Petition for Removal for NC Representative Lucian Tiger III

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Is this petition in response to Lucian Tiger’s resolution NCR 15-002?
Sponsor: Lucian Tiger
Co-Sponsor(s): Dode Barnett; Frank Coachman; Joyce Deere; David Hill; Robert Hufft; Mitch Jack; James Jennings; Adam Jones III; David Nichols; Darrell Proctor; Mark Randolph; Thomas Yahola

Yes Lucian sponsored the petition, but there were 12 others  who were in agreement. See the link below for more information

Notice of Petition for NC Representative Lucian Tiger III


24 thoughts on “Petition for Removal for NC Representative Lucian Tiger III”

  1. Shirlene was not jumping on the bandwagon to cast stones at the Chief until all evidence was presented. If it is shown the Chief was doing anything illegal, she would support a bill for removal. So stop running your big mouths and put up verifiable facts, if you can . Anytime anyone says throw stones it’s the same ones doing it no matter facts or not. I call that gutless trouble makers. It does the tribe no good with all this back stabbing. Instead of running your mouth tell ya what run office ! You will see ” these people casting stones will turn on you to.

    1. I was just on a web page for Mr. Lucian Tiger. It was filled with pornographic pics of naked white women! Page was called google images Lucian tiger this this is the type of well wouldn’t call him a man. Purveyor of porno. Now there is evidence the very first page has disgusting stick figures engaged in a sex act with the caption I like. This PERSON has no Christian morals as he espouses to to have as he falsely accuses others of wrong doing. Sheep in wolves clothing or lack of it. Now how do you so called supporters want to react to this. This degenerate.

    2. Look at Google web page images Lucian Tiger. Disgusting pics of various naked women. This is what’s called evidence. This reflects his lack of moral character! Those who cast stones shouldn’t live in glass houses. Remember this at election time to.

    3. What does the council needs. Thief Tiger stole from the Okmulgee Indian Community many years ago. He was not prosecuted. He wants to build a casino in Broken Arrow for the Kialegee tribe and he take home 5%. He is just working for himself. That should be the tribes money. Do you think that the profits are going to go to the Creek Tribe. NO! Only to the Kialegees and Thief Tiger. He belongs in jail with Roger Barnett!

  2. Getting closer to dead line, call 918-928-2285 and I will bring it to you!! Just leave a text w/ directions or address plus a time !!! Lets show him we-re serious !! Thank you for helping recover our tribe !!!

  3. I would like for Lucian and the rest of the council reps to call for AG Roger Wiley’s resignation. We need a trustworthy AG in office whom will uphold the tribe’s laws and constitution. Then the council could clean house!

  4. Will the abusers stop at nothing!
    Examine the DEALS made by G. Tiger since elected Chief.
    1. Bought Okmulgee Country Club.
    2. Bought Okmulgee Memorial Hospital.
    3. Bought River Walk, Jenks, Ok.
    4. Bought Chicken Franchise.

    Everyone What do all these businesses have in common?
    Well they were going to file Bankrupcy — isn’t this remarkable.
    Ask yourself this question how many of G. Tiger’s cabinet including him have defaulted on loans, taken Bankrupcy, or been fired for financial misdoings. Well don’t look to hard or long to find all have now or in the past had court activity involving personal financial Defaults.
    All need to be removed—

  5. Okay, first of all we know why George had this done on purpose thinking he could confuse citizens. That’s what “the Chief” thinks about us citizens. He thinks we are dumb and just sign things without reading. Lucien is one of the ones questioning budgets and doing the right things. Infact, Chief banned him and a couple of other national council members from Finance because they were asking too many questions LOL!! He is doing exactly what Ellis did when he said everything goes thru him and not directly to the managers/directors. George had a problem with that back then and now he’s doing it! So pay close attention when signing the petition. We all know Lucien ain’t going anywhere!

  6. Hello Lucian!! I have not read the petition to remove you rom the council yet!!But when you came to OIC in Okmulgee, I asked you “would you run for Chief’ and you replied ” YES if enough citizens wanted me to run”‘now I am calling you to run!!

  7. Lucian Tiger III asks for justification for expenditures of Tribal money !! We need more reps that will demand all information about who , where , and how will these endeavors benefit the nation !! I believe during his term on the council , we will see Campaign Fund disclosure , with no limits on donations to a candidates run for office , this opens up favoritism to the donor or donors!! GT is soliciting donations from supporters in the amount of $250 to $5000 or more, for his re -election , only big vendors can afford large donations , but for that kind of money , they expect something in return !! This could be a ploy to divert attention from the main petition , Don’t fall for it !!

    1. Thief tiger soliciting donations from big business for his campaign or is he trying to make himself a retirement fund. Why would any legit company invest in him? He will only attract scoundrels and questionable characters. He may get us connected with organized crime. Why can’t our leadership figure out another way for us to become prosperous? Why must we invest so much in sinful activities like gambling. Let’s give the Youth an opportunity to live and work in a wholesome environment.

      1. I thought about it a little longer. Maybe he takes Lighthorse with him everywhere because he is afraid someone is going to break his knee caps.

  8. This is so ridiculous. He is the Council Member that sponsored the resolution to help the employees. He truly supports the employees. This is just an example of how much hulanee the Thief Team can throw around and see how much they can get to stick. I think that Lucian Tiger is like Teflon. It is all gonna slide off. Wonder how much George paid that sow to file that petition. Somebody do a background check on that hussy! I bet she stinks and has a record. Pitiful, just mocking the employee protection resolution and filing unfounded petitions. Is Jerri his current fling or some distant cousin? What a piece of work? She has just damaged her reputation if she had a good one. I wonder if she even works? I am definitely supporting

  9. On GTs petition, i believe the lady had to have at least 8 reasons of wrong doings. Is this not required for a Council Rep? I support Lucian Tiger! He is one of only a few council reps whom is willing to take a stand against this corrupt government. Stay strong Lucian and fight like a Warrior!! You have my support.

  10. Let us not forget the two council members whose votes show that they condone the behavior of George Tiger. Johnnie Greene and Shirlene Ade! Remember them at election time.

    1. These two also voted against employee protection law and audit !!! Their supporters need to ask them why !! Also what is GT going to do about a Controller, the acting Controller ‘s time is up !! Some one make sure, they are following Policy !! Ask Questions !!

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