2 thoughts on “GT Promissory Note”

  1. I appreciatie the note from our corespondent from Tulsa World!!
    Thank you very much!!On the business of Shane rolls and George Tiger AND Mr Hobia!! We are not Kialegee members altho their members come and set on our council we are not members. They also come and take over our communities and council house holding we are not members of their tribe, No matter how George Tiger white washes our relationship we are not members of their tribe and they are not members of our tribe. They are a separate tribe with separate funding for their tribe!!They are a double dipping tribe getting aminites from the Creek nation. They do not build homes for their families they do not get food for thier families they are a wefare tribe of the Creek Nation!!I I am writting to the Unites States Senator about the double dipping that Kialegee and Thloptholcco and other sovereign nation double dipping upon the Creek Nation!!
    And asking they stop payments to those tribes that have no government rules and regulations!! Much like we are with George Tiger and his family. I am concerned with his mental state of mind and I think he should be under a doctor’s care.

    1. It looks like George was on the Council when this was signed. So, he received way too much to arrange a smoke shop lease with Shane Rolls for the heirs of Abby Wilson. Is this a common function of Councilmen? How many other contracts are out there where he gets paid 150k to 200k for business introductions? So,greedy! I would like to know if other Councilmen have these type of contracts!

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