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  1. G. Tiger should send a check to Sheriff S. Glanz for pushing him off the front page of the Tulsa World.
    G. Tiger said Tulsa World was not telling the truth about him— where is the Tiger lawsuit against the Tulsa Word– there will not be one for all reported is absolute the truth!

  2. Recently visited our clinic in Koweta and while there seems to be an abundance of medical staff, seems to only be one doctor. Can anyone verify how many general practitioners, DO or MD that are employed at the Koweta Clinic. It’s time that we as citizens know the state of our medical services or lack of.
    why is it that the Clinics don’t post the names of the Physicians in the lobby.. Are they ashamed of them?

    1. Koweta Clinic has two primary care doctors, one pediatrician, two podiatrists with one that travels to the other clinics, one pediatric nurse practioner, one primary care nurse practioner and one physician assistant that does walk-in clinic full time and another physician assistant who is part- time. The pediatrician does not work very much. She has a lot of committee meetings to go to offsite. They call them all providers. Patients think they are all Doctors and call the PA’s and NP’s Doctor as well.

      1. As a Provider/Midlevel for Creek Nation Health System I always kindly correct a patient if they call me Dr.

        I have educated patients on the role of PA’s and NP’s.

        I do not want anyone to perceive a deception is going on. Midlevel provider’s are used through out the United States, Indiana Health System (IHS) and Creek Nation Health System.

        As many of you are aware there is a shortage of physicians. Especially those willing to serve in rural health care area’s.
        Without Midlevel providers the wait times for care/appointments will be as long as 6-12 months. Or longer.

        All Midlevel’s work under supervision of a Dr.

        Hopefully no one takes this post as defensive. It is only intended as information.

        Midlevel’s have a long history. Initially started because of physician shortages during the Vietnam Nam war.

        It is very rare for a private clinic or private physician to not have one or more on staff.

        1. There is not much supervision if any. Don’t take offense. If you are a provider, why do they call the Doctors providers as well. Why don’t they call them Doctors? It seems to me they use the term provider when they mean Doctor.

  3. I personally have thought Adam Jones would be a great Chief for quite some time now. My family and friends are very excited to hear his announcement, and will absolutely be voting for him. Robert if you think George Tiger is special, better, and smarter, then I have to say that you seem to be the simple minded one here. I mean how much more has to happen for one to realize he is a egotistical, narcissistic individual. He has done his best to lead our Nation into a financial ruin. He and some of his Cabinet members continue and try to fool the Tribal members with a fa├žade of successful departments. They continue to use the Tribes funding to buy these failing businesses, because they are only concerned with wanting their own appearance to seem like they have been successful as leaders. It’s obvious they have been using and abusing the Tribe for their own personal gain! It doesn’t take much time or effort to see that they have no idea how to run these business. Lets all open our eyes fellow Creek brothers and sisters, you will see that many of these businesses,including the recently purchased Healthcare facilities are in dyer need of different leaders. Some of the departments are being led by Cabinet members that are quite simply stupid, mean, arrogant, and crooked. The lack of honesty, integrity, kindness and ethical behavior is longed for by Tribal members. Many of our members are actually receiving bills from the new healthcare facilities… aren’t Native Americans supposed to receive their healthcare without being charged??? So George Tiger and these Cabinet members not only use Tribal funds to purchase these failing businesses but now they also charge the Indian patients to use them too? Robert if that is what you mean by “smarter” than I hope your not a Creek member, if you are, please quit embarrassing your fellow Tribal members by showing support for this ruthless, conniving man!

      1. That’s funny, I have to say that sarcasm is a little better understood when you hear the person say it or you know whom the person is. When posting comments, its always good to use something called etiquette, it maybe something you yourself could use from time to time.
        Thanks for clearing up that there is one less Tiger fan, it gets old having to hear about how “great” he is all the time!

        1. Yep, it is true. This was a question or don’t you understand English grammar and is socially acceptable behavior.

    1. To Excited About the Future,

      Adam Jones is a CLONE of George Tiger. He is a crooked as they come. He was one of the Insiders that helped Tiger (and himself) get the under-the-table money from the purchase of the Okmulgee Country Club. Ask for a copy of the audit performed and find his name in lots of shady, unlawful legislation.

      1. What became of Willow heart, one of those deals that GT and Jones said was a must have, the tribe poured approx. A Half million dollars into this???? Then they come up with One Fire LLC and give them 21 million to do the same thing Willow heart was going to do !!! Somebody ASK questions!!! The 21 million is spread out over ??? Years !!

    2. adam Jones has been in the back pocket of chicken George for as long as chicken George has been in office……if you don’t believe me look at his voting record……a vote for adam jones will change nothing

      1. Can someone in the know give a rundown of the way all 3 candidate’s have voted on issues past 2-3 years.
        Example:funding projects, giveaway monies, excessive travel, liquor in casino’s.

        Who has just given basically a blank check for spending to tiger?

        Which of the three have filed bankruptcy?
        Who does or does not pay their bills?
        History with collection agency’s?

    3. Let’s hear Adam Jones say what you are saying about the incompetence and corruption of the the Tiger administration. Citizen’s know how entwined he has been with George Tigers’ shady dealings. How does he expect to convince citizens that he now wants to reform our government? His turnaround is so sudden that my head is still spinning.

  4. Thanks to Bill Haisten for keeping us up to date with Muscogee News in the Tulsa World. I look forward to further updates from you. Can someone research Redstone Construction and its connections to a nonprofit Indian Development Organization. What kind of educational background does Mr. Samples have. He is the owner. Rumor has it that he is engaged to one of Frances Tiger’s daughters. The Creek Newspaper is just propaganda for George.

  5. What was this big news from Okmulgee news network of George mowing the lawn of the golf course? Election time and he’s only trying to win votes! Who cares.

    So is he admitting he hasn’t took care of it up until now? Must had been a slow news day.

  6. Tiger will have Dornan develop a PRESS RELEASE. for the Great Manipulator.

    Tiger isn’t a mere NC Rep. He’s special, better, smarter and will demand (as he did at Heritage Days in Eufaula) to be treated in a different manner than the simpletons running against him.

    Adams Jones is a pawn for George. Wasn’t it during a forensic audit performed in 2010, that Adams Jones was named as a conspirator to illegal contractor agreements.?

    Johnnie Greene & Shirlene Ade will soon put their names as candidates for Chief with the tribe paying for their campaign material and filing fees. They have sealed their doom on the National Council voting against us.

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