George Lies AGAIN!!

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Ziva Branstetter
Today at 11:58am
Hi Muscogee Creek friends. Just to let you know, George Tiger’s statements about me getting fired are completely false. I was one of four Tulsa World reporters who resigned from the Tulsa World Monday to start a new investigative news website, called The Frontier. This venture is being led by Bobby Lorton, the former publisher of the Tulsa World, so we are serious about delivering a quality product to our readers. The Tulsa World wrote an editorial congratulating us on this and on the Pulitzer Prize finalist award that Cary Aspinwall and I received on Monday also. (Monday was a busy day!) I doubt they’d write an editorial congratulating us if they had to fire us. I will miss the Tulsa World very much and we all left on good terms. We don’t have our site up yet but we do have a Facebook page where we are breaking news already about the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. I have also been working with a national media outlet on that story. I am committed to finishing what I started with the George Tiger story so please let me know when you all are ready to announce the # of signatures on your petition or any related developments. My email is Please like our Facebook page, The Frontier and follow us on Twitter @readfrontier for updates about our project. I know that George made some comments about not being able to trust white people or something to that effect. As those of you know who I worked with on that story, I care only about the right of the Muscogee Creek Nation people to have honest government and getting the truth out to people in your tribe as well as people impacted by your tribe’s developments.



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  1. George Tiger has from the beginning before he became Chief has lied. His biggest thing a womanizer was also how George met Francis. I read on Facebook where George was asking people to pray for his brother and nephew in Florida and pray for Francis. If they knew anything about God and they how to pray themselves they wouldn’t be asking of others to do the praying for them. I have read his sympathy letter to the creek citizens. But George is going to fall because God is bringing him down.
    If the Council would have James Pratt arrested because he knew what Roger was doing and he knows what George has done also. Pratt could tell a lot and I’m very sure George had been telling Pratt to make sure he hides all illegal spendings. Satan loves the Tiger family.

  2. Tomorrow the 29th the Unites States Indian commission will hold a meeting at the Dirkson Building topic”Tribal Soverienty Labor act of 2015″Please read the Indian Senate commission on everything!!Lots to learn!! We are not alone!! Hello Ziva!!
    Address and fax’s number available also

  3. Ziva,
    Thank you. Difficult job you have; you make elected officials angry when you expose them to be a fraud. I believe that in the final tally, you make more friends than enemies. My family greatly appreciates you for simply showing the documentation of Tiger’s Contract. Tiger called foul, but he did not deny it. Nor has he denied taking $33k from the Creek Community Center as outlined in the petition to remove him from office.

    Nor has he apologized for allowing his Co-Chief to steal $211k to play the slot machines. Money that is earmarked to help the elderly and needy. You can’t get much lower than that in my books.

    George and unfortunately, his wife are pretty phony in their
    facebook declarations of loyalty and servitude to the Lord and the Muscogee Creek people. His stump speeches should be called “Creek Camp Tent Revivals” as they declare their devotion for the Lord. After all, a Christian would not steal from you. Too bad for us all that these deceiver’s behaviors and actions are in sharp contrast to who they say they are –

    I find it especially despicable how GT uses his wife’s illness in his facebook pages to align sympathy for himself and his current situation which was brought on by his own deceiving actions.

    This bible verse applies to this situation:

    Romans 16:18
    “For such men are slaves; not of our Lord Christ but of their own appetites; and by their smooth and flattering speech they deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting .”

    After all, should you not be able to trust the Chief of our own Tribe?
    Not when he is a fake, a phony, and a con artist.

  4. Dear Ziva,

    When Mr. Tiger makes comments about another race of people, he’s talking about approximately 98% of Mvskoke people. Out of the 80,000 citizens there are about 2,200 full bloods left. What a despicable way for a leader of a sovereign nation to talk.

    Mr. Tiger has NEVER been a leader of people.
    He is a user and manipulator, even perhaps THE GREAT MANIPULATOR.

    I’m humiliated and disgusted by his actions.
    He lies,
    abuses women,
    conspires against our nation,
    is treasonous,
    and should be tarred and feathered and tied to a rail along with his woman. Frances Tiger is cruel and mean and has taught her daughters well. Ms. Tiger is 1/8 Creek. Doing the math perhaps Mr. Tiger doesn’t trust his 7/8 something else wife and turned it on you.

    Mr. Tiger and his family also don’t believe they should pay property taxes on time like the rest of us.
    As of 04/24/2015 taxes on homes & land owned by Mary Frances Root Tiger, and Angela D. Wiley (Daugherty) in Bristow have not been paid.

    The house that George P Tiger, Mary Frances Root Tiger, Angela D. Wiley (Daugherty), Kendra Root and whom ever else lives in, haven’t finished paying their property taxes and are not in penalty.

    Incomes from the tribe:
    $150,000 George P Tiger
    $ 95,000 Angela Wiley (Daugherty)
    $ 56,000 Kendra Root
    $ unknown Mary Frances Root Tiger -teaches at MCN Collage and apparently has her own tribal budget
    Over $300,000 a year and they won’t pay their property taxes on time. Shame, shame, shame.

    Look at
    Names: Wiley, Angela
    Mary Tiger.

    George P Tiger is on the deed with Mary Frances Root Tiger at the address of 416 E 9th Ave, Bristow.

    Frances Tiger’s daughter Angela has owned the home they live in since at least 2008 at: 33805 W 261st St S., Bristow.

    Mr. Tiger has always lived off of women. He’s never owned a home. Now he’s living in his woman’s daughters house.

    He is such an example for young native people.

    1. Zevia, Congratulations on your recent achievements. Looking forward to following your new endeavor The Frontier.
      I am hopeful members of Creek Nation keep you informed of facts regarding the tribe.

