The only person who can beat GT

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Lucian Tiger is the only person who can beat GT. Even though LT is new to council, he is the only person we can trust. Many of the old council reps were team GT including Adam Jones III. Yes David Nichols wasn’t, but we all know that Nichols just doesn’t have the leadership and skills to run our nation. Who has fought to create transparency in our government? Lucian is there a generic cialis. Who spearheaded all the legislation to get rid of GT? Lucian. Who put forward the legislation to protect the employees? Lucian. What have any of these other candidates really done? BS status quo nothing. They haven’t done crap that is new and that will protect the people like Lucian has done. Do we really want there people that have been around for ever and done nothing? Or, do we want someone that is new and fresh and already showing us he isn’t scared to stand up for what is right?

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  1. Last night at OIC meeting On the agenda was New Business” Budget: Un Freeaing on socail Services,Education,,Activities anad Meeting meals. And then the person who works in our or use to be OUR Gift Shop in the main building stood up and made a proposal that all business on agenda be postponed until next month!!!!I figure since he is clone to gt that perhaps GT needed our money for his Shane rolls accountability,, who know? Those funds are not addressed anywhere but to the Chiefs office, as A,D, Ellis and Mike Fudd took it away from us according to the AG office opinion the doors were to be locked and we were supppose to take inventory and return keys to OIC but when we got started Mike Fludd told us we could not take inventory and we had to leave, so you MAY WANT TO ASK A,D, ELLIS AND MIKE FLUD just where do they spent our money???DUH!!! Same crooks just different faces!!

    1. Are you saying that Chief Ellis ans Mike Flud personally took OIC’s money. It seems that OIC is easy pickings for anyone to come in take money from you. When GT raided the cash box there was a paper trail, lets see your proof. Chief Ellis and Mike Flud are personal friends of mine and I resent your implications, Show us the proof.

      1. John I don’t have anything against them that’s just the way it happened I don’t know where the money went but we didn’t get our gift shop

      2. John I apologize for calling A.D. and Mike crooks! they treated me very badly. I was disappointed in them. Their position went to their heads! kinda like q

        1. Please!
          Hard to believe that you are of such high status that the Chief and his chief of staff wouid divirt their attention from dealing on a daily basis with George, Sam, Bill and Roger to treat watko badly. Give us all break.

    2. I’m sure you don’t mean it the way it came out in your post. A.D. closed the communities that were flowing unaccounted moneys out. Sometimes a bucket has so many holes that you have to turn off the water supply.

    3. wotko83
      You are a crazy woman.

      You’re the George Tiger lover. In Tiger’s first year you were heard praising him on KOKL. Oh, what a wonderful Chief.

      A. D. Ellis or Mike Flud never took a penny from you or anyone else. Any community money that was taken was placed in the tribal treasury for your favorite Chief Thief Tiger to spend.

      How dare you call A. D. Ellis or Mike Flud crooks and put them in any category with Tiger.

      Stop your crazy talk.

    4. Wotko83,
      You need to get your decades straight.
      OIC had no gaming revenue.

      OIC’s tobacco % went down because the National Council voted on behalf of the newly built Travel Plaza near OIC’s old smoke shop. That was during Chief Beaver’s administration.

      If you don’t like A. D. Ellis or Mike Flud, that’s your choice. But calling them crooks, the shame is on you. If Mike Flud was mean to you one can certainly see why. You are mean spirited person. Go back to your ice house.

  2. I didn’t see Shirlene Ade or Thomas Yahola’s name on there. They have been indispensible in this area. OHHHH!!!!!! I lied. LOL

      1. James Jennings
        Please pass legislation to establish an independent organization to evaluate the effectiveness of policies and regulations that effect tribal employees.

        1. David Nichols
          Please pass legislation to conduct an independent study of the Muscogee Nation News to determine if undue influence is brought to bear on what news they report.

          1. Lucian Tiger
            Please pass legislation to conduct a special election that makes ineligible for a Representative to run in an election whose district voters in any election cast less than thirty (30) votes.
            Please pass legislation to conduct a special election to fine eligible “full citizens” who do not participate in the voting process and that sets a monetary limit.

          2. The staff of the MNN report to and support GT. When GT goes, please ensure that they go, also, along with ALL of his underlings. That is a long list but sometimes, in order to properly rebuild, you must tear down and haul everything away first.

    1. Thomas Yahola along with Adam Jones and the others that will file to run for the Office of Principal Chief are pawns for the set up election like last December.
      They file, campaign, lose and throw their votes to Tiger.
      It’s all rigged toward Tiger.
      If that doesn’t work there is an ace in the hole with the company that runs the election and the special Nettie Harjo to guarantee the winning is as she is told.
      Who is running against Louie Hicks? Does he have an opponent? Does George want Louie back?
      There will be a reckoning and it’s this year.

  3. Lucian is the only one for Chief!! Mitchell Jack could be second Chief, Mitchell has a very rich history on Mvskoke Nation his family was great people and took a shot from his friend. I know his spirit!! I will not vote for anyone else!!!Most of all our Great Parents Grandparents were very active in the nation as Warrior and Kings…. and Micco of Tribal Towns!!
    Lucian owns his own business.

  4. My top 12 people that I would like to see gone!
    #10 Carmen Williams I’ll be in tomorrow
    #9 Wayne Johnson last name says it all d&$k
    #8 Bo pay check Colbert
    #7 Charley Lasarge i i i i
    #6 Floyd Jones duh
    #5 Salina doormate he he
    #4 Jerry chimney Wilson
    #3 mr. Cherrah and mrs .Justin u can’t make us work !
    #2 Bill fife it’s not the 80s?
    #1 Jeff Fife Nixon I am not a crook !tie for 1st
    #1 Brad audit Fox tie for 1st

    Grand champion George Tiger ,did you say picture and money?
    I didn’t vote for you before and I’m not going to this time either !!!!!!!!!

      1. There are more to add to the list but this list is a good start. To be added are Frances’s children and in-laws, GT’s kids and in-laws, Bo’s relations, and all others who are employees of the tribe (and hired by kinfolk) who do not contribute by doing the jobs they were hired for – dang, some do not show up at MCN half the time because they are attending STUFF or playing games elsewhere. Clean house!!!

        1. Who in the world are George’s children? We always hear he has several “illegitimate” children, but he never lists them on any of his campaign literature of how many kids he has. I hear some do & some don’t even carry his name.

          We do know all about Frances’ children & all their connections.

          Is George ashamed of his children that he can claim?

  5. Mitch Jack or Frank Coachman would be my best bet for Principal Chief if they decided to run for office. They are National Council members whom, if they don’t know they will find out for you. They treat you in a way that is comfortable with elders. Someone called on a Director of a certain program for information for a disabled veteran and they were not assisted with any information that was helpful. All National Council members should know the programs within the MCN and hire Directors who want to work and assist those who are less fortunate.

    1. We need someone with good business acumen that can help pull us out of this mess that George got us into with all of these bad business deals.

  6. If Tiger is such a political juggernaut that he can only be beat by Lucian Tiger, then we as a people are as scandalous as GT is. After all this, and the majority of Creeks still vote for him, then we too are a crooked shameful tribe. To even vote for anohter crook that is a Tiger man is unimaginable. (Adam Jones for instance).
    With everything that is now public about our Thief Chief, anyone should be able to beat him.
    If not, shame on us! We deserve to be victims.

  7. Lucian Tiger stood with us elders when we tried to get our gift shop away from GT, GT told us if we voted for him he would give us back our gift shop!! But he did not do that!!Robert Hufft stood with us along with Mitchell Jack Frank Coachman, David HIll.
    OIC will remember you!!

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