Employee Protection Law

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The National Council passed a law to protect employees. You can be an employee and you have rights as a citizen. It is no longer necessary to fear losing your job for signing the petition or speaking about how you feel. You have rights! Don’t let one person dictate your life as a citizen. Exercise your right and sign the petition. Show Tiger he doesn’t control you.



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  1. Retaliation law, Federal law.
    Even if George doesn’t sign the employee protection, and if he fires the employees who sign the petition, it would all be illegal. He cannot retaliate against any employee who sign the petition. Creek Nation is still under rule of the Federal Government. We can say Sovereign Nation all we want, but we get our monies from the federal government and are protected by the federal gov’t. GT would have to prove that his firing of employee was justified and not a retaliation which would be hard for him to prove if he fired a bunch of employees all at once. Read it for yourself.

    1. These are old post!! All that was posted in March should be deleted!! Or copied and stashed some where!! Today is the 16th and I am wondering if any one knows if the council met last night?
      Since I live here I get rumours? And I heard they did meet!! Do you know?? One of the council members told us they were going to meet!! At our Monday night meeting!!

      1. TO: Wotko83. VOC is sorry that you aren’t happy with our website. We’ve always maintained that we do this site by virtue of our own determination to get information to our citizens in a way that is economical to our users and to VOC. We do this with our own dollars and with our own volunteers. We have never asked anyone for any donations of anything, using our own free time. We initiated VOC when there was NOTHING for dissemination of information to the tribe, and I’m sure you are familiar with our tribal media’s lack thereof. And it allows people like you to contribute to VOC which is appreciated. In other words, we will continue with what we have doing for several years. And yes, some don’t like our site, but many appreciate it. I guess you’re not one of them.

        1. I believe that Wotko83 and all of us who value and learn from this site realize the tremendous gift this site is to all Muscogee Creek citizens and others who have an interest in our tribe. Thank you and please continue as I know that considerable time and money (your resources) has gone into developing and supporting VOC.

  2. So what has happened to the Tulsa World and the investigation into the Tiger casino deals? I heard they received a bunch of additional factual and credible leads and information. Did the group that has managed to cover up the misdeeds of MCN manage to get to the TW? We all know there’s more. Ziva, are you still investigating?

  3. GT has Not returned the signed legislation on the Employee Protection Act !! Does he plan on vetoing it ? Lord, help him if he refuses to sign it into LAW!! He is taking 151 tribal employees to the intertribal conference at Thackerville !! He will introduce them as his loyal employees!! More wasted money, they get travel / maybe per diem plus who is keeping the offices open for client services!!

    1. George will probably declare a “Holiday” for complex employees to ensure their loyalty. Buy, Buy, Buy, Spend, Spend, Spend, Manipulate, Manipulate, Manipulate, whatever it takes.

      I thought the National Council stopped his excessive spending.

      Do you really think those employees love George Tiger or are they embarrassed by him?

      1. I could be mistaken, but I believe GT has 10 days to veto it and send it back, or it becomes law. I would be surprised if he vetos it, because the NC has the votes to override his veto. I’m thinking it is law now. I think

  4. Not having anything to do with “Employee Protection.”

    I noticed this past weekend that MCN is halting construction on the new HOTEL at RiverSpirit.

    If a proper Environmental Research Study done on the site the Eagles would have found and the Tribe wouldn’t be paying $50,000 per day for down time on the construction.

    Who is in charge of the Environmental Inspections for Muscogee Creek Nation? Is it RedStone or Manhattan?

    $50,000.00 per day for seven (7) weeks!!!!

    What a dramatic unnecessary cost. If laws were followed this would not have happened.

    When RiverSpirit was being built there was at least 1 1/2 years postponement because of Beatles in the sand. If the study had been done this unnecessary cost would not have happened. Who are the responsible people? Who is at fault? The buck stops at the top. It’s George Tiger’s responsibility. Who owns RedStone? Is it one of George’s children?