      My numerous questions/thoughts are regarding many things I have read or seen happening.

      Curious about job title and performance of Francis Tiger daughter Kendra. What job, title, position does she hold? Education and or experience for that position?. Was the job an open advertised position? Created position?

      What is Angela Daughtery’s job/position to make that salary if indeed salary posted is correct? How does she make a mid level salary as a RN?

      Curious as to why Roger Barnett wasn’t able to support his son with a guaranteed salary while a “professional” council member? Once salary increased to 2nd chief pay why not then….plus back support?
      Why not with part of money stolen from the tribe?
      Why didn’t the tribe pay his back support same as paying off Georges (personal)debts?

      Why did George feel so threatened when Roger decided to run for chief. Why aren’t they sharing a cell? Why isn’t the tribe supplying documentation for his conviction.

      Numerous entities are not being allowed to do their jobs for Tigers interference. People have not been allowed to obtain documents pertaining to money spent to balance the books. Per direct orders from Tiger. Some employees have had files removed from their computers. Who is allowing or authorizing this. Actual physical receipts have been taken.

      Employees wishing to sign petition are still in fear of retaliation.

      Why wasn’t Tiger stopped from campaigning during the council meeting Saturday? Why didn’t the speaker stop his self serving speech.

      Why was environmental studies not done prior to the building of new casino? Who was the person in charge there? Who is paying the daily overages there?

      Why are medical bills and referrals not being paid? Ask contract health how many outside doctors will no longer see our patients because we never paid them. Ask how many patients have received bills from physicians the tribe approved them to see but failed to pay the bill. Ask how many patients have had their credit ruined because those bills were turned over to collection agencies.

      Why is money being taken out of contract health to subsidize the defunct hospital?
      Why do we not have benefit coordinators at hospital enrolling patients into medicaid, medicare, or other programs to assist them. A large majority do not have access to a computer to do so themselves. Often they can’t see or understand the paperwork and would benefit from help. The hospital would benefit as well by collection of 3rd party funds.

      Unfortunately the list goes on.

    2. George Tiger has not only brought shame to the Creek Nation, but apparently the other 4 Chiefs on the Inter Tribal Council feel that he has become an embarrassment to all Native people. In executive session during the Inter tribal meeting, he was asked to step down as President. Ask around, it is true. Now these were not the “untrustworthy white people”. These are leaders of other tribes. The National Council are not white people either. They have asked him to step down. He has no concern at all for his people, or he would remove himself.

      Thank you NC for over riding his veto.

      1. Tiger failed to mention that as he broadcasted the picture of the 5 tribal chiefs together on his facebook network! Always half truths or complete false statements from this man.

  5. GT made a statement at council session that the Tulsa World had the reporter escorted from the premises because of reporting that item !! Anyone know if this is true or GT’s wishful thinking !! Wonder how many of those employees who gave him a standing ovation were following orders from their Supervisors or do they really support him ? The hundreds of phone calls he said he is receiving , more fabrication ??

      1. I thought the premise was to get rid of GT. Yet GT was only encouraged when EVERYONE gave him a standing ovation and for what reason? What was said that convinced people to give a standing ovation?

        1. I was also wondering why he got a standing ovation. I kept my happy hiney on the chair sitting comfortably. The lies…o the lies.

    1. Sounds like George made an attempt to intimidate the Council by packing the audience with supporters. The question is did he get a standing O from the Council.

      1. Not certain if there were a lot of employees present at the last Council meeting because of what we now know. I suppose supporters could have packed the place. We’ve been told that Admin instructed tribal employees not to attend. I was present and I thought the largest applause came after the NC’s OVERRIDE of the 2 GT’s VETOES.

  6. Ziva Hello and thank you for standing witih us for the TRUTH for Mvskoke Nation !! I have sent paperwork to the new gaming Commision of Indian tribes Mr. Jonadey Chaudhuri .
    I have copied Constitution for Kialegee and Thlopthocco tribal towns and sending to the US. Senate Committee on Indian affairs
    These tribal Nations receives funds from the federal government but comes to Mvskoke Nation and sets on our council and takes over our community centers and forges Chief names on fake by-laws. I did notify the attorney general of these happenings but he did nothing. The person from Kialegee also took articles from our council house and shipped to Kansas, The attorney general was notified but nothing done for the community!! I turned that into Danny Williams united states Ag and he did nothing!!. You are our hero!!I am concerned about G T mental capacity I really think he should be under a Doctor care.

  7. Please keep up the good work Ziva. As everyone knows and you have brilliantly demonstrated, George Tiger is a very prolific liar, and we really need your help with shining the light on the cockroaches. We are trying to bring integrity back, and to repair our damaged tribe’s image as a result of the many unethical and illegal acts perpetrated by our Principal Chief. Please help us keep the light on this issue so it doesn’t just dry up and blow away. Again thank you so much for your honesty and integrity in exposing the corruption that is bringing down our tribe.
    If only the FBI would get involved with as much energy as you have and cut the head off the snake.

  8. Please look into the fact that there is now a petition. To remove National Council Rep Lucien Tiger III
    . No relation to the Thief Chief but the sponsor for an amendment to the Employee Protection Act!!!

    1. Why is the National Council gon to vote for Tiger to buy more land in Okmulgee?

      See TR 15-069 from agenda for Land, National Resources, & Cultural Preservation Committee.

      Why would the NC approve any requests or bills supporting anything regarding Tiger if they have No confidence in him.
      Has anyone researched any of his dealings for new legislation that pertains to him. Is anyone concerned about kickbacks he is getting from proposed legislation he is dealing with or asking the council to write for him?

      1. Good question ? The council only encourages this administration by not asking for justification about how will this benefit the tribe !! Learn to stand up and ask questions!!

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