Per your request.

NCA 15-037 returned unsigned
GT has never followed the Constitution or the MCN Laws.  And now he is saying the Council is not doing things right?

NCA 15-058 Veto Message
When GT was a Council man he did the same thing to A.D. Ellis and the whole council approved the budget in stages.

NCA 15-063 Veto Message
He vetoed the Employee Protection. His leadership style is to threat and  demand which is a distinguishing attribute for him.
Generally his  course of conduct is to intimidate and put a person in fear of their job.


  1. Any one see GT’s campaign letter for re-election !! He needs to show facts, $300 million in the permanent fund ( show the financials) , he created 800 new jobs ( where are they ? ) , he patterns his cabinet like the big boys, so why don’t we have full disclosure on campaign funds , he asks that supporters donate $5000 down to $250 for his re-election or more since we have NO law against the amount !! He cited all his purchases , hospitals, rehabilitation center, etc.,etc. These things were all about to be closed because the owners wanted to get rid of them !! He claims prosperity but many of our tribal employees have to moonlight second Jobs to make ends meet !!! He has alot of nerve or has lost his mind !!

    1. That’s right. I bet the owners who sold the hospital and the rehab to Creek Nation know that they scored and were lucky to sell them. Those buildings had been neglected and not maintained at all. Outdated computers, broken air conditioners, broken boilers, too old equipment, etc. Money pits. Neither are profitable. Creek Nation is losing a lot of money every month on them. Don’t know how they are paying for it. They still send most things to Tulsa. The ER doctors bill the patients. A lot of the employees are not citizens. That hospital is draining the budget. You can smell the mold in he air some days. They should really shut it down that hospital before someone gets sick

      1. About the health centers. This nation needs to get past the need for all employees to be citizens. The unfortunate fact is we as a nation have not produced sufficiently educated nor trained people to staff these facilities. The simple fact of having a cib card does not automatically qualify someone for a job at one of the clinics.
        We should be more concerned about having the clinics adequately staffed to provide health care to us than what color their face is. We are presently falling very short in this area.

        1. Part of what you say is true. They have qualified Creeks who have wanted to work for them. They overlook them or will not offer them employment. These people are working for other tribes now or went back to the private sector. A Native guy with a degree from Harvard used to work in Health. He left few years back, not for sure why. The leadership changes with a new administration. No continuity of leadership in the Health Department, so it will always be weak. The clinic budget keeps them understaffed at a lot of the clinics.

        2. Agree 100%. Education, experience, and a passion to provide health care to all citizens should be the goal.

        1. Yep. Big plumbing problems over there. Last year, I think the sewer pipe leaked in the recovery room and sterilization room. Hospital smells bad like musty mold in the morning. Maintenance can’t seem to fix anything. Probably should check air quality over there. Wasteful purchase. Should have put that money in new construction. ER Drs billing Native patients. It’s a mess.

  2. If I read the constitution right in Article VI-Legislative Branch, Section 8, The Veto Power of the Principal Chief shall NOT extend to measures voted on by the People. Measures referred to the people by initiative shall take effect and be in force when approved by a majority of the votes cast and not otherwise.
    So if I read right we as citizens can vote in the Employee Protection and the George then Cannot Veto it.

  3. I’ll look into this more in depth, but if I remember correctly, the Principal Chief can only veto legislation that is in conflict with the Muscogee (Creek) Constitution. I can’t remember how the law is written but I think it says the Constitution has to be cited with why the law is being vetoed.