    1. Wow! A million dollars a month down the drain because of the hiring of irresponsible people and companies. Are these companies bonded and insured so that Creek Nation can have them pay for this or should we just sue their asses! This is unbelievable. Is this how George handles business. Everything is a fumble. Nothing pays well on his business deals as far as I can see. Just a wannabe businessman.

    2. The organizations that own Red Stone is “American Indian Enterprise Development” and a organization named
      “EMJ.” Look up EMJ on the enternet. A Mr. Samples is owner of Red Stone at different times. For sure Manhatten is not responsible for the mistake you can look at the architech and GT.
      “American Indian Enterprise Development ” and GT gave them our money!!!DUH!!!

      1. Does anyone know what the over site committee does or if this is something they would look into since it is costing the tribe so much?

        1. Are you kidding? Have we ever got any information from anyone??We do not know anything about our nation!!
          I know the community development organization should be shut down as they have no authoruty to do anything!!
          I notified them about our community being taken away from us and directed my letter to Mrs, Giles and she did nothing!!
          Contract health should be shut down as they pick and choose who they will help and those that get help are not citizens of Creek Nation.Mr. Show Boat GT controls everything!!

    1. I do not think that his signature is required. We only need to submit the signatures to the court secretary for verification of registered voting Creek citizens. The petition is then presented to the National Council for a vote. Then George is gone. The National Council is the Boss of George. They have the last vote. They have already voted no confidence and they have asked him to resign. It should be game over.

  5. Johnna Townsend been a whore all her life as well looking for some old man to take care and her kids. Johnna how many men been in your beside GT ?

    1. The Best thing that the Muscogee Nation can do about Johnna is to forget about her. She has had her 15 minutes. She no longer exists as a contributing member of our tribe. Quit making like she has anything important to give. Other societies shun their outcast and so should we.

      1. When has Johnna been a contributing member of our tribe? She has been nothing but a taker, taking from George, taking from the tribe and in reality, taking from the citizens (elders, the young and the ill). Every penny taken is from the citizens. I think she is a survivor, as she has already found & married another sugar daddy. Life goes on – but it won’t be in ours. She has always reminded us of her Creek culture upbringing, being the niece of Wilbur (Chebon) Gouge & was taught by him. Apparently she didn’t learn anything, just giving Chebon a bad name.

        1. You people badmouthing Johnna now are pathetic. She didn’t drop anything, it was thrown out by a judge too scared to go against George. There were no gifts of houses and cars. And the one person with the balls to shine a light on the corruption when it would’ve made a difference stood in court by herself. No one wanted to hear her story then, why should she tell it now? George hasn’t done anything the council didn’t know about first. You deserve the shitty government you have.

          1. You are the pathetic one! Either you are Johnna herself or an ignorant person who believes that lying, thieving, no moral having whore! She didn’t have the balls for shit. Several people asked her to give whatever info she CLAIMED she had but she would not. She just kept saying that she is saving it. Didn’t know at the time but I guess she meant she was saving for blackmail reasons. Everyone wanted to hear her story then and still do now, too bad she just made it up or withholding info for the gifts/favors she received.

            She DID received a home as favor to George FACT! She got put ahead of everyone else on the waiting list without even an active application on file. The home also came with acreage, shop and more bedrooms than allowed for a single parent with one child. Recent felons aren’t allowed eitherFACT! So how do you explain she got this home? She doesn’t even qualify unless George tells his bitch Brad Fox to do it.

            George purchased her vehicle from Bailey FACT!

            This woman actually manipulated Tigers dumbass! She was in it for whatever she could get. If anyone thinks any different then they are dumber than our chief. She is actually a far worse person than George and I can’t stand George.

              1. Johnna’s house had to be owned by someone (the tribe) before she got it. Where is the titles? There should be documents to show who did what. And if underlings to GT did it without proof someone told them to, fire them (national council) and take them to court. They will start talking real quick!

