4 thoughts on “Tenth Circuit Issues Amended Opinion in Oklahoma v. Hobia”

  1. Oklahoma vs hobia cert. Petition

    Question presented:
    Does Michigan vs Bay Mills Community, 134 s. Ct. 2024 (2014), require the dismissal of a state’s suit to prevent tribal officers from conducting gaming that would be unlawful under the Indian gaming regulartory Act and a state-tribal compact when
    * the suit for declaratory and injunctive
    Relief has been brought against tribal officials – not the tribe.
    * the gaming will occur in Indian Country, on the land of another tribe; and
    * the state-tribal compact’s arbitration provision does not require arbitration before filing suit?

  2. I am not used to reading legal language. I guess this means that a higher court is going to review this case. Which court? Legal minds please help explain this.

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