  4. We should of all known that George wouldn’t sign the Employee Protection Law that would be cutting his throat because if he did sign it then every employee except for his relatives and family members would have spoke up and confessed to each illegal acts that George and his Kin are all doing in every department. George’s cabinet members are not going to turn on him not unless George turns on them first, that’s why he hand picked everyone one of the. George knows Quality in a good Thief that’s why he has his people and kinfolk in place. He has Selena Dornan in Thief Training right now. She posted on her Facebook page a photo of her in a parade at Eufaula with a sign in her car saying “Former Mayor of Eufaula Selena Dornan” and she had George & Francis Tiger seating in the back of the convertible she was driving with a sign on the car “Principal Thief Im sorry Chief George Tiger”. She has her nose stuck so far up George’s Chebo that she is smelling the Wild Onion Dinner he ate. The tribe has got alot of termination papers to hand out when this petition passes. We even a few on light horse that are George supporters that will have to go. The tribe will only have about 30 employees left when the escort the terminated ones out of the complex. This means that there will be plenty of job openings so get you resumes updated. We will definetly be needing a new Attorney General. I have a good one in mind too. I know we talked about James Pratt, they need to bring his butt back to stand trial because he was also a guilty party when Roger was spending money for gambling and James knew it, I mean why wouldn’t he know he was the finance controller. Louis Hicks and the National Council need to open the case of Duck Creek Bandits and prosecute Jeffy Fife James”and the rest of the “Fife “Gang”. Housing Division will be under new management. I saw a picture of Brad Fox at the grand opening of the MRI facility in Okmulgee, he looks like a gang member rather than a housing secretary, yep Brad “Snoop Dog ” Fox. There will only be 6 employees left when they get rid of Brad. Start getting their severance pay ready cause these people will never work for Creek Nation again.

  5. The expertise of the current Creek Nation Administration according to their purchases since taking office three years plus ago is as follows:

    Okmulgee Country Club
    River Walk
    Okmulgee Memorial Hospital

    All were faced with filing federal Brankrupcy , which was avoided by the Creek Nation’s CASH

    How in the world can these people call themselves businessmen,BUT everyone knew their background before the election and now the real truth is coming out.
    Elected Second Chief Roger Barnett – in jail facing federal prison, he received more votes in the last election than anyone else- and virtually the rest of the administration has a sullied background. Looks like anyone in this administration Will certainly have a difficult time with employment in less than 1 year, but they made their own decision to take the money.

  6. Is there even one of George Tigers cabinet employees that believe signing that contract with Shane Rolls, to take money from citizens was wrong?
    Not even a former Chief?
    Is there no one that will stand up for us?

    Send the cabinet walking.

    1. Former Chief Fife is the Secretary of the Nation. Isn’t he suppose to make sure all our business dealings are honest and for the good of the Citizens? What is his job? He can’t afford financially to voice the truth because his boy Jeff Fife is Secretary of Tribal Affairs. Jeff was charged with embezzlement and conspiracy then arrested and taken to Okmulgee County Jail for his scheme with Duck Creek.
      They are all made from the same cloth, they believe in the “ME FIRST” club and the “Get It While You Can” gang. Is there one GT cabinet employee that is honest, works for us or will tell the truth?

      1. today Mr. Chauduri was confirmed by the Unites States Senate!!
        I have just finished copying 100 pages of A,D. Ellis Law suit and shane rolls and GT fraud law suit along with GT profile
        Addressed to Mr. Chauduri!!.In the mail!!

      2. The National Council should be to blame too. They have to vote on whether Tiger can spend the money. Why is everyone acting like it’s just the Chiefs office spending.

  7. National Council:
    Pass Legislation confirming NO CONFIDENCE in AG Roger Wiley. Don’t allow him to be in your executive session meetings.

    Roger Wiley advises the NC for the benefit of George Tiger and advises George Tiger on how to get around any legislation NC wants. Roger Wiley will continue talking out of both sides of his mouth until he spews out from the middle.


    Employees don’t trust him and NC shouldn’t either.

    1. That’s right. Kick that Traitor out! He is Tiger’s cousin and only cares about him self and George. How many cousins does George have planted in our government and key positions in all the programs. Is this against the nepotism policy? I think so. National Council kick him to the curb!

  8. Now is the time for the Council to be the people’s voice. Remember GT didn’t put you in office, we the citizens did. Please make a stand for our, your future generations. Call the Feds! Get rid of Roger Wiley. File law suits against GT! Where are the Warriors at?!!