  6. We all know that Johnna Townsend has been paid dearly to keep her mouth shut and drop all charges against Tiger. She is a lost cause.

    What is astounding is all the other people that know about George Tigers racketeering, embezzlement, extortion and threats to current and past employees whether by his own mouth or his thugs.

    There are those that won’t sign the petition because they are truly afraid, they’ve moved away in fear.

    If people don’t believe that Mafia is involved with George Tiger, think again. Millions of dollars have been at Tiger’s disposal for years and Tiger embraces and shakes the hands of those who will prosper from his greed.

  7. Johanna Townsend tiger ho thief watever her last name is,,she should be bannished from the tribe right along with tiger and the rest of them . She had this all planned she only slept with tiger to get paid off and it worked..she stole from the tribe just like tiger and barnett..jo- ho is what her friends call her

    1. She won’t show any documents or provide proof of Tiger’s shady business. That would make her look bad. She’d rather her people perish under Tiger than to speak up. She’s greedy just like him and his cronies. I’d be embarrassed if I was her, knowing everything he’s done and how he treated her yet she’s hush hush. Must still be getting something on the side.

    2. The Casino construction has been stoped. The contractor did not have a permit and he got too close to the EAGLES NEST
      Construction has been stoped for 16 weeks!!
      That is devine intervention!!!

      1. Wotko, the Tulsa World has an article on the front page saying that the Federal Government may stop offering flood insurance to Oklahoma. What are we doing investing in construction on the Arkansas River when it could be washed away if we do not have flood insurance. The Arkansas River has flooded on the East side in the past. Construction should be on the west side where it is higher.

  8. Is Edwin Marshall on Administrative leave and still getting paid? This question is for the Speaker of the National Council Thomas Yahola, if someone will ask him cause he doesn’t answer our questions in Hughes County. He’ll push us off on someone else.

  9. It would help if we knew which Supervisors gave this advice and what department , someone isn’t understanding , you can’t do that in this day and age !! Our veterans fought for these freedoms !!! GT is saying the NC is creating a crisis by micro-managing, NO GT , they have No Confidence in your ability to lead and are trying to remove the stigma of corruption !! Millions have been spent with no apparent return , Transparency means, letting the people know what is going on with these endeavors, if there is profits, show the financials !! Has the lobbyist earned the thousands that they have received ?? What about Willow heart / One Fire LLC , show a report on what they have accomplished ?? In the private sector, someone would be held accountable !!

  10. Johnna – Forget returning the “gifts”…keep’em. We want documentation of the house and the $68,000. Let’s get Georgie Porgie back for doing what he did to you!

    1. Johnna Townsend – Criner!
      Do you understand that the Tribal Money Train has ended?
      Are you getting money form George & Frances?
      It’s over girley girl.
      Free stuff is done from the Tribe.
      Why don’t you file a lawsuit and stick to it instead of being paid off? You are in the same category as George. You both steal money from your own people!!!!!!!!!

  11. Johnna! If you want to help your people, your documents against Tiger would more than likely cause immediate action to get him out of office or provide more support to the cause. You have your money, home and vehicle all ready. What do you have to lose? Everyone knows, but without documentation, we have nothing.

    Johnna! Johnna! Johnna!

  12. An employee of MCN came to our house to sign the petition after two supervisors and an fellow employee warned that if the petition was signed – termination was eminent.

  13. Mvto to Councilman Lucien Tiger III and the NC. Your support of the employees is greatly appreciated! We have been oppressed far too long. Our Day of Emancipation has come!

    1. Wonderful, too bad did not happen months or years ago.
      Those in charge have never really been in charge of anything quite like a business, all have lived by the sword, now the citizen employee can really tell the truth.

  14. Johnna Townsend can we get those papers about your contract ? For you having an affair him as well the papers for the house and that white SUV .

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