Contact each representative:

Thomas Yahola
Phone: 405.452.3552
Fax: 918.756.6812
Mobile: 918.906.1273

Robert Hufft

David Hill
Phone: 918.367.6292
Fax: 918.367.9194
Mobile: 918.384.9126

Dodie Barnett
Mobile: 918.752.7959

Darrell Proctor
Phone: 918.657.2246
Fax: 918.657.2246
Mobile: 918.384.8528

Adam Jones
Fax: 918.689.2838
Mobile: 918.384.9139

Pete Beaver
Phone: 918.687.1260
Fax: 918.683.2943
Mobile: 918.510.4609

Joyce Deere
Mobile: 918.752.5001

Frank Coachman
Phone: 405.258.4874
Mobile: 918.752.9772

Mitch Jack
Mobile: 918.752.9061

David Nichols
Phone: 918.756.8630
Fax: 918.756.6703
Mobile: 918.384.8573

James Jennings
Mobile: 918.752.9181

Lucian Tiger
Mobile: 918.404.0139

Shirlene Ade
Phone: 405.379.3253
Fax: 405.379.3253
Mobile: 918.520.8166

Johnnie Greene
Phone: 918.486.2267
Fax: 918.486.2269
Mobile: 918.520.7027 or 918.607.0535

Mark Randolph
Phone: 918.752.9608

24 thoughts on “Representatives”

  1. Could somebody please look into Courtney Taylor and her “activities” with one of her employees. Why is she still there? She’s also been misusing vehicles and was took home before 5 by another employee in a TRIBAL vehicle. How is this ok?

    There is no respect for this current administration. Why do you keep looking the other way?

  2. Has 2nd Chief made any comments regarding Tiger’s actions and the petition?

    I haven’t heard anything. Guess George did help him win so he feels the need to not say anything on the subject? Hope I’m wrong.

    1. Not much question at all that Louis Hicks is a Tiger man. He owes George that paycheck for a do nothing job. Not one word out of him condemning Tiger for his acts of treason. Remember him on election day as well.

      1. Yep, only silence from him. Who knows where he stands? I guess he is waiting for the final report from the forensic audit or just biding his time until the end of the term. It was slim pickings on the candidates for that election anyway. It is a shame that we can not have a visionary leader to guide us out of this s**t storm. Elections in our nation are like voting for the high school class president. Qualifications do not matter, it only depends on who you know or related to or who is the most popular.

      2. Of course Louis Hicks owes Tiger, but he only supported Hicks to keep A.D. Ellis from becoming Second Chief. I dare say Ellis would be making waves in the Tiger administration by now had he been elected. Oh well, your vote has consequences. Live with it.

    1. Yes, got my robo-call. It certainly stinks of a campaign looking for supporters. On our responses, we did not help him at all, and that we don’t like George or his “so-called accomplishments”.

      This way though, knowing your telephone #, he can pinpoint all of the people who are against him and will probably use that information to threaten some citizens, especially employees.

      As non-supporters, wish we could afford to do a robo call too, and ask just the opposite of his questionnaire.

      1. Im sure this is GT’s way of trying to squeeze out every last cent he can from the Creek people because he knows he wont be around after the elections to rob our future generations. I do pray the Creator will open GT’s eyes and make him humble as he is always speaking that over himself.

  3. Please contact your rep’s George wants to the national Council to confirm. Pearl Thomas daughter as the new controller over the tribes finances. What qualifications does she have? none!! She was Pratts assistant. Please let’s not keep letting the the wolves in, We dont have much money as it is. Mvto. Her name is Patricia.

  4. National Council Representatives who should not be re-elected this year:
    David Hill (Creek District)
    Darrell Proctor (McIntosh)
    Pete Beaver (Muskogee)
    Frank Coachman (Okfuskee)
    Robert Hufft (Tulsa)

    1. All citizens should contact their reps and request the election/voting process be contracted out to a independent third party with strict oversight. If the MCN election board and Nettie are allowed to control the election/voting process george will win regardless of how the citizens vote. They tried this against Ellis in ’07 and got caught trying to manipulate the Bristow box. Remember the 21 vote difference? It will happen again if this council does not address the issue now! If Nichols, Jones and Yahola are truly in to win they need to take action now! If they don’t it proves they have partnered with george.

  5. By now you have read my post 178. I sent this list to the new Chairman Chaudhuri National Indian Gaming Commission.
    Today at WalMart one of the council members gave me a heads up on my letter and information that I sent to the Chairman of Indian Gaming

  6. Attention to all Voices! Let’s unite and notify the Federal and State Agencies and Bureaus of waste, fraud and abuse and illegal activities of our present administration. Call one or all of the following numbers.
    Inspector General of HHS 1.800.HHS.TIPS (800)447.8477
    Fax: (800)223.8164
    State of Oklahoma Inspector General (800)409.9926
    FBI Oklahoma City (405)290.7770
    Office of Public Affairs (202)208.3710
    Asst Secretary of Indian Affairs (202)208.5116
    Voices Unite to take back our Nation! Voices Unite to take back our Government! Voices Unite to take back our Federal Programs! Mvto.

  7. I think we have a good council maybe two ladies is exempt but the other members took a oath that they would be responsible to the citizens of the nation!!We at OIC will continue to have that confidence in them!! Honor Warriors keep your honor to the people!!

  8. The heavy hand that GT and his supporters have used to prevent the employees from signing the petition shows how important their numbers are to elections. With that in mind I hope that they remember which council members supported their protection when the next cycle of elections come around. We’ll see which is more important the cushy National Council seat or George Tiger.

  9. Reporting from OIC: Last night at our meeting one of the council members showed up and said they passed this and that and said since GT did not sign 015 they were going to have a meeting but he did not say when??
    I again asked about our STOCKHOLDER EQUITY and they said What Stockholder equity? DUH! Duh!

  10. Council can override his veto, if they will !! We will see what our reps are made of on this piece of legislation Be prepared to take names of those that opposes this override !!!

      1. Well, if they don’t vote to override his veto you can bet many will vote for (insert ANY name) when they come up for re-election.

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