightHorse stood there and allowed that woman to abuse those two full blood MCN citizens. You see folks, freedom of speech is only for the Tiger brood.

    1. I won’t stand for it. I hope one of the tigers/moores/roots/orwhoeverelse tries something like that with me.
      It’s because people allow individuals like Frances and George to treat them that way that they get away wth it.

    2. I was there at the Checotah forum. Frances treated those two full blood Mvskoke language speaking men like crap. Her daughters a hateful, mean and manipulative just like she is.
      First Lady. She ain’t no lady.

  10. How could they not know , the Chief should know what his staff is doing at all times !!! They were told but didn’t stop it !! Under stand the Eufaula dorm, needs to be scrutinized for mismanagement, nepotism, etc, etc we need a complete overhaul of Tribal departments !! Who do tribal employees have to complain to ???

    1. There is no one to stop corruption in our tribe.
      The top law enforcement officer is Roger Wiley and he knew about the goings on with trade and commerce when Michael Wisner was running it. Wiley refused to prosecute Wisner so the feds had to do it.

      Roger Wiley is a snake in the same pit with Tiger, Pratt, Barnett and several more.

      That’s why employees are afraid to sign the petition. No protection. If they get fired for signing the petition, there is no where to turn. Remember, MCN is employment at will and one can be terminated for no reason at all.

      Control the natives with fear.
      That’s the Mvskoke way.
      Give your thoughts, prayers and respect to lawbreakers.
      That’s the Mvskoke way.

      1. Council Reps, please do something about AG Roger Wiley. He only does what GT tells him to do. He doesnt have the best interests of the Nation. Ask the FBI to investigate his office. Get rid of Roger and George wont have anyone to back his corrupt ways. And please before you confirm the next AG do a thorough background check. Council, you too are at fault for what has happened to this Nation. Make a stand now and make changes. YOU can do this! Take time and do your homework. Its funny time and time again You all have taken the AG for his word about legal issues within the Nation. Get a 2nd opinion please! You voted no confidence in GT, shouldn’t start evaluating all of the people GT has nominated for offices. Most have the same mind set has GT. CLEAN HOUSE! Dont wait, the Nation cant afford this!

    2. You complain to Dr. Wayne Johnson, but good luck with that. His head is so far up brother Colberts rear he wont even listen to us. In 9 months Allen colbert has broke the dormitory, finnagled all the the funds, ran kids off and staff. He has replaced qualified wonderful staff with the whole worthless colbert family. The citizens will be lucky if the dorm is even able to open next school year. But rumor has it mayor, senator, second chief, colbert girlfriend Selimy Dornan is going to transfer to the dorm to help clean it up.

  11. George Tiger’s comment:

    Tiger made it perfectly clear that Barnett was sentenced in a U. S. Court, not a Tribal Court. This allows Roger to run for tribal office again. Tiger is setting the stage for himself after he gets indicted. It’s the Mvskoke Way as Tiger stated.

    Tiger said, “We ask that all tribal citizens, employees and media respect the privacy of Mr. Barnett and his family and we continue to pray for him and his family. That is the Mvskoke Way.” PERHAPS if Tiger & Pratt had gotten into Barnett’s tribal business this could have been prevented.

    Yes, Barnett stole money – but he was allowed to steal. Pratt and Tiger knew about it from the beginning and it’s not just those two males that know it.

    1. We are anxiously waiting for the FEDS to come after George Tiger and James Pratt, maybe even the Attorney General Roger Wiley as it would seem logical that they would all have known about Roger’s deals and they all decided to hide their heads in the sand. “SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL” plainly describes them all. It was their jobs & duties to oversee. And they are all there to serve the CITIZENS OF THE TRIBE, NOT THEMSELVES & THEIR CRONIES, RELATIVES & SUCH. I’m am so disgusted and tired of all these officials and they continue to work in their positions (except Pratt who resigned rather than be fired, under duress.). They would rather see Roger behind bars, while they attempt to cover their own butts.

      1. If Tiger and Pratt didn’t know for over a year about Barnett’s excessive ATM cash withdrawal abuse it certainly is scary to think of what else has gone on for over three years.

        Who else has access to cash withdrawals with ATM cards?

        This is exactly why Tiger doesn’t give information to auditors. It’s the Mvskoke Way after all. Or is it Tiger’s way?

    2. “That’s the Mvskoke Way” is George’s most popular adage. Too bad he is mistaken. The things he has done ARE NOT THE MVSKOKE WAY. The fact that he has not turned in his resignation as the Elected Chief IS NOT THE MVSKOKE WAY. Officially, no one wants him to stay, least of all, to seek re-election. What he’s really afraid of is having the 2nd Chief Louis Hicks become chief. He would be better than George.

      The fact that I don’t condone the corrupt things you have done GEORGE, such as lying, stealing, adultery, bribery, treason PLUS, is really the MVSKOKE WAY, GEORGE.

      1. Yes, when I was young, if anyone did wrong, the church leaders would know of it and talk with them about repenting. Nowadays, criminals and adulterors do not care about that teaching except to mouth the good words to their followers. Those followers cannot absolve sin! They can only say “YES” and “AMEN” while sitting in sin themselves. That is NOT the Mvscogee Way nor the spiritual way. It is NOT.

    3. What amount of time will Roger actually serve?

      Does time served for failure to pay child support go towards his 33 month’s?

      With the over crowding in prisons and good behavior his time will be cut.

      Will he be going to a “white collar” prison or actual prison like Big Mac or Taft?

      Will he be in general population or secluded and protected?

      He should be eligible for Creek Nation’s Reintegration Program. And all of the free benefits that entails.

      1. Is MCN paying Okmulgee County for Roger’s visit?
        At one time MCN was going to build their own jail to house Creeks for Crimes but then a deal was made to pay Okmulgee County instead.

      2. Federal crime gets federal pen. White collar time is served around Kansas City or deep in the heart of Texas. No rock piles though that what he deserves for using the elders money.

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