    1. Amen to that, NC representatives were elected to be our voice !! Stand up for the people , override these vetoes promptly , don’t drag this out , don’t be perceived as weak leaders, Be a Warrior for the people , you were elected because we felt you would be a strong voice for the people !!

      1. For some reason I have a problem with the council waiting on the regular session to override these vetoes !! Have they not called Special sessions to vote on spending millions!!!! Why drag this out ?? Will we have to occupy the Chief’s office and not let him in , to get their attention !! A little radical , but it does get things moving !!

  9. Not sure this is the place to post this. But guess Tiger is using the back of the programs to save his ass judging by the prompt to meeting call for the Mekko’s. Every thing the grounds asked for the programs were told to do even though all program guide lines are put there by law. Since when can Tiger change Law passed by council that created each and every program.

  10. National Council of Muscogee (Creek) Nation

    It’s a certainty that George Tiger will not resign.

    Please, please, please pass legislation to requesting the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to assist us in finding out all of Tiger’s lawless money trails.

    You know that Roger Wiley will not do anything.

    It’s time you get outside help for our nation.

    Stop you tip-toeing around. Get it done.

  11. If he was concerned about the employees or citizens , he would have signed the legislation instead of vetoing it !!! I think he has made a big mistake this time , showing that he doesn’t care about employees protection !! If innocent of any wrongdoing, lets see some transparency, make financial information available that would clear the clouds hanging over his dealings !! The more a person protests, can be construed as they have something to hide !!

    1. Tiptoe Through The Tulips – Lyrics Updated

      Come Do the Tiger Waltz with G-E-O-R-G-E
      Tigerettes bring your Tulip TUTU and Tiger Paws!

      Tiptoe through the CreekHouse
      vetoed the funding – for an audit
      fore what you don’t know –
      can’t use – against the TIGER
      come tiptoe through the Tulips with


      Tiptoe around the CreekHouse
      I vetoed employee po-tect-ion
      fore don’t cross the TI-GER
      come paw through my captive world
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      I met my Juliet
      without my wife knowing
      Come tiptoe through my secret world
      with G-E-O-R-G-E

      Tiptoe through Okmulgee
      they’ve got a petition to remove
      my tutu from our CreekHouse
      come tiptoe through their
      charges with G-E-O-R-G-E


      Tiptoe through the Hate
      I’m the victim of their jealousy
      Fore I’d be a rich cat
      with a Tiger Paw Casino
      come tiptoe trough the
      tulips with G-E-O-R-G-E!


  12. George Tiger is hilarious!

    Look at his Bio on the tribal website. He brags of being speaker of the NC in 2006-2007.

    Does anyone out there remember when Tiger was Speaker of the NC in 2006-2007 and fought Chief Ellis at every meeting, on every issue all the while running for chief on tribal money and time?


    Tiger is actually using the case that went to the Supreme Court of MCN, (while he was speaker,) fighting Chief Ellis.
    Read George Tiger’s VETO message for NCA 15=058 written April 10, 2015:
    Ellis v. Muscogee (Creek) Nation National Council, SC 06-07 is GT’s argument.

    Talk about what goes around comes around. Wow!

    National Council – remember George Tiger’s promise when he was campaigning against A. D. Ellis in 2007.
    Tiger promised to NEVER file a lawsuit against the National Council.

    Rip that budget from George Tiger’s greedy filthy hands. He won’t fight you – he promised.

    Do not approve the appointment to replace James Pratt. The woman is a Tigerette through and through. She’ll be glad to go to jail in James Pratt’s place for her Chief.

    1. Hey Billy,
      You’re right. If George Tiger had been asked 6 months ago if he believed in SC-06-07 Ellis vs. MCN National Council, he would have told you ‘NO.” Now the backstabber is using the lawsuit to protect his rotten self.

  13. NCA-15-037 – Audit
    Returned unsigned.

    The National Council needs to leave George Tiger out of the loop and appropriate money for the auditors and allow them to continue their audit. The auditors have the authority to tell the National Council that the Executive Branch is uncooperative and is hiding information. At that point the National Council should call the FBI to investigate George Tiger and his conspiracy to hide information from the auditors.


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