7 thoughts on “GT Breach of Contract”

  1. This note is to all eight Jundgess that are occupying the benches of Mvskoke Nation!!
    How do you sleep at night knowing what the citizens of Mvskoke nation is going through? And you are there to protect us???
    My attorney was the supreme court Justice and he had to quit.
    He could not set and let a twelfth grade chief detate him the laws of Mvskoke Nation..Just what is your story??

  2. Does anyone know anything about Muscogee Investments, LLC, 2360 Corporate Circle, Ste 400, Henderson, NV 89074-7729. Registered agent is Incorp Services, filing date March 25, 2015. File # E0148112015-1. Company age is 1 month.

    1. Where did our highness go to get an award last month? Native American development like Samples!!! It is a manta organization located in the place.

    1. I looked up Golden Canyon, LLC and it is an inactive company. So is Tri-Star Tobacco. Who is the contract with now?

      1. I don’think so!!They are an organization consisting of minning industry..look on the web!! They do not look like they are quitters, I just imagine they will do what ever they want todo!!I i JUST IMAGINE OUR HIGHNESS IS CONSTANTLY LOOKING OVER HIS SHOULDERS!!